Breed's Tobacco Website Update, 20 March 2002

Breed's Tobacco Web Sites Update,
March 2002
(also past issues)

This site is an annotated bibliography of some useful, or at least interesting, tobacco related web sites. Some of these sites have been mentioned within Tobacco BBS. Some are in, or will be added to, the Tobacco Action Guide Part 1 & 2, some are relevant to Tobacco Activism Guide, Part 3 or to the Collection of Tobacco History Sites.


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March 2002

As always see TBBS's Internet Sites collection and the New Sites collection.

Lots of listings from the Open Directory Project including humor and satire and activism and public policy and "recreation" etc.

New address for American Wholesaler Marketing Association, "the only international trade organization working on behalf of convenience distributors in the United States." I know them as formerly the National Candy Wholesalers Association and the National Association of Tobacco Distributors.

From The International Tobacco Growers' Association Tobacco Leaf "is the voice of thousands of tobacco farmers all over the world."

The Tobacco Retailer: serving the CTS Industry. Keep up to date on new products and such.

The The Retail Tobacco Dealers of America, Inc "is the country's only trade association dedicated to serving retail tobacconists in the sale and promotion of legal tobacco products and related items." has a convention each year, this year it will be in July in Las Vegas. Their magazine is titled, Tobacconist.

The Flue Cured Tobacco Cooperative "is owned by and serves the flue-cured tobacco farmers from the "bright leaf area" of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.". Find similar tobacco co-ops. I am not sure of the details, but I know I have never seen this before Price schedule and inventory schedule #47c, value dated on 19 Feb 2002, based on USDA standard grades, offers details on the packing and on the nicotine and sugar content.

Nice sounding organization, ARISE "Here you will find details of the latest scientific research into pleasure and enjoyment," See a page titled 'Understanding The Science of Pleasure.' Surprise, the tobacco industry founded the organization.

A site with numerous research reports and such is The International Tobacco Growers' Association is. "the voice of thousands of tobacco farmers all over the world. We would like to offer you the facts and figures about the production of tobacco, the world's most important non-food agricultural crop. Tobacco has great economic and social importance in many developing and developed countries. TobaccoLeaf offers you the farmers' viewpoint along with well-researched, accurate information."

The Brown and Williamson 'confession' can be found in this list of interesting "Corporate Responsibility" documents, "We agree with the judgment of public health authorities that smoking is a cause of lung cancer and other diseases."

Their words are good ("We are different from other tobacco companies because we accept, and publicly support, the numerous U.S. Surgeon General Reports that detail the inherent dangers to human life associated with smoking."), but I have no idea if the product actually makes a difference. Star Scientific, Inc. This could be a model for others.

"Tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment of The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from some 100 countries." Learn of the dozens of machines used in the manipulation of the tobacco leaf.

Visit Tobacco Asia Magazine "designed as a tobacco industry resource reporting on three main segments of the industry -- Tobacco Products (wholesaling, distribution, and duty free); Tobacco Manufacturing (manufacturers, regional reports, and tobacco products manufacturing technology, equipment, machinery, and supplies); and Tobacco Leaf (processing and trading)."

This is still with us, I Smoke and I Vote. Her links page offers similar sites and opinion. It makes for wonderful reading, and makes me wonder how good our effort at health education have been.

The forward to the very long text "The Tobacco Dance," "offers a helpful overview of some of the more significant and informative aspects of the conflict over tobacco." A conclusion, "the anti-tobacco crusade qualifies as a conspiracy."

The site for World Pages seems designed to find people and companies. OK, find the tobacco companies and the news reports about them.

From the Winthrop Corp., Corporate Information: What you need to know. Look up the tobacco companies.

Information on mentholated cigarettes. Menthol may mask the problems of tobacco use. Learn about Spud Hughes, an interesting person, the inventor of mentholated cigarettes.

Read, Addicted to Profit: Big Tobacco's Expanding Global Reach by Ross Hammond.

The Why Files has material on tobacco and nicotine. Please search for it, but there is much to learn here, in Why File style.

Some of the answers to What's in a Cigarette? by K. H. Ginzel, M.D., from The American Council on Science and Health, Inc. What makes this article special is that it does not ignore the other deadly elements: addiction, pollution, disease, cancer, hypocrisy, deceit and death are in cigarettes.

The Tobacco Control Resource Center, Inc. and the Tobacco Products Liability Project has much information.

The Science Behind Tobacco "examines the tobacco plant from seed to cigarette in three featured sections; farming, and manufacturing and health problems," and each section is worthy of a visit.

From the Oregon Public Health Service see such as Laws Governing Tobacco and Its Use includes model ordinances

See Lung Cancer Option for medical information and such.

York University's Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption has not overlooked cigarette smuggling in its long lists.

INFACT's movie Making A Killing with information on locations where you can see the film.

The organization Finding the Power is working with Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic and the Latino youth community.

The home of the Task Force for Tobacco Free Women and Girls, Tobacco and Lung Cancer page.

"This study demonstrates how Big Tobacco's entrance into emerging markets promises catastrophic health problems for these countries..." Addicted to Profit: Big Tobacco's Expanding Global Reach By Ross Hammond.

Use this site for your work E-Complaints "So go ahead: issue a complaint. We'll publish the complaint on the web and send it to the company. Not only is this more likely to get you a reply, but we'll use the information you give us to help the company improve its service."

The tax laws are so curious that the Federation of Tax Administrators have a special meeting on tobacco taxes every year.

We all should'a seen the Ohio Tobacco Festival 2000 with a tobacco worm race, tobacco spitting contest, tobacco stripping and plugging contest and more.

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) has a Pesticide Tutorial that offers lots of introductory material.

From Howard Spent, the Semiotics of Smoking. What to know about a person based upon how they hold a cigarette. There are categories such as: the decadent schoolboy, the pervert, the rum cove, etc.

From 1899 we see a watercolor titled A quiet smoke in the Wild West.

This one is fun, Smell Of Baked Bread May Be Health Hazard. "When are we going to do something about bread-induced global warming? Sure, we attack tobacco companies, but when is the government going to go after Big Bread?" There are links to others in the pro-tobacco circle.

The writings of Pierre Lemieux include such as the Smoking, Liberty and Health Fascism collection. From the organization Subversive Liberty and/or International Public Policy Analysis.

Charles Whitebread, Professor of Law, USC Law School writes "I am telling you this country is hooked on the notion of prohibition." Read History of the Non-Medical Use of Drugs in the United States. A bit of the conclusion, "And cigarettes are no longer going to be three dollars a pack, they are going to be three dollars a piece. And who's going to sell them to you? Who will always sell them to you? The people who will sell you anything -- organized crime."

Definitely bad news here (even if this is only one quote out of a longer discussion), "If we must kill tobacco executives in the name of media attention, what about the rest of the 'corporate planet.' Tobacco is merely the current 'sexy' corporate sector to despise. But what about the other 99.9% of the other major businesses?" The thread goes on... "So lets fight fire with fire."

Good information from Smokeless Nebraska and Health Education Inc.

A useful reference for some, Using the Web for Social Research. This site provides links to data and information sources.

The four winners of the first annual Scare the Smoke Out of You contest. And see the tobacco message cards you can send.

The executive summary to the CDC's Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs, August 1999 for one and all.

The National Association of City and County Health Officials offers Funding Guidelines for Comprehensive Local Tobacco Control Programs. This work is adapted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office on Smoking and Health, Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs

This guy works hard on this, lots of research is involved, so he deserves some credit. This guy has wonderful historic information with a unique conclusion. The long list of Tobacco Cases: 1830-2000 could be useful. I have pointed out his 'history' work before, now titled, Coumarin in Cigarettes: Confederate Retribution. Did you know that "Tobacco farmers are in essence the neo-Confederate Army, still killing Yankees! (with themselves sometimes martyrs to the cause)." I still have not seen the proof, but there are lots of nice quotes. Also, Cigarettes' Deleterious Ingredients offers lots of quotes. Please do not take this person's conclusions and assumptions seriously, just use this as a reference source.

An article on a possible smoking vaccine followed by a comment from FORCES and we have yet another conspiracy! "But the most dangerous aspect of what the article describes is not the futile attempt to eliminate a joy of life such as smoking may be for those who enjoy it. The tremendous danger here is that, through vaccines and genetics, the pharmaceutical industry wants to control and condition people's behaviour -- for the good of people, and only for 'unwanted behaviours,' of course."

Chapter Ten of Faith and Freedom: The Christian Roots of American Liberty by Benjamin Hart is titled God and the Tobacco Society, so I guess that somewhere on these pages may be something of interest.

??"We highlight (and publish) essays and even full online books devoted to the deleterious effects of multi-national corporations and development banks, as well as information about globalization, irresponsible companies, business ethics, and the efforts of grass-roots organizations fighting for a more humane, sustainable economy."

February 2000

They call themselves the Coalition Against Governmental Encroachment. It seems they are preoccupied with tobacco, maybe it is a test case?

This is kinda fun, A Modest Proposal for the Tobacco Companies. The author thinks the tobacco industry is giving in and needs "to grow some balls and fight back." The solution? "They can do it very simply with a dramatic, high profile, nearly legal plan: they just have to agree to stop selling their product in one state." The outcome could be interesting.

A quote from Time magazine is used to sell bidis, in Tobacco Fashions: Veni, Bidi, Vici.

An S.F. Chronicle article, reprinted here, on buying bidis in San Francisco and the growing fad of bidi use.

From ASH, an article mentioning "it's difficult to determine how many bidis are imported because they are counted under different tariff codes."

The Lycaeum has a curious collection of hosted discussion sites. Try the search engine to all forums. Information strongly laced with rumor.

There may be an ethnic issue with bidis, "...says she's worried because bidis have become especially popular among African-American teens."

The work conditions of bidi makers in India is an issue that needs to be addressed. "... in India, nearly 90 percent of the five million bidi workers (rollers of indigenous cigarettes) were women." And, "For example, bidi workers in India are generally considered to be piece-rated, but some employers now require these workers to "buy" from the company the tobacco and leaf they roll and then "sell" the finished bidis back to the company in order to make it appear that these workers are "independent." And see Information on Child Labour in the World from the Global March Against Child Labor. See Asia's women in agriculture, environment and rural production. There is a bidi related movie that might be relevant if one wishes to follow this aspect of the issue.

Curious history and health information on bidis and hookahs from LinkAge 2000. "Even more interesting is the smoking habit amongst rural women. Smoking a bidi or a hookah is used as a home remedy for various ailments such as tooth-ache or nausea in pregnancy." And, "A bidi and hookah have minimal amounts of tar and other carcinogens. Thus, cancer of the lungs is not common amongst the rural elderly. However, the other adverse effect of smoking which is serious damage of the lungs leading to chronic bronchitis and emphysema are almost universal among elderly men and women."

"Kretek International is a full service specialty tobacco distributor serving the entire United States" Check out the flavors of bidis.

Pesticides are usually overlooked as an important issue: "Kathpal, T.S.; et al., Residues of Endosulfan in Shade-cured and Bidi Tobacco, (in) Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 52 (6): 411-413 June 1982. Just in case anyone thinks that those Indian clove Bidis are a safe smoke, this report on one of dozens of pesticides used on Bidi tobacco."

Those of you with connections and/or a budget might want to look at the article in, BehavNews Digest 'An exotic, flavored cigarette from India entices teenagers.'

The CDC has a very powerful collection of state level data with the State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System "The STATE System is designed to integrate many data sources to provide comprehensive summary data and facilitate research and consistent interpretation of the data."

A common rule of research and outreach to a specific group of people is to know your population, but there are tobacco control groups that cannot afford to do that. Interested in learning more about girls aged 12 to 20? "SmartGirl is a website by girls." "SmartGirl gives girls a chance to tell each other what's going on. It stays in business (that's right: this site costs money to maintain!) by selling research (no names or addresses are included when aggregate information is distributed)." Read some of this, and similar sites, as a way of better knowing your target group. has a survey on Municipal Smoking Bylaws. There is also a Hospitality Survey to complete.

"This study examines the frequency and nature of substance use in the most popular movie rentals and songs of 1996 and 1997," Substance Use in Popular Movies and Music. "Findings revealed that 98 percent of movies studied depicted illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco or over-the-counter/prescription medicines."

A major conspiracy revealed, read all about it! Remember the organization once called the World Health Organization? FORCES wants you to know about World Health Oppression. "In this constantly updated section we provide educational material that denounces the scheme of the WHO, its contradictions, its frauds, its financing, and its plans to become a vehicle for infiltration and control of the internal policies of sovereign nations while channeling immense fortunes to the international anti-tobacco cartel."

Stop the presses another FORCES conspiracy, this one is an international global conspiracy to deprive people of their rights! How to Create Your Own Epidemic. Somehow this involves the software program titled SAMMEC II. "It is not a coincidence that, wherever SAMMEC has landed (Canada, France, China, etc.) all of a sudden there is the 'realization' of the 'smoking pandemic'."

From the Wall Street Journal, a review of WHO and its director general, she has two main focuses: "saving innocent children from malaria and saving naughty grownups from tobacco." Her focus on tobacco is viewed unfavorably.

Read a discussion on should students smoke? There is more from The Smoking Scholar.

A recent issue of the United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter refers to, Vices Are Not Crimes: A Vindication of Moral Liberty, by Lysander Spooner, 1875. The long dead author is interested in alcohol. Of relevance to tobacco control are several sections which involve the issue of what to do when a simple vice becomes dangerous to other persons; tobacco use is more than a simple activity involving only the person that lights the leaf. It is tricky to use old documents to support a current debate, numerous topics are ignored and the newsletter author seems to ignore that.

Interesting collection from the National Smokers Alliance: What Shall We Do About the Kids? A Selected Bibliography on Underage Tobacco Use.

"The Jeremiah Project is a response to the "famine in our land of hearing the words of the Lord" and this involves the tobacco issue. See the pages on "Smoking: The Latest Deception to Steal Your Money." "The ongoing anti-smoking campaign is not about public health, drug abuse, or teen smoking. What it is all about is money, control, and jurisdiction." The Comments of Viewers to this Site is great reading, leaving me with nothing to add.

Under 'Health' you can find a nice selection of tobacco related discussion groups, take a look around.

Don Feder has an essay on tobacco and casino regulation. "There are no warning labels on lottery tickets." And an essay on Why liberals hate tobacco and guns more than drugs and crime, His solution to aid children, "How about really making kids safer by exacting the ultimate penalty from killers of children...?"

There are many problems in the world; I focus on tobacco related problems without forgetting the others. Here is an interesting letter suggesting that alcohol is a greater danger and cost to society than tobacco and that the Attorney General of Georgia should sue the alcohol industry for costs and damages. Georgia should "also pursue similar litigation against the alcohol industry as well...." Seems someone in the AG's office wrote that the AG "lacks resources to litigate against every entity which contributes to the ...costs borne by...Georgia citizens."

Videos for sale. One of rolling cigars from the Fuente Family. The grow your own expert has his own video to "educate the average gardener around the world on how to grow their own tobacco at home.... Viewers are able to see the tobacco during different stages of drying and curing. Alan then takes the viewer inside his home and shows how to process the tobacco by removing stems, adding flavor and shredding the tobacco as well as producing a factory grade cigarette."

Secret documents at: House of Representatives Commerce Committee site and the Smokescreen site, and the UCSF Library site, and the tobacco resolution site and the Minnesota site.

A very tiny collection of comic strips and editorial cartoons can be found here. There are bulletin boards for each. Some strips refer to tobacco.

Shifty people shifting sites. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation changed a page address on me, find Business Ethics at a new address.

This is part one of a two part investigation titled "Major Tobacco Multinational Implicated In Cigarette Smuggling, Tax Evasion, Documents Show," with good links.

I cannot tell much about this, The Shuster Project. The first objective is "To expose, for the first time ever, NON-health related Tobacco Industry Fraud and False Claims issues, including fraudulent policies, practices and procedures of the tobacco companies." We are told that "Robert X. Shuster has 17+ years of experience within the Tobacco Industry."

The American Public Health Association site is looking better. The page Tips for Effective Advocacy is real brief.

From! "you can do 'one-stop shopping' for all your social marketing needs." There are some nice links to review. Some on evaluation or or behavior change.

History of, or explanation of, "development of official tobacco grade standards" by the Department of Agriculture.

The James Buchanan Duke Home Page is a long essay on the man and his actions. I am guessing this is written with an economists perspective.

History of tobacco farming in Southern Ontario. And the Ontario Flue-Cured Tobacco Growers' Marketing Board can be found.

An interesting five-minute history of tobacco for grades 3 to 12.

Not too much here, but I guess you have to visit the Museum Of Tobacco Art & History to get the real impact.

I am beginning to see the makings for a package tour of tobacco sites. There are many places to visit, here is just one, the Wilson tobacco market tours available. If you want to see them on your own the addresses of all 11 warehouses is here.

The North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archives and History, State Historic Preservation Office offers information on a state land mark - "North Carolina without tobacco barns would be like Holland without windmills." And they offer a listing of Tobacco Museums in North Carolina As well as a day on the Carter farm, with lots of pictures.

The Tobacco Farm Life Museum sounds like a good place to visit.

Michael Wolfe, M.A.I.S. continues to discover early writings on tobacco. (1) Bernardino de Sahagun: Florentine Codex, General history of the things of New Spain in Thirteen Parts, Original title: Historia general de las cosas de Nueva Espana; text begun shortly after the conquest and attained its final form in the 1580's. It has an early description of a tobacco merchant in Volume 10 and there is an illustration. Additionally, Volume 11 has a blurb about the plant, as well as an illustration showing cultivation. (2) Francisco Hernandez: Historia de las Plantas de Neuva Espana; an annotated reprint of the 1615 edition with illustrations from the 1651 edition, 3 volumes.

A review of tobacco history in a story from Tobacco Reporter subtitled, "Look to the Internet for interesting tobacco tidbits." The last paragraph is wrong, the quote is from General John J. Pershing in 1917 or 1918.

The Community Learning Network has information to students and teachers, in "Theme pages have links to both curricular resources that will help students to understand the topic and links to instructional materials for teachers."

The on line version of the text Government by the People, is designed as a way to study American government. Chapter 20 offers an exercise on policy issues surrounding tobacco.

The World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control "will be an international legal instrument that will circumscribe the global spread of tobacco and tobacco products."

This is kinda cool, What am I inhaling, fill out the form and learn the amount of specific chemicals one inhales from a cigarette. And nonsmokers can learn of the side stream chemicals.

A list of NCI Monographs.

This has nice basic stuff NIDA's Nicotine links and reports.

For information on the inside try Tobaccofloors "is a virtual mall of trading and information for the tobacco industry." has become a major player. See their web site TobaccoWeek. They offer a wonderful collection of State resources and such.

The Claremont Institute has another publication, The Case of Smoking and Where It Next Leads.

Lots and lots of newspapers on the net.

"This is a directory of eating, drinking, entertainment venues and businesses of all types friendly to nonsmokers. SmokeFreeWorld.

More on growing and curing your own at Tobacco Plant Information. You can buy packets of seeds from them and can end an addiction to the large tobacco industry.

Another article with the claim that "Nicotine mimics a chemical that works in the transformation of information along the nervous system and in the brain." No certainty that smoking is beneficial, only the one element.

Sign up and FORCES will send out petitions with your name on them! Be careful to what you sign your name to - FORCES does not tell you in advance before a letter is released in your name. You can see the Archives of past petitions.

The store Cigarettes Cheaper! has a newsletter.

A wonderful collection of tobacco ads from the 1940's and 1950's.

"This area is devoted to the hobby of collecting cigarette and other trade cards," now and forever known as the Cartophily Page. There is history section and images.

Smokers Fighting Discrimination now has an Internet Smokers Network Club Public Library. (ISNCPL) There is a very nice warning to the anti tobacco movement that Helicobacter pylori, a bacterial infection, really causes many cases of stomach cancer.

For a nice list of smokers chat rooms from the United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter. Or try the list of smokers welcome chat rooms, from Smoker's Club Inc.

Collection of final court decisions in major legal cases from 1939 to today.

The ACLU offers information on Lifestyle Discrimination in the Workplace. To go with this is a Legislative Briefing Kit on Lifestyle Discrimination for use to fight for your rights.

From the controversial Journal of Theoretics "Smoking Does Not Cause Lung (According to WHO/CDC Data)." We can learn that "Yes, a US white male (USWM) smoker has only a 0.5% lifetime chance of dying from lung cancer "

So Philip Morris tries a confession? However it is carefully written and much is hidden behind the phrase "medical and scientific consensus." In summary, "I know nothing."

A Philip Morris list of 599 ingredients published in 1994.

It is interesting to see and review the web pages telling us that science now knows there is no link between tobacco use and any health effects. This is even more interesting following the Philip Morris conclusions. For example FORCES - The Evidence offers material "that calls into question or simply explodes many of the most cherished claims of the antismoker industry." There is a long list of topics under dispute. The Pacific Research Institute jumps in and tells us that the government tobacco smokescreen is hiding the truth that there is "1) no demonstrated link to cancer; 2) personal liberty trampled; 3) private property rights destroyed; 4) the elite deciding how everyone should live."

For those of you needing evaluation help, maybe visit Community-Level Indicators for some hints. Or try An Evaluation Primer on Health Risk Communication Programs and Outcomes for aid.

Great title from the Academy for Educational Development, 'The ABCs of Human Behavior for Disease Prevention,' "Our health challenges involve helping people make the right choices about cigarette smoking, diet, exercise, alcohol use, drug abuse, violence, and sexual practices."

May 1999

Advice on how to stop teens from smoking is to make it uncool. How to do that? # 1 "Authority figures should just shut up about the subject." # 2 keep busybodies away from the issue. # 3 show uncool people smoking, "watching him [David Kessler] light up a Marlboro would cause thousands of kids to quit immediately."

Visit the ashtray cam.

An essay on Why Smoking Is Good For You. "Smokers share the only real sense of community left in the workplace."

The Libertarian Party is Pro-Choice on everything and is anti War on Drugs. "The problems caused by misuse of drugs can be real, but they cannot be solved by the criminal justice system."

Read the material on the The Personal Freedoms Protection Amendment: "Behavior expressed in the pursuit of happiness, which does not force others to participate against their will, is an unalienable right of the American people." This is designed to allow for smoking but seems to ignore the pursuit of air free of deadly and addictive drugs. Surprise folks - this is a tough issue!

The Freedom of Choice, Inc. "is a non-profit organization who's purpose is to educate people about their constitutional rights in regard to freedom of choice, what all of us must do to protect the few rights we have left, and how we can regain those we have lost." See the Initial Draft of Suit to Overturn Tobacco Settlement. Their T-shirt costs about $15, with the slogan, "If it doesn't force others to participate against their will it should be legal." It needs to be accurate - add the words, "but your smoking does force me to participate against my will."

The Minnesota Smokers' Rights Coalition aims to "protect the children from anti-tobacco abuse!"

The Smokers Union exposes the myths and lies with Knowledge is Power, lots of nice quotes and links.

From the Cato Institute, Snuff the Facts "In effect, smokers pay taxpayers for the right to smoke in addition to the savings that they create for taxpayers by dying early." And the summary, "Taxing smokers because we can take their money easily is theft dressed up in good intentions."

Turn to the Center for Personal Freedom for a nice collection of issue papers and briefing materials promoting the idea that smoking is a small issue, the real issue is the answer to the question, "Where will the responsibility for managing an individual's life reside? With the individual, or with the state? This may be the central question of modern times..." The motto seems to be this quote "The only freedom which counts is the freedom to do what some other people think to be wrong. There is no point in demanding freedom to do what which all will applaud," by Lord Chief Justice Hailsham.

Brown & Williamson's web site lists the 599 Ingredient List published in 1994 with some detail; all the ingredients seem so good for you the way they are described here! They offer ingredient information per brand; surprise - the list contains items not on the list of 1994 and rather than factual data gives summary information, such as "Natural Flavors." Also we can find a page offering tar and nicotine yields. More text on the issue is provided in "Cigarette Tobacco Ingredients" background paper. There is information on The Growing Process; they imply all tobaccos come from American farms, not overseas! Information on B&W Business ethics is offered. As well as the B&W Marketing Principles and Practices.

The Red Hawk Tobacco Company makes Kentucky Blondes with pure and natural ingredients, "We dream American - we are restless - we move - we are on the road, supremely alone and individual.....and free." Don't forget to read the poetry on this site.

An attempt to list International Cigarette Prices, "for a 20 piece pack of Marlboro Regular."

This is a pro smoking newsletter and mailing list with lots of useful and interesting stuff, useful for those who want weekly updates, at thesmokersclub subscription page. For past issues of the United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter jump here. And an Index of Articles is useful. Another billion dollars spent on medical research will not change the minds of many; the real issue may be attitudes and beliefs that have nothing to do with tobacco. The tobacco issue is not just medical data, health concerns and governmental policy. It cannot be resolved solely in the medical, factual, or even the political realm; it can be viewed as a subset of the question - "what is America?"

This guy is mad and based upon a reading of his intro maybe he has reason for his anger, "No government, that abolished college deferments, then drafted my butt out of college, and sent me, to Vietnam, has ANY right to tell me I can't smoke and keep my job all because, they're concerned about my future, and health. That excuse is lamer than I am." Read on, "America's Anti-Smoking effort was clearly modeled after the NAZI effort...." and "Freedom is more important than Health, Safety, or the Environment." Keep reading. Question - how does a health educator respond to this anger and conviction?

The Tobacco Settlement: Who's Going To Pay? "The Government is getting their cut while the Tobacco Companies shake down the tobacco consumer!" And for more read The Smoking Issue. "WAKE UP AMERICA!"

"I feel that the anti-smoking movement evolved naturally, in part because society--and the media at large--needed a new issue for the 90s," and more in Thoughts on Smoking. "If it WAS true that smokers are harming others, how about drinkers? Drinkers directly kill more people every year than second-hand smoke could even hope to knock off. And indirectory ... [sic] alcohol is the root of endless human misery, and literally ruining lives--right up there with coke and crack." I agree that tobacco control activists and organizations should be concerned about alcohol issues.

This is a test - is this site humorous or educational? "Smell Of Baked Bread May Be Health Hazard...... When are we going to do something about bread-induced global warming? Sure, we attack tobacco companies, but when is the government going to go after Big Bread?"

FORCES offers an Anti-Tobacco Cartel Alert page - "The earlier the forces of honesty and true democracy know about these activities, the more time there is to fight, and hopefully prevent further infringements of the right to smoke -- or even reverse the abuses already perpetrated."

The idea seems to be that if all the smokers of the world would unite to purchase and use Targon Smoker's Mouthwash made by the Block Drug Company, Inc. then "maybe other companies will admit that we are consumers too."

Update to the The Airlines List.

This is an on-line discussion forum called The Politics of Smoking.

This seems to be new and little used, give it time? Smoker to Smoker Biz Registry! "This site is a free registry for smoker owned businesses throughout the U.S.A. All smokers are invited to list their business, no matter how big or small."

FORCES at work, "We can engage in all the denial in the world, but the fact remains that drug companies are presently working with the FDA to approve long term use of their alternative nicotine delivery products. The fact remains that an explicit and stated target group for those drug company nicotine delivery products is kids as young as fifteen."

From FORCES we have, Date a Smoker and Heat Up Your Life.

The group Citizens Against Tyranny (CAT) started in California and is spreading.

I guess you had to see the show to really appreciate this, Open letter to 60 Minutes by the founder of Smokers of the World Unite.

This is not a first, but, "Science adulterated and debased for political ends; "propaganda parades as fact" Smoking Claims Debunked.

Read some of what Ray has to say on his book "Health Scare: The Misuse of Science in Public Health Policy."

A "Demand for Sanity" in Hopapp's Smoking Lounge has a nice rant.

The CigarNexis. The advice we need to convince our wives to take up cigar smoking in, Perfect-O-Nuptials, make sure to get the correct size and length.

The Top Ten Myths of the Anti-Smoking Movement makes for good reading. Toss together a few quotes from 1604, add "everyday experience," reinterpret a few things, ignore the bulk of the literature, admit a few cases of tobacco industry "double-talk" and you have a wonderful argument.

A nationally syndicated talk radio show Freedom Line, sponsored by the National Smokers Alliance. Hear past recordings.

Personal page with comments on smoking and the graphic is interesting, Ghetto Home Page! "I will talk about one of the things that I really love to do. SMOKE. I love to smoke!" (I am told the author no longer smokes.)

An essay on The European Tobacco Trade from the 15th to the 17th Centuries

A bit of tobacco history from Tobacco Reporter Magazine.

?? A new cigar band site, with links and pictures.

The Early Uses of Indian Tobacco in California

Information with pictures "Raising Burley Tobacco is a labor-intensive occupation that begins early in the year at Head of Happy Hollow Farm."

?? The claim is that this is a quote from Mark Twain on the joy of smoking.

A copy of the note from Thomas Edison on the dangers of Acrolein. Remember he is the author of an anti cigarette book and he refused to hire cigarette smokers.

From the Center for the Study of the American South Tobacco Farming

Visit Wilson, NC home of "America's Largest Tobacco Market," with a list of all the warehouses to see.

Information on the George Arents Collection in the New York Public Library.

There are many libraries around the world that have information on tobacco issues, for example try the search engine of the Old Dominion University Library, Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, VA.

Torn Between Tradition and a Changing World, Amish Farmers in Pennsylvania Cling to the Old Ways of Raising Tobacco. "For generations, tobacco has been the lifeblood-or 'mortgage lifter.'"

The Wisconsin Historical Society is set within a reproduction 18th century Eastern Shore Virginia tobacco barn, and much more.

An Educational Resource/Curriculum for Low Literacy Readers >From First to Last Ash: The History, Economics & Hazards of Tobacco, order your copy here.

Tobacco is part of the Chronology on the History of Slavery.

China is building a tobacco museum to be located in the city of Yuxi in Kunming province (SW area). It is designed to cover both the history of the tobacco industry in China and the dangers of smoking.

The Wisconsin Medical Journal has a A Brief History of Tobacco article.

From The Walter Reed Army Medical Center, presented as "Online Patient Education," Brief History of Tobacco Use and Abuse. The least educational headline I have seen for some time goes to, A Partial List of Diseases Thought To Be Cured By Tobacco, including cancer, "excessive phlegm," "wounds caused by arrows," and rabies. What the heading should say is that this is a list from the 1500s by John Frampton who translated Monardes into English.

An interesting place, The National Cigar Museum is online. A few interesting book reviews here. And an exhibit of Racism Sells Cigars 1865-1935. Keep looking around.

"This is the story of how the pipe first came to the Southern Cherokee," The Legend of The Sacred Pipe.

From Bearded Wolf we learn of the sacred pipe. And read of making "tobacco ties are a part of many medicine path ceremonies. A medicine man may need fifty ties of each of the colors of the winds for a ceremony."

Keep looking, someday Medicine Man Imports will be selling "tobacco stuff, masks, tapestries, posters, cloth & clothes, walking sticks, incense, beads, bumper stickers, stickers, swords, artisan corner, authentic cultural music, musical instruments, and free standing figures."

ANR's Information & Resources on a variety of topics.

An anti tobacco company site, Canadian Tobacco Companies Crimes Against Humanity with the outline of a plan, "We propose that the Canadian federal government take away the business licenses of all tobacco companies and assume responsibility for the production, distribution, and retail of tobacco products." Important is, "The goal is not to criminalize the act of smoking."

From the World Bank, Quantifying the Net Economic Loss or Gain from Tobacco Use, and World Bank Economic Survey of Tobacco Use.

If you want to learn about fires involving tobacco please first see the news.

The Canada Safety Council calls For Fire-Safe Cigarettes.

One of the accomplishments of the Trauma Foundation was their work on fire safe cigarettes.

The Risk & Industrial Safety Consultants (RISC) do work on "accidents" involving consumer products such as cigarettes and lighters.

ASH has a bit on tobacco and fires with, Reynolds Meets A Cigarette It Doesn't Like, the fire safe cigarette.

An editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine (March 25, 1999 -- Vol. 340, No. 12) concludes "Therefore, I regretfully conclude that we still do not know, with accuracy, how much or even whether exposure to environmental tobacco smoke increases the risk of coronary heart disease." This is an analysis of a meta analysis indicating that there was a known risk in ETS.

INFACT's Human Toll of Tobacco Photo Project began "in response to Congressional testimony by a former RJR Nabisco executive that the people who die each year from tobacco are just 'computer-generated numbers.'" See the pictures.

INFACT offers Tobacco marketing to young people: Young people: a key expansion market. An outline of promotional messages.

The Quebec Coalition on Tobacco Control offers "The Guildford depository is comprised exclusively of documents from British America Tobacco (BAT)."

From Arizona we now have, the Tobacco Awareness Exhibits Program, nice show and tell.

?? Evidence-Based Components for a Comprehensive Smoking Reduction Program from SCARCNet.

A nice list of Startling Statistics Regarding Tobacco Use.

Several good looking publications from the Office of Tobacco Reduction Programs.

From the United Kingdom we have, Smoking Kills: A White Paper on Tobacco

A listing of Foundations that Award Grants in Support of Cancer Research from Life Signs.

Let us not forget the "cigarette control law," MCL  750.27 and MSA  28.216, and the text from the Michigan Compiled Law site is Adulterating and Misbranding "Sec. 27. Adulterated cigarettes-Any person within the state who manufactures, sells or gives to any one, any cigarette containing any ingredient deleterious to health or foreign to tobacco, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor." The good folk at The Crime Prevention Group suggest it should be enforced.

Read this one for the details, The rule of law??? "We live NOT under the 'rule of law', but rather under the 'rule of Big Tobacco'. It is Big Tobacco that decides when to enforce or avoid 'the rule of law'." The author asks for aid, "I am in the midst of a lawsuit seeking to have the State of Washington enforce 'the rule of (public safety) law' across class lines..... Contrary to State Law, our law enforcers made the tobacco hazard a CLASS ISSUE. They protect only certain classes of employee and prefer to collect money for the damages to all other working people."

The claim is that this is a summary of a report on British Study Finds That "Stings" Don't Work. Stings are a proxy measure of availability, not a true census and so fail to be a true measure of ease of availability.

The goal of the "Charles Darwin Award" is "an annual honor presented posthumously to the person or persons who do the world genetic gene pool the greatest service by exterminating themselves in the most extraordinarily stupid way." One award or entry concerns a cigarette on Halloween.

How about a few smoking and anti smoking graphics? Take a look. The files seem to be found in the index.

A wonderful collection of information on tobacco in A Modern Herbal. If you read this you do not even want to touch tobacco, but after much detail the author suggests tobacco be used for several medicinal purposes.

?? The Science Notebook of the Washington Post, May 3, 1999; Page A11states that "Neil C. Bruce of the University of Cambridge and colleagues engineered tobacco plants to produce an enzyme normally found in bacteria and known to neutralize the unstable ingredients in explosives such as TNT and nitroglycerin. In laboratory experiments, the plants grew and produced the enzyme, which appeared to break down the explosive chemicals."

"Search for an E-mail Community" here, try looking for smoking and tobacco related sites from ONElist!, you will find several.

CNET reviews and selects two web servers as best for free web space and these offer aid in creating the site. So, create a tobacco control site and start communitcating and sharing! They offer advice for web builders.

"Have a say in what's going on in Washington" from citizen@washington.dc, "Here are tips and resources for using the Net to shape policy, promote your agenda, and make sure your representatives are behaving themselves."

There might be a person or two interested in the mass media who are willing to review the links provided by the Media and Communication Studies Site.

"The Care and Feeding of The Press A guide for press relations staff."

"A place for parents and kids to discuss their attitudes to smoking cigarettes," Families that Smoke.

Some interesting information on cigars can be found here.

April 1999

I know people who have been waiting for this invention, the smoking booth. And we can all make money selling this!

Time to get rich again! "The Technology is also planned to be used in a cigarette shaped and sized inhaler to provide highly regulated, breath-activated nicotine delivery whilst maintaining the look and hand mouth ritual of traditional cigarettes, but without the harmful carcinogenic and environmental effects of tar and smoke. The cigarette sized inhaler is the basis for the Company's planned Smokeless Cigarette Alternative (SCA) and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products. Sign up now.

Maybe I missed the news of this, quitting with Smokers International's nicotine candy and cigarette prop to hold the candy.

Visit Rhode Island's Tobacco Control Network. I like the information on state tobacco laws, with links to the law as well as the note to report violators of sales laws.

"A quarterly news magazine covering news events in Massachusetts tobacco control, legal policy, and legislative affairs"; Tobacco Control Update has useful materials and links.

Dr. C. Everest Koop has a page, Tackling Tobacco. Try the Facts And Figures, for example, the several pages on Tobacco Use and Health There are chat rooms and more.

The Koop, Kessler et. al. Final Report of The Advisory Committee on Tobacco Policy and Public Health, is here.

Did I miss the Multinational Monitor's tobacco articles in previous issues?

Seems OncoLink's Smoking and Cancer links are good and up to date.

Nice collection here, Tobacco Control Issues by Subject.

Links from Tobacco Control Journal.

Teen site has tough language, Stop Sucking Butt. PM Geoffrey Bible is the Butt Monger. Did you know that quitting is easy? - only "three easy steps!"

Interesting class project from Math Awareness Week. "In the Environmental Tobacco Smoke Activity, student use morphometry to study the effects of environmental tobacco smoke (second-hand smoke) on lung development."

A more practical class project Cigarettes and Magazines, for all ages. Also see the other ideas, such as, "I Could Have A..." and others projects.

The list of Koni's and Gene's magazines not accepting tobacco ads needs to be updated. But this is a start.

The Campaign for Tobacco Freed Kids has a set of pages with medical information and pictures, see Your Body, The ABC's of Smoking.

A lesson plan for grades 7 or 8, look around maybe there are more.

The show has been very successful for K - College, Up in Smoke.

The whole book Growing Up Tobacco Free: Preventing Nicotine Addiction in Children and Youths.

KickButt has a Picture of the Day collection. Find the link from their home page. Consider joining in the contest

Hear the music, maybe, I Don't Like Being With People Who Smoke.' Or the original CD is available.

From the World Bank, Quantifying the Net Economic Loss or Gain from Tobacco Use. "This study tests the hypothesis that tobacco production and use result in a global economic loss and that this loss remains over a range of discount rates, mortality and morbidity effects, and prices." The work should be finished by now?

From the World Bank, 1993, Tobacco Death Toll.

From the World Bank, 1995, the Bellagio Statement on Tobacco and Sustainable Development. "World-wide, there are only two major underlying causes of premature death that are increasing substantially - HIV and tobacco."

Good review from the American Heart Association, Active and Passive Tobacco Exposure: A Serious Pediatric Health Problem, with lots of footnotes.

The Office on Smoking and Health, part of CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion "is pleased to make available citations of recently published, tobacco-related articles from behavioral, scientific, and technical literature, check up on the latest information.

I do not understand all this but, CCSSO-SCASS Health Education Assessment project includes a page that may be of interest.

Austrialia has some wonderful resources, give ACOSH, The Australian Council On Smoking and Health a try. You can buy their tar kit for demonstrations.

History can offer important reminders, read what happened from 1890 to 1914. Tobacco use and the tobacco industry has survived in the past and will probably continue.

See a few pictures, from the Museum Of Tobacco Art & History.

Lots of ads to view at Truth in Advertising, from the age of innocense.

From the British Medical Journal of 1899 a tiny mention of the spitting nuisance, "The object of the ordinance is said to be the prevention of the spread of disease by means of sputa".

Wonderful slide titled The Consumption Paradox, shows price per pack and smoking prevalence in several nations.

The links to tobacco industry documents, from ANR.

One way to read the secret documents is to follow someone who has read them.

A few of the chemicals found in cigarettes and details.

Tobacco smoke contains more than 3,800 chemicals, many of which are poisonous, What's in Tobacco Smoke? offers some of the chemicals.

A news service feature to consider is ENews Publishing Service. have Tobacco BBS's news placed on your web pages - get the news you want and need.

For a collection of USA news articles, see Terry Polevoy's Hot Stuff on the Tube and in Print.

From Public Citizen News, "Family Values, Killer Industries," "campaign contributions from dozens of "anti-family" PACs and individuals to defeated bills that would have protected American families from deaths and injuries."

A discussion group on the topic of business ethics.

?? See the ethics in marketing discussion.

The Tobacco Retailer Responsibility Initiative (TRRI) presents No Sale: Youth, Tobacco and Responsible Retailing, Findings and Recommendations of a Working Group of State Attorneys General, (1994). Good resource with recommendations to retailers and with legislative recommendations.

Is this still in effect? Philip Morris Cos. Inc. 1998 Shareholder Resolution: International Marketing and Youth states, launched in June 1995, is a voluntary initiative that is in effect today..... Under the Action Against Access program, Philip Morris has:.... pledged to deny merchandising benefits on an incremental basis to stores that have been fined or convicted of selling cigarettes to minors; ... suspension or revocation of licenses of those who are caught selling cigarettes to minors." Guess how many stores they have discovered selling to children since 1995, maybe they need help.

People that advertise tobacco products should read the Full Text of the American Marketing Association Code of Ethics.

Lots of advertising links and advertising agencies here.

Real interesting graph the advertsiing dollor and the consumer by age group.

Read of "a documentation of the history of advertising restrictions in Australia." For example, Table 15.14 Impact of bans on the advertising industry.

Here is an interesting essay on Advertising Self Regulation, from the International Advertising Association, which "is dedicated to promote and defend the cause of freedom of advertising, and freedom of consumer choice . . . with advertising self-regulation being an integral part of that." There is a bit more on Freedom of commercial speech and consumer choice reaffirmed by IAA, "My colleagues and I have all advocated the development of self-regulation as the most effective means of reconciling a free-market economy with the legitimate exercise of freedom of commercial speech (as guaranteed under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights). It falls on the European Parliament to ensure that the regulation of tobacco advertising fully complies with the values and principles on which the Community has been founded."

A critique of a previous work, titled, Tobacco Consumption and Advertising Restrictions: A Critique of Laugesen and Meads (1991). The current author's conclusion is, "...argues that the regression model used is based on an invalid assumption, resulting in a mis-specified model which proves only that advertising restrictions tend to be more severe in countries with lower 27-year average tobacco consumptions." There are other articles to review, see Relevant Publications.

Some person may wish to buy the book, Advertising Compliance Law: Handbook for Marketing Professionals and Their Counsel. You can also purchase the Advertising Compliance Service.

I am cheap but I hope someone has the budget to pay for a subscription to Tobacco Reporter for US$78.00. The latest issue has an article titled, "ETS - An industry perspective on "secondhand smoke." Maybe it is in the library?

Need industry addresses? World Tobacco Directory is what you need, now you just have to find it.

The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc offers materials on tobacco and the elderly. Fact sheets, a bibliography, a newsletter, settlement fund updates, state by state and policy studies. They now have Tobacco & Minorities.

The Potential Impact of the Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement On the African American Community. The conclusion, "Since we are one of the population groups that has been harmed the most by mortality and morbidity due to use of tobacco products, African Americans must be part of all efforts that are made to redress the damages caused to our communities by tobacco."

The African Descendants Webring and/or The National Trust offer a page on African Americans and Tobacco Use.

??Maybe new address Grow Your Own Tobacco! "It's easier than you think to save a fortune on your cigarettes".

Handy for some, an education for others, see Spotting Fake Cuban Cigars.

Save money with, Worldwide Tobacco Direct, "We now offer a full line of quality brand name cigarettes delivered right to your door directly from the Sovereign Seneca Nation of Indians, so they're TAX and DUTY FREE!"

A tobacco web ring, "The Cigar Smoke Web Ring is a site-sharing system that aims to bring all quality Cigar related web pages together so that interested web-surfers world-wide develop and maintain an interest in the genre."

Lots of stories of What was your first cigarette like? As well as Have you tried to quit?

A collection of stories from tobacco quittrers.

The author reviews his beliefs resulting in the essay Smoking - Again, "its perfectly alright to smoke. Hard not to, considering my Dad owns a cigar factory. But I will probably not smoke, not for any stupid health reasons, but because I just find the smoke itself kind of annoying. And I really don't like the government interfering with the tobacco industry, because it is overstepping its bounds and destroying free trade (communism dead ahead)."

This is a copy of Ben Johnson's The Alchemist including a character defined as "Drugger, a Tobacco-man."

This is one of the weird ones, from The International Conspiratological Association. They warn of the tactic "Harness the energy of the youth against itself by promoting the use of illicit drugs like cocain, alcohol, tobacco, etc." as one method used by the "Judeao/Marxists" to take over. "The only purpose of the International Conspiratological Association is to inform and train the victim peoples of the World about the New World Order Conspiracy's existence and how to educate themselves and others in dealing with this enormous global threat. We are involved in the most important education ever conceived by international multi-ethnic humanity. No greater shame can be shouldered by a people than to be brainwashed and victimized into willing racial genocide by another race of obligatory parasitic criminals."

From time to time I spot an author and page that makes a curiously wonderful argument in support of tobacco, this is one. Consider this in context of the billions of dollars spent on research, the millions spent on health education, all the pamphlets and research linking tobacco use to variuos ill effects, the release of the internal tobacco industry documents, etc. Read this to see the effect of all that activity designed to save lives; see a pro smoker armed with his best arguments. I bet this guy makes no money from the tobacco industry, this is his own work. From a new political group, the National Mini Convention Political Party (NMCPP).

    In the essay, The Smokers Rights Party we learn that

  • "I have a goal of the immediate and complete restoration of all smoking rights. Smokers will be given favorable consideration in the selection of NMCPP nominees. My disposition is that there is not one single bit of proof that smoking is in any way harmful to the health of any living thing."
  • The party plan includes such as, "Total elimination of tobacco taxes. Possibly even a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit the United States or any State from any tax on any tobacco products. The complete elimination of all restrictions of the tobacco industry, including advertising, package markings, and restrictions on the sales of tobacco products. Not even sales to children ought to be prohibited. It is up to parents to raise their kids. And no parent can stop a kid from smoking or anything else, if the kid is set on doing any certain thing."
  • "The Big Lie is 'Tobacco smoke causes illness and death.' Excepting the paper burned with cigarettes and any other chemicals added by tobacco product manufacturers, this is most likely the greatest lie of our time."
  • "The presumed facts used to support the lie are all based on indirect statistical data.....The statistics have obviously been misinterpreted. The distortion of the statistics might be deliberate sabotage by anti smokers."
  • (To indicate the author's ability to make wise comments on statistics he offers his own understanding) " To determine that smoking is or is not a cause of illness or death some of the ages have been averaged of those that died, both smokers and non smokers. The resulting highly questionable data is portrayed as though smokers generally die younger than non smokers. Yet this is dubious data. From time to time some of the very oldest people living are reported on by news people. Of these most aged people, it seems most are smokers."
  • "What I consider the truth is this: Smoking can be of benefit to a person's health. As with about anything good, it can used to excess or otherwise abused to the point of being harmful. If it is true that the age at death of people is averaged lower for smokers, that only means that sick people smoke more often than healthy people. And this could be based on benefits to health from smoking. Sick people generally want to be healthier, smoking could indicate better health by causing them to feel better."
  • "Take the whole idea of health a bit farther. The subject of cholesterol has come up in the last score or two of years. It is said that there are two kinds of cholesterol, good and bad. Now just think about it for a minute. Why would God design in bad anything to the human body? That is right, He would not. God designs things to work very well. Including human bodies. If one of the things He designed into it is so called bad cholesterol this only means the American MedicineMan Association has failed to discover or admit knowledge of the purpose for the bad cholesterol."
  • (I hope you are waiting for the conclusion) "When Columbus arrived at Cuba natives were smoking cigars. That means even saying that fire is a discovery is a lie. God made people with the instinct to make fires, just like He made birds with the instinct to make nests. People were designed by God to make fires, cook foods, and BREATH SMOKE. And the combination of anti smoking and clean air zealots are therefore the greatest danger to the future of mankind. I say they are more dangerous than nuclear war."

    In the next essay Smoker's Rights #2 we learn even more!

  • "A lot of death and disease is blamed on smoking. But, there is no direct causal relationship to prove it is true. In fact, there is more proof that ice cream is a health hazard. As stated above ice cream can carry disease bacteria. And it has."
  • "It is that tobacco is a cause of freedom. Freedom as was established through the contract of Americans with all Americans, The US Constitution. Such freedom did not exist in any other land nor at any time prior to the development of the US Constitution. It took 300 years of smoking in America to get the Constitution written. For almost 200 years of government within (more or less) that Constitution, freedom continued except for prohibition of alcohol."

    There is an essay written for Anti smokers. asking those people to rethink their ideas on smoking. Did you know that,

  • "Tobacco, a hero in developing Freedom, was often seen as a medicine with curative powers and various benefits to the health. Even as late as World War II (1945 for Generation X) cigarettes were given (free) to soldiers and sailors in the combat areas of the Pacific theater. The same clarity of mind tobacco facilitated for the developers of Freedom in the time of Ben [Franklin] also facilitated clarity of mind for our troops in WWII. Had it not been for tobacco, we might be speaking Japanese or German in North America today. It would be interesting to know what role if any tobacco played in the development of the Atomic Bomb."

Here is a brief one to read and study, "Tobacco was a gift from the elohiym. Tobacco does not cause cancer." And. "The culprit is not the nicotine or the tar, but the radioactive lead isotope found in the fertilizer used on tobacco (and everything else grown using manufactured fertilizer), which collects in the little nodes of the lungs and gives off enough localized radiation to subject the few affected cells with the equivalent of 50 x-rays over a year's time." The conspiracy enters when we learn that "the slave masters don't care about the slaves. No, by depriving us of minerals we need, we get sick."

The Social Principles of the The United Methodist Church take the position, "we recommend total abstinence from the use of tobacco."

"In view of the serious health consequences posed by the use and promotion of tobacco products in the USA and worldwide,: the General Board of American Baptist Churches, USA," made numerous resolutions.

The author states, "I'm open to hearing your biblically founded perspective," but I did not find a biblical basis for the essay on Politically Correct Discrimination, in this case smoking.

It starts with "So I'm a Christian and I smoke, so what's so wrong with that?" The answer is "you will agree cigarette smoking is not compatible with the Christian experience," I let you read the details.

The Christian And Tobacco concludes, "No guile was found in His mouth and He will not allow His disciples to have tobacco in their mouths either."

Try the materials from A Ministry in family Alcoholism, Tobacco and other Drugs, the Spirit of Freedom Ministries.

Some relevance here, or maybe just a curiosity, The Environmental Priesthood and Ritual Cleanliness. They offer "Civil Defense Perspectives." The conclusion is "The only way to meet the mystical and inconsistent goals of the environmental priesthood is to obliterate humankind or reduce it to abject servitude."

The Prophet has much to say. Read the two part article on cigars are not deadly like cigarettes and an attack on Newsweek, etc.

A request for The Ethical Spectacle to "analyze the ethical situation of the tobacco company managers in terms of the conflict between their duty to their stockholders and their duty to the public health." I do not see an answer, maybe some one could help out?

When it comes to the various government lawsuits and trials, The Ethical Spectacle says it is part of a "governmental 'scorched earth' policy has taken the form of casting these industrial giants as defendants in billion dollar shake downs, primarily, it seems, because they are large and successful targets to plunder. Much like the big tobacco shakedown, the government's motivation in going after these large companies seems to be to extract money to the point of bleeding them into some kind of submission. Like a parasite, our government does not want to kill the host, only drain it."

Ask a question and receive a reasoned answer; "Do you feel that chewing tobacco or dipping snuff is wrong?" The summary answer, "To me, it would be a sin to use tobacco. I regard it as a filthy, useless habit that injures many and does few any good...". Question #50:is "If you chew tobacco, dip snuff or smoke cigarettes will you go to hell? The answer, "To me, it would be a sin to use tobacco. I regard it as a filthy, useless habit that injures many and does few any good...".

No clear answers here, "Neither cigarettes nor alcohol do anyone any good . But people should serve Christ in a sincere manner based on solid Biblical truth, not denominational teachings based on Man's ideas of what true holiness is."

The Master of Surat Shabd Yoga does not say do not smoke for health reasons, (heck he started 800 years ago), but "because it brings this astral cloud in with you ....- it's perceptible. I can feel it. It messes with my reality. .... It's like suddenly there's this stuff in the air."

In response to a question on going to heaven we learn "Smoking is a harmful and enslaving habit without one good trait in its favor. It only soothes the craving it has artificially created."

In an essay on the dangers or pop music we read, "The Bible doesn't say it is sinful to smoke. No, not directly, but as one preacher recently said, you may smell as though you have come straight out of hell, and you certainly aren't treating your body as a Temple of the Holy Spirit by polluting it with nicotine and other carcinogenic drugs (1 Cor.6:19)."

Interesting workbook Clearing the Air on Smoking, with space to write your own answers, verses to study, etc.

In the essay God Wants Us to be Healthy we read, "Smoking tobacco is very bad for all people. Boys and girls who smoke do not grow well. They are not strong. The poison in tobacco makes minds dull."

After a great deal of thought, the conclusion is "Smoking does not qualify as a sign that a person is not a Christian, if that is what they profess to be."

After researching various catechisms and the Bible, "Over-indulgence of alcohol or tobacco, therefore, is sinful, but in moderation is not."

We must thank former smokers for the improvement of the environment, since "The interesting feature of all this is, it's those who once nearly smoked themselves to death, who tend to be loudest and most strident in their condemnation of the smoking habit

I bet this is not listed with the other smoking cessation links, Seven Steps To Help You Stop Smoking, it begins with "Recognize that smoking is a sin against your body and your God."

Another cessation method. In the essay, Overcoming Smoking we learn, "Before that I always hid behind the fact that the Bible said nothing about tobacco. You made me see that tobacco or anything else that ruled me was displeasing to God."

Should casting out demons and spirits be part of a cessation program? Casting out prayers are available here, Casting Out Demon Tobac, "NOTE: Tobacco is the substance associated with Demon Tobac. Tobac (pronounced TOE-back) is his true spirit name, and he will be upset when he sees his true name is being used. Demon Tobac manifests himself in a person by tobacco smoking."

Why do we need all these cessation programs? "Is it a good thing when you ask for victory over tobacco or any other fleshly or moral evil? Of course it is!" Cessation is easy, "As long as you believe that you have been delivered, you will have the victory. It is as simple as that. The very moment you ask for victory it will be placed in your life as a reservoir of power. You won't feel it, but it is there. It will remain there as long as you accept it in faith."

The Christian Life Community Church offers this, "because smoking tobacco in the form of cigarettes is the most common destructive habit mankind has adopted and is, at a fundamental level, built upon self hatred. How to Quit aid available.

Several stories of, cessation through prayer.

For cessation advice, see the Champion Evangelistic Ministries; "This work shop or Bible Conference Message will present hundreds of Bible verses and principals that will show why Satan wants Christians to smoke inhalants of any type; tobacco, pedate, cocaine, marijuana, grape vines, in any form - cigarettes, cigars or pipes."

"Have you heard about the evolutionary way of getting the victory over tobacco, or any other sin? It is sometimes called the "tapering" method, but generally it just doesn't work. Oh, it partially works, of course, because old age takes care of some temptations and sins, and time settles the rest when death comes. But do you know why "trying" does not work in overcoming the devil?" Read on.

This seems to be a BBS collection for Christians on tobacco and quitting.

"If you are a smoker and user of tobacco, let me encourage you to quit using the devil's weed today!

Oscar's Puffing and Coughing: Update on Smoking in Films. And see on smoking and films and television.

Poor 'ole Sylvester Stallone, how will we remember you, with this Phlemmy Awards is a real treat.

I am sorry to say that you need to run through these list of links smoking "Glamor" links. People like this stuff!

ASH has a nice review of the response from the Hollywood creators to requests to drop tobacco from movies.

ASH also offers, New Evidence re Smoking in Movies,

The Smoking Gun page lists several internal documents discussing attracting teens to smoke.

19 March 1999

If you want a free email discussion group and web page to aid organize local tobacco control or to discuss a particular issue you have choices. Give Smokescreen first try. Take a look at the current lists; this may not be free. Try Essential Organization's Network. See the archives of the current lists; they currently have a site on international tobacco issues. Or try eGroups. They have a few tobacco and smoking sites. Or then try YAHOO! Clubs; they have a few smoking sites (as hobby or for romance!), one just for teens, several for fetish chats.

Please read, Tobacco and the Soul. The conclusion is, "Tobacco holds sway over the soul as much as it does the body. The qualities it takes in its various forms make it a near irresistible complement to the particular desire dominant in an individual's soul."

See, Bickity Bam! The brand spankin new board, for smoking teens.

A discussion site for former, current and future tobacco workers, Primer's Forever. "Here you can reminisce about old times on the tobacco fields..."

Read this to learn more of one famous advertising campaign, Joe Camel and the American Way, offers "On-Line information about tobacco advertising." Good collection of pictures.

Pictures of cigarette ads and billboards, etc.

HealthWatch has a nice collection of advertising materials to study Advertising - public relations and multi-media links.

Saved radio ads, vintage radio commercials

The Seita Group (English language version).

English language version web page of the Alois Poschl Tobacco Factories, Geisenhausen, Germany. They seem to be into loose tobacco, the Zoof blend has "pit" (that is a good thing). This company worked with the monks of the Kloster Andechs to create a special blend, following the philosophy of the monks, "Pleasure for body and soul."

??The English edition of the Beijing Cigarette Factory. Some blends include the addition of Chinese herbs.

The Jugas Company presents Russia's "World of Tobacco."

From British Columbia, Additives and Ingredients per Brand the list per company and brand.

Pictures and more from "Smokin'Dudes is here as an acknowledgement of the gay male smoking fetish."

The Gay Smoke Fetish Stories Sponsored by GPfourms, "This site was designed to allow adults to have a place on the web to exchange ideas in words and images of a sexual nature with out the fear of being kicked off the web site," who knows what else is here?

The warning on this page notes that some stories contain mature subject matter, in Smokin' Stories. It includes a list of even more message boards for teens, parents, forced smoking, etc.

The US Government Printing Office (GPO) has lots of material on line or to order, try the search engine Connect to Databases Online via GPO Access.

US Department of Agriculture Tobacco Statistics and Reports.

Good list of data, Tobacco Leaf and Products Statistics and Analysis from the Department of Agriculture

The US Department of Justice offers Tobacco News.

Try the keyword search and Collection Locator of the National Technical Information Service to find books for sale. Find such things as the most current Tobacco - Situation and Outlook Report, April 1997 or Tobacco Industry (on diskette) 1950-1987.

A great name for web based activism e The People. Create your own petition, sign a petition, write letters.

FORCES has posters and screensavers for one and all.

A school-based tobacco use prevention curriculum based on new studies on effectiveness. Tobacco: Behind the smoke and Mirrors.

The Soft Money Laundromat of Common Cause. Find which companies give to which politicians.

The Tobacco Freed Zone has some nice material on Tobacco Marketing and Kids.

Story of matchbooks and match covers.

History of the water pipe.

19 November 1998

A good intro with lots of links, on tobacco in movies is Oscar's Puffing and Coughing And the update.

The ALA has some nice material in the Data and Statistics section.

The WHO offers key points for community mobilization of a successful tobacco control campaign.

A San Diego, CA. proposed tobacco ordinance offers ideas and discussion of various options, the San Francisco Model versus a Baltimore type ordinance.

Some may be aware that this is a controversial report (it criticizes the CA Prop 99 funding agency!), Tobacco Control in California: Who's Winning the War? An Evaluation of the Tobacco Control Program, 1989-1996. Chapter Three seems to have caused the most problem for the funding agency since it concludes that the program is no longer effective.

See CNN's tobacco page, links you to their search engine of stories, lots of them.

Visit the Florida Online Tobacco Education Resources website, the home page for Florida's Pilot Program on Tobacco Control. Every state should have a net based communication conduit for an ongoing variety of information resources to all localities across the state. And be sure to visit Truth.< /a> Great slogan, "Their brand is lies, our brand is truth." And see Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT).

The Maryland Tobacco Page may be of use to someone.

The pages Big Tobacco's Seldom Told Plan For Our Children is a wonderful collection of photos and text on the ways in which tobacco products can be placed in a store, ways that are designed to make shoplifting easy. And there is some documentation that the tobacco companies reimburse a store owner for the theft. This makes sense, only if you are selling an addictive drug - the industry recruits new smokers by promoting theft.

The ACS's 1998 Facts and Figures is here.

Missouri's Operation Storefront Fact Sheet. Good intro to the work. Other states are doing this also?

In response to the Virginia Slims' record label we now have, SLAM! Records, a record label dedicated to exposing abuses of humanity in various industries and fighting that abuse with music. Welcome.

This is getting better and better, with a new address, Newhoo Tobacco pages. In alphabetical order.

Arrange for a visit from the AMA's comic book type hero, The Extinguisher and Dr. Nola Know!

The AMA has arranged quotes from the Minnesota trial in categories.

The AMA fact sheet on tobacco and kids.

In the essay, Tobacco Industry's Economic and Political Influence, "... the American Heart Association supports efforts to level the playing field for health advocates through political action committee PAC) and campaign finance reform, gift and honoraria limits, so that members of Congress can make decisions on health matters based on a review of the facts."

Public Citizen has information on the political influence of the tobacco lobby in DC, Burning Down the Houses.

The Center for Public Integrity offers a brief report on the 1998 attempt to regulate tobacco.

Covering Tobacco, A Handbook for Journalists.

When working on a school project come here, Study Web on Tobacco, for tested resources.

Numerous reviews of advertising can be found from AdAge. Such as, Advertising Age reviews post Joe Camel ads. They are still targeting kids!

Important image of advertising from AdAge, "...advertising is a shotgun, not a rifle, and the issue is who unavoidably-- or intentionally --will be caught in the spray."

What does Retail Source, "The Premier Online Information Resource for Retail Design, Construction and Visual Presentation" know? Find the companies that make store fixtures.

The "convenience store industry's destination for News, Information, People, and Commerce." Search for tobacco related items.

The technology magazine for retail executives, Retail Tech.

Retail Systems Alerts.

The National Retail Federation has many services. See the industry buying guide. The category of loss prevention should be important to stores that sell tobacco. The NFR offers books for sale, that may or may not tell of the details of tobacco industry slotting fees and so forth.

16 September 1998

From Convience Store News Online. What do you want from a "> tobacco representative? Letter of merchant making money by placing cigarettes away from the customer.

CIGAR Lifestyles "speaks to the passions and pleasures of a broad range of upscale readers. We are dedicated to providing those readers with a first glimpse of the people, places, products and ideas that are shaping their lives and impacting the way they take advantage of the lifestyles they enjoy." They even have a writing contest!

The list of smoking airports and airlines has been updated.

Message board, Parents With Kids That Smoke, "This new message board is intended for parents who have dealt with, or are dealing with their teens/preteens who have started or tried smoking." Most seem to be from parents that smoke. Some parents talk of the joys of smoking with their children and watch their children take up the addiction as they did. "I regularly see her blow smoke towards our sons cot."

The latest Teen message board for smokers does not list its name, rather, "Changed name, in the hope that this board can last." Jackie spills out her guts and warns kids to rethink smoking and someone wants to know what brand she smokes. RB teaches her eight year old brother to smoke.

Jugas of Russia is selling the document, "The Russian Market for Tobacco Products," including material on, supplies of tobacco and forecast for the period up to 2005; factors influencing the effective demand for locally produced and imported tobacco products; analysis of the activity on the Russian market of the major foreign manufacturers; whose products are imported into the Russian Federation; etc. Hundreds of pages for hundreds of dollars.

The tobacco briefing room covers tobacco leaf and products statistics and analysis, agricultural situation and outlook reports, quotas, price supports, and a look at the tobacco industry. From the US Dept. of Agriculture.

The September. issue of the Investor's Tobacco Reporter has nice stuff on divestment and shareholder's resolutions.

4 August 1998

The Awesome Library collection on tobacco.

"The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Office of Communications has put together this guide to help connect you to the experts on tobacco issues who are funded by the Foundation."

Try Lung Cancer, for a nice review of the medical story.

The Tobacco Terminator offers a good collection of news sources on tobacco.

Read the letters from Emphysema Foundation For Our Right To Survive (EFFORTS), do you really want to smoke?

Start with the help page for statistics tests for teaching. If you are teaching stat use the data sets under "Health" for a few on tobacco deaths.

In Fade to Black we see what prizes one can win from the Marlboro collection, from buying a politician to a low birth weight child.

From the Southern Illinois University Herbarium the, Ethnobotanica l Leaflet on tobacco. "The people making this money will not stop producing this product until its demand is nil.... The use of tobacco shows how unintelligent man is because we keep using it even knowing its detrimental effects."

Somewhere here must be links to find botanical images of tobacco, good hunting.

Bibliography of booksetc. on tobacco, from 1809 to today.

Bibliography of tobacco materials owned by the author.

Read A Tobacco Anthology on the Web. "This is an e-text collection of the tobacco poetry I collected for a monograph (unpublished) on The influence of tobacco on the development of English lyric poetry."

What am I to do when I see the following, "Ambiguous Genitalia and Tobacco?" Well, I list it here as a quote from Blue Frog's section titled, "Information and Links."

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has an issue with numerous articles and editorials on tobacco. One article states, the "Journal of Marketing [discovered] that cigarette advertising not only influences adolescents' brand choices, but that when advertising intensity doubles, it has three times the effect on teens' choices as on adults."

A CPA offers advice on, The Economic Case Against Tobacco Stocks. "As a result, the tobacco business has more in common with a Ponzi scheme or a game of musical chairs than with a normal investment. Eventually, but at an unpredictable time, courts or legislators will reallocate the burdens of tobacco to those who presently reap the benefits. Whoever happens to own the business at that point, loses."

From time to time it is useful to read what the smokers have to say so, try What We SMOKERS Have To Say.

Interesting things here, Smoking Female Message Board. Cigarettes and relationships.

From Smoke and Be Cool, "Sure, there are better things. But there's nothing that you can substitute for tobacco smoke." The section Enemies of Tobacco raises a few legitimate data issues (I have not checked the figures myself).

The professional tobacco distributors group, the American Wholesale Marketers Association (AWMA) can offer a press release and never once mention tobacco.

Does anyone have $2800 available to purchase World Tobacco File 1998-2000? One thousand pages and filled with information.

Has anyone else seen the Marlboro Christ?

Purchase a series of books on Consumer Behavior Studies, from improve your advertising, "strategies to attract and retain the youth market" to customer loyalty.

Sell MLM cigarettes to help the Native Tobacco "Omaha Team," and reduce unemployment. Another small time operation seeing the profit in addiction. Is it possible to have a menthol cigarette with no chemicals or additives as they claim?

I mentioned the nice Willie the KOOL penguin site and the interesting fact that B&W created a comic book for kids during 1950 & 1951. The one issue read does not have any smoking, but does have one image of an ad attached to a fence. But I did not mention how attorneys wanting to sue or how activists wanting an example of how the tobacco industry targeted kids could get hold of such a comic book. Well there are places on the web to buy and sell comics, such as Comic Link, and others.

Some pictures of, Historical Cigarette Advertising.

For a large collection of tobacco ads see Ghostship Archives. The Virginia Slims FAQ page has a few items of note, such as, the "graphic artists airbrush the cigarettes in the pics," the model is not really holding anything.

This Virginia Slims Page is not official, but it might as well be, it sure does promote the product. He claims you can download the latest Slims TV ad.

Here is a collection of Virginia Slims ads from the class Women's Studies 10A: Women, Feminism, and History.

The unofficial home of Capri Superslims! See the "real life" Capri smokers. A brief history of Capri cigarettes. And a collection of ads.

A page of pictures from the Lucky Strike collection.

Many nice historical pictures at Burnt Offerings, there is much history here. Pictures of cigarette trade cards, of cigarette insert cards, of silks, and "ten cent'er." During WWII pipe tobacco companies began to make cigarettes.

This site claims to be the best antique advertising site on the web. There is a brief advertising history lesson and a Lucky Strike radio ad.

Interesting organization of USA tobacco companies and their products by category.

The Smokers' Surfboard has a list of sites on Health Issues, some sites from FORCES some from the CDC.

The New Jersey Smokers Online offers a message board for the lovers of tobacco, editorials, lists, etc. Their list of "Health Studies and Issues" is a bit slim, but that is not too surprising since they claim that "Most of these [pro smoking] documents have been pulled from the web and the public;" but do not worry, "We have copies of all documents kept in a safe place."

  • They offer advice on "Anti-Anti-Smokers," including - "Dig up any kind of dirt on individuals aligned with anti-smoking groups, politicians or attorney's supporting taxes on smoking' (local, state and federal) and ruin their credibility, their careers and just make their lives miserable." Maybe the first target seems to be the CDC and Hugs not Drugs.

  • And, "Being an attorney and a politician has proven to be a combination that is "dangerous to the health of this country."

  • "When your doctor or anyone else for that matter asks you for hundredth time, When are you going to quit smoking? tell him or her to get off your back and stop harassing you or you'll sue.

  • "Go out to as many anti-smoking web sites as possible and stick up for your rights. Leave messages lots of messages. Even if there is no message base, send a message to the web master."

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) changed the address for their "Code of Principals." Whenever they tell the press how wonderful billboards are, please read this and look at your neighborhood. Do they follow these principles? They sure do not in my neighborhood.

Considering how big the tobacco ban is in California the site of California Cigar Association is small and mild.

These folk at DEATH Cigarettes are interesting. Here is one method they got into the press, "Another problem was that we suspected that the billboard companies would not carry our ads for fear of upsetting their other customers. The solution was to design an advert for billboards which they did in fact refuse to carry the shadow of Death, the resulting publicity was more effective than 100 billboard sites." Sounds like a familiar story to me.

Some people are really scared and conspiracies can flourish, see I Smoke & I Vote. Somehow tobacco taxes do not provide medical aid to smokers, water and atomic bombs and toxic waste dumps account for the increase in cancer deaths, moving smokers away from already poorly lite building entrances is part of a plan, tobacco control is a victory for the upper class, the government is lying about health care costs, "OUR GOVERNMENT is lumping every known ill in this Country as a tobacco related illness," and "There is an element in this country who are hiding behind 'The Health of our children' to steal our money," and there is a possibility that the new federal funding for local crime fighters will be directed at smokers. There is a need for more than educational booklets and medical data needed by tobacco control. Read pages such as this to see the full problems.

17 July 1998
The Fetish Issue

Everyone should know the site Hollywood Glamour: The Art of Smoking in Cinema. I no longer think that the tobacco companies are solely responsible for the tobacco use we see in movies and television. People get off on this stuff! But there is more.

My descent begins. Please see the list below for a small selection of the tobacco "glamour" or "art" sites and then onto a few of the fetish sites. The lesson for all who follow is that tobacco use is not going away real soon, if ever. Medical knowledge and education are not going to end the problem. If you believe you understand and/or know how to end the tobacco problem you are very wrong; please visit some of the following sites.

A long list of smoker sites can be found from the Smokers Surfboard, or Smoke and Glamour or SmokeSignals.

Smoke Signals offers an explanation of what is a smoking fetish, "a person who is captivated by the sight of a sexy smoker" with the summary or advice, "relax, accept it as just one part of your identity."

  • They have a monthly listing of Guide to TV and Cable Movies with smoking! Is there really a real demand for this?

  • The message board states, "We reserve the right to delete posts that violate these rules, propriety, or common sense." Common sense is excluded from this! There is a "Question of the Month" with responses.

Who are the people with a smoking fetish? Read the survey results to find out. Quite a collection of questions.

The World of Smoking Glamour offers a few pages of educational material.

  • We find a page offering the Health Benefits of Smoking, (smoking keeps you healthy). The author tries to be Dear Abbey and guess what, smoking is the solution!

  • Which brings us to the awareness that smoking improves ones sex life, and smoking is a powerful aphrodisiac.

  • It is rare to see a page devoted to the Moral and Spiritual Issue of smoking. Here we read, "But if you are a woman who longs for the spiritual ecstasy of love and beauty; if you are a woman who values her own happiness and contentment over the grimly rational "morality" of this age; if you are a woman who can listen to your heart; then you should heed the call of your heart. And if you've read this far, you probably know what your heart is saying: You want to join the millions of women who have found spiritual contentment by proudly becoming smokers."

  • There is a history page which tell us, "Throughout its history, the anti-smoking movement has been closely allied with those who believe that the rights of women are somehow inferior to those of men."

  • Did you know the motive for people to enter the tobacco control movement was to embark "upon a crusade based upon their warped sense of morality: They believe that merely because smoking give so much pleasure to so many people, it must be immoral."

The 2nd Hand Smoke page is "dedicated to the imagery of women smoking."

  • The Candid Videos #1 collection is probably not pornographic, but shows the art of smoking in forbidden places - "the dying art of smoking in malls and other places that smoking is being banned!!"

  • They sell ten different collections of Video Compilations, each is two hours of material taken off the TV.

  • Yes, there is a message board.

A bizarre name - L.U.N.G.S -- Ladies Using Nicotine for Great Satisfaction. Why is it that men seem to run all these sites?

We can still find teen smoking pages, Caleb An adult tells us he visits the Teen Page each day and he misses the updates.

This is an interesting use of the web to expand and create similar web sites, LadySmoker's Smoking Fetish WebRing. Just copy the code, fill in the blanks and you have your own page!

There is a message board, Smoking Models and Photographers Meeting Place ("can provide some compensation"). A more professional looking site is Smoking Models; read the "Q&A" section.

There is a whole category of fetish known as "forced smoking." Let me be the first to tell you that you can buy vids (videos) of this stuff.

I do not know how to describe the messages delivered but there are some people who do not plan to give up smoking, no matter what they know.

Bondage and forced smoking (aka "the best of two worlds") is a special category by itself. Does anyone have a health education program for this?

How about some poetry? I only quote some of Smoke,"Smelly smoke clings to clothing, skin, and hair./ King Nicotine seeps into Blood River./ Jumpy thumpy magic feeling./ Wings sprout and I fly high."

I found the instructions for making a "RENS." It requires seven cigarettes, tape and tight wrapping to make one. The instruction indicate using filtered cigarettes.

An on line discussion forum Cigarettes. Search for "tobacco" and get response of "No documents found."

I read that there is some tobacco fetish chat in SynCity but I did not bother to find it.

The author of, Women That Smoke, has the fetish, but is aware that the tobacco industry had something to do with it. In a page of tobacco industry ads he writes, "how women have been influenced from media to smoke, and men's fetishes of women smoking have. started at younger ages viewing seductive tobacco advertising."

Don't forget to clean out your cache.

1 July 1998

The author does not like tobacco use but has a truly wonderful and beautifully collection of one tiny aspect of tobacco history - Willie the Kool Penguin. Brown and Williamson even published a comic book for kids! Read about the new Kool penguin. See the Kool penguin history page! This really is a lovely site.

The Cigarette Pack Collectors Discussion Page - there are collectors everywhere!

This guy owns a lot of cigarette packs!

Visit Tobacco Asia Magazine "designed as a tobacco industry resource reporting on three main segments of the industry -- TOBACCO Products (wholesaling, distribution, and duty free); TOBACCO Manufacturing (manufacturers, regional reports, and tobacco products manufacturing technology, equipment, machinery, and supplies); and Tobacco Leaf (processing and trading)." Interesting news to be found from Products in Asia. Did you know that the Protos 2 could manufacture approximately 16,000 cigarette per minute?

I do not have a password, so I have no idea what is inside this page, but visit, the Tobacco Merchants Association (TMA). Something is going on inside this site.

Long list of names and addresses of direct and indirect members of the The Tobacco Business.

Search for "tobacco" and other words of interest under the Virginia Colonial Records collections.

East Carolina Manuscript Collection has a collection on tobacco history.

From Lexington, Kentucky comes Tobacco: >From Legends to Glory.

The Tobacco Retailer Responsibility Initiative "examines various models to achieve compliance with tobacco sales to minors laws and to establish responsible practices for the sale of tobacco and the training and supervision of employees."

SCARCNet offers International Interests in U.S. Tobacco Legislation discussing necessary elements to include in any tobacco legislation to cover the 95% of the world's population that lives outside of the US borders yet is effected by US companies. On a similar note, International Tobacco Sales offers recommendations on US foreign policy.

If you have not visited Gene's Secret Tobacco Document Quotes please do so. These are really"cherry picked" quotes.

Soon to be printed, Tobaccos & Pipes, a magazine for the Russian market, "The main purpose of this periodical edition is to develop good manner and high culture of tobacco articles consumption in broad circle of smokers, promote the consumption of high-quality goods only." This project is underway because there is a market - "The number of cigar lovers in Russia grows too. Class of rich people that appeared recently can afford such expensive and dainty pleasure. For many of them this became an element of life style." Contact YUGAS Company for more information.

James Garbarino, an internationally recognized expert on child protection and the director of Cornell University's Family Life Development Center said It's Time to Recognize Smoking as Child Abuse. "Before any parental act qualifies as child abuse or neglect and thus falls within the jurisdiction of the State, it must meet three conditions." I think those conditions are met, what next?

The FDA Kids Home Page, includes a Tobacco Quiz. Can you pass it?

The American Public Health Association has an Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Section. There is a newsletter.

A wonderful series of work on tobacco advertisements, "Inverted Priorities: Health Hazards in Women's Magazines" (1992). A follow up, "Bird Droppings or Cigarette Smoking..." (1993) with the same results. And more recently, "Health Advice in Women's Magazines: Up In Smoke?" (1996). Repeated study discovers that some magazines under report the tobacco health danger and receive lots of tobacco money. Coincidence?

The American Council on Science and Health Tobacco Page. Read the editorials and articles such as Selling Death: Tobacco's Strategy for Survival. And Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The End of Cigarette Advertising is Near (1992); the analogy to the patent medicine Radithor is of interest.

A point counter point debate on the Constitution - Is Cigarette Advertising Protected by the First Amendment? Yes, followed by Is Cigarette Advertising Protected by the First Amendment? No. I find the NO much more honest and convincing.

Some of the answers to What's in a Cigarette? What makes this article special is that it does not ignore the other deadly elements: addiction, pollution, disease, cancer, hypocrisy, deceit and death are in cigarettes.

Gene is correct this is a good collection, New Hoo's! Top/Health/Substance_Abuse/Tobacco table of contents. An excellent selection of material - JK knows the topic!

Dr. Lane explained, the danger is that "The level and extent of aflatoxin contamination is not being monitored in tobacco products, because the FDA does not presently have jurisdiction over tobacco." Does the FDA have regulatory power or not?

Yahooh!'s list of hobbies and crafts includes sites on chewing tobacco and smoking! "Anti smoking" groups are listed as a hobby!!

Children Opposed to Smoking Tobacco (COST). The 43 middle school students of COST are "learning how to fight back. Won't you join them?" They have a good list of things to do. A worthwhile site.

The large number of pictures of kids chewing tobacco made me think this site was promoting smokeless tobacco use, but visit Teens and Smokeless Tobacco and see for yourself, "The purpose of this report is to inform teens of the risks that are involved with the use of smokeless tobacco."

Within this site review the patent for the Process For The Manufacture Of Synthetic Smoking Materials which includes use of sawdust as a smokeable product, "This processed Loblolly pine sawdust was then blended with shredded tobacco in a 1:2 ratio and made up into cigarettes..." This is just the tip of yet another iceberg. Keep reading!

The Unofficial Kodiak Website. "Plenty to do here for the avid smokeless tobacco user, no matter what brand you use!" Many things to see here, so look around. There are interesting letters, try the eating chew as health education letter; includes an interesting comparison to smokers. Learn what a true man is (disgusting). There is a chat room, lessons how on how take your first chew, etc...

Ever read any cigar humor? At least give the limericks a try."Quit cigars" his physicians would say,/"you'll die young at a dozen a day."/George smoked them, I'm told,/till one hundred years old,/while his doctors all passed away./

It is interesting to read the "statistical" (amazing power given to simple and unrelated percentages) and "historical" material presented by The Crime Prevention Group. We read of the mystical 90% over and over, "Tobacco is the gateway drug, the starter drug, the one with the youngest age of onset (12). It leads to alcoholism. Tobacco is "cause," alcoholism is "effect." 90% of alcoholics are smokers. There is, in short, almost no alcoholism problem among nonsmokers. (The same ratio applies to lung cancer, suicide, and crime)." And read on to find, "Old South Confederates including tobacco farmers had professional expertise in the use of plant products to torture.... The never forgotten expertise in mixing plant products to produce prolonged torture explains why it is smokers who commit 90% of suicides. They can't take the expert torture any more." (A genetic memory among smokers!) Missing from this current site is the earlier statement that this group had documented evidence that Confederate soldiers conspired together to kill Northerners by placing poison in cigarettes to revenge the loss of the South following the Civil War.

Fuji and the Friends of Tobacco want all to know how important tobacco has been to the history of America in their Tobacco...Working for America page. The history quickly becomes an ode to the economic importance of the crop to the USA, "the activities of the tobacco industry create waves of economic benefits that flow continuously into almost every segment of the American economy." A table tells us that tobacco is responsible for over 1.8 million jobs both directly and indirectly.

Want an image of a cigar or cigarband as your Windows's icon? Try this site to reach a zipfile containing nine cigar icons.

I don't want to misquote this one, "Smokin' Productions offers a line of captivating and upscale products featuring gorgeous women and their cigars." Pictures. And calendars for sale!

Download your very own cigar screen saver or greeting card! They even offer a family video.

A countdown of the number of Americans who have died from use of tobacco products in 1998.

June 1998

The Americans for Individual Rights (AIR) is organizing in Southern California to stop the ban on smoking in bars. They sound like a tough band of bar owners organizing their regular customers. "We need to use the bars of this country (our businesses) as organizational centers. So that we may get our customers registered to vote, make sure that they vote and give them some insight into selecting those politicians who believe as we do in the fight for personal Liberty. This is our only chance if we wish to stay in business profitably and if we care what type of life we hand over to our children and grand kids. We personally care and you should too..... This is a war we (as Americans; believing in the American way of life) can not afford to lose." Organizing in bars is an interesting challenge.

On your next European Farm Tour visit a tobacco farm in Belgium!

The General Assembly of North Carolina, Senate Bill 653, appropriate funds to support the Tobacco Farm Life Museum, Inc.

Visit the Mullin's Tobacco and Rural Farm Life Museum in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. They have a Tobacco Tying Contest and many other demonstrations.

A map of the mid and eastern USA showing the three different curing styles in Tobacco Curing Area map.

Picture of tobacco barn and the question, which drying technique is used here?

The Flue Cured Tobacco Cooperative Stabilization Corporation (aka Stabilization) has a page of interest. "Stabilization administers the price support program for flue-cured tobacco under contractual agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC)." Turn to Other Co-ops for a list of similar tobacco organizations. To discover Tobacco Associates: Promoting U.S. Flue-Cured Tobacco Throughout the World study the list of programs they offer.

Some interesting discussions are stored here on organic tobacco. Some of them even mention farming.

Set your radio to listen to Ray Wilkinson's Tobacco Talk on the Sound of Southeastern Agriculture.

The Southern Farmer has a forum on the Tobacco Settlement that has limited use.

For a catalog of health educational supplies see HEALTH EDCO. Order your free copy.

See the always increasing count of the number of American children who began smoking to date this year at Health Education Inc. of Lincoln, Nebraska. Search the site and find out what is going on in Nebraska.

A "history and background of traditional medicine" which includes mention of the role of tobacco smoking in Central America's Traditional Plant Medicine.

TobaccoLeaf of the International Tobacco Growers' Association There are a few issue papers that may be of interest. And the two new online magazines.

The net cannot lead you to all, you must go to a library to find all the articles and details from within tobacco industry trade press, such as the Tobacco Reporter and World Tobacco.

The American Wholesale Marketers Association (AWMA) (formerly the National Candy Wholesalers Association and the National Association of Tobacco Distributors) has a magazine of interest, the Distribution Channels which leads you, or the members, to articles of interest. They have a few discussion forums.

Philip Morris, Issues Training Manual, 1995, INTERNAL USE ONLY provides information and suggested answers on topics of interest to all.

Technical Assistance Legal Center (TALC), funded by the CA Prop 99 taxes. TALC is designed to provide legal aid to CA cities and counties concerning legal questions related to tobacco advertising and promotion controls. Contact Leslie Zellers, (510)649-7894.

The Global Health Network is multi lingual site. Look around.

Resources: Supercourse on statistics and epidemiology.

I assume that somewhere in these links are mentions of tobacco use, Civil War Letters, Accounts, Diaries and Other Documentary Records. Look at both sections A and B. Another source for similar materials is diaries, letters, stories and recollections as well as the biographies from the US Civil War Center. I have not found the mentions, please tell me if you find any descriptions.

The EPA report, Indoor Air Pollution: An Introduction to Health Professionals. I did not read the whole thing, but the sentence, "Environmental tobacco smoke is a major source of indoor air contaminants," seemed a bit weak.

Whatever Bandolier is, it seems dedicated to "Evidence-based health care." Success of prevention programs is an evaluation of a tobacco education program.

This is not the data as presented by the Surgeon General, but by a smoker who seems to believe his arrangement of the data raises a doubt about the link of use and death Smokers Prevalence, Lung Cancer Rates and Life Expectancies.

A British Medical Journal (BMJ) article, The anti-tobacco campaign of the Nazis: 1933-45.

Abstract of paper titled, Exploring young people's perceptions of smoking images in youth magazines. Most interesting quote following focus groups of 12-16 year olds looking at fashion magazines was, "Most references to the presence of a cigarette were negative or neutral, with the perceived congruence of the cigarette within the portrayed image varying between photographs."

Interesting letter from 1996 suggesting, Queen should remove her crest from cigarette packets. "The Queen's crest adorns most cigarette packets sold in Britain," as does the warning labels!

I have no idea of the quality of this book to buy, Economics of Health and Health Care. There is a section on smoking and advertising.

The text concerns tobacco control, but of limited use; more interesting is style for web page citations. More official is the American Psychological Association Citation Style.

What can millions of dollars in Prop 99 funds do for a web page? See the California Tobacco Control Section. Note: you will find nothing but the program name.

May 1998

This is a curious tobacco and movie/history/industry trivia site, "Smokescreen.Com" sponsored by a cigar humidor manufacturing company. For example, did you know, "George Burns is famed for making the cigar more prop than pleasure... claimed he never fully inhaled the smoke, smoked only cheap brands, and would sometimes make a cigar last a week." Click on the graphics to move around.

The tourist board of Devon, England created a page on local hero, Sir Walter Raleigh of Hayes Barton, Woodbury Common. Raleigh is given more credit for bringing back the potato than tobacco. There are links to his poetry, the ship he built, etc.

The Americans for Individual Rights (AIR) is organizing in Southern California to combat the "Nanny State," beginning with the smoking in bars ban. The plan of this group of bar owners is to use their bars as organizing centers to create change during this "war." -- "We need to use the bars of this country (our businesses) as organizational centers. So that we may [sic] get our customers registered to vote, make sure that they vote and give them some insight into selecting those politicians who believe as we do in the fight for personal Liberty. This is our only chance if we wish to stay in business profitably and if we care what type of life we hand over to our children and grand kids. We personally care and you should too.....This is a war we (as Americans; believing in the American way of life) can not afford to lose."

"Smoking Gun will be an online, constantly updated, running chronicle of cigarette smuggling and the tobacco industry in North America and the rest of the world from within the greater context of tobacco's continuing presence in world cultures." What is the role of Indian Nations and Asians in Canada's underground tobacco trade?

"The Simpsons vs. Smoking. With a list of the "Simpson Family Members who are seen smoking:" I do not know if the Simpsons "glamorize" or "normalize" smoking, but they do have a large audience.

Information on the class action lawsuit against the Tobacco Companies on behalf of all casino dealers. They could use some help.

The stylish Popular Culture of Smoking. is "designed for my sociology of popular culture class. In the following pages I hope to fully explore the impact that smoking has had on the popular culture we all know and love!" Includes informative sections on movies and advertisements. (I am uncomfortable with any web page that provides no e mail address!)

A few university professors created the document Tobacco Policy focusing on the current "tobacco program," quotas, price support, leasing, excise taxes, etc.

The Traditional Native American Tobacco Seed Bank and Education Program has seeds and some experience in using them as well as educating Native Americans about the dangers of tobacco misuse.

The Tobacco Sheet, offers several types of tobacco seed, tobacco dust, as well as planting and raising advice. This seems identical to SBE'S Home Tobacco Kit and Tobacco Seeds from Around the World. And linked to this is A.N. Daly's Tobacco Chat and Guide to Tobacco has lots of information on tobacco growing and production..

A few more tobacco seeds and books from Tobacco Seed and Tobacco Book Homepage.

Oz Tobacco from Australia, Tobacco seeds and instructions for home-grown tobacco and making your own cigarettes for your personal use. They have seed, a growing guide, and even a free help line.

Information from the Growing Cigar Tobacco gives a quick .review of the process.

The very classy Sikar, is a series of essays on cigars with nice pictures. It does not appear to be a commercial site.

World Tobacco cooperated with Market Tracking International Ltd., (MTI) to create reports on tobacco. There is a cost for each.

Prevention Enhancement Protocols System (PEPS) offers information and recommendations from the evaluation of substance abuse programs.

The Central America's Traditional Plant Medicine tells of numerous items of traditional medicine, including tobacco use.

The Airport Smoking List is 18 months old (Dec 1996), but is still a useful starting point for travelers.

ASH has an undated list of airports and their smoking policy as a part of their "Sensitive nonsmokers seek airport smoking ban" campaign.

It is curious that airlines that do not allow smoking on their planes, airports that do allow smoking, may allow smoking in the upper class areas of the airports. Clipped from various sources is a list of Airline Clubs that Permit Smoking. This list is undated.

Around the world one may find Airlines that Permit Smoking on Flights. There is a report that "Eva Airways... provides nicotine gum to smokers who just can't make it otherwise."

Want to know which businesses permit smoking? The answer may be here at Smokers Welcome!

The Smoking Permitted Page offers numerous pro tobacco links, including airlines.

News stories for Smokers And for some reason, a new page for the same News

FORCES can sound so reasonable while being hysterical. Item #1 "An Anti-tobacco activist organization, Action On Smoking And Health (ASH) is currently promoting a book on the Internet that presents a tested and proven plan to tamper with cigarette packages in order to insert cyanide." Item #2 "Four cases of tobacco product tampering with explosive devices in Virginia were reported by The Washington Post in May 1997." Item #3 "A complaint regarding this product tampering threat has been filed with the FBI."

"Check out the SMOKERS EDGE cigarette substitute! Call 888-762-8887 today!"

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