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  • 10/3/97 Support for the European Ban on Tobacco Advertizing

  • 08/01/97 McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Activist Site Common Cause gives you an easy way to register your support for this bill which would do away with "soft money," and attempt to get us away from a "government of the PACs, by the PACs and for the PACs." You can find out info here, and sign the petition here

  • 07/18/97 Fax the President on the Settlement Corporate Watch
  • Write the Media. This site gives you email addresses to lots of popular magazines.

  • Castano Class Action Phone Numbers: (504) 523-4933, (504) 569-2954
  • Alert Central

  • 06/18/97 Funding for FDA Tobacco Rule Under Attack SCARCNet
  • 06/18/97 FTC Issues Complaint Against RJR's Joe Camel Campaign Alert SCARCNet
  • 05/05/97 Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' Skoal Roar Tour Smoke Alarm complete with managers' contact information.
  • 03/17/97 Protest Against Camel Menthol SCARCNet
  • 01/28/97Random House to Include "Tobacco Nazi" in Dictionary Industry PR campaign gets Victor Crawford term in dictionary. Anti-Defamation League applauds editor's suggestion that "nazi" not be used "jocularly" [T]he forthcoming edition of the Random House Webster's College Dic.tionary will include the added definition of "Nazi" as "a person who is fanatically dedicated to or seeks to control a specified activity, practice, etc.: a jazz nazi who disdains other forms of music; tobacco Nazis trying to ban smoking." (By the above definition, of course, a "tobacco Nazi" would be just the opposite--one "who is fanatically dedicated to" tobacco. And jazz nazi??? Reaching, reaching. . . ) US Newswire POSTNet ("hot off the wires"--expires quickly)
    You can visit the Random House Website and even write the editors
  • 12/31/96 There's a new Cigar Alert from ScarcNet
  • FDA Final Rules Alert
  • Study Finds NYC's Smoke-Free Air Act Has Not Hurt Restaurant Business
  • Write Wendy's CEO James Near, who plans to continue his "Everybody Smokes" policy. Or call 800-948-8488.
    Call Pizza Hut, which has a smilar policy, at 800-948-8488.


  • Tactics

  • NEW REVISION: Larry Breed's 9/11/97 ONLINE GUIDE TO TOBACCO ACTIVISM Get up to speed on the tobacco issue with this guided tour to finding and using information on the web--covers agricultural, business, health, and activist sites.

  • 02/25/97 Contact the Media Complete newspaper email addresses

  • 11/17/96 First "Cigar Smoker" Smokeout by Missouri Gasp

  • Missouri GASP protests smoky airport

  • Communications from the Front (tobacco control newsletters, TBBS editorials)

  • 11/9/96 "Cigarette Seduction, Part I" with Alan Brody: Deconstructing Smoking's Siren Appeal to Teens Transcript from the Compuserve conference.

  • 12/14/96 "Cigarette Seduction, Part II" with Alan Brody: What The Smoker's Brands Say About The Smoker Transcript from the Compuserve conference.

  • The Query Page

    • 05/03/97 MISSISSIPPI LAW Requests Information on Class Action Lawsuits Specifically Involving Smoking-related Birth Defects

  • The Collaborators Who's collaborating with the tobacco industry? The answers may surprise you. A database in progress.

  • Politics Updated 11/96

  • Tactics Updated 1/2/96. added
  • Letter-Writing
  • Sponsor Sought for Patrick Reynolds Tour
  • New York City Smoke Free Air Act Hearing, Sept. 26, 1994
  • What really goes on at these City Council hearings? If you were a City Council member, after hearing all the evidence as presented here, how would you vote?

    This all-day marathon was a classic--96 people testified, and all the major players were there. Funny, fiery, harrowing, bizarre. You never knew what was coming next.

    No newspaper account could even begin to encompass what happened here. And none really tried. As just one example, no news outlet chose to report the exposure of Scott Wexler's United Restaurant Hotel Tavern Association. In the months of controversy that followed, many continued to accept him at face value, and no one ever mentioned URHTA's financial connection to the Tobacco Institute.

    Note also the absolute lack of rebuttal on the health effects of ETS.

  • The Collaborators Who's collaborating with the tobacco industry? The answers may surprise you. A database in progress.

  • The Resistors Who is standing up? Many more than appear in this list. We commend them all, but these face special temptations. A database in progress.

  • A few of Our Losses . . .

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