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    • <9/21/99> Smoking in an Apartment Building: What Can Be Done to Protect The Nonsmoking Neighbors? Technical Assistance Legal Center
        Residents of apartment complexes can be bothered by neighbors smoking. For example, a neighbors smoke may enter an apartment through open windows or the ventilation system. Unfortunately, unless the lease requires the landlord to prevent such occurrences, there is currently little relief available under California law. Landlords and local governments could act to prevent these circumstances in the future, but that is of little help to current tenants. Although a few cases have been filed in California and in other states against landlords or other tenants because of exposure to secondhand smoke, the legal remedies are still uncertain.

    • Who's Who in Tobacco

    • The Collaborators Who's collaborating with the tobacco industry? The answers may surprise you. A database in progress.

    • The Resistors Who is standing up? Many more than appear in this list. We commend them all, but these face special temptations. A database in progress.

    • 04/16/98 An Ad-erage Day in the Life of a Kid

    • 643+ Tobacco Books Alphabetized! You can instantly click on the one you want, and order it from Amazon. (Two 75K pages)

    • Get Military Reports on Tobacco Here FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) form letter.
        Here is a form letter that anyone can use to get a bibliography of hundreds of military reports on smoking, tobacco and cigarettes. Lots of research materials here, many of which have never been made public.

    • Fun with Patents!
        The IBM Patent Server is an incredible collection of an astounding number of patents, linked to an order form (if you want copies). You can access over 26 years of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent descriptions as well as the last seventeen years of images. The first entries date back to January 5, 1971. You can search, retrieve and study over two million patents. How about an Electrical Lighter with Rotatable Tobacco? Or a Self-Loading Tobacco Trailer? Type AND/OR to separate Boolean search terms, like "tobacco AND licorice." Wonders galore.

    • Outdated alerts & other time-expired items. An unorganized text dump for completionists only--or those looking for specific old TV programs, magazine references, etc.

    • DATA & CHARTS: 1994-1995 US Tobacco Companies Market Shares

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