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Pocahontas 1916
Pocahontas, "La Belle Sauvage," London, 1616

Tobacco Timeline (a work in progress)

  • 12/19/97 Historic Documents on the Net U. Mich. links to source material

  • 12/19/97 Texts and Documents: The US Hanover College

  • 12/19/97 US Historic Documents Page Mid-America Nazarene U. (LINK DEAD)

  • 10/30/97 LARRY BREED'S Collection of Tobacco History Sites on the Web (and Elsewhere) at Loring Holden's "Smoking from all Sides" site.
  • 02/03/21 DMOZ Tobacco History Sites
  • History of Tobacco In Canada Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada has assembled documents of the industry's own histories.
      The way the tobacco companies tell the story, "keep 'em talking" seems to have been the operating principle behind their strategies to prevent legislation and regulation over tobacco products.

    Smoking and its Enemies: A Short History of 500 Years of the Use and Prohibition of Tobacco Fine, detailed history from FOREST. Often uses country-by-country approach.

  • CNN's Brief History of Tobacco (05/24/97)
  • 00/07/21 Tobacco History Faily brief, but some great graphics; more of an exhibit.
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center Brief History of Tobacco to 1971 (5/20/99)
  • Mike Wolfe's Tobacco in an Aztec Herbal (12/17/96 )
  • History of Tobacco COHIS 12/29/98: Seems written for children; lots of misspellings and exclamation points!
  • A History of Tobacco by James Leavey; (extract from Leavey's forthcoming book, The FOREST Guide to Smoking in Scotland
  • 00/09/29 Tobacco Timeline Pretty good job, from the BC Ministry of Health's "Tobacco Facts" for kids site.

  • Pre-history: Southwestern Indian tobacco use From Balls, E., Early Uses Of California Plants UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS, 1962
  • Pre-history-18th Century Tobacco and Shamanism in South America Johannes Wilbert, Yale University Press
  • Pre-History-1994 History of TobaccoFrom Imperial Tobacco Group, UK
  • 1492-1800 DRY DRUNK: The Culture of Tobacco in 17th- and 18th-century Europe The New York Public Library Exhibit is now online
  • 1492-1972 The Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs: Part III: Nicotine
  • 1492-present Teaching about Tobacco For teachers & kids, by Stan Davis. 00/06/20
  • 1492-present History of Tobacco in Connecticut
  • 1558-1616 Jamestown Timeline From Jamestown Rediscovery
  • 1560-1995: Milestones in SEITA's History A tobacco timeline from the French monopoly. (Thanks, LB!) (02/10/97)
  • 1571: Monardes on Tobacco John Frampton's translation of Monardes, titled Joyful Newes Oute of the Newe Founde Worlde (1577).
  • Late-16th Century: Elizabethan Smoking

  • 1580s: Early American Documents Hakluyt, great friend and supporter of Raleigh, argues for "transplantations" of colonists to the Americas in Discourse on Western Planting." Here are the 1606 Instructions for the Virginia Colony (posted 07/03/97)

  • 1585-1590 THOMAS HARIOT'S A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of VIRGINIA From the University of Virginia
      When Raleigh was ready to attempt the first permanent English colony in the New World, he sent the 25-year-old Hariot along as a historian and surveyor. The group of 109 Englishmen and two natives sailed from England April 9, 1585, under the command of Sir Richard Grenville. They arrived at what is now North Carolina's Pamlico Sound on June 26, and settled on Roanoke Island. Grenville stayed two months before returning to England, leaving Ralph Lane as the colony's governor. During the year the colonists remained on Roanoke Island, Hariot wrote The Chronicle or Discourse of Virginia according to the course of the times, a detailed survey of area's natural resources and native inhabitants. . . Hariot's Briefe and True Report is an abstract of his Chronicle. It was first published privately in 1588 . . .
    Here's the Uppowoc Reference
      There is an herbe which is sowed a part by it selfe & is called by the inhabitants vppówoc. . The Spaniardes generally call it Tobacco. . . We ourselues during the time we were there vsed to suck it after their maner, as also since our returne . . .

  • 1587 The Lost Colony
      On a hot July day in 1587, 117 men, women, and children set foot on a New World. Their benefactor, Sir Walter Raleigh, had long dreamed of a permanent settlement, and finally, despite the threat of war with Spain, Queen Elizabeth I had consented.

  • 1604 A Counterblaste to Tobacco "Dry Drunk," New York Public Library
      James I, King of England (British, 1566­1625), London: Robert Barker, 1604, Arents Tobacco Collection

  • May 24, 1607-Present Jamestown

  • 1607 History of Jamestowne Jamestowne Society (posted 12/19/97)
  • 1607 Jamestown Lots of links, information. (posted 10/27/97)
  • 1607-19 The Real Pocahontas By David Morenus
  • 1607-19 Powhatan Nation View of the Pocahontas Myth (posted 10/27/97)
  • 1607-1992: North Carolina Agriculture History 07/12/97
  • 1612-1776: Economic Aspects of Tobacco during the Colonial Period
  • 1613-1970 The History of Tobacco Regulation for the National Cmte on Marihuana and Drug Abuse (1972)
  • 1623-Present Very Brief Hookah History (06/10/97)
  • 1632-Present A HISTORY Of Smoking In BOSTON, Chapter And Verse Boston Globe, 10/04/98
  • 1820-Present: Florida's Cultural Legacy

  • Waiting to Inhale: America's Love-Hate Affair with the Cigarette Wow! A Multimedia Tobacco History--from the Discovery Channel Online (through Feb. 11)

  • 1840s-Present Australian Tobacco Industry History BAT
  • 1840s-Present History of Philip Morris From Philip Morris
  • 1850s-1924 A Brief History of the Duke Family and Its Tobacco Empire From the Duke Museum in Durham, NC.
  • 1858-1940 A History of the tobacco trade in China The Tobacco Project
  • 1881-1997 US History Marked by Passion for Drugs 06/22/97 Denver Post
      The "most agreeable and pleasant smoke" for everyone, even "delicate women," was marketed by a St. Louis company about 20 years after the end of the Civil War. It seemed it was good for almost anything that ailed you. "Cocarettes" cigarettes were "not injurious" and made of "the finest sun-cured Virginia tobacco" and "the exact proportion" of genuine Bolivian coca leaf, all packaged in the best rice paper available.
  • 1887-1997: Winston-Salem Journal's 100th Birthday Centennial edition has a special tobacco section featuring:

  • 1850s-1956: Cigar Making in Detroit Detroit News Living History Project (05/28/97)
  • 1880-1911 DOMINANCE: R.J. Reynolds outlasted Duke in tobacco Winston-Salem (NC) Journal
  • 1880s-1976 A Brief History of Cigarette CardsFranklyn Cards
  • 1900s Ready to Exhale: Deal Signals Wane in Long US Affair with Tobacco Dallas Morning News 06/21/97
  • 1901-1980: History of Imperial Tobacco UK
  • 1901-Present: History of Imperial UK
  • 1902-2000 BAT history BAT Russia site, 4/24/01

  • 1906-1996: Chronology of US Tobacco Regulations from the CDC (10/20/97)

  • 1907: Jamestown Exposition of 1907 from the Norfolk Virginia-Pilot (4/26/97 Virginian-Pilot) Here's a graphic of the expo
  • 1908-1995 Chronology of Events in Tobacco Control, CANADA
  • 9/16/97 Wayback Machine: Chicago, 1913 Discovery Channel's Professor Webster visits Lucy Payne Gaston and gets his own "Clean Life" badge (but not a Honus Wagner baseball card). Web article ran 6/23/97.
  • 1914 From the Laboratory of Thomas A. Edison
      Friend Ford . . . The injurious agent in cigarettes comes principally from the burning paper wrapper. The substance thereby formed, is called "Acrolein." It has a violent action on the nerve centers, producing degeneration of the cells of the brain, which is quite rapid among boys. Unlike most narcotics this degeneration is permanent and uncontrollable. I employ no person who smokes cigarettes.

  • 1916-1997: A Silly Millimeter in History Ads May Vanish, but their Images Linger On. Henry Allen, 06/21/97 Washington Post
  • 1933-45 The Anti-tobacco Campaign Of The Nazis: A Little Known Aspect Of Public Health In Germany, 1933-45 British Medical Journal 11/6/96

  • 1935-1996 Tobacco's Road: A Timeline of US Cigarette Regulation Chicago Tribune (3/21/97)
  • 1947 Why Do We Smoke Cigarettes? from The Psychology of Everyday Living by Ernest Dichter
  • 1948-1997: Why Scientists Believe that Smoking Causes Cancer A history of scientific discovery, from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch(05/27/97)
  • 1950-72 History of Tobaco in Canada--Imperial

    Winston Building, NYC 1974

  • 1950-2000 TOBACCO'S DECLINE: Downward spiral began with a wave of litigation in 1950s Miami Miami Herald, 7/16/00
  • 1954-1997: Companies Face 4 Decades of Challenge ABC News (06/17/97)
  • 1954-1997: Tobacco Litigation Timeline Winston-Salem Journal (04/17/97)(LINK DEAD 8/20/97)
  • Why Does Uncle Sam Smoke? (04/05/97) You can order Tobacco Advertising : The Great Seduction
  • A History of Smoking at Dartmouth
  • 1938-1964: Suppressing the Dangers of Tobacco--an Old Media Tradition (03/03/97) How did the media react when Dr. Raymond Pearl of Johns Hopkins reported in the May, 1938 Scientific American that "the smoking of tobacco was associated definitely with an impairment of life duration and the amount or degree of this impairment increased as the habitual amount of smoking increased?" Why, they didn't, of course. As Harold Ickes said on-air at the time, "I wonder if that is because the tobacco companies are such large advertisers." A short, punchy article by Randolph T. Holhut, editor of the George Seldes Reader.
  • 1941-Present Tobacco Timeline Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune (Posted 01/20/98)
  • Jan. 4, 1954: TIRC Announced
  • 1954-1994"SMOKIN': How The American Tobacco Industry Employs PR Scum To Continue Its Murderous Assault On Human Lives" Whoa! No punches pulled here. PR Watch editor John Stauber (with Sheldon Rampton) tells of the TIRC, the Burson-Marsteller/National Smokers Alliance connnection, Proposition 188, and professional journalism's dirty little secret.
  • 1954-1998 History of Philip Morris International
  • 1963 Reporter on Smoking and Health, Nov, Dec, 1963
  • Jan. 11, 1964: Terry Unleashes 1st Surgeon General's Report
  • Jan. 11, 1964: History of the 1964 Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health From the CDC. (05/24/97)
  • 1964-2001: Surgeon General Report Timeline CDC (05/24/97)
  • 1965-1997: A History of Tobacco Sports Sponsorship in England (05/20/97) Deals Put Brand Names Before Armchair Audience Of Millions. Times of London
  • 1967-2001 AUSTRALIA: Tobacco Timeline From ACOSH (Australian Council on Smoking and Health_
  • 1988-2001: History of Cigarette Smuggling (Canada)
  • 1991-2000: WHO OWNS RUSSIA: Food, beverages and cigarettes / History of the industry 1991-2000 Russia Journal
  • 1991: The AFCO Case Australian Federal Court's appraisal of ETS data extant in 1986: Active smokers are likely to be misled or deceived . . . into believing that their smoking does not prejudice the health of non-smokers, particularly children.
  • Leaders in Indiana Tobacco Control
  • August, 1995-November, 1996 A Chronology of Events in the War on Tobacco is a detailed timeline from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
  • July 13, 1996 to May 18, 1998 MINNESOTA: Tobacco on Trial Day-by-day history of the trial from, with linked stories. From Ch. 4000
  • 1996-2000 Tobacco vs. the FDA: A Chronology with links to court docs; the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
  • 2000-2001 History of Duluth, Minnesota's smoking ban

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