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Obviously, Tobacco BBS makes no assertions or claims whatsoever about these products and mostly lists only what the provider claims. They are placed here strictly as a service to TBBS visitors who may be interested in these wares. MLM schemes will generally not be posted unless some scientific basis is provided for claimed results. Historically, claims of 90% success rates, etc., have been the most utter hogwash, so such blatant ripoffs are not posted here. Be warned.


  • 08/13/97 Nosmo King Review Maine's Stan Davis combines magic and tobacco info into shows for young people.
  • Passive Smoking: The Health Effects Of Environmental Tobacco Smoke

    Industrial Health & Hazards Update 11/07/96

    This report (from the NTIS Bibliographic Database) concerns the health consequences of involuntary tobacco smoke inhalation. It covers: the effects of cigarette pollutants on humans; specific pollutants; and animal studies. The report consists of a collection of up to 250 abstracts of available reports, studies, papers, and other documentation, with references for their acquisition and extensive indexing to make it easy to find exactly what you want. It will be updated to include the latest information available at the time you place your order.

    (Order this ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS & REMEDIATION reviewed report from InfoTeam Inc., P.O. Box 15640, Plantation, FL 33318-5640; Phone (954) 473-9560, Fax (954) 473-0544: Report No. HN951031; latest 50-260 citations, updated to the date of your order. Price: $299.00, prepaid.)

  • 07/07/97 HealthEDCO New Products WRS Group has new tobacco education products for sale:

  • 07/07/97 The Schaffer Library on Drug Policy has many tobacco studies, like 1972 Consumers Union report on nicotine, the Feb, 1997 CEPA ETS report a 1972 report for the National Cmte on Marihuana and Drug Abuse, The History of Tobacco Regulation

  • 07/07/97 Women & Smoking Illustration/facts
  • 07/07/97 The Dangers of Cigars and Pipe Tobacco 16pp
  • 07/07/97 One Quart of Tar Model - "You mean this is going in my lungs?"
  • 07/07/97 Smoking Isn't Cool, It's Stupid! Poster
  • 07/07/97 Hooked! Anti-tobacco Poster
  • 07/07/97 What Mommy Does...Baby Does Poster


  • 02/08/07 Acupuncture For Natural Healing 250 W. 57th Street Suite 831 New York, NY 10107 Tel: (212) 974 2880 Fax: (212) 974 2418 Zhaoyang Chen, LA.C. Ph.D. [Dr. Chen is affiliated with Mr. Gu's Internal Exercise
      In the last thirty years, there have been successful clinical results in using acupuncture to quit smoking. According to my experience, using acupuncture to quit smoking is safe, successful, and has few side effects. It is a real natural therapy. . . An experienced acupuncturist analyses the hobbies of the individual smoker and determines if he/she smokes due to stress, anxiety, depression, or due to brain blood/oxygen insufficiency. These conditions may lead to difficulty in concentration and fatigue; therefore the smoker may look to cigarettes to enhance their energy level and to find a peace of mind. Only choosing the right acu-points according to the individual's situation will the treatment of smoking be effective in both the short and long term.
  • 02/03/27 Stop Smokeless.com
      a business conceived of by a local man, Zach Malott. Developed out his own, personal battle with smokeless tobacco addiction from the time he was 16 until now at age 55, a cessation program was born that will revolutionalize the methods in use today. This program is a complete, 24 / 7 online smokeless tobacco cessation program with a complete, 11 chapter eBook and 24 hour online forum as its foundation. It is combined with a product produced by the Oregon Mint Snuff Company that resembles smokeless tobacco but is 100% tobacco-free!

  • 02/03/10 Bronze Your Butt
      When he finally quit smoking after 48 years, he did something to commemorate the occasion: He had his last cigarette butt bronzed and made into a pendant that he still wears around his neck. Now he's started an online company called Bronze Your Butt, whereby other successful quitters can get their last butt bronzed as well. . . His Web site -- www.bronzeyourbutt.com -- isn't just a selling tool, but a directory of resources for those who want to quit smoking. A simple dipped cigarette butt costs $49.95.
  • ButtOut
  • 01/08/08 Free and Clear
      Free and Clear is a Nonprofit scientifically-proven behavior change program created by Group Health Cooperative of Seattle, WA, to help tobacco users quit. Trained counselors deliver the service via telephone, with accompanying print materials. Our quit rates range from 23%-28%. In addition to serving Group Health Cooperative's 600,000 members, we provide tobacco cessation services to 20 private health plans and 12 major employers in 26 states, helping to improve approximately eight million lives. We also provide toll-free telephone services to the states of Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.
  • 01/08/10 No-Smoke Software to quit smoking
      Autonomy Publishing's No Smoke Software Program has been used for tobacco education programs in a wide variety of educational and health care organizations.
  • 01/03/16 Stubbed Out.com Meadowvale
      In order to successfully quit the smoking habit, it is important that all the issues concerning your smoking habit are addressed and that the false beliefs you hold regarding smoking are disputed and extinguished. Otherwise, you will continue to remain vulnerable to the smoking habit. StubbedOut is a six-step programme which will assist you to address all the issues concerning your smoking habit - why you started, the beliefs you hold about smoking, the motivation within you to stop, etc. By using a combination of general relaxation, powerful mind-management techniques and a variety of support mechanisms, this programme will assist you to finally achieve your goal of becoming a non-smoker through a unique and enjoyable process. While it is important for you to want to stop smoking, StubbedOut will help you to add power to your determination and will enable you to change your current thinking about smoking. Instead of having internal conflict within yourself which will often sabotage your efforts to achieve your goal, this programme will assist in enabling all parts of you to work together towards the common goal of kicking the smoking habit.

  • 8/2/99 Smokers Edge
      Now there's a new way to stop smoking -- temporarily, if not permanently. It's a healthy tobacco substitute, now becoming available right across Canada. Smokers Edge offers a blend of menthol, vanillin, chlorophyll and other national ingredients contained in a cigarette holder. Users draw on the tube as if it were tobacco, though they don't light it. Testimonials say it takes away the desire for tobacco for hours, even days.

  • 7/9/99 QUIT-SMART
      You CAN Quit Smoking!! With the QuitSmart Stop Smoking System, it is easier than you think! To quit smoking, choose either the QuitSmart Self Help Kit or attend a QuitSmart Stop Smoking Class near you. Either way, you will discover the best ways to quit smoking by overcoming your physical addiction to nicotine, the habit of smoking, and your emotional dependence on cigarettes.

  • 5/20/99 Last Quit Software Actually, it's free!
      LastQUIT is a smoking cessation tool, designed to tell you the positive effects of quiting (eg. Time away from cigarettes, Cigarettes not smoked, Money saved, and potential life restored). The application is designed for new quitters, and veteran quitters alike. It can be completely configured to fit every person's individual preferences, and styles. As an added bonus, if there are many people sharing a quit meter on one computer, it will track as many profiles as you have hard drive space. When one user is done using the computer, and another starts using it, it can be easily switched from one profile to another.

  • 5/21/99 "Smoker @id" program Helping you kick the habit FREE from University of Geneva. Institute of social and preventive medicine. CMU. CP. CH-1211 Geneva 4. Switzerland. Fax: +41.22.322.13.39. E-mail: etter@cmu.unige.ch.
      Questionnaire for current and former cigarette smokers A few seconds after answering this questionnaire, you will receive a personal evaluation report based on your answers. This report will be tailored to your personal characteristics. It will motivate you to quit smoking and tell you how to do it.
  • 00/10/17 Stop Smoking in One Hour Hypnotherapist Valerie Austin's Stop Smoking In One Hour is published by John Blake at 5.99. Valerie Austin can be contacted on 020 8876 1044..
  • 4/1/99 Toni Baran's The FREE FOR LIFE program 4-part Cessation Tap: $24.29, but Free tobacco cessation classes to everyone (civilians included) on Oahu. With military health coverage, nicotine patches included FREE.
      Toni has given tobacco cessation presentations to thousands of people over the last fifteen years. She is the leading tobacco cessation instructor in Hawaii. Among others, the FREE FOR LIFE program is given to all the United States military in the Hawaiian islands. The audio cassette is a condensed version of these classes

  • 3/15/99 The Pinch System
      18oz. of an herbal tobacco substitute, so much like the real thing that users have trouble distinguishing it from their current brand. Users follow a 30 day schedule of gradually mixing down their current brand with the substitute until they have kicked the nicotine habit. . . THE COST OF THE PINCH SYSTEM IS ONLY $49.95+5.95 S&H

  • 2/10/99 Ginseng Chew you say?
      Root 100 is one those rare products that can legitimately claim to be truly different. That wasn't our intention when we came up with the idea but as things have progressed what was originally designed to be a unique way to take the best daily use ginseng turned into a whole lot more. Root 100 is now regarded as great ginseng at a great price, tasty stress relief, a truly effective way to quit smokeless tobacco, an alternative fashion statement and an endurance & recovery enhancer not to mention a damn fine breath freshener.

  • 1/25/99 LIFE SUCKER
      The Life Sucker is a tool to help you through these times. It was designed with the help of doctors, educators, dentists, psychologists, and engineers who want you to quit stressing and have a healthy oral substitute for a cigarette or for too much food. . . This is an adult pacifier. Who says adults can't be pacified? And it's not like a nibby or a wibby or whatever other baby name you've heard. It's not a pacifier like a baby's, but it works just the same. The Life Sucker is designed to fit on the end of your pen and you use it as you need it. Hey, we're chewing on our pens anyway--why not suck on this instead? And it tastes better than a ball point cuz it comes in 12 great flavors. (Click Here For Available Flavors) And it's fat free, calorie free, it's great for the ozone and it doesn't hurt the rain forests.

  • 1/20/99 The Habitrol Stop Smoking System
      is a fully interactive program to provide smokers just what they need - information and support help them quit successfully. The journey from smoking to quitting is one for life, and Habitrol can help you begin. This unique program also includes information for the smoker who is not ready to quit and family members of smokers who want information to help the smoker in their family. This program is presented by NOVARTIS CANADA along with the guidance of the CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY.

  • 1/6/99 Hypnosis Audio Tapes. Dr. Larry Deutsch

  • 12/21/98 Filtrim Make your own "light" cigarettes.
      Now a recent university study indicates that smokers recommend using Filtrim(TM), a new stop smoking product from Smoke-Free America, LLC. (Call: 877-FILTRIM) See http://www.filtrim.com " . . . The unique thing about Filtrim' s gradual method is that it uses the cigarette itself to address a smoker' s nicotine addiction, as well as the psychological behavior of smoking. And unlike other methods, smokers enjoy using it and they stick with it, " says Herschel Thompson, manager of Smoke-Free America, LLC. Filtrim looks like a gold cigarette lighter. To use it, the smoker inserts a cigarette into an opening in the device, presses down, completely removes the cigarette, then smokes. This precision apparatus creates micro-perforations in the filter or end of the cigarette. According to clinical trials, this modification allows a smoker to control the levels of toxins and nicotine from a cigarette. By increasing the number of perforations, nicotine and toxins can be gradually decreased in four stages.
  • 11/21/98 Patch Project University of Arkansas Medical Science/Dept. of Nursing.
      The website is designed as a support piece for a research study they are conducting. It contains valuable information about quitting smokeless tobacco as well as the dangers.
    (Not really a commercial product)
  • 10/23/98 Taking Control A commerical quit-smoking program/tape
      The participant experiences a two-week audio tape-guided journey that goes beyond offering strategies for quitting smoking and chewing tobacco; It provides health and lifestyle guidance that addresses the addiction-related needs of the whole person. And the cost is a reasonable $65. A rebate function allows the purchaser to recoup all of that investment. Here you will find help if you are a tobacco user or if you are a health professional looking for resource information about tobacco cessation for your client. Important to you is assurance that information is valid and presented by knowledgable individuals. Selecting biography of author or bibliography of sources may be helpful to you. Because of the progressive, personable messages offered daily over a two-week period with consideration of weekend concerns, beginnings and endings (Graduation!), the participant feels a warming relationship with the speaker. The attention of needs of body, mind, spirit, and social facets of life provides an easier transition in lifestyle.

  • 10/22/98 Herbal Nicotine Buster Here we go again. Note the "62% rate of success" and realize that were this scientifically proven, it would be front page news on every newspaper in the country. I've asked for documentation from these people. Posted for illustration purposes only. DON'T BE A SUCKER!
      a 100% natural herbal product that helps smokers QUIT smoking without substituting one addiction for another. The Buster boasts a 62% rate of success.

  • 09/06/98 System 4: The Progressive System
      The simple principle of System 4 is to slowly reduce the amount of tar and nicotine absorbed from each cigarette through a series of condensation filters. It succeeds because you dont attack the habit itself until the dependence is beaten. Throughout the course you neednt change any of your smoking habits such as your favourite brand. All that comes later. Best of all, the system is designed to help eliminate the usual side-effects such as irritability, nervousness and undue weight-gain. You are teaching yourself to be a non-smoker and you can succeed, it has already been done by thousands of people in the two countries previously mentioned.

  • 01/24/98 The Quit Smoking Company Purveyors of quit-smoking products: LifeSign, E-Z Quit, CD ROMs, etc. Products are organized by "Books and Magazines, Cigarette Modification Products, Video Tapes, Audio Tapes, Electronic and Computer Products, Thought Changing "
  • 08/11/97 The E-Z QUIT Artificial Cigarette System combines a special, nicotine-free flavor cartridge with long-lasting refreshing mint flavor -- all in a unique, patented air-flow delivery system.

  • 08/13/97 Smokefree Seminars from Ft. Wayne, IN respiration therapist Glen Walker

  • 03/19/98 "How to Quit Smoking Without Willpower or Struggle" PresMark Books
  • 04/30/97 The Stop Watch Stop-smoking device
  • Death Playing Cards 52 reasons not to smoke cigarettes. He-e-e-a-a-a-v-v-v-y-y! Goulish, gruesome and morbid. Great for kids!
    P.O. Box 3134
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93403
    Phone : (805) 545-9625
    Fax : (805) 542-0860
    Email : DeathCards@thegrid.net
  • Club Kool Nicely done no-smoking signs, greeting cards, award certificates for sale, and a Kissemmee, FL "Smokefree Singles 96" group!

  • 03/19/97 WRS Group Health Education company's site, with products:
  • Taking Control Holistic 14-day Quit Smoking program with tapes, workbook, nutrition guide.
  • Live or Smoke A six-week innovative and effective European stop smoking technique [which] simultaneously reduces your addiction to nicotine and breaks the habit of smoking.
  • Smoking Release Associates Stress Management for Smokers. Free consultation from Chuck Tedesco.
  • 12/13/96 The Oregon Mint-Snuff Co. When it's time for a cigarette or a chew of tobacco, "Pop a Pouch" instead! A non-tobacco alternative & quit-snuff aid, of which there are very few. A lot of issues with this kind of product: Mass distribution would be through tobacco-and-candy wholesalers. When does it become a "starter" product? etc. OMS seems to be doing it right, trying to distribute through health care professionals. Contact them.

  • 09/14/98 Smokey Mountain Snuff herbal non-tobacco, non-nicotine snuff

  • 03/30/97 SmokeFree Seminars
    Glen Walker R.R.T.
    4932 Monroeville Road
    Fort Wayne, IN 46836

  • 11/13/97 Bravo Cigarettes The lettuce cig folks have their own site.
  • 01/24/98 The Quit Smoking Company Purveyors of quit-smoking products: LifeSign, E-Z Quit, CD ROMs, etc. Products are organized by "Books and Magazines, Cigarette Modification Products, Video Tapes, Audio Tapes, Electronic and Computer Products, Thought Changing "
  • 01/01/31 No Butts Bin Co. We are Boston based manufacturers and distributors of external ashtrays

  • 7/27/99 The Smoker's Outpost The institutional ashtray as form-follows-function art. It would keep butts out of pica sufferers' hands, also. Some interesting links to litter info: did you know cig butts hang around 1-5 years?
      The Maintenance-Free Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle. Smoked cigarettes are simply dropped through the opening at the top of the Outpost!

  • 10/13/97 Oregon Mint Snuff Co. Newly revised site
      Mint Snuff are all-mint products primarily used to help people quit or take a break from tobacco.

  • Quit Snuff Kit featuring Smokey Mountain Chew, an all-herbal, non-nicotine, non-tobacco "snuff" as an aid to quitting.

  • 09/24/98 The Pinch System
      an herbal tobacco substitute, so much like real moist-snuff that many users have trouble distinguishing it from the real thing. The product, which contains no tobacco and no nicotine, is mixed in with the user's current brand. In the beginning, only a small amount of the mix is the tobacco substitute, but over the course of thirty days, almost all of what the user puts "between their cheek and gums" is the non-addictive herbal substitute.

  • 03/07/97 DipStop A Quit smokeless tobacco program, featuring "Bacc Off" a premium, non-tobacco snuff.

  • Quit 'Em A deck of cards. Instead of a pack of cigs, you carry color-coded "Information, affirmation, practical advice, hard-hitting facts, and wry humor" as part of a program to help you quit. Looks clever. $15
  • 02/01/16 NicStik (Canada)
      The original idea for nicotine replacement products came from the tobacco pickers in the 1900's. It was noted that the pickers who were not protected by long gloves were developing toxicity from the plants. When the wrist was exposed the plant extracts were absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. The concept for all nicotine replacement products is to give the brain an amount of the drug so the patient will be able to resist the strong urge to light up. Cigarettes contain many other chemicals and it is much better for them to be exposed to a small amount of nicotine only. The nicotine receptor in the brain is very sensitive and many smokers develop a habit where it has to be satisfied every 2 to 3 hrs. If not they get severe nicotine "stress" and are not able to concentrate on the necessary tasks of life. However more smokers are giving up their habit due to strong pressure from the health groups and the anti-smoking movements that have proved second hand smoke is a carcinogen. We are able to help our patients by giving them a small amount of nicotine as they use other programs to help overcome their addiction. The Nicstick allows our patients to control the amount of drug they need when they need it.

  • Nicorette gum

  • 09/28/98 CESSATION: HANLEY-HAZELDEN Announces Start of New Smoking Cessation Program; YOUR NEXT STEP Provides Structured Program to Help Smokers Quit Business Wire
      Hanley-Hazelden Center at St. Mary's (HHCSM) is announcing the addition of a nicotine cessation program beginning October 5. Your Next Step is designed to help people stop smoking by providing a plan to deal with their nicotine addiction. . . The kit, which can complement a nicotine patch or gum program, is available for $79.95 by calling 1-800-328-0098 or by visiting www.hazelden.org.

    • 01/02/97 LifeSign A calculator-sized quit-smoking computer ties in with LifeSign's Stop Smoking, and Stop Dipping and Chewing Programs. In the past, the company been very hard to locate by those interested in their products. Now they're online with a new site.
    • 05/03/97 Nicodrops
    • Smoking Release Associates
    • The World's Greatest Tragedy Good old-fashioned hellfire-and-brimstone from the folks at Singapore-based Yin and Yang Stop Smoking Programme. Very yang, definitely not for the squeamish
    • Download a Windows Quit-Smoking program Database tracks usage, helps taper you down. $5
    • Stop Smoking in 1 Week (it sez here)
    • Metacalm-S by Metabolic Technologies $59.95 for 90 tablets 800-923-CALM (923-2256).
        Metacalm-S is a patented dietary supplement, consisting of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs which replace essential nutrients that are depleted as your body struggles to rid itself of nicotine and other toxic chemicals from smoking or other tobacco use. Metacalm-S also provides nutrients your body needs to restore cellular metabolic pathways that were altered as a result of smoking, as well as nutrients essential to the proper functioning of your nervous system. By providing these essential nutrients, Metacalm-S helps the body to restore metabolic balance that was disrupted by tobacco use.

        From the (Denver, CO) Rocky Mountain News, 4/9/1996:
        Does it Work? By Sherry Harvey, Rocky Mountain News clerk.

        Purpose: To ease the side effects of nicotine withdrawal, making it easier to quit smoking. It can be used to stop gradually or all at once. How it works: The body's essential nutrients are depleted as it struggles to rid itself of nicotine and other toxins from smoking, according to Metabolic Technologies. Metacalm-S replaces the nutrients with a synergistic combination of minerals, vitamins (A, C, E, B12), amino acids and herbs (valerian root and echinacea). Daily dose for the first six months is three tablets, then two a day for three months and one a day for another three months. Pluses: The tablets reduced my cravings while I gradually cut back from as many as 40 cigarettes a day to 10. By the third day I felt no real need to light up, although I continued to smoke. The company does not promise to make people stop unless they have a sincere desire. I didn't. Minuses: One year's supply is $540. Grade: B Available

      • 10/07/98 PhaseOut is the Smokers' Solution! Sounds like a fancy pin. $39.95
          Phaseout is the only patented device that will help you reduce the addiction while still smoking your favorite brand of cigarettes as often as you like. Here's how it works... Just punch your pack of cigarettes with the PhaseOut device then smoke just like you normally do, it's that simple. With an easy-to-use four-step process, Phaseout gradually increases your intake of Fresh Air.

      • 06/04/97 Oxyfresh's "EasyQuit Smoker's Support System An "all-natural, five-part system" that they say works in a week. 4 parts nutritional supplements, 1 part audio tape. They have a $20 trial kit (overnight).

      • 01/04/97 Tobacco Alternative Cigarettes Manufacturer of herbal, nicotine-free cigarettes. Also, 100% additive-free tobacco cigarettes. They deliver to retailers via UPS, so no ciggie salesmen to push trinkets. And they published THE LIST of 599 tobacco industry additives.!

      • 02/04/97 Herbal Nicotine Buster An herbal patch(!) For sale from New Zealand.

      • 02/22/97 Rex Roman, Experimental Surgeon Commercial video game has its own site: Rex tries to save the life of ciggie salesman Jake Westboro. As Dr. Rex Ronan, players shrink to microscopic size and travel Jake's body to hunt down his lung cancer and impending heart attack with high-tech laser surgery. Players start in Jake's mouth and follow the path of smoke and nicotine and blast away tar, plaque, phlegm and pre-cancerous cells. The most difficult complication of all awaits in the brainJake's nicotine addiction. Smartbombs, microbots, more. $69.95

    • 06/06/98 Smoke-Away: Medical Study proves 96% Success Rate The "study"x page got removed. Now it's a different kind of pitch. Those looking for cessation aids should use this site as a cautionary example, and just call your local American Cancer Society. chapter (800) ACS-2345.
        If you started the all-natural, 4-formula Smoke-Away system today, by this time next week you will have kicked the habit for good! Guaranteed! Forget about the expensive patches that fill your body with nicotine for anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. In only seven days, the all-natural ingredients in Smoke-Away will wash every bit of nicotine--and the craving to smoke from your body.You will be finished with smoking easily...and forever!

    • 02/03/98 Weekly Warning Interesting stop-smoking product
        Weekly Warning sends information on the health risks associated with cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to those addicted to nicotine. Help your loved ones kick the nicotine habit.


    • <11/3/99> Ciggy Buttz
        A GIANT COLLAPSIBLE CIGARETTE COSTUME Includes carrying bag! 5'6" tall Lightweight - only 8.5 lbs. Collapsible to 2'8" and/or 16" Washable Life-like foam ash $599

    • 09/26/98 COMPUTER SEARCHABLE Minnesota Tobacco Industry Documents on CD Rios Computer PR
        The documents themselves are available on the House Commerce Committee website; but they are so difficult to work with that they have been called "HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT". . . Using state-of-the-art technology, over 80% of the documents have been translated into searchable text files; search engines and an image viewer are also included. . . The complete package of 39,000 Minnesota documents in both image and text formats, as well as the 400 additional documents released in June, are available now for $3600.

    • 08/10/98 Black Hills Health and Education Center
        There's no more beautiful spot for such a "changeover" than the Black Hills Health and Education Center. With professional caring staff, comfortable facilities, and a history of results to rival with any, we offer something the others can't--the Black Hills of South Dakota . . As a wellness guest at Black Hills, you will be inspired and renewed as you experience the wonderful and natural way your body can achieve radiant health and newfound energy.

    • 02/02/98 Safti-Plus Ashtray Fire Prevention device for sale.

    • 12/22/97 Butt Stop PICA-proof ash receptacle
        A proven & attractive solution that extinquishes cigarette buts, hides them from view, is emptied in seconds and has the flexibility of wall or stand mounting.

    • 06/21/98 Death Playing Cards
        Death Playing Cards are designed for kids, not their parents or teachers. Unlike pamphlets and fliers that end up in the trash, Death Playing Cards are packed with important information about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse in a macabre format that kids and adults will use and keep indefinitely.

    • 02/08/02 Slam Music Leslie Nuchow's "Virginia Slam" CD
      Send $13 to:
      328 Flatbush Avenue, Suite 408
      Brooklyn, NY, 11238
        In 1997 Leslie Nuchow was approached to participate in a high-profile promotion run by the Virginia Slims cigarette company. In keeping with her belief that music has the power to heal and should not be used to harm, Leslie rejected their offer and started Virginia SLAM!, an organization committed to exposing corporate deception and exploitation. Leslie also started SLAM!Records, a record label devoted to targeting industries or organizations which hurt humanity, and SLAM!ing them with the healing power of music. SLAM!Records has produced two previous SLAM! concerts that focused on keeping the tobacco industry out of music. SLAM!1 and 2 featured the Indigo Girls, Shawn Mullins, Jill Sobule, and Leslie Nuchow. A portion of the proceeds from SLAM!Records' releases and from SLAM! concerts are given to other charitable organizations.

    • 07/21/97 The Stealth Smoker $14.95. Serious, or bad satire?
        Carry it in your pocket or purse and smoke your cigarette whenever you need to, without annoying others. The Stealth Smoker is the only device of its kind on the market, and you can only buy it here. The personal Stealth Smoker is a cigarette smoke containment and filtration system that allows cigarette smokers to take a few quick puffs of cigarette smoke, in an emergency situation, without emitting second hand smoke into the environment. The device consists of three parts

    • 07/16/97 Alcohol and Tobacco Age Identification Calendar LED Sign/Clock

    • 10/17/97 SOFTWARE: Billboard Charting Software Available Now you can verify the distance of tobacco ads from schools. Market Information Services of America's "Outdoor Scene," Spring 1997
        "Proximity MapChart has more than cut in half the time spent doing custom proposals targeting retail stores. It has helped me double-check tobacco and alcohol boards, verifying their distance from churches, schools, etc." . . . Proximity MapChart is our newest, and the industries most powerful software program available to aid in the increasingly complicated world of charting contracts to meet client's targeted showing requests. By allowing the chartist to "see" what is available in relationship to the client's locations and giving them the tools for finding those targeted locations your advertisers want you can produce better showings in less time than ever before! For further information, please call Tom Harrison at MISA, 1-800-685-MISA, or e-mail us at misa@interlog.com.
      (THANKS, LB!)

    • 06/27/97 Humor: Joe Camel Win95 & Mac Joke Wallpaper

    • 05/02/98 NoButz
    • 07/09/98 Big Solution to Litter Problem: Portable Ashtray Gives Smokers Alternative To Flicking Their Butts PR Newswire
        THE SMOKER'S SIDEKICK(TM) is a portable ashtray that fits conveniently into a standard car beverage holder and can clip easily to a belt or bag. ``Smokers can take the unit along in the car, on the boat, to the beach, or golf course; it goes anywhere they go,'' says Luedecke, the company's president. (Suggested retail $19.95. Call 800-622-6069 or see www.cslincenviro.com ).

    • 03/15/97 NOVEL NON-SMOKE ASHTRAY OR SMOKE FILTER "Daou" non-smoke ashtray or smoke filter, absorbing cigarette smoke automatically, restores the air with heavy cigarette smoke to fresh one through effective filtening. It can, to maximum extent, decrease the contamination to the room environment brought by smoking, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air and meanwhile keeping a healthy and sanitary environment. Product from China
    • 12/15/97 The Smoker's Outpost The institutional ashtray as form-follows-function art. It would keep butts out of pica sufferers' hands, also.
        The Maintenance-Free Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle. Smoked cigarettes are simply dropped through the opening at the top of the Outpost!
    • 10/1/96 For Sale: The ClapTray a little pocket ashtray for "Smokizens." Plus, lots of info & links focusing on butts in the environment
    • 12/22/97 Butt Stop PICA-proof ash receptacle
        A proven & attractive solution that extinquishes cigarette buts, hides them from view, is emptied in seconds and has the flexibility of wall or stand mounting.

    • 3/10/97 Alcohol/Tobacco Calendar For clerks. The new electronic ALCOHOL/TOBACCO CALENDAR makes sure cashiers know the latest date of birth a person can have and still be able to buy Alcohol or Tobacco products.

    • 12/27/96 Joe Winter's Traditional Native American Tobacco Seed Bank and Education Program (TNAT) at the University of New Mexico (UNM), has 2 goals: 1) collecting, preserving, growing and distributing the seeds of the many traditional Native American types of tobacco and 2) educating Native Americans about the dangers of tobacco misuse.

    • Tobacco Seed And Book Homepage Sacred and traditional Native American tobacco seed varieties. Grow your own, organically, without chemicals or sprays, and tax-free! Redwood City Seed Co.
    • 10/08/98 The Smoker's Sidekick(TM) is a portable ashtray that fits conveniently into a standard car beverage holder and can clip easily to a belt or bag. ``Smokers can take the unit along in the car, on the boat, to the beach, or golf course, it goes anywhere they go'', says Luedecke, the company's President. (Suggested retail $19.95. Call 800-622-6069

    • 12/10/96 SRM Press Tobacco Education Materials. Posters and other materials to be used as reinforcments by schools, community coalitions and public health facilities in tobacco education, prevention and cessation programs
    • 11/30/96 Cigar Clear A tobacco breath cleaner.
    • Varieties of Tobacco From SBE's Exotic, Tropical Plant Seed Catalog
    • 11/12/96 Pure Basic Vapor A construction: "Electrically heated air can be drawn through the stem, which inserts into the heater and holds a small amount of any plant material from which you want to extract and inhale natural volatile compounds without combustion."

    • Nic Nap is a moist towellete that uses lemon oil, baking soda, and other natural ingredients to wash away the smell of cigarettes left after smoking.

    • 12/30/96 Vintage Lighters for sale


      Jill Sands, Manager
      Antique Trove
      Industrial Road
      San Carlos, California
      *collects items tied to smoking
      *"Close Cover Before Striking"--book on collecting matchbooks

      Front Striker Bulletin (The)
      Bill Retskin, Editor
      P.O. Box 18481
      Asheville, N.C. 28814-0481
      *Magazine for matchbook collectors
      *$20 annual membership fee

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