Tobacco Control Activism Guide #3

Breed's Tobacco Activism Guide:
An annotated bibliography for tobacco control action


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last update: 11 March 1999. (For just the new stuff go to the Latest Updates.)

This is an annotated web based bibliography on what you can do and what advice is available to improve your work. Now that you have carefully reviewed and studied parts 1 and 2 you are standing on the shoulders of giants and better able to take action - be it write a letter or join with others.

Table of Contents

Write to Al Behar concerning the use of names and addresses of the many thousands of individuals who purchased LifeSign tobacco cessation products over the past ten years. This list is available to tobacco control organizations. Non profits pay reproduction and shipping costs while profits also pay a rental fee.


    FORCES presents a series of independent researchers to examine various aspects of tobacco policy.

    Please read a series of Essays on the Anti-Smoking Movement including a review of the medical evidence, "So far, in this country anti-smokers have enjoyed free rein to make wild claims about ETS without having to back them up with rigorous evidence in an objective, impartial setting such as a court of law."

    • Read the essay titled, The Persecution of Smokers.. In the section titled "Real Motives" there are summaries of the types of people involved in the anti-Smoking movement; find out who you are: a Politician, Paternalist, Profiteer, Puritan, Collectivist, Conformist, Fascist, Bigot, Former smoker, or Smoker. The section titled "Parallels" tells us the connection between the Nazis killing of Jews and Anti-smokers and a list of things to come.
    • The essay on Smokers' Rights: What You Can Do offers tips: Vote ("At 25% of the adult population, American smokers outnumber Jews (2%), Gays (6%) and Blacks (12%), yet the last three groups have won rights written into law. Why? They organized, they lobbied and they voted. So far, smokers haven't done those things, which is why they are where they are today: outside."), Boycott "Don't go to movies such as Waterworld that are anti-smoking. Don't watch anti-smoking TV shows like Seinfeld."), sample letters are provided.

    Read the letters in Parents With Kids That Smoke for an education.

    ??The list of statistics on the use of bread and various outcomes leads to a definition of cause and effect in the letter "Something more evil than tobacco." This should warn us all of the use of simple statistics. The last line offers the possibility of a future bumper sticker or sound bite, "Think idiotically, act globally!"

    Some people are really scared and conspiracy theories can flourish, see I Smoke & I Vote. When you read this you will learn that somehow tobacco taxes do not provide medical aid to smokers; water, atomic bombs and toxic waste dumps account for the increase in cancer deaths; moving smokers away from already poorly lite building entrances is part of a plan; tobacco control is a victory for the upper class; the government is lying about health care costs; "OUR GOVERNMENT is lumping every known ill in this Country as a tobacco related illness;" and "There is an element in this country who are hiding behind 'The Health of our children' to steal our money," as well as the note that there is a possibility that the new federal funding for local crime fighters will be directed at smokers. There is a need for more than educational booklets and medical data needed by tobacco control. Read pages such as this to see the full problems.

    The Smokers for Fairness is an interesting group; any group that has enough money to give away free bumper stickers suggests tobacco industry influence. I hope I have this correctly -- they fight the actions by the attorney generals, but if someone is going to get money they want their share. Sign up (they are "maintaining a database of smokers") and make sure your favorite smoker receives awards resulting from any "damages, refunds, benefits, etc" from any class action lawsuits, receives a refund on taxes paid to the State of California since they believe Prop 99 is illegal and some Medicare benefits "claiming that any refunds are due smokers who paid cigarette taxes."

    Read what FORCES has to say about Exposing Project ASSIST. "Ever heard of Project Assist? Your tax dollars are helping to pay for it. It's helping to ring in a new era of intolerance, and is preparing the way for drug-war-inspired control over millions of American smokers - a quarter of the population. Educate yourself with the help of the following documents."

    Here is some advice from a person or group that loves the smell of smoke in their face; anyone want to try this? The New Jersey Smokers Online offers a message board for the lovers of tobacco, editorials, lists, etc. Their list of "Health Studies and Issues" is a bit slim, but that is not too surprising since they claim that "Most of these [pro smoking] documents have been pulled from the web and the public.... We have copies of all documents kept in a safe place."

    • They offer advice on "Anti-Anti-Smokers," including - "Dig up any kind of dirt on individuals aligned with anti-smoking groups, politicians or attorney's supporting taxes on smoking' (local, state and federal) and ruin their credibility, their careers and just make their lives miserable." Maybe the first target seems to be the CDC and Hugs not Drugs as listed in the section, "Organizations Breaking The Law?"

    • And, "Being an attorney and a politician has proven to be a combination that is "dangerous to the health of this country."

    • "When your doctor or anyone else for that matter asks you for hundredth time, When are you going to quit smoking? tell him or her to get off your back and stop harassing you or you will sue. "

    • "Go out to as many anti-smoking web sites as possible and stick up for your rights. Leave messages lots of messages. Even if there is no message base, send a message to the webmaster."

    Remember Allison? The 13 year old smoker (or was she the latest tobacco industry fiction?). Her story may become a movie soon! The latest member of the family is Bickity Bam!, "This is a board specifically for teens. Remember though no question is too small or stupid, don't be a moron. Lets keep this at a sane level of conversation! :-)." And YAHOO enters with the Teensmoking Club. "This club, which is strictly for teens, should be a place where teenagers can discuss, ask questions about, and chat about smoking. All views are more than welcome!"

    The National Smokers Alliance SpeakEasy forum.

    ??You may find something of interest here at Hints For Smokers By Jack & Mel, you never know!

    The Ayn Rand Institute offers comment on the settlement, titled "The Tobacco Gestapo."

    A book with data and analysis In Defense of Smokers is interesting.

    A major undertaking,Smoking and its Enemies: raises interesting discussion.

    I have read material in tobacco related usergroups. They offer an interesting perspective. The writers are aware of the health problem but love the minutia of their hobby. These sites do not need anyone storming in, but from time to time some up-to-date medical information does seem needed.

    The page Smoking From All Sides, Pro-Smoking is of interest to study from time to time. Read the articles explaining why tobacco control is wrong, erroneous, un-scientific, based on lies, a moralist campaign, etc.

    Smokers' Rights: What You Can Do. The pro-tobacco forces have many of the same activities in mind as the tobacco control forces.

    Cigars and Cancer - some Important Papers by a doctor. His conclusion, "based on the case presentations that moderate/non inhaled cigar use posses no significant health threat."

    ??The anti and support e-mail to FORCES is of interest. They state, "As an ongoing process, FORCES will put online those letters of intolerance, as well as those that show support for our civil liberties".

    ??This tobacco control site is reviewed by Americans For Smoking. The conclusion is, "Can anyone say FACISM?" The always wise (and kind) Gene Borio wonders if anyone can spell fascism.


      Not all tobacco control efforts focus on the health area; there is the business side. The members of the tobacco companies sell an addictive toxic drug, have lied, distorted facts, covered up their knowledge, promote and sell to minors while claiming they do not want young people to smoke. They are a large powerful group of people and corporations using money to keep themselves out of jail and remain rich. The legitimacy of the tobacco industry as it exists is questionable.

      The real conflict is not between non smokers and smokers, nor tobacco control activists and smokers; it is between tobacco control activists and the tobacco industry.

      We read that tobacco companies are paying lots of money for friends, but read to see, U.S. Cigarette Companies: Friend Or Foe Of The American Tobacco Farmer? They are moving overseas to get cheaper leaf.

      An educational essay on Ending Corporate Governance. In 1886 the US Supreme Court defined a private corporation as a "natural person" and hence have all the rights as an individual - with all the power of the corporation! This is the cause of many unanticipated consequences. It is possible to end this plutocracy.

      The Calvert Social Investment Fundoffers several things, including the Take a Stand on tobacco program.

      ??An interesting question in a marketing magazine "How to Drive Away Consumers?"In this case, how to design a cigarette package so uncool it deters young people from smoking? A few interesting answers, coughing packs and symbols on the product not the pack.

      "Research and technical assistance to communities working to hold corporations and governments accountable and building socially just and ecologically sustainable societies" provided by the Public Information Network.

      The Investor Responsibility Research Center's Tobacco Information Service "is the one place institutional investors, ... and other interested parties can go to get comprehensive, up-to-date, impartial, free information on the tobacco investment debate."

      ASH is still offering a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of current or former tobacco industry executives for cigarette related felonies such as perjury, obstruction of justice, false swearing, and conspiracy." Go for it.


        The best material will be found in the news.

        The tobacco plant is not the problem, nor are the farmers that grow the plant. Tobacco, the plant, has non toxic properties that make it a profitable crop, tobacco companies are not the only potential buyers of the plant.

        Tobacco: A Gift Of Food & Energy presents the idea of tobacco plant biomass for energy and as animal feed.

        We read that tobacco companies are paying lots of money for friends, but read to see, U.S. Cigarette Companies: Friend Or Foe Of The American Tobacco Farmer? They are moving overseas to get cheaper leaf.

        Are Growers forgotten in debate? The industry forgets them.


          Some of the best material may be found in the news, but start here.

          This is the home page of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And what are they doing?

          The "FDA welcomes reports from the public alerting it to problems with products that it regulates". Since tobacco products are now included a citizen can "report any drug that has caused an injury or illness." Try it out.

          The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act is designed to track all insecticides used! Track them down to the tobacco farms and from there into the cigarettes used.

          Smoke and Illusion suggests the use of EPA Investigative Authority based upon H.R. 1627. Send a letter to the EPA.

          ??North Carolina State University, Worker Protection Standards for Agricultural Pesticides Used in Tobacco Production." Page after page of the toxics used to grow a toxic! And what do we do about it?


            The best material will be found in the news.

            Philip Morris is approaching 50 percent market share. Marlboro accounting for one out of every three cigarettes sold in the U.S. Isn't that a monopoly? Teddy Roosevelt split the tobacco monopoly, it is time for that to occur again.

            Department of Justice's Antitrust Division.

            Read Antitrust Law from the American Bar Association.

            The State of Washington is active when it comes to antitrust law.

            Antitrust Policy "an on-line resource linking economic research, policy, and cases." Could the tobacco industry can be accused of anti-trust violations? Yes! Maybe someone could make a formal case for it. The Tables of Contents page may be the way to view this site.

            Study Antitrust Law & Economics Review, "America's only Anti-Monopoly Journal." Information is needed to file an anti trust case and the "industry study" seems to begin it. A review of anti trust law is here. The Table of Contents mentions the Cigarette Oligopoly-Predation Case. The Brooke Group Ltd. v.Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp., 509 U.S. 209 (1993) case is listed as one of the "dirty dozen" antitrust decisions.


              Some of the best material will be found in the news.

              The Mokhiber-Weissman column Focus on the Corporation is designed to offer information.

              The Toxic-Tobacco Law Coalition has a plan - outlaw manufacture and sale of tobacco products following 20 year adjustment period.

              The Northwest Corporate Accountability Program begins with a wonderful quote, "Against corporations of every kind, the objection may be brought that whatever power is given to them is so much taken from either the government or the people." Read the history and references. Then go for more with their corporate accountability links.

              See the Corporate Accountability Project for material on corporate welfare, the Charter Reform Movement and related issues. "Of the world's 100 largest economies, 51 are now global corporations, rather than countries."

              Citizenship and the Charter of Incorporation charter revocation for social change. Ending Corporate Governance and Revoking Our Plutocracy and an 11 point program for doing just that. And see Taking Back the Corporation and Ending Corporate Welfare for some specifics, if you still need more.

              The Public Information Network can offer aid in "Research and technical assistance to communities working to hold corporations and governments accountable and building socially just and ecologically sustainable societies."

              "A Pennsylvania environmental group has taken action to revoke the corporate charters of two major American corporations." Any update?

              Adbusters wants to Revoke Philip Morris'. In the article, Death Penalty for Corporations Comes of Age read about Alabama Circuit Judge William Wynn seeking to revoke the charters of the nation's five major cigarette companies and the information that "a California statute now on the books authorizes the attorney general to seek charter revocation. Similar statutes are on the books in all 50 states."

              Dirty Secrets: The Corporations' Campaign for an Environmental Audit Privilege. The concern is of the possibility that corporations can hide their documents from public view.

                PRODUCT LIABILITY

                The best material may be found in the news.

                Products Liability, "the field of law which refers to the legal liability of manufacturers and sellers to compensate buyers, users, and even bystanders, for damages or injuries suffered because of defects in goods purchased." There is a section on tobacco..

                "Product liability in the tobacco industry" is a paper outlining the case against the tobacco industry.

                  STOCK HOLDER ACTIONS

                  The best material may be found in the news.

                  The IRRC's Tobacco Information Service offers a free newsletter, Investor's Tobacco Reporter, that includes a section on divestment in every issue. See Tobacco Shareholder Campaigns for specifics.

                  How to file a shareholders resolution step-by-step. With examples of resolutions.

                  Learn how to be an advocate of shareholder actions from Shareholder Actions and "Social Responsibility" and how to get more advice.

                  Massachusetts legislature OKs tobacco divestment.

                  Request the Financial Planning Handbook for Responsible Investors, from Co-op America, 1612 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006, 1(800)713-8086.

                  ??The AMA call for Tobacco Stock Divestment. From this site see a list of stocks and mutual funds that currently hold tobacco interests. Review your own investments and divest yourself.

                  Stanford University's experience with social investing. This offers some background ideas of this topic.

                  The Shareholder Action Online Handbook offers information on how to change corporations.

                  Information concerning shareholder activism from Proxies for People.

                    PRICE SUPPORT

                    The best material may be found in the news.

                    Discussion of tobacco price support.


                      The best material may be found in the news.

                      A very pro-tobacco group, FORCES is asking their friends to participate in a voluntary boycott against the Liggett Group! "We don't want any of smokers dollars going to the traitors that sold out." A pro-tobacco organization is using the power of the consumer boycott to punish big business!

                      More on boycotts, from the EnviroLink Network

                      The "World's Best Death Brands" is a long list of non-tobacco products owned by tobacco companies that could be boycotted.

                      INFACT has lead several boycott campaigns.

                        LOCAL TOBACCO MERCHANTS

                        The Tobacco Retailer Responsibility Initiative, a project of the Tobacco Control Resource Center (TCRC), "examines various models to achieve compliance with tobacco sales to minors laws and to establish responsible practices for the sale of tobacco and the training and supervision of employees." They assists offices of Attorneys General in their efforts to reduce teenage tobacco addiction.

                        The pages Big Tobacco's Seldom Told Plan For Our Children is a wonderful collection of photos and text on the ways in which tobacco products can be placed in a store, ways that are designed to make shoplifting easy. And there is some documentation that the tobacco companies reimburse a store owner for the theft. This makes sense, only if you are selling an addictive drug - the industry recruits new smokers by promoting theft.

                        Missouri's Operation Storefront Fact Sheet. Good intro to the work. Other states are doing this also?

                        Candy Net is the home of The National Candy Brokers Association. "As professional marketing specialists, they [the candy broker] arrange for the sale and promotion of products to all classes of trade ..., including ... candy and tobacco wholesalers, drug chains," etc. This may be of use to someone, someday.

                        The Convenience Net is created for the convenience store industry.

                        Read Filter -Tips, Canada's first e-zine review of tobacco marketing in Canada, from Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada.

                        The We Card Program offers We Card training to police.

                        The California Smoke Free Bar seems designed for both bar owners and those who want to reproduce this effort.

                        See the chapter on Local Action, in this material on alcohol control, there may be useful lessons to learn, Last Call for High-Risk Bar Promotions That Target College Students:A Community Action Guide.

                        The Coalition for Responsible Tobacco Retailing presents the We Card program. The purpose is a "cooperative effort among retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers who share a common goal: to do all we can to prevent tobacco sales to minors." There are a few web pages for coalition members here, but Philip Morris is not listed (guess who pays for this program?). Order the free We Card Kit; it is an expensive collection. The We Card Program offers We Card training to police. See what Philip Morris wants you to see.

                        No Sale: Youth, Tobacco and Responsible Retailing: Findings and Recommendations for Developing Responsible Retail Sales Practices and Legislation to Eliminate Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors.

                        Purchase a series of books from the International Mass Retail Association on such topics as "strategies to attract and retain the youth market" and customer loyalty.

                        A true- and quasi-experimental design Tobacco Sales to Minors.

                        The Join Together project offers inform ation concerning youth access to tobacco products. Get information "to help you measure the availability of tobacco in your community and to raise public awareness of this problem", there is a discussion group, list of reading materials, etc.


                          Some of the best material will be found in the news.

                          Table showing the current taxes in the various states.

                          State Cigarette Tax Rates -January 1, 1999 and ranking.

                            SMUGGLING & BLACK MARKET

                            Some of the best material will be found in the news.

                              ACTION WITH THE MEDIA

                              Covering Tobacco, A Handbook for Journalists.

                              A good intro with lots of links, on tobacco in movies is Oscar's Puffing and Coughing And the update.

                              "The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Office of Communications has put together this guide to help connect you to the experts on tobacco issues who are funded by the Foundation."

                              More advice on advocacy - the folks at DEATH Cigarettes are interesting. Here is their "guerilla warfare" method they used to get into the press, "Another problem was that we suspected that the billboard companies would not carry our ad's for fear of upsetting their other customers. The solution was to design an advert for billboards which they did in fact refuse to carry the shadow of Death, the resulting publicity was more effective than 100 billboard sites." Sounds like a familiar media advocacy story to me.

                              Promoting constructive depictions of health and social issues in media Media Scope. Information of relevance from their Clearinghouse. Such as Tobacco Advertising In the USA. And Tobacco Placement in Movies

                              Find media e-mail addresses from here.

                              Visit Screen It! for a review of movies that includes the amount of smoking.

                              ??The next time you visit your city council members bring along, "list by year of movies for which [Philip Morris] product was supplied". This is the list that includes The Muppet Movie and Who Framed Roger Rabbit from an industry that claims it does not sell to children!

                              "Your source for print media and catalogs" MediaFinder. Lots here! Search several directories for tobacco related newsletters and magazines. Also, see "media lists".

                              Gebbie's "Blue Ribbon" list makes the claim that you can find all media in the USA. For radio, for television, and for daily newspapers.

                              Hundreds of college newspapers can be found here.

                              The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.(EIC), states that the "entertainment media is a powerful tool for communicating vital, life-saving information to the public..." And that "creative alliances with groups outside the entertainment industry, complemented by the creative forces within the television, motion picture, home video, an recording industries enables EIC to reach virtually millions of people...." Ask for their various booklets and pamphlets, as well as their newsletter 'Spotlight'. Contact: Entertainment Industries Council, Inc, 21243 Ventura Blvd., Suite 224, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, 1(818)887-3495. or, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc., 1760 Reston Parkway, Suite 415, Reston, VA. 22090, 1(703)481-1414.

                              The Comic Book Code Authority reviews and approves many comic books. The code is updated with occasional "Code Interpretations."

                              Cartoonists have united to work on various topics. Try the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, and the National Cartoonists Society.

                              I'm not kidding, Dear Abby passes out lots of healthy wisdom - keep her supplied. Dear Abby, Universal Press Syndicate, P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

                              One of the greatest living social thinkers is Ms Manners (aka Judith Martin). Contact her.

                              L.M. Boyd, writer of The Grab Bag, seems to have an interest in tobacco related topics, keep him supplied.

                                ACTION WITH ADVERTISERS

                                HealthWatch has a nice collection of advertising materials to study Advertising - public relations and multi-media links.

                                Class assignment, create tobacco advertising parodies.

                                Numerous reviews of advertising can be found from Advertising Age. Such as, Advertising Age reviews post Joe Camel ads. They are still targeting kids! As a concluding remark, "advertising is a shotgun, not a rifle, and the issue is who unavoidably-- or intentionally --will be caught in the spray."

                                The Technical Assistance Legal Center (TALC), is designed to provide legal aid to CA cities and counties concerning legal questions related to tobacco advertising and promotion controls.

                                Policy research including, Point-of-Purchase Advertising and Promotion of tobacco products.

                                The alternative to the Clio Awards is the Schmios. Write and make sure that the tobacco industry ads always make the cut.

                                The Surgeon General is offering advice to Be an Ad Buster.

                                The tobacco industry and their smoke ring have such wonderful toys to prevent problems. For example see Proximity MapChart. As a testimonial, "It has helped me double-check tobacco and alcohol boards, verifying their distance from churches, schools, etc."

                                Did you know that monitoring of advertising remains a key part of the Better Business Bureaus's overall mission? The BBB handles "misleading advertising" complaints. The Children's Advertising Review Unit "provides a mechanism to safeguard responsible advertising to children, support voluntary self-regulation within the children's advertising industry and promote truthful, accurate advertising to our nation's youngest consumers." Please read about the National Advertising Division and NARB. Review the decisions of the National Advertising Division (NAD). To make monitoring and complaints simpler the BBB is now accepting some consumer complaints over the internet.

                                Study United States Advertising Law. Read numerous items including, Fundamental Advertising Principles and find information on the United States Federal Trade Commission policies. Or, Facts for Consumers from the Federal Trade Commission, Tobacco Products -- November 1992. And Part 307 -- Regulations under the Comprehensive Smokeless Tobacco Health Education Act of 1986.

                                The Arent Fox Advertising Law InfoNet discussion forum. Check it out, see what is there. Some on tobacco, and the material on alcohol advertising is of interest and use.

                                ASH examines tobacco advertising and its legality.

                                Adbusters helps you send message to six magazines that have tobacco advertisements.

                                Several "Learning Center" articles contain useful information on Tobacco Industry Advertising.

                                Take down the advertisements from bus shelters. The Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers' Council says they will not put advertisements anywhere within 200 meters of a primary or secondary school. But do they? Read how some are dealing with this problem.

                                  ACTION WITH BILLBOARDS

                                  There are at least two legislative ways to remove billboards in your area. First, ban all billboards; which means the legislative body may be asked to pay compensation for the removed signs and lost future earnings. Second, separate children from billboards which advertise products that are illegal for them to purchase or use. Do this by utilizing existing zones (i.e., residential, industrial, etc.) or else by distance from certain locations (i.e., pre schools, K-12 schools, playgrounds, parks, churches, libraries, hospitals, sports facilities, etc.).

                                  A San Diego, CA. proposed tobacco ordinance offers ideas and discussion of various options, the San Francisco Model versus a Baltimore type ordinance.

                                  The Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc., has a policy titled, Code of Principles involving the placement of billboards "that are intended to be read from, or within 500 feet of K-12 schools, playgrounds, and places of worship". Until the FDA regulations take effect this is all we have to work with; and the FDA does not cover places of worship. And check to see if they follow their own policy of placing the "international children's symbol" in every appropriate location. Do they follow these simple policies in your area?

                                  YAHOO has a whole section on Billboard Liberation.

                                  There is a formal official method to pricing a billboard, and the book Appraisal of Outdoor Advertising Signs may give the answers.

                                  Agreement on billboards between Seattle-King County Department of Public Health and AK Media/NW.

                                  Useful and educational discussion of billboard options from Oakland, California.

                                  From somewhere around here you may find the April 1996 issue of the Journal of Marketing, Cigarette Advertising and Realized Market Shares Among Youths and Adults, 1979-1993. The finding, "The authors argue that cigarette competition between firms is predominated by the battle of brands for market share among the young."

                                  For information on billboards and city ordinances contact, Donald W. Garner, Professor of Law, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, School of Law, Carbondale, IL, 1(618)453-8718.

                                  Would you be surprised if the American Association of Advertising Agencies supported the FDA regulations? See their Washington scene section for news.

                                  Start here to see the 1996 FDA report on Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act.. Massive report with detailed tables on cigarette sales and advertising.

                                  Ira Sharenow has information on billboards and others things of interest.

                                    "GUERILLA" ACTIONS

                                    Some of the best material may not be found in the news.

                                    AIRSPACES "Tobacco Industry Demarketing Strategies" offers good phone numbers to call and their plan for use of "blow-in cards for ordering subscriptions."

                                      LETTER WRITING AS PROTEST

                                      Several sites on the web ask the readers to write letters, and many even include example letters to submit. These requests for letters change from time to time, so keep up with hem.

                                      Smokescreen Action Network is top. You must try the EZ-Letter feature and add your own letter.

                                      Common Cause Massachusetts offers Tips For Writing Letters To Legislators.

                                      Letters to the editor are an easy way for you to voice your opinion to your policy makers, and to educate people in your community about the issues 20/20 Vision addresses". Offers important advice on working with the media.

                                      INFACT's Take Action page offers letters. There is a letter writing contest. Or try the postcards.

                                      HELP GET THEM TO SUE THE BASTARDS! The data here is a bit out of date for many people, but the effort is not finished; join in urging the Governors and Attorneys General to sue the tobacco companies.

                                      Find the email address of your federal and state elected officials here. Then see the Activism How- To pages.

                                        LAWS AND LEGISLATION

                                        Transcript of PBS show, The Unelected: The Media & The Lobbies, on the power of lobbies and money in Congress. The tobacco industries are good at this and know how to spread the money.

                                        ??The pro tobacco FORCES have created a useful list of Some dangerous & controlling anti-smoking bills in Congress and a shorter list titled, "Bills in Congress on the pro-choice side."

                                        ??The links may be of use, The National Lobbyist Registry. Find magazines, etc.

                                        Useful and educational discussion of billboard options from Oakland, California.

                                        ANR's Legislative and Advocacy Alerts gives useful material to work with. Register to be notified of new legislative updates by e-mail.

                                        Tobacco Control Resource Center and Tobacco Products Liability Project. Good for legal news, conferences, updates, links for attorneys.

                                        Browse and download the complaints and motions from The State Tobacco Information Center, Attorneys General Bringing the Tobacco Industry to Justice.

                                        "Information on laws on cigarette and smokeless tobacco excise taxes, minors access to tobacco products, preemption, advertising, and smokefree indoor air restrictions is from the CDC's State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System which tracks enacted state legislation. Shelton DM, Alciati MA, Chang MM, et al., November 3, 1995. MMWR 1995; 44(No.SS-6):1 28.

                                        "CDC and the National Cancer Institute identified state laws addressing tobacco control by using LEXIS, which is an on-line legal research data base, and NCI's State Cancer Legislative Database (SCLD), which is a data base of legislation. CDC and NCI conducted detailed analyses of the content of the laws to identify specific provisions." Abstract for 1,238 state laws that address tobacco-control-related issues from the MMWR November 3, 1995, Vol. 44, No.SS-6.

                                        State and Local Governments on the Net.

                                        Please visit Thomas. Find legislators, committees, status of bills, etc.

                                        When writing your own legislation please review what others have done, for example:

                                        See Campaign Finance Reform in Wisconsin for information and advice on reducing big business influence on elected officials.

                                        The SOHO Guidebook offers a map with information on State Laws on Smoking.

                                        Grassroots Lobbying: How Not to Pass a Local Smoking Law: How to Cause Yourself Unnecessary Aggravation in Smoking Ordinance Work.

                                        ANR's Launch Pad offers a wonderful collection of action sites and current legislative information..

                                        State & National Tobacco Control Highlights.

                                        Alcohol, Tobacco, and Controlled Substance Law materials.

                                        The Government Printing Office has a search feature connected to numerous federal online databases: The US Code, the Federal Register, GAO Reports, Congressional Record, budget of the US, etc.

                                        Search legislation in the State of Washington.

                                          CONTACTING LEGISLATORS

                                          A great name for web based activism e The People. Create your own petition, sign a petition, write letters.

                                          Need to find your federal rep or senator? SFD's Index of Congress may be your answer. Use a database provided by a smoker's group to do it!

                                          This is the place to go for e mail addresses, An email address directory of congress people, state governments, and media entities."

                                          ??Americans for Nonsmoker's Rights developed HyperBill to read the latest available version of pending legislation on-line - with links embedded in the text. There are only a few bills available to read, so good luck.

                                          ??CA FORCES has a useful presentation of US Congressional members e mail addresses.

                                          ASH helps you send e-mail to your representative or senator.

                                          Roll Call offers an e mail feature to Representatives and Senators.

                                          Download mailing labels of House of Representative members! Did not find a similar list in the Senate.

                                          Find the email address of your federal and state elected officials here. Then see the Activism How- To pages.

                                          If you want to visit your senator while he or she is back home, you can find their local address and phone number on Smokescreen's site, under the "Misc. menu".


                                            In the essay, Tobacco Industry's Economic and Political Influence, "... the American Heart Association supports efforts to level the playing field for health advocates through political action committee (PAC) and campaign finance reform, gift and honoraria limits, so that members of Congress can make decisions on health matters based on a review of the facts."

                                            Public Citizen has information on the political influence of the tobacco lobby in DC, Burning Down the Houses.

                                            Read the petition, then sign at the bottom of the page urging congressional passage of comprehensive campaign finance reform.

                                            From the Federal Election Commission (FEC) databases....

                                            Project Vote Smart "tracks the performance of over 13,000 political leaders. President, Congress, Governors, State Legislatures." Enter your zip code and find your rep.

                                              SEE YA IN COURT

                                              ASH-UK will help you decide if you have a case against the tobacco industries. "ASH can help you decide if you want to go further and take the next step of contacting a solicitor. We are not offering formal legal advice and you can contact your own solicitor or specialist personal injury solicitor directly"

                                              A new suit in the works, maybe, "Public hospitals should go after the alcohol as well as the tobacco industry to recoup real costs associated with hospitalization of poor people."

                                              Point 14 of the AMA policy of 19 July 1995 (JAMA, Vol 274, #3,pp 256-258) states that medical personnel should aid individuals sue the tobacco industry.

                                              Need a lawyer?

                                              • LegalGuide.

                                              • AttorneyFind.

                                              • WashLaw WEB links you to attorneys and law related resources on the Internet. Impressive looking lists.

                                              • The One Legal Info web site allows you to contact all the Castano attorneys, and other "participating attorneys" here. They offer or sell legal advice to one and all, and are working to pass the national settlement.

                                              • From NicotineVictims.Com find attorney referrals.

                                              If you are a person harmed by tobacco use and want to find a lawyer to represent you in suing the tobacco industry here are a few hints:

                                              • Even if you used tobacco products you are not totally at fault for an eventual illness. Consult an attorney before you blame yourself for an addiction.

                                              • Interview several lawyers; comparison shop. Make sure you talk to the lawyer who will represent you; some attorneys may pass your case on to another attorney without telling you. Please be aware that they will be interviewing you - they may decide to not represent you.

                                              • Your costs should be contingent on the outcome of the case, but there are several ways for lawyers to make that calculation! You can price compare both for the level of the contingent fee and for the planned treatment of costs.

                                              • Be sure you understand the practical background of each of the potential attorneys. Few have done a tobacco case, but they may have experience in related areas.

                                              • Ask the potential attorneys to explain if there are any conflicts of interest.

                                              • Ask the potential attorneys the number of cases he/she plans to file in the next months and consider whether the resources of the firm are adequate to support the planned level of litigation. Remember that the tobacco companies plan to win cases by making their opposition (your attorney) spend all their money and give up the fight.

                                              • Ask the potential attorneys their plans with respect to class action status or consolidation of actions.

                                              If you are a private attorney and plan to sue a tobacco company for damages to a client or on behalf of family members there are several things you should do:

                                              Register for reimbursement for smoking cessation programs from the Liggett settlement.

                                              I have not read this whole document, but the Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue Draft: Corporate Activity Project is an amazing outline of business practices within the tobacco industry and how to present them in a courtroom.

                                              A Topical Index of Legal Resources. From here find legal newsgroups, legal associations, lawyers and law firms, etc.

                                              There may be a suspicious nonrandomness to the selection of judges to decide tobacco related cases in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Richmond, VA.

                                              Tobacco Control Resource Center and Tobacco Products Liability Project. Good for legal news, conferences, updates, links for attorneys.

                                              You can find the "purported" Minnesota transcripts from Putnam Pit or from TBBS.

                                              BERA conducts health care data analysis. One project, "Developed and applied a model of smoking-attributable medical care costs for several state attorneys general lawsuits."

                                              To view a legal case visit AnyDay Now which tells the story of a person in court due to loss of job related to complaints of lack of enforcement of the existing no smoking policy.

                                              Turn to FindLaw for additional legal resources. Or, try the LawCrawler search engine. Find LegelNews here.

                                              See Tobacco on Trial, the newsletter of the Tobacco Products Liability Project.

                                              The State Tobacco Information Center (STIC) "was created as a service to the attorneys general and the public to aid them in keeping abreast of these important legal actions".

                                              Court TV's Library of Tobacco Cases.

                                              Read Tobacco Trials Links to Interesting Sites and State-by-State Lawsuit Status.

                                              ??The National Smokers Alliance is seeking attorneys for smoker discrimination cases, they are building a database of private attorneys for referrals.

                                              Story of inexpensive but slow method for Suing the Airlines.

                                                SPORTS RELATED ACTIONS

                                                The best material will be found in the news.

                                                Smoke Free Kids and Soccer Campaign.

                                                Ending the exploitation of sports and arts to promote tobacco products.

                                                If interested in sports-related actions see the Tobacco Terminator's page N.O.P.A.T.S.Y.

                                                Justice Department May Limit Tobacco Race Car Sponsorship.

                                                  ARTS RELATED ACTIONS

                                                  The best material will be found in the news.

                                                  ??The Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! campaign takes a look at Hollywood movies.

                                                  Ending the exploitation of sports and arts to promote tobacco products.

                                                    VARIOUS LOCATIONS

                                                    Making Your Workspace Smokefree: A Decision Makers Guide.

                                                    The Smoke-F ree Campus, a report, with advice, for colleges and universities.

                                                    A list of Actions for Faith Communities.

                                                    Someone is trying to make it look simple, 5 Easy Steps to a Smoke-Free Workplace.

                                                    The Airlines List is focused upon smoking policy. It claims to be current, but seems dated. ASH provides some airport information in airport smoking ban.

                                                    Smoking problems in condominiums and apartment buildings.

                                                    Tobacco smoking in penitentiaries.

                                                      VARIOUS POPULATIONS

                                                      ??? How to: recruit health professionals into tobacco control, their role in primary prevention, a powerful sign-in/recruitment sheet and much more. Please read the materials placed as "documents" on the Maryland Group Against Smokers Pollution page on Smokescreen. Or directly contact Joseph Adams, M.D.

                                                      Can the Americans with Disabilities Act protect you from second hand smoke? Maybe, read more and see.

                                                      The Americans with Disabilities Act as Applicable to Sensitive Nonsmokers.

                                                      There is similarity in action on the various drugs of use, try, Last Call for High-Risk Bar Promotions That Target College Students:A Community Action Guide. See the chapter on Local Action, there may be useful lessons to learn.

                                                      Material and links from Smoking and minorities.

                                                      The Smoke-Free Campus, a report, with advice, for colleges and universities.

                                                      Protecting nonsmokers on campus.

                                                        K-12 EDUCATION & KIDS IN ACTION

                                                        Kids can be a powerful part of the solution.

                                                        A school-based tobacco use prevention curriculum based on new studies on effectiveness. Tobacco: Behind the smoke and Mirrors.

                                                        The Tobacco Freed Zone has some nice material on Tobacco Marketing and Kids.

                                                        The Kids Campaign has material and advice.

                                                        ??When working on a school project come here, Study Web on Tobacco, for tested resources.

                                                        Class assignment, create tobacco advertising parodies.

                                                        Some kids like magic and it is possible to mix in some education, such as the NOSMO KING Revue.

                                                        The Tobacco Retailer Responsibility Initiative "examines various models to achieve compliance with tobacco sales to minors laws and to establish responsible practices for the sale of tobacco and the training and supervision of employees."

                                                        The Coalition for Responsible Tobacco Retailing presents the We Card program. The purpose is a "cooperative effort among retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers who share a common goal: to do all we can to prevent tobacco sales to minors." There are a few web pages for coalition members here, but Philip Morris is not listed. Order the We Card Kit it is an expensive and impressive collection.

                                                        No Sale: Youth, Tobacco and Responsible Retailing: Findings and Recommendations for Developing Responsible Retail Sales Practices and Legislation to Eliminate Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors.

                                                        Wonderful class exercise, The Real Scoop on Tobacco. "You have been hired by the parents of Icabod, a sixth grade student. They suspect their child of smoking .... They've hired you to convince him to quit smoking. To do so, you must show your commitment to the fight against youth using tobacco and create a memorable message for him."

                                                        ??I would love to see teens respond to the material found in Teen's Smoking Page, and the related sites.

                                                        Children Opposed to Smoking Tobacco (COST). The 43 middle school students of COST are "learning how to fight back. Won't you join them?" They have a good list of things to do.

                                                        For a catalog of health educational supplies see HEALTH EDCO.

                                                        For Grades 4 through 6 includes rock' n 'roll song, the Mr Nakk 'N Koff program.

                                                        The Health Museum of Cleveland seems to be a neat place with fun educational presentations.

                                                        The Youth Media Network has a great set of materials on teens; see what they consider as valuable Tobacco Facts and Resources.

                                                        For youth, Nicnet offers Kids and Smoking Issues.

                                                        Don't forget Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco (STAT).

                                                        Brief parent- youth exercises to stay drug free.

                                                        A true- and quasi-experimental design Tobacco Sales to Minors.

                                                        ??Choices Interactive, a computer game for middle-school kids.

                                                        This is a search engine for lesson plans. Submit a word such as "tobacco", and get a few ideas. More lessons plans are needed.

                                                        The CNN Newsroom, designed for teachers and students, offers a search engine for news and classroom discussion topics.

                                                        A Keeping Youth Drug-Free document "prepared in response to what care givers and young people say about working together to resist all the pressures to use alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs." Offers exercises, etc.

                                                        The BADvertising Institute offers suggestions for teacher led activities. Class projects, reports to write, posters to create, etc.

                                                        ??The American Cancer Society's Clungs test for kids.

                                                        Nice idea, give rewards for clever slogans.

                                                        This sounds promising, Teens Acting in Community Change and Leadership Education.

                                                        ??High school students are asked to select from the following topics on the recent Tobacco Industry Debate to send your opinion directly to your political representatives and/or the news media. GRIP Student Opinion Forum . Interesting project?

                                                        The Surgeon General suggests 10 ways you can help to make your world smoke-free.

                                                        The Surgeon General is offering advice to Be an Ad Buster.

                                                        Smokefree Home Page has some interesting things.

                                                        The Executive Summary of "Alcohol and Tobacco on the Web: New Threats to Youth." They offer recommendations for action.

                                                        The Lesko Brothers "have bought over 30 packs of cigarettes during the last six years. We do this to prove that kids, even at ages 6 and 9, can buy cigarettes from vending machines."

                                                        The Action Now! section of NetChange is designed to give student and youth activists an outlet to promote their conferences, protests, boycotts, petitions and other progressive initiatives." Well someday this may have some power.

                                                        American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, sells booklets, How to Butt In: Teens Take Action Guidebook and Teens As Teachers program.

                                                          EDUCATIONAL FUN STUFF

                                                          Arrange for a visit from the AMA's comic book type hero, The Extinguisher and Dr. Nola Know!

                                                          Tac suggests you contact Anne Landman or Scott Plous for information on the costume he wore of Joe Chemo, the Adbusters cancer-ridden camel.

                                                          Start with the help page for statistics data sets for teaching. If you are teaching stat use the data sets under "Health" for a few on tobacco deaths.


                                                            Internal documents organized on the topic of the Y-1Project, genetically altered leaf to increase the nicotine dose.

                                                            In response to the Virginia Slims' record label we now have, SLAM! Records, a record label dedicated to exposing abuses of humanity in various industries and fighting that abuse with music. Welcome.

                                                            SCARCNet offers International Interests in U.S. Tobacco Legislation discussing necessary elements to include in any tobacco legislation to cover the 95% of the world's population that lives outside of the US borders yet is effected by US companies. On a similar note, International Tobacco Sales offers recommendations on US foreign policy.

                                                            James Garbarino, an internationally recognized expert on child protection and the director of Cornell University's Family Life Development Center said It's Time to Recognize Smoking as Child Abuse. "Before any parental act qualifies as child abuse or neglect and thus falls within the jurisdiction of the State, it must meet three conditions." I think those conditions are met, what next?

                                                            The classic, A Frank Statement. And how well did these nice sounding people live up to their promise?

                                                            Interesting set of recommended warning labels, to replace the ones we have today.

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