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Also, more up-to-date, activist-oriented listings are kept at smokescreen

      This professionally developed site is specifically designed as a quick reference to guide intentional and selective people searching for smoke-free accommodations. Our sole purpose is to provide easy access to the specific smoke-free accommodations you want for dining, lodging, celebrations, romantic getaways, business conferences, family vacations, transportation, or personal recreation and renewal. Organized for easy reference, is a highly respected and accurate resource that will consistently and effectively guide you to the specific accommodations you're looking for. Along with a color photograph and detailed directions, each business summary will reflect a detailed description with accommodations and amenities.

  • 12/20/99 Find Nonsmoking restaurants in your area Search engine for cities around the country, with a "no smoking" option. From Menus Online.
  • 01/05/10 Smokefree Restaurants and Bars Around the World Good collection of smokefree venue sites. Lots more stuff at: Smoking
  • 00/11/29 Smokefree Indoor Air Restrictions in Restaurants By state, from the CDC

  • 00/06/24 Economic Impacts of Smoke-free Environments
      In this section of the Smoke-Free Environments Law Project web site, we have provided links to authoritative articles and studies which address various issues concerning the economic impact of smoke-free policies and laws. These articles focus both on the impact on employers/businesses of adopting smoke-free policies and on the economic impact of not having smoke-free policies, since there are clear costs to employers and businesses which continue to permit smoking.

    Twenty-Five Reasons to Become a Smoke-Free Restaurant
  • 00/05/02 Materials for Restaurant Operators WISH
    Going Smoke-Free Profitably From Ira Sharenow in Madison, WI


  • 12/20/99 Smokefree World Lists restaurants catering to nonsmokers around the world! Indespensible for travelers.
  • 07/21/97 Mike's Airlines Page Updated Airline smoking policies

  • 12/20/99 Smokefree USA Search by state, then city

  • 12/20/99 Find Nonsmoking restaurants in your area Search engine for cities around the country, with a "no smoking" option. From Menus Online.

  • 9/28/99 Smokefree Diners From Roadside Magazine
      These listed diners feature a completely smoke-free environment. Based on our observations, we have found that not only do these diners provide a healthier atmosphere for their customers and employees alike, they are also helping their bottom line. Despite what many owners may think, smokers cost them money. The only things that these diners lost when going non-smoking were the customers who would sit at a stool (or even taking up a booth) for a half hour or longer with a cup of coffee and a succession of cigarettes

  • 02/06/15 100% SMOKEFREE ORDINANCES From ANR (PDF)
  • 6/1/99 Smokefree Dining Online Building a state-by-state database of 100% smokefree restaurants. Mostly Colorago right now.
      This database lists more than 4,000 restaurants, cafes, bars, and other Colorado eating places that are 100% smoke-free. This is published by GASP (Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution) of Colorado.



    South Coast Smokefree Dining From the South Shore Boards Of Health Collaborative Tobacco Control Program

    Rhode Island

  • 9/6/99 Rhode Island Tobacco Control Network features a fine Smokefree Dining in Rhode Island section

    New York

  • 01/05/10 New York City Dept. of Health
      The New York City Department of Health conducts inspections of all food service establishments in the city. . . This site allows you to search by restaurant name or location to find out about the most recent significant violations issued . . . If you would like to receive a copy of the full inspection report by mail, call the Department of Health at (212) 442-9666 between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M., Monday through Friday. In addition to the violations listed in this web site, the report will contain other general violations including those related to smoking.

  • Smokefree/Smoking Dining in New York City
  • Dr. Puff NYC smoking restaurants
  • 00/10/10 New Guide Lists Eateries That Ban Smoking Syracuse (NY) Herald-Journal
      A new booklet from the Onondaga County Tobacco Education and Action Coalition is designed for people such as Quigley-Bailey, who look for a smoke-free environment. The booklet, "Get a Taste of 100 Percent Smoke-Free Dining" lists 207 restaurants in Central New York that don't allow any smoking. The coalition includes representatives of a variety of health organizations, including the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association and the Onondaga County Health Department.

    New Jersey

  • 9/2/99 100% Smokefree Dining in New Jersey from New Jersey GASP


  • 12/20/99 PA: Clean Air Restaurants of Pittsburgh From the American Cancer Society and SmokeFree Pennsylvania
      This is a list of restaurants which are entirely smoke-free. You are encouraged to show this list to restaurant managers in the hope that it will encourage more restaurants to go smoke-free.

    North Carolina

  • 1/8/99 Greensboro, NC Smokefree Dining Covering Greensboro, High Point, and the surrounding county. [Password protection should be off by the 11th]


  • 00/08/02 Nonsmoking or nonsmoking? Savannah restaurants where lighting up is not an option
      These are the 24 smoke-free restaurants recognized by the local American Cancer Society.


  • 11/30/96 Menus on the Net You can search for Florida restaurants with non-smoking sections
  • 00/07/31 Central Florida Smoke-free dining guide Orlando Sentinel
      Even though many restaurants around town like to offer the choice of smoking and non-smoking sections there are certain patrons who would rather dine at an establishment that offers all non smoking. For those of you who would rather not deal with the smoke, Calendar Online has created this guide to restaurants in the Central Florida area that are completely smoke free. For the restaurants out there who are smoke free but not listed please send your information to Kelly Fitzpatrick at Lake County

  • 00/06/02 Smokefree Jacksonville


  • Northern Kentucky Smoke-free Restaurants
  • Michigan

  • SmokeFree Michigan
  • Michigan Guide to Smoke-Free Restaurants
    • The 3rd edition of the guide boasts over 1400 listings
    • For the purpose of inclusion in the 3rd edition, there must be no smoking by patrons or employees anywhere on the premises.
    • Single copies are available free of charge or by calling the Health Promotion Clearinghouse at 1-800-537-5666. Additional copies can be ordered through the MI Dept. of Community Health--Tobacco Section at (517) 335-8376.


  • 02/07/16 WI Smokefree Dining Guide WISH/ALA

  • 02/28/97 Wisconsin Initiative on Smoking and Health (WISH) Looking for data on the effects of restaurant smoking bans? This is the site. Jack Lohman has done an excellent job compiling facts and arguments. You can also order his SmokeFree Dining in Wisconsin Guide. He also has a great Campaign Finance Reform site with lots of links and information.


  • 01/11/20 Illinois Smokefree Restaurants From the Illinois Department of Public Health. By county.
    • 8/28/01 Illinois Smoke-free Restaurant Recognition Program Also try: Dupage Health Dept. Tobacco page
        The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has begun a new initiative that encourages restaurant owners to adopt a smoke-free policy within their establishments. The Illinois Smoke-free Restaurant Recognition Program recognizes those restaurants that have gone entirely smoke-free and raises public awareness to the dangers of exposure to second-hand smoke. Establishments choosing to participate in the program receive a certificate designating them as smoke-free restaurants and are listed on the Department¹s Web site.


  • 9/1/00 Minnesota Smoke-Free Restaurants from Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota


  • 8/19/00 Missouri Smokefree restaurants


  • 10/4/99 Smokefree Dining in Kansas


  • 06/06/97 Smokefree Restaurants in Colorado Wow--Searchable by name, city, cuisine, zip. They list 263 in Boulder alone! Courtesy COLORADO GASP has a terrific search engine for Smokefree Restaurants in CO


  • 00/06/06 Wyoming Dining Guide


  • 01/06/04 Smokefree Restaurants in Montana

    New Mexico

  • 01/07/27: To get "A Guide to Smoke Free Dining in San Juan County," call T.C. Shaffer at (505) 325-2124


  • 07/29/98 OR: Morrow County Tobacco Coalition A bit thin right now, but very nicely done.


  • 12/20/99 WA: Doug's Smokefree Entertainment Guide Smokefree pubs, restaurants, bowling alleys, dance halls, etc. in the Puget Sound/Seattle area.Spirited, lots of individual input.
  • 9/14/99 WA: Smokefree Restaurants, Hotels . . . From the WA Dept. of Health, including a "TOP 10 REASONS TO BE A SMOKE-FREE ESTABLISHMENT": Save money Š Free publicity Š Fresher, cleaner restaurant Š Happier patrons Š Delighted and healthier employees Š Good business Š
  • 11/07/97 Smokefree Dining in King County, WA King County Health Dept.
  • 12/20/99 WA: Doug's Smokefree Entertainment Guide Smokefree pubs, restaurants, bowling alleys, dance halls, etc. in the Puget Sound/Seattle area.Spirited, lots of individual input.
  • 01/05/11 CANADA & UK
  • 01/09/10 Provinces and Municipalities in Canada with Smoke-Free Laws for Restaurants and Bars From Canada's National Clearinghouse on Tobacco and Health
      This report contains a list of jurisdictions, with the date smoke-free restaurants/bars became, or will become, effective. Some laws permit smoking in separately enclosed, independently ventilated, designated smoking rooms.

  • 01/05/13 UK: Non-Smoking Zone Lodging and restaurants
  • 01/05/29 Smokefree Oxfordshire


  • 01/07/01 Clean Air Database from Cancer


  • Smokefree Dining Guide from the North Western Health Board.


  • La belle Hortense
    31, rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris--quartier du Marais
    Paris' first smoke-free bar [Sorry, no URL]


  • 06/07/97 Smokefree Toruñ Scott Thompson's admittedly-all-too-brief guide to smokefree restaurants and sites in Toruñ. Sharp and funny, with good practical advice. A traveller's must.
      KASYNO WOJSKOWE: Regrettably, we can no longer recommend this restaurant. The smoking ban here is routinely ignored, especially when the soldiers start consuming alcohol, which often happens before noon. (Does NATO need an army like this?) . . . LOTOS: Unlike at the Zebra, here the proportions are correct: the bigger room is smokefree. The bad news is that even under Chinese authority, smoke doesn't stay in the smoking section. (16 Strumykowa) . . . RELAKS: A good place to complete a culinary tour of Szewska Street. Sit near the door to avoid the smoke in the back room. (4 Szewska)


  • 5/10/01 Smoke Free Restaurants
  • 00/04/05 Smokefree Apartment House Registry
      .The Smokefree Apartment House Registry is a project of Smokefree Air For Everyone (S.A.F.E.) and Community Partners, Los Angeles .Most Californians are aware of the health hazards of secondhand smoke and wish to be protected from it. However, many apartment owners are not aware that they have the choice to designate all or part of an apartment building or complex as smokefree. Smokefree apartments are less costly to maintain and may be cheaper to insure.We offer a free listing on our web site to apartment owners who have chosen to establish a total or partial smokefree policy in their buildings. Our web site will also be free to prospective tenants.

  • 00/09/01 Smokefree Apartments: Separating Myth from Reality Guidelines for apartment owners/managers from Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota
  • 00/09/01 Smoking Problems From Neighboring Condominiums, Apartment Buildings, And Offices GASP of Colorado Education Library

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