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  • Tobaccopedia: The online tobacco encyclopedia A full, rich database of sites from the International Union against Cancer. Nicely organized, rich collection of subjects.
  • Larry Breed's Online Guide To Tobacco Activism (LATEST REVISION: 6/2/99) Get up to speed on the tobacco issue with this terrific, ever-fascinating guided tour of agricultural, business, health, and activist sites. For just the new stuff Larry's discovered, go to the Latest Larry Breed Update

  • Smoking from All Sides Page
    Loring Holden's valiant attempt to provide links to everything--from whatever side--there is about tobacco on the net.
  • U MICH's Tobacco Research Network's Tobacco Websites
  • Tobacco Links Organized by subject area, from Kickbutts.org
  • AG Tobacco Settlement Links


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    • 02/08/21 JAPAN: Tojima Quit Smoking Challenge in Japanese only, unfortunately. See this Yomiuri Shimbun item:
        Televiews continues to monitor the Hokkaido Terebi-sponsored antismoking movement via the Internet (As you may remember, there is a continuing saga going on up north, where daytime TV host Ryutaro Tojima persists in his efforts to kick the smoking habit. He hopes to get 10,000 Hokkaidoites to join him by May 31, 2003. It is the first network-sanctioned antismoking movement Televiews has ever come across in the small screen world. The Web site provides summaries of the program's past reports on everything from the dangers of passive smoke to smokeless restaurants.
    • 02/08/20 RetroMedia TV From USA Today's Hot Sites:
        Yabba dabba don't look now, but Fred Flintstone's hawking Winston cigarettes, and Orson Welles is peddling Paul Masson wine. View these and other classic TV commercials, along with vintage TV show intros at Retromedia.tv. Yabba dabba (cough cough cough.)

    • 02/08/19 Tobacco Executive's Salaries From ecomponline.

    • 02/08/06 Tobacco Scam Yow! Stan Glants and UCSF take off on the industry's attempts to thwart smokefree policies, detailing activities from the "Beverly Hills Restaurant Association" to the "30% Myth" to retrofitting every restaurant in the country, rather than institute bans. Research papers, secret documents, articles, it's all here. A clean, clear, book-length site.
    • 02/08/02 Quit Smokeless.org
    • 02/07/12 Smoking Stops Here Maryland's $14M Settlement-funded social marketing campaign.
        We're tired of the sickness. We're tired of the dying. We're tired of breathing secondhand smoke. We're tired of Big Tobacco manipulating us. It's time to take action HERE

    • 02/07/08 TobaccoMoney.comCitizens for a Healthy Michigan.
        The state of Michigan has not spent a single dollar of the tobacco settlement funds on health care or smoking prevention programs! Instead, the state has spent the money more than $1 billion so far on a variety of programs including computer technology, road construction, prisons, and funding for a rare isotope accelerator. But not a dime on health care or tobacco control! . . A proposal on the November ballot will ask Michigan voters to guarantee that 90 percent of the tobacco funds go to tobacco prevention efforts, research and health care. The Healthy Michigan Amendment requires that the tobacco money be spent on researching cures for tobacco-related illnesses, on educating teens not to smoke, on a prescription drug program for senior citizens, and on medical care for those suffering after a lifetime of smoking.

    • 02/07/12 Smoking Animals.com

    • 02/06/18 International Conference on Illicit Tobacco Trade (ICITT)
        The United States through ATF is hosting the International Conference on Illicit Tobacco Trade (ICITT) from July 30 to August 1, 2002, at the United Nations in New York. Two years ago, the 191 member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a negotiation to address "the spectacular rise and spread of tobacco consumption around the world." The negotiation process is called the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

      • 02/06/15 Feel Free to Say No to Smoking European Commission/FIFA's anti-youth smoking campaign.
      • 02/05/29 Women and Smoking Campaign from the American Legacy Foundation. Includes a handy "Quit Plan"
      • 02/05/20 Smokers Vitamin
      • 02/05/06 Smoke-Free Families
          We are a group of organizations that have joined forces to help pregnant smokers quit smoking, forever. Weve created a new national partnership that can dramatically improve the health of mothers and their babies, while saving lives and cutting health care costs. To succeed, we need you and your organization. So get involved. Join us as we develop new breakthroughs and implement proven ones. Our studies show that even a brief counseling intervention can double, and in some cases even triple, quit rates among pregnant women. Helping pregnant smokers quit is one of the most important things we can do for healthier families now and for generations to come. With your help, we can make all this possible.

      • 02/05/04 Smoke, Lies & Videotape Hollywood Entertainment Museum
          Coming March 15th, don't miss our major yearlong exhibit Smoke, Lies & Videotape. This highly entertaining and interactive experience takes you on an ingenious journey that chronicles the history of smoking in movies, television and other media over the last century.

      • 02/05/03http://www.westchesterfacevalue.com"> Westchester Face Value
          The Westchester County, NY, "Face Value" campaign aims to counter tobacco industry messages that target young women by portraying smoking as glamorous, sexy, or 'cool' by revealing the truth about the negative effects of tobacco.
      • 02/04/27 Tobacco Advertising Archive Several massive collections, including Rick Pollay's, which is searchable by text! From Smokescreen.

      • 02/04/14Campus Invasion.com
          Bad health is not the only effect of tobacco. The environment suffers as well. Virtually everything that is done to grow tobacco leaves can hurt the environment, as well as the people who grow it. What can you do to help? Well, the easiest thing to do is to stop smoking or encourage your friends and family to stop smoking. You'll better their health, and decrease tobacco demand. Less demand equals less production.

      • 02/04/04 Why Do You Think.comVirginia's unprecedented anti-youth smoking campaign concentrates on "choice."
      • 02/03/30 Issues Tracking: Tobacco Advertising Association of National Advertisers tracks Federal bills here.
          ANA continues to meet with members and staff of key committees in Congress to oppose legislation granting theFood and Drug Administration the authority to regulate the advertising of tobacco products. ANA has worked with the Freedom to Advertise Coalition, of which we are a founding member, to oppose the legislation. Rather than grant new authority to the FDA to regulate tobacco advertising, ANA believes that the Federal Trade Commission has strong authority to stop any advertising that is false or deceptive or which targets the underaged for adult products.

      • 02/03/26 Wallgreens.com The subject of Walgreens wants teen to change site name
          The nation's No. 1 drugstore chain is mounting its forces against a Wheeling eighth-grader in a legal battle that began in cyberspace. Walgreen Co. has filed a complaint against 13-year-old Michelle Cohn over the Web site she set up in January to protest the company's tobacco policies. Michelle's site, Wallgreens.com, features a line of coffins and criticizes Walgreens for selling cigarettes, saying the drugstore wants its customers "Dead or Alive!"

      • 02/03/21 DMOZ: Tobacco Humor Articles Satire like the classic "Lung Cancer to Change Its Name to Philip Morris"
      • 02/03/12 Non-Compliant Stores Caught Selling to Teens OK Dept. of Health lists all the violators for 2001.
      • 02/03/06 PhilipMorrisCantHide From CTFK, an animated "e-movie" that spoofs Philip Morris' proposed corporate name change to The Altria Group. The tobacco giant's shareholders will vote on the name change at their annual meeting April 25. Billed as "the movie Philip Morris doesn't want you to see,"
      • 02/01/28 Smoking is Ugly.com Christy Turlington's site.
      • 02/01/07 Trial in a Box: Boeken YES, Depos, Testimony, Transcripts, Exhibits and all!
      • 01/11/13The Oral Cancer Foundation
          is a national public service, non-profit entity designed to reduce suffering and save lives through prevention, education, research, advocacy, and support. In the US, a person dies from oral cancer every hour of every day. However, when found early, oral cancer has an 80 to 90 % cure rate. This site will provide you with information about the rates of occurrence, risk factors which lead to oral cancer, treatments, current research, and current oral cancer related news. A patient / survivor forum is open to the public where those currently fighting oral cancer can gain insights and inspiration from those who have been there before them. A comprehensive resource list is also available to link you to other pertinent oral cancer data on the web and elsewhere for patients, caregivers, and the public.

      • 01/11/13 RJR's Doral Site SMokers-welcome.com
          The One and Only Online Community For Smokers, By Smokers!
      • 01/11/12 Omni Cigarettes
          We recently introduced a new brand of cigarettes called Omni. Omni is important because it is the first reduced carcinogen cigarette that tastes, smokes, and burns just like any other premium cigarette. As we all know, smoking is addictive and hazardous to your health. However, the medical community has identified specific carcinogens that are a major cause of lung cancer in smokers. In a groundbreaking move, we have greatly reduced many of these. Let me be perfectly clear - there is no such thing as a safe cigarette, and we do not encourage anyone to smoke. But, we strongly believe that if you do smoke, Omni is the best alternative. While Omni has not been proven to reduce health risks, the significant reduction of carcinogen levels is, in our opinion, a major step in the right direction.

      Activism Rules!:

      • 01/10/23 Save truth.org
          Florida's truth campaign, one of the nation's first and most successful tobacco prevention programs, is in danger. The Florida Legislature will meet in special session beginning October 22 to cut $1.4 billion from the state budget. We must let Governor Jeb Bush and the Legislature know that tobacco prevention has been cut enough already and more cuts would let down Florida's kids. Contact Governor Bush and your legislator today and urge them to oppose further cuts to our tobacco prevention program. Send your FREE fax below.

      • 01/10/03 Celebrities against Smoking Full-length videos from the CDC.
        • Christy Turlington PSA
        • Jeremy London ads
        • Secrets Through the Smoke 55 minute video featuring Jeff Wigand
        • SLAM from Leslie Nuchow
        • My Kids
            a special report to help parents gain expert advice on how to keep their children free from substance abuse. Host Mark Hamill (Star Wars) guides viewers through a 30-minute video that describes resources for parents, gives tips from health care professionals, and offers testimonials from teenagers and adults, and features recording artist/musician and parent Richard Marx, who shares his concern about his children's future.
        • Boyz2Men Ad

      • 01/09/27 Fatal Attraction: Lifting the Smokescreen from SCAPE (Smoking Cessation Action in Primary Care) UK
          This brand new campaign will work in conjunction with 'The Time is Right' by providing tailored smoking cessation advice to women who want to stop smoking.

      • 01/09/04 Bluegrass Quit and Win Kentucky smokers can win $ for quitting.
          The Clark County Health Department has teamed up with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department for the first-ever Bluegrass Quit & Win 2001, where former smokers can win cash prizes for staying tobacco-free for one month

      • 01/08/27 Arents Collection Online at last!
          The Arents Tobacco Collection, the product of over sixty years of collecting by George Arents, is the largest and most comprehensive collection in the world on the history, literature, and lore of tobacco. Over the years, the collection has grown to include books and manuscripts in more than twenty languages. Although the collection is devoted to tobacco and includes almost every important work dealing with the subject, it also contains many historical and literary works in which tobacco receives only incidental mention. Among the fields represented in the collection are American and English literature and medicine. Materials as diverse as rare herbals, government proclamations and edicts from Europe and the Americas, and early records of travel in the New World may be found here. In addition to its comprehensive holdings on the history of tobacco, the Arents Tobacco Collection has a representative collection on the technical aspects of the subject; covered are such topics as "Smoking and Health," "Chemical Composition of Tobacco," "Tobacco Manufacture," and "Tobacco Marketing." The Arents Collection of Books in Parts contains over 1,200 items and is one of the best collections assembled on the principle that the books therein appeared serially in separate numbers and are still in their original state. Books in parts may be defined as works by an author or authors which are published piecemeal over a period of time, each unit having its separate cover.

      • 01/08/21 Calgary's (Alb) Proposed Smoking Bylaw
          The Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services (SPC on CPS) is currently in the process of reviewing a proposed smoking bylaw that applies to all public places. Part of the process established by Council is the inclusion of a Public Hearing on the proposed expanded smoking bylaw, as well as the formation of a special Bylaw Implementation Committee on Smoking. The public is invited and fully encouraged to participate in these processes. The Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services looks forward to your participation and input in this very important issue. This site was created in order to allow the public access to information about the bylaw process. A summary of the draft expanded smoking bylaw is available for viewing.

      • 01/08/17 Australian Council on Smoking and HealthWelcome to ACOSH, the Australian Council on Smoking and Health's new website dedicated to raising awareness in the community on smoking and health issues in Australia. Our Internet site is a dynamic, evolving resource, which makes published, unpublished and specially developed material about smoking and tobacco related material available to policy makers, service providers, researchers, students and the general community. We try to cover a wide range of issues of relevance to the Australian community. We aim to provide the latest facts and issues, links to other tobacco activist's sites from around the world, expose secret documents on the tobacco industry, how to deal with smoking complaints, help for the smoker who wants to quit, non-smoking resources such as stickers for the car, home and business, and the most comprehensive library on smoking and health in Australia.
        Aronson Washington Research Oft-quoted tobacco analyst Mary Aronson's site.
          AWR is a small, Washington-based research firm providing analysis of public policy and products liability litigation, particularly in the areas of tobacco, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Clients are major institutional investors. AWR was established in 1989 by Mary Aronson, an attorney and former nurse. Ms Aronson has held various positions in and around the federal government since 1977, including work as a health staffer on the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee and as professional staff on the Labor-Health & Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee. Prior to arriving in Washington, she worked as a registered nurse as well as a staff associate on a national developmental disabilities project. In 1983, she began her career on Wall Street with The Washington Forum, a subsidiary of Drexel Burnham Lambert. . . AWR provides regular written analysis on issues concerning tobacco policy and litigation.

      • 01/07/31 PBS: NOVA: Search for a Safe Cigarette
          Welcome to the companion Web site to "Search for a Safe Cigarette," scheduled for broadcast on October 2, 2001. The program chronicles the tobacco industry's decades long effort to create a "safer" cigarette. Here's what you'll find online:
          • Anatomy of a Cigarette At first glance, a cigarette may look simple -- a tube of paper with tobacco in it. But each of a cigarette's myriad elements has been carefully engineered for a specific purpose. In this interactive feature, take apart an online version of a conventional cigarette and compare it with two "safer" cigarette designs.
          • "Safer" Cigarettes: A History Review the checkered pedigree of the so-called safer cigarette in this excerpt from Wall St. Journal reporter Tara Parker-Pope's new book, Cigarettes: Anatomy of an Industry From Seed to Smoke.
          • The Dope on Nicotine Smokers are well aware of the nicotine fix, but how does this poisonous alkaloid work in the brain? Illustrated with striking animation stills created by Dr. Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom, a pharmacology professor at Duke University Medical Center, this piece traces nicotine's life cycle in the brain.
          • On Fire (Hot Science) This virtual laboratory lets you explore the basics of combustion, including how a fire ignites, what a flame is made of, and how burning molecules rearrange themselves.
          • Plus Resources and a Teacher's Guide.

      • 01/07/27 READER'S DIGEST BREAKS DECADES-LONG POLICY and ACCEPTS TOBACCO COMPANY ADVERTISINGLeslie Bell tracks the doings of Reader's Digest, which, considering its history, is quite interesting.
          Reader's Digest, once the leader in editorial content against smoking and smoking-related diseases, and one of the first national magazines to refuse to accept money from tobacco companies, in a stunning reversal just six months ago started sneaking in tobacco company advertising in their issues from Phillip Morris for the first time in decades. These ads started with print versions of the propaganda running extensively and currently on TV, touting how wonderful Phillip Morris and its people are because of various charity programs, most begun by their current subsidiaries Kraft Foods and Miller Brewing Company, long before these companies were purchased by Phillip Morris solely as a tool to insinuate their advertising dollars into publications and media outlets that refused to deal with Phillip Morris directly. Ironically, most of these ads feature targeted age groups that smoking harms the most, i.e. young people and seniors. To date Reader's Digest has already received many complaints and requests for subscription cancellation due to this new policy

      • 01/07/10 Smokefree Apartment House Registry
          The Registry is being developed in response to the many requests we have received from the public for information about rental units which are free of drifting tobacco smoke. The Smokefree Apartment House Registry is a project of Smokefree Air For Everyone (S.A.F.E.) and Community Partners, Los Angeles. For many years, hotels and motels have offered smokefree accommodations. The demand for "non-smoking rooms" is so great, in fact, that few hotels will guarantee a smokefree room, even when it is urgently requested. Preliminary surveys in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties indicate there is also a strong demand for smokefree accommodations in apartments and condominiums. It is unfortunate that in some buildings, tobacco smoke can drift from one unit into another, or can enter an apartment or condo from halls, stairs, balconies, and patios. Most Californians are aware of the health hazards of secondhand smoke and wish to be protected from it. However, many apartment owners are not aware that they have the choice to designate all or part of an apartment building or complex as smokefree. Smokefree apartments are less costly to maintain and may be cheaper to insure. We offer a free listing on our web site: to apartment owners who have chosen to establish a total or partial smokefree policy in their buildings.
      • 01/05/23 Conscientious Consuming: The Boycott Against Tobacco Companies With an international, if outdated List of non-tobacco products
      • 5/22/01 Tobacco Cessation Online Training Center Arizona Dept of Health has a great Library, including short, punchy, just-the-essentials referenced resources. Very well-organized and useful resource.
      • 01/05/22 My Mind and Bodi
          Our Mission OUR GOALS: Our goal is to get 1,000,000 million parents/adults to spend time with a youth to discuss the effects of Smoking. YOUR HELP: When you buy a shirt from us we will donate $3 dollars of every shirt to Children Hospitals Also donations will go to outdoor causes that help the enviroment. If you want to suggest some places feel free to do so. We will donate to all the places we can. OUTCOME: What is the outcome? No we are not some big shot company trying to change the world. We are a small group of parents that want to make our own statement about tobacco in our own words and ads.

      • 01/05/22 HealthNow! The Massachusetts Chapter of the Alliance for a Healthy New England
          Nearly 300 hundred people turned out on May 9th to show their support for the Health Now! legislation. Our months of planning, coordinating and outreach really paid off at this hearing before the Joint Health Care and Taxation Committees. People from all over Massachusetts demonstrated their support of the bill by attending the hearing . . . Senate President Thomas Birmingham (D-Chelsea), a smoker, said that [he] will pay this tax to ensure a life of decency, dignity and some security for the decent, hardworking people who make up the vast majority of the uninsured. And we were thrilled that both tobacco survivors and uninsured people were able to come and share their stories.

      • 01/05/13 Smokefree World Lists restaurants catering to nonsmokers around the world! Available in several languages.
      • 00/12/26 SmokeFree Anchorage
          Breathe easy Anchorage! Thanks to the Smokefree Anchorage Ordinance all worksites, public places, and restaurants will be smokefree beginning December 31, 2000. This website has been designed to help employers, employees, and the community learn about Ordinance AO 2000-91(S). The website provides basic information and resources to the community to ensure successful implementation of the Smokefree Anchorage Ordinance. Cessation resources are also included to provide assistance to smokers who want help quitting tobacco use.

      • 00/10/03 Inhalex "your fiveminute digital smoke break" from The Independent Tobacco Corporation, set up this year by three former British American Tobacco (BAT) employees, has developed two new brands namely, Matrix and Rivas Park.
      • 00/09/27 G-mart Gyro Advertising, which handles RJR's Red Kamel account, has opened an "art music fashion culture" site.
          G-Mart for your convenience, straight out of tomorrow, every day in every way, preserving America's artistic freedom.

      • 00/09/01 Smokefree Apartments: Separating Myth from Reality Guidelines for apartment owners/managers from Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota
      • 00/09/01 Smoking Problems From Neighboring Condominiums, Apartment Buildings, And Offices GASP of Colorado Education Library

      • August 24-27, 2000
        19th Ohio Tobacco Festival
        Formed in 1982, the Ohio Tobacco Festival committee acknowledges tobacco as an important part of Ohio's heritage. Grown on 10,000 farm quotas in southern Ohio, this celebration of the golden crop recognizes tobacco growers, their families, and the communities in which it is grown. Our heritage will always be remembered at the Ohio Tobacco Festival Museum in Ripley, Ohio!
      • 00/08/22 The Golden LEAF Foundation NC
          announces its first program opportunity for eligible North Carolina organizations to propose activities that will improve social and economic conditions in economically affected or tobacco-dependent regions of the state. The Foundation was established by the State of North Carolina in 1999 for the purposes of receipt and distribution of a portion of the funds North Carolina receives as a result of the settlement of North Carolina v. Philip Morris Incorporated, et al.

      • 00/08/22 Carol AS Thompson
          Infectious diseases are the leading preventable causes of death in the United States and throughout the world, and always have been. By their obstruction of the truth, the anti-smoking conspirators have caused the needless deaths and suffering of uncounted millions. They have compounded their crimes by persecuting the innocent, and stealing their victims' money to line their own over-privileged pockets, under the pretext of the Big Lie that smoking is an economic burden to society. Morally, the anti-smokers deserve to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, and hanged like the Nazi war criminals.

            The only tobacco conspiracy that has ever existed is the anti-smoking movement's own. The syndicate created by Mary Lasker, of Lasker Foundation renown, whom the media fawningly portray as lofty-minded benefactors of medical research, are the central perpetrators of a gigantic campaign of conspiracy, fraud, and racketeering against smokers. . . Mary Lasker and her cronies had taken over the American Cancer Society in 1946, and they propagandized the public that "cancer is not an infectious disease."

      • 00/08/03 ClassAction.com
          State Your Case You have the potential to start a class action case. Take a look at what others are saying and join in or tell us what's on your mind. Plaintiff Communication Are you a plaintiff in an existing class action case? If so, we may have up-to-date information for you. Access is restricted to class members. In order to enter you'll need a password from one of the firms representing the class. . . Our network of class action experts is growing daily. They gather information and we publish it. . . If you're looking for a class action attorney/firm, see our list of class action experts that may be able to help you.

      • 00/07/20 Smoke-Free Environments Law Project From the Center for Social Gerontology
          The Smoke-Free Environments Law Project (SFELP) is a statewide project which provides information, consultation and advice for businesses, local units of government, and individuals in Michigan on policies and practices to protect employees and the general public from the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and to address the legal requirements and liability issues related to ETS.
      • 00/07/17 Cigarette Litter.org
          Every day, billions of cigarettes are dumped, one at a time, on our sidewalks, beaches, nature trails, gardens, and other public places. In fact, cigarettes are the most littered item in America. Cigarette litter can ruin even the most picturesque setting, but in addition to being unsightly, cigarette litter is damaging to the environment and also the cause of numerous fires every year, some of them fatal. CigaretteLitter.Org is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to significantly reducing the amount of cigarette litter through educational campaigns. Most people who litter their cigarettes don't fully understand the consequences of their actions. This web site and our other educational efforts are designed to get the facts out about cigarette litter to both smokers and non-smokers. Once people know the truth, they will be much more hesitant to unthinkingly flick their cigarette butts on the ground.

      • 02/04/12 Bio-Butt Filter Bio-degradable-butts? Tobacco companies aren't biting on this invention.
      • 7/16/00NicNet New Address, new look! Find out what the latest trends in nicotine and tobacco research are - it could save your life! Check out their ETS sites

      • 00/07/16 FORCES: The Evidence Archive
          Welcome to FORCES' Evidence section. Here you'll find a collection of material -- with particular emphasis on scientific evidence -- that explodes many of the most cherished claims of the antismoker industry. These claims have been advanced to gather public support for smoking bans, high taxes, employment discrimination, and even the advocacy of legal action against neighbors who smoke in their own apartments!


      • 00/07/12 Embassydutyfree.com
          Embassydutyfree.com handles diplomatic sales, which is the company's B2B web site servicing diplomatic mission around the world. . . offers over 50 brands of cigarettes, shipments of individual cases, and consignments as large as full 40' container loads are available.
      • 00/07/12 DUTYFREEZONE.COM
          delivers your favorite premium brands into the U.S. without shipping charges, taxes or duties, Guaranteed.

      • 00/07/11 Japan Tobacco Culture page JT's Racing, Baseball, Volleyball teams, art, etc.
      • 00/07/08 Special Report: Big Tobacco Still Addicting Kids CTFK takes on magazine sponsorship in magazines with a strong youth readership; get ads, sales and readership figures here.

      • 00/07/06 National Oncology Database
          The National Oncology DataBase (NODB) With the essential data used for Clinical Research, Market Research, and Regulatory Affairs, IMPACs NODB consists of more than 1.6 million cases with detailed longitudinal analyses on the presentation, treatment and outcome of cancer cases occurring throughout the United States. The NODB offers aggregated information from over 180 cancer registries, providing a nationally representative view of cancer therapies. No other database matches the integrity and depth of the NODB for current, retrospective, and longitudinal analysis.

      • 00/06/24 Smoke-Free Environments Law Project
          The Smoke-Free Environments Law Project (SFELP) is a statewide project which provides information, consultation and advice for businesses, local units of government, and individuals in Michigan on policies and practices to protect employees and the general public from the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and to address the legal requirements and liability issues related to ETS.

      • 00/06/17 Apparently affilitated with Buttout.net
          Currently our boycott against Philip Morris is over. Philip Morris Company has promised to pull all of their ads out of magazines with high teen readership. We will monitor their advertising to make sure they honor their promise. The Philip Morris Company has threatened to sue the owners of PhillipMorris.Com. We will keep you posted of their corporate bullying on this web site.

          Welcome to the Cigarette Butts as Litter web site. Here, you can learn all about the #1 source of litter on earth! . . NOT JUST UGLY TOXIC TOO Cigarette butts are not just ugly - they also present a threat to wildlife. Cigarette filters have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds, whales and other marine creatures who mistake them for food. Recent studies conducted by Clean Virginia Waterways show that the chemicals in cigarette butts easily leach out of the butts, and are deadly to water fleas (a small but important animal that lives in most freshwater lakes and streams as well as the ocean). Composed of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic, cigarette butts can persist in the environment as long as other forms of plastic. More than 470,000,000,000 cigarettes were smoked in the U.S. in 1998, and many butts are washed into rivers and streams from parking lots and streets via stormwater.

      • 00/06/12 World's Fastest Clown
          Coming July 23, 2000 - The World's Fastest Clown's BE TOBACCO FREE! Worldwide Cartoon Contest. The best anti-smoking cartoon from somewhere around the world will win the grand prize, a new Sea Doo GSX watercraft!

      • 00/06/06 California Smokers' Helpline (a free tobacco cessation resource available to all people living in California)

      • 00/06/05 MO: Tobacco Settlement Scandal Republican legislator Brent Evans fights lawyers' tobacco settlement fees, urges funds go to taxpayers.
      • 00/06/02 The American Tobacco Trail
          The American Tobacco trail follows the path of old rail beds that brought tobacco to the American Tobacco warehouse in Durham.

      • 00/06/02 Smokefree Jacksonville (FL)
          This site is dedicated to reducing the number of smokers, increasing public awareness on the dangers of tobacco usage and preventing the use of all forms of tobacco.

      • 00/05/31 BADVertising Institute
          Here in BADvertising Country we counter the seduction by doctoring-up tobacco ads to make them honest. By juxtaposing silly, gross and disgusting images on top of deceitful ads, we jolt people into realizing how tobacco imagery is concealing the truth, manipulating young people into addiction to tobacco, and duping the rest of society into addiction to their money. Artist Bonnie Vierthaler has done over 70 of these honest ads. Find them sprinkled around the site or click on Gallery to see them all. She calls it BADvertising. . . great visual materials for everyone from would-be quitters to lone crusaders to the largest health organizations. Hang a poster, give a slide show; send an e-mail greeting or put up a screen-saver for all to see.
      • 00/05/06 Green Ball Cigarette Filters 3DSD
          Our filters can effectively remove toxic materials with the technology of compound interaction. Our biological formula, and "highly selective and absorbent filter materials," have a strong capability to absorb nicotine and tar from cigarette smoke. The R.I.T. (US) BioLab and HurNan Tobacco Test Center (China) have proven that the filter materials in Green Ball effectively remove 90% of nicotine and 75% of tar and other toxic materials from cigarette smoke. (Cited from US Invention Patent).

      • 00/11/23 Tobacco Control Gallery Simon Chapman's update "art" gallery of:
        • Health effects of smoking (diseased organs, Brueger's amputations, etc.)
        • Tobacco advertising from the merchants of death
        • Historical illustrations
        • Anti-smoking posters we like
        • Tobacco industry "leaders" (Bible, Boyse, etc.)

      • 00/04/23 Woodside Hotels & Resorts The California hotel chain which has banned smoking everywhere.

      • 00/04/18 British Columbia's Guildford documents
          In April 1999, five members of B.C.'s legal team conducted research at the Guildford depository. The team requested copies of about 5,000 documents representing about 15,000 pages. Documents relating to Canadian operations of BAT and Imperial Tobacco Limited retrieved by the provincial government's research team are being posted on this web site.

      • 00/04/14 Tobacco Control Resource Center
      • 00/04/13 Diane Keyes: Tobacco Paintings and Sculpturess
          If you talk to an old-timer who brings his tobacco to market, you'll probably hear him say, "It's not just the money, it's the event." The cry of the auctioneer and the excitement running through the farmers as they wonder what price they will get for their tobacco keeps everyone's attention.While looking at Diane's sculptures, that excitement returns. If you were there once, you will be there again as the painstaking detail--from the expressions on people's faces to the tobacco leaves themselves--revive the faded memories.

      • 00/04/09 Tobacco Farm Life Museum Kenley, NC's lovely homage to the old days of tobacco farming is online.
      • 00/04/09 Question It "Your body is a battleground, Your Mind is a weapon. " High-energy anti-youth-smoking site from the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi .
        • Spin Doctors How the tobacco industry worms its way into your head.
            Sports Illustrated, People, Rolling Stone and Vogue all get at least 15% of their readership from people under 18! Why do tobacco companies put their ads in magazines you read?
        • Question it! Win it!
            Michael from Pearl! He's the man! Michael came up with an idea to stick it to tobacco where it really hurts. Don't want to give it away just yet, but let's just say it's sure to make them sit up and take notice. For his excellent idea, Michael will receive an Apple iMac computer.

      • 00/04/09 World Smoking.com From WorldNews, late news roundups; pretty good.
      • 00/04/05 Kick Ash Bash From Minnesota's Tobacc Market kids
      • 00/04/05 Smokefree Apartment House Registry
          .The Smokefree Apartment House Registry is a project of Smokefree Air For Everyone (S.A.F.E.) and Community Partners, Los Angeles .Most Californians are aware of the health hazards of secondhand smoke and wish to be protected from it. However, many apartment owners are not aware that they have the choice to designate all or part of an apartment building or complex as smokefree. Smokefree apartments are less costly to maintain and may be cheaper to insure.We offer a free listing on our web site to apartment owners who have chosen to establish a total or partial smokefree policy in their buildings. Our web site will also be free to prospective tenants.

      • 00/04/04 Tobacco China Now with an English translation
      • 00/04/04 Sale Watch
          The IMS combines the convenience of a dispenser with the security of an advanced inventory management system. When a customer wishes to purchase cigarettes they pay your bartender or cashier. He or she will then activate the SaleWatch machine with a keycard and dispense the cigarettes. The machine tells you in advance when a brand is sold out and keeps exact count of the number of cigarette packs dispensed by the machine. The IMS is not a vending machine! It does not accept any form of payment. No cash, tokens or credit cards are put in the machine. Every transaction is made face-to-face with a person and therefore is an over-the-counter sale. The issue of under-age access to cigarettes is resolved without

      • 00/03/30 FCTC Update INFACT reports daily on WHO's Framework Convention

      • 00/03/27 "Junk Science" Debunking The role of public relations companies in the conscription and distortion of science 5
          This is a new site under construction. It will be up and running shortly. For the time being, check out some of the material at my Electric Words -- Junk Index site -- especially the stuff about Steve Milloy, the spin-doctor and corporate lobbyist who operates another Junkscience site for APCO & Associates, the public relations company.

      • 00/03/24 Suicide by Cigarette Punk rock song, with audio.
          You gave me a cancer!
          You gave me a cancer!
          500,000 a year Dead! Dead!
          And the Tobacco Lobby did it!
          The ogres poison us
          even if you don't smoke
          Suicide by cigarette
          I got the emphysema blues
          While Senator Helms is wearing alligator shoes
          Hell yes I'm bitter!
          Living around ignorance and carbon monoxide
          Let's toast Sir Walter Raleigh and the combustion engine
          and advertising
          Buy your death in little packages!
          Buy your death in little packages!
          Be Beautiful!
          Buy your death in little packages!
          be beautiful

      • 00/03/20Framing the Framework Convention The FCTC Scorecard Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
          The first drafts of the proposed Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and related protocols will provoke much discussion - and many differing opinions -- among traditional allies in public health. With the potential for so many comments and different opinions, it becomes important not only to make comments on the documents, but to have a way of considering comments, ones own and other peoples comments as well, so that all views can be taken into account in working towards a more polished international instrument that is both representative of a global consensus and an effective public health measure. This proposal seeks to provide a way to help participants evaluate and keep track of the various concerns and options are raised.

      • 01/11/22 Third Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB)

      • 00/03/14 International Resources ASH-London
          This area of the ASH site provides information relevant to the development of international tobacco control efforts -- especially the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

      • 00/03/07National Lobbyist Directory State-by-state.
          The NATIONAL LOBBYIST DIRECTORY is designed to complement and enhance the efforts of state legislatures to help identify - for citizens and public officials - the people who attempt to influence state public policy decisions. Publishing an Internet-based NATIONAL LOBBYIST DIRECTORY simplifies the identification of lobbyists by compiling and distributing (through internet publication) relevant information for those seeking a central resource for lobbyist contacts and information. . . The NATIONAL LOBBYIST DIRECTORY complements the efforts of the Council for Ethics in Legislative Advocacy (CELA). CELA, a not-for-profit organization, provides legislative advocates with a code of ethics designed specifically for the lobbying industry, which is nationally recognizable and uniform.

      • 00/03/04Tobacco Industry Fraud and False Claims Discussion Page

        2/29/00 WA: Campus Tobacco Use: Prevention and Conflict of Interest History of "Students for Tobacco Awareness at the University of Washington" battle to end tobacco sales on campus.

        2/29/00 The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
          A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free legal help to journalists and news organizations since 1970.

        BUGA-UP Those Billboard-Utilizing Graphic Artists Against Unhealthy Promotions have a website for their late 70s-early 80s guerilla grafitti work

        2/25/00 Quitsmoking.com
          Not matronly. Not authoritarian. Just a down to earth community of equals - this is a site that`s for quitting smokers by quitting smokers.

        2/24/00 NEW ON-LINE TOBACCO DATABASE MarketFile
          World Tobacco, the leading international tobacco magazine, and MTI have launched an on-line database covering all aspects of the international cigarette market, which subscribers can access through this website. The database - called World Tobacco MarketFile - is the most comprehensive and user friendly available - the equivalent of over 3,000 pages of text - with detailed profiles of 90 countries, exhaustive profiles of all the leading companies, and a section analysing the global market under 20 different headings including all the important issues of the day. In addition World Tobacco MarketFile contains the World Tobacco Directory, an electronic version of World Tobaccos yearly industry directory, and a free copy of MTIs CountryFile CD-ROM containing economic, demographic and other statistics on 175 countries. World Tobacco MarketFile will be updated regularly to take account of market developments, company results, key litigation, and important changes in the operating environment. The World Tobacco MarketFile database is available to subscribers now If you would like to talk to someone about World Tobacco MarketFile call Alex Stacchini or Adrian Wistreich on +44 (0)207 263 1365. Market Tracking International Ltd, 7 Archway Business Centre, 19 Wedmore Street, London N19 4RU, United Kingdom Tel: 44 (0)207 263 1365 Fax: 44 (0)207 272 8525 E-Mail: a.stacchini@marketfile.co.uk

        2/18/00 Campaign Finance Reports and Data FEC's site keeps up-to-date with the 2000 Presidential, House and Senate campaigns.
      • 00/07/05 NY: Campaign Contributions From the Albany Times-Union.

        2/18/00 The Saskatchewan Coalition for Tobacco Reduction with a handy Public Hearings 2000

        2/17/00 du Maurier Classic Golf 'n cigarettes

        2/15/0 Tabacalera Cigars The Spanish tobacco company targets "Executive Man," "Active Man," "Social Man"

        2/15/0 Center for Addiction and Mental Health

        2/15/00 TRUTH The American Legacy Foundation's site
          It's pretty simple. Big Tobacco is spending billions on a war to get inside our heads and get us to smoke. They are good at what they do. But they are afraid of us discovering the truth about what the've done - and they are really afraid of us getting together in a place they can't reach, where our ideas, our music and our media stand up tall to question business as usual. This is the place where it all happens...

        2/15/00 FAQvoter.com: California Edition Prop. 10 vs. Prop. 28.

        2/15/00 WA: I-174: Petition "To Ban Smoking in Casinos, Bars, Taverns, Restaurants, and Bowling Alleys in the State of Washington" Washington for Clean Public Air.
          January 7, 2000 I-714 was filed with the Secretary of State's office. January 28, 2000 First day of Signature Drive.

      • 1/31/00 International Consortium of Investigative Journalists The people responsible for the BAT smuggling report. From the Center for Public Integrity.
          In an increasingly frontierless yet complex world, there is a need for in-depth information that transcends national boundaries. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists was created to meet that need.

      • 1/27/00 CA: NO on 28
          Prop 28 was put on the ballot by the tobacco industry to kill anti-smoking programs that have reduced tobacco sales by 30 percent. In addition, Prop 28 will slash nearly $700 million a year from children's health and pre-school education programs.

      • Stop Big Tobacco.org
      • Yes on 28
      • Vote Prop. 28

        FDA Children and Tobacco ComplianceChecker
          We designed this web site to show you how retailers in your neighborhood and around the country are complying with the law to halt tobacco sales to children. You can search by location or establishment and can call up reports showing national and state results. If you have comments or suggestions on improving the usability of this web site, please contact us at topsweb@oc.fda.gov.

      • 1/22/00 ButtOut.net New player on the block
          Philip Morris has been pretending to have children's interests in mind with their new advertising campaign. In reality a substantial amount of their advertising is in magazines with high readership in the 16 to 20 year old age group. Our demands are simple, we ask that you boycott Philip Morris tobacco products until they have removed all advertising from publications with high readership in the under 21 year old age group.

      • 1/21/00 Tobacco Dirt An excellent and sophisticated use of TBBS' "Republishers" News service may be seen on this site.
      • 1/13/00 Anti-Smoking Art Paintings by Albert Ortiz, who's in his 70s. Insightful paintings, some funny, some outr, all intense.
          This Web Site contains photographs of paintings by Albert Ortiz which were created in the hope that people would look at them and be encouraged Not To Smoke. These paintings are copyright protected and are the sole property of Mr. Ortiz. They are not to be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the artist. However, anyone is welcome to use any photograph for Educational Purposes Only. All we ask is that you tell others about this site and maybe together we can encourage someone to quit smoking.
        Check out Careless Butt, for example.
      • 1/11/00 Tobacco Ads from Poland Polski McSpotlight's nice candid shots; some from California
      • 1/10/00 Institute for Global Tobacco Control Johns Hopkins
          The mission of the Institute for Global Tobacco Control is to prevent death and disease from tobacco use around the world through research, education and policy development.

      • 1/8/00 TobaccoFloors.com
          Welcome to Tobaccofloors on-line web-site, the newest and most comprehensive electronic commercial tobacco web-site in the world aimed at the tobacco professional. Our on-line service is committed to excellence, quality and confidentiality. Tobaccofloors is a virtual mall of trading and information for the tobacco industry currently providing a wide range of services with many more features to come soon.

      • 1/6/00 National Lobbyist Directory
        • Lobbyist Ethics Pledge
            I believe an increased awareness of the need for ethical behavior by legislative advocates (lobbyists) will help to restore public faith in all levels of government. I believe that pledging to self-regulate will increase elected officials' trust in the information provided by legislative advocates and will help to promote legislative advocacy as an honorable profession.
        • Ethics in the News (Great idea, but not well updated)

      • 1/3/00 Tobacco Strategy From Tobacco Strategy Branch Ministry of Health and Ministry Responsible for Seniors Government of British Columbia
          Tobacco Strategy Litigation
            In early 1997, British Columbia announced its intention to launch an action against Canadian tobacco manufacturers to recover tobacco-related health costs.

      • 12/27/99 Tobacco Cases 1830-1999 A spectacular compilation from Leroy Pletten.
      • 12/27/99 Dr. Pearl's Famous 1938 Death Rates Study Leroy Pletten has summarized the data from this seminal study.
          Raymond Pearl, Dep't of Biology, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore, MD, "Tobacco Smoking and Longevity," 87 Science (#2253) 216-217 (4 March 1938)

      • 12/21/99 NIDA's Nicotine Page Lots of good addiction info, articles, conference reports.
          The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the principal biomedical and behavioral research agency of the United States Government. NIH is a component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
      • 2/21/00 NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse

      • 12/20/99 Smokefree World
      • 12/20/99 Smokefree USA Search by state, then city

      • 12/15/99 Lubicz Sienicki versus Philip Morris Polska and SeitaThe Polish suit
          In July 1999 at Katowice in Southern Poland died Mrs. Danuta Mikulicz. Her son, Mr. Slawomir Lubicz Sienicki (last name consisting of two words) in August of 1999 has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the cigarettes she smoked. Namely, Seita which bought Radom tobacco factory (cigarettes Popularne), and Philip Morris Polska (cigarettes Marlboro produced at Krakow factory). . . Press contacts can be made with the plaintiff's representative Mr. ANDRZEJ SAWICKI: Phone: (48-32)-299-5761 Fax: (48-32)-299-7583

      • 12/14/99 Campaign Finance Information Center

      • 12/9/99 Tobacco Industry Cookbook Humor, short and, uh, sweet!
          Now updated with a new section just for Teens. Available soon in all major bookstores and gas station vending machines !

      • 12/9/99 Tobacco Control Supersite Simon Chapman's brilliant endeavor
        • Tobacco Control Issues by Subject
        • Australian Tobacco Documents The source of Mark Ragg's spectacular Tobacco Files series.

      • 12/5/99 CRS Reports by Title from the Senate Democratic Leadership Committees. Don't look for the very latest here, but lots of Congressional Research Service tobacco reports may be found. You can see some of the issues with the CRS' refusal to put its reports online, and some other CRS sites at the CVF-NEWS site

      • 12/2/99 DOJ FDA case update

      • 11/30/99 Food & Drug Administration v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. Medill School of Journalism
          Question(s) presented: Are tobacco products subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as "drugs" and "devices?"

      • 11/30/99 Cigarette Ads are IllegalGet set for a wild ride. Leroy Pletten has assembled a remarkable collection of early and modern tobacco data, writings, opinions, laws and references, concentrating on medical journals and court cases. 2 examples follow.
        • The media's wide-spread censorship of tobacco-facts, to the extreme of printing of gross disinformation, has been cited since at least 1930, see Charles M. Fillmore, Tobacco Taboo (Indianapolis: Meigs Pub Co, 1930), pp 88-89; Lennox Johnston, "Cure of Tobacco-Smoking," 263 The Lancet 480, 482 (6 September 1952); and George Seldes, Never Tire of Protesting, (New York: Lyle Stuart Inc, 1968), Chapters 7-10, pp 61-99.
        • 1925 CANCER DATA Showing The Link To Smoking
            Some people spread the myth that the discovery of the link between smoking and cancer is recent. Not so. This site has data from a 1925 medical book on the subject: Hoffman, Frederick, Third and Fourth Quarterly Report of the San Francisco Cancer Survey (Prudential Press, 1925). A chart-form summary was published three years later by Drs. Herbert L. Lombard and Carl B. Doering, "Cancer Studies . . . Habits, Characteristics and Environment of Individuals With And Without Cancer," 198 New England Journal of Medicine (10) 481-487 (26 April 1928). The 1925 data showed already then existing data on premature deaths among smokers at a higher rate than among nonsmokers.

        • 11/25/99 501 Mangalore Ganesh Beedi
            Established in 1940, the Mangalore Ganesh Beedi Works manufactures the 501 Mangalore Ganesh Beedi, the worlds most popular brand of beedies. 501 Ganesh beedies are hand rolled in tendu leaf and then dried in chambers warmed by a charcoal fire . The details of this process is a carefully guarded secret and has been perfected over three generations

        • 11/21/99 Technical Assistance Legal Center (TALC) in California
            TALC is a resource for California communities that are seeking to change their environment through local laws to reduce or prohibit tobacco advertising and promotions. TALC is funded by the California Department of Health Services through monies received from the Tobacco Tax Health Protection Act of 1988Proposition 99to provide technical assistance to cities and counties with legal questions relating to tobacco advertising and promotions controls and divestment of tobacco stocks. The intended audiences for TALC's services are local elected officials; city attorneys and county counsels; local health departments; and community-based organizations.

          • Court Decisions Regarding Tobacco Advertising Ordinances
          • Settlement Overview The Technical Assistance Legal Center is a project of the Public Health Institute and located at 505 14th Street, Suite 810, Oakland, CA 94612. Phone: (510) 444-8252. Fax: (510) 444-8253. E-mail: talc@phi.org.
              lists provisions and loopholes contained in the Master Settlement Agreement between the attorneys general and the tobacco industry.

        • 11/21/99 Mind, Body & Soul: Smoking From the UK
            Mind, Body & Soul is a new website which aims to give young people aged 14-16, the lowdown on health in a fun and interesting way. Mind, Body & Soul is not designed to tell you how to live your life, but will give you accurate and up-to-date information about health so that you can make your own choices. It also contains material that you will help with your schoolwork.

        • 11/17/99 CDC's Tobacco Document Site
            Featuring the complete 4B index, a database of the full-text searchable Minnesota Select Set with about 350,000 pages of viewable documents that were "selected" by Minnesota lawyers as key to the state's trial and a similar database for nearly 7,000 selected British American Tobacco Company documents stored in Guildford, England.

        • 11/12/99 Minnesota Trial Transcripts The invaluable Putnam Pit transcripts are back!

        • 11/17/99 Great American Smokeout 1999

        • 11/8/99 Smoke in the Eye: Why did CBS and ABC back off from exposes on the tobacco industry? PBS
        • 3/3/00The Insider
        • 00/12/17 Jeff Wigand.com The newly revamped site includes:
          • The Man Who Knew Too Much Marie Brenner's original Vanity Fair article
          • The 60" inverview Feb. 4, 1996--with video!
          • The Pascagoula Testimony
          • Smoke-Free Kids
              Dr. Wigand seeks to use his knowledge about the tobacco industry to educate children how the industry uses the media, the entertainment industry, sports events, music and deceptive advertising to introduce children to tobacco and "hook them young, hook them for life". Eighty percent (80%) of today's tobacco users became addicted before the age of eighteen (18). Dr. Wigand and SMOKE-FREE KIDS use scientific methods of discovery, actual industry data and documents to explain how the industry targets kids and the youth to generate new tobacco addicts. This education process enables kids to make their own responsible healthy decisions.

        • 11/5/99 "The Shuster Project - Tobacco Industry Fraud & False Claims Issues" Ex-ATC emplolyee Robert X. Shuster has a unique plan.
            Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, I have over 17 years of experience and intimate knowledge of the tobacco industry, having been employed by the American Tobacco Company. In October of 1998, after considerable preparation, I initiated contact to the IRS through a prestigious lawfirm expert in tax matters, relative to the SMALLEST of DOZENS of false claims made by the tobacco companies which span over four decades. . . This first example involved the tobacco companies not paying income taxes, FICA, social security, Medicare or employment taxes on moneys realized in profits through wholesale cigarette price increases relative to tobacco company representative contingency funds and the "values" of those funds as the tobacco company representative were held accountable for.

        • 11/3/99 Ciggy Buttz
            A GIANT COLLAPSIBLE CIGARETTE COSTUME Includes carrying bag! 5'6" tall Lightweight - only 8.5 lbs. Collapsible to 2'8" and/or 16" Washable Life-like foam ash $599

        • 10/26/99 Freefags.com The subject of the 10/26/99 Daily Telegraph article, Internet offer: buy the lighter and fags are free
        • 10/25/99 WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Site
        • 10/23/99 Tobacco News Online At last on the web: Stan Shatenstein's daily news compilation, with an emphasis on Canadian and medical content. TNO features Stan's expert tips and insights. (Fans will remember his "Revue de Presse" on TBBS.)
        • 00/08/18 Search TNO
        • 01/10/07 GlobaLink Tobacco News Online Stan Shatenstein's modified version, now concentrating on brief precis and commentary of only the most important stories.
        • 10/23/99 Dave Goerlitz Home Page Or here: http://www6.bcity.com/formerwinstonman/ Winston Man '80s
            Dave Goerlitz was a very successful model and actor who is perhaps best known for his work as a lead model for Winston cigarette ads in the 1980's. In 1988, he joined the American Cancer Society's "Great American Smokeout" and began a personal journey to try to undo the damage his ads have done in addicting young people to tobacco products.

        • 00/04/04 Alan Landers Page Winston Man 60s-70s. From the St. Petersburg Times
            In the 1960s and 1970s, Alan Landers provided the image of a cool smoker as the Winston Man for R.J. Reynolds ads. But after battling lung cancer and other smoking-related health problems, the Lauderhill resident regrets helping to sell what he calls the only product when used as directed kills you. Landers, 57, has survived two fights with lung cancer, had three of five lobes removed from his lungs and had multiple other smoking-related surgeries, including heart surgery.

        • 10/11/99 Center for Medical ConsumersBack in the dark old days, long before the Net, when you were told you had some terrible disease, the doctor had all of about 5 minutes to explain to you all about the disease, your case, treatment options, etc. Sure, you could hike off to the library to do a complex and time-consuming search for the latest information. But your best bet, in the New York area, was to go to Art Levin's revolutionary Center, where all the latest news articles were filed and categorized, with knowledgeable help and a cheap copier right nearby.
            Founded in 1976, the Center for Medical Consumers (CMC) is a non-profit advocacy organization active in both statewide and national efforts to improve the quality and availability of health care. The Center is committed to better informed decision-making and maintains a free, publicly accessible medical library at 237 Thompson Street in Greenwich Village. HealthFacts, our monthly newsletter, makes a critical evaluation of the latest studies and medical advice. Our financial support comes entirely from private contributions, newsletter subscriptions, and the generosity of the Judson Memorial Church.

        • 10/4/99 Tobacco-Free Kansas Coalition Very nicely done, and featuring STAR Smokefree Teens are Rising
        • 00/10/17 World Communities against Tobacco (WCAT)
            The aim of WCAT is to create direct action. The site is about everyone working together as a team. If you have a question about ways to start action, argue, debate or anything not covered in a section, we are here to counsel you. We will not write a letter to your senator, MPP, or local restaurant, but we will look at it, give you feedback, help you re-write it, and give you information on how to make contact, be heard and create action. We encourage direct action. This may be as small as suggesting something for others that will create action or as large as maintaining a link from your city or country for others to access on our site. Either way you may email your information to the address at the bottom of this page. We will not guarantee that everything sent will be posted, however, feel free to send anything you want. Keep in mind, we will not post anything that contains excessive profanity, anything that implies any form of physical violence, or that promotes anything less than racial, gender, or human equality. We ask for useful information, facts, or anything that is not just personal opinion or one viewpoint. Something that can be applied directly. Theory in application please!

        • 9/22/99 "COLD TURKEY" 30th Anniversary Blowout
            September 25, 1999

        • 9/22/99 Cold Turkey (1971) from the Internet Movie Database

        • 9/22/99 tobaccopapers.org
            This web-site is the home of tobacco industry documents relating to their operations in Canada, and is a specialty site for documents from BAT (British America Tobacco) and its subsidiaries obtained from BAT's document depository in Guildford, near London, England.

          Unfortunately, tobaccopapers.org provides their documents only in the obstructive PDF format, which cannot be turned to text without huge payments to Adobe. TIFF documents are a universal, non-commercial file format which may quickly and inexpensively be converted to searchable text.

        • 9/20/99 CANADIAN LAW AND SMOKING
        • 9/16/99 American Legacy Foundation
        • 9/14/99 WA: DOH Tobacco Program Just launched smoking prevention site. Featuring a handy list of

        • 9/14/99 K.I.D.S.
            This site is for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers to help keep children free of illegal drugs like marijuana, the abuse of inhalants, and the underage use of alcohol and tobacco products. It is also a site for kids, especially kids 11-13 years old. K.I.D.S. will help kids make the right decisions about some very tough questions. Parents and kids talking with each other about the risks of drugs, alcohol and tobacco can do a lot to keep kids drug free. We want to help you do that. . . KIDS is a coalition of the Public Relations Society of America , the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

        • 9/6/99 Rhode Island Tobacco Control Network features a fine Smokefree Dining in Rhode Island section
            The Rhode Island Tobacco Control Network: the American Lung Association of Rhode Island (ALARI), in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Health/ Project ASSIST, is coordinating the Tobacco Control Network.

        • 8/30/99 Society for Nicotine and Tobacco Research Abstracts Rich trove of nicotine research is finally online.
        • 8/30/99 Anne Landman's Tobacco Document Discoveries Excellent presentations of important "secret" documents.
            Starting in 1998, Anne began examining and collecting tobacco industry documents posted on the Internet. She is now working to get wider public exposure for this material. She also uses the documents to help with tobacco cessation classes and to assist advocates who are pursuing tobacco control ordinances. Anne has worked for the American Lung Association of Colorado since 1996.

        • 8/29/99 Overlawyered.com's tobacco litigation links Large collection of links/criticism rom Walter Olson of the Manhattan Institute, Reason mag, the American Enterprise Institute, the Federalist Society, the Atlantic Legal Foundation. Many items from the above, plus Cato, Heritage, the whole gang. As you might imagine, mostly a collection of pro-tobacco articles with a legal focus, but there are also some handy links to mainstream legal articles.
        • 8/27/99 INDIAN BIDIS Importer/distributor Quintin USA markets a non-tobacco bidi (Mind Bidis), which could complicate regulation; another briand features a Hindu Deity (Ganesh Beedies). Can you imagine "Christ Cigarettes?"
            Each cone and brick is adorned with the well known Hindu deity Ganesh, the god of wisdom and prudence. Ganesh is represented as a short, pot-bellied man with four arms and an elephant's head bearing a single tusk. . . . Packaged in bright colors, Ranvir Beedies come in cones of 20 (10 cones per carton). Ranvir comes in 5 flavors; cinnamon, cherry, clove, strawberry and vanilla

        • 8/24/99 Toxic Release Inventory DataHUGE file
            TRI (Toxic Release Inventory) data shows releases and transfers of toxic chemicals from manufacturers only. Data exists for the years 1987 - 1996. The first line of each record below shows the TRI facility name, city, state, and reporting year.
            TRI ID: 31298BRWNW2600W
            Lbs Released: 0 Lbs Transferred: 609,400

        • 8/2/99 Smokers Edge
            Now there's a new way to stop smoking -- temporarily, if not permanently. It's a healthy tobacco substitute, now becoming available right across Canada. Smokers Edge offers a blend of menthol, vanillin, chlorophyll and other national ingredients contained in a cigarette holder. Users draw on the tube as if it were tobacco, though they don't light it. Testimonials say it takes away the desire for tobacco for hours, even days.

        • 8/2/99 TOBACCO-Free Times
            The Voice of the Ontario Tobacco Strategy

        • 8/2/99 TOBACCO CONTROL The premiere international magazine--with the last four issues FREE till 2000!
            Published quarterly, Tobacco Control covers the political, economic, clinical and epidemiologic aspects of tobacco control. It helps increase the awareness of the magnitude of the problems caused by smoking and provides information on the effectiveness of cessation techniques. NOW AVAILABLE FULL TEXT ONLINE. Fully searchable archive, articles collected by topic, customised alerts, direct access to Medline, and much more...
          Tobacco Control Updates Good precis of recent news, with emphais on legal battles.

        • 7/29/99 International Hotel and Restaurant Association
            he hotel and restaurant industry aims to preserve the tradition of hospitality by accommodating the diverse preferences of all its guests in a spirit of courtesy, tolerance and mutual respect. IH&RA opposes inflexible and restrictive legislation on smoking in public places.
          251, rue du Faubourg St. Martin, 75010 Paris, France Telephone: +33 1 44 89 94 00 Fax: +33 1 40 36 73 30
        • 7/19/99 SYNAR and FDA Ira Sharenow's compilation of Synar Amendment FAQs and links, with a Wisconsin focus.
        • 7/13/99 TOBACCO SETTLEMENT FUNDS: STATE UPDATES Thorough state-by-state coverage from Jim Bergman's Center for Social Gerontology.
            This section of TCSG's web site contains regularly updated information on what is happening in states regarding the almost $250 billion the tobacco industry must pay to the states over the next 25 years as a result of the settlements they have signed to resolve Medicaid lawsuits filed by the states. The payment schedule is also on our web site. The information included focuses mostly on how the tobacco settlement funds are being directed toward programs for two major purposes: aging programs and tobacco control programs. Immediately below, we present highlights, some with links to news articles, which include a limited number of major stories/events; this is followed by state-by-state updates.
        • 00/12/19 Recent ETS News Stories from the Center for Social Gerontology
        • 7/11/99 Virginia GASP provides a generous helping of local -- and some national -- in-depth tobacco coverage.
          • Business as Usual in Virginia compiles a lot of info on the demise of 2 tobacco control measures.
          • ALERT: Vote due in U.S. Senate after July 12 recess on immunity for tobacco industry us the Senate reconvenes 7/12 and may vote on the appropriations bill for Commerce, Justice, and the State Dept.
          • 7/7/99 Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes and the American Press WebPage for Rick Goldsmith's documentary on the creator of In Fact (1940-1950), the first publication to consistently address smoking issues.
            Here's a compilation of Seldes' Pioneer Tobacco exposes-- original texts documenting the shame of journalism--the abject failure of the media to properly inform the public on tobacco- More than 50 articles from In fact, 1940-50
            You can order The George Seldes Reader

          • 7/8/99 Mild Seven Outdoor Quest 1999
              Seven trials of skill and endurance designed to test the limits of world-class athletes and world-renowned adventure racers. Now firmly established as one of the most competitive and exciting events on the world circuit, the Quest is a must for all adventure sport enthusiasts. And this website will provide you with everything you want to know about the teams, the events and about the location. Explore the photo galleries, keep up to speed with daily updates, and re-live the action from last year. Situated once again in beautiful Dali, Yunnan Province, China, the 1999 Quest runs for four days from July 29 to August 1, 1999. . . The MILD SEVEN Outdoor Quest will showcase some of the world's finest exponents of seven rip-roaring and unusual sports including kayaking, lake paddling, mountain biking, off-road in-line skating, adventure skills, trail running and team biathlon. 24 teams from around the world will compete for a shot at the US$200,000 grand prize. . . And don't forget the FREE wallpapers, screensavers and electronic greeting cards with all the fascinating pictures of the Sports and of Dali for your enjoyment...

          • 7/1/99 Table of Cases from ASH-US, major trial decisions from 1939-1994. Great! Now if we could just get the transcripts . . .

          • 6/29/99 Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Arizona Nicely done.

            Log onto www.breathingspace.com for more information.
          • 7/4/99 State of State settlement lawsuits, taxes, revenues MSNBC
          • 6/3/99 Star Wars Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign From 1983-84? Probably the only shot in existence of R2D2 smoking.
              By far the funniest of the Star Wars commercials, C-3PO enters a control room and finds R2-D2 smoking a cigarette. C-3PO tells Artoo how bad smoking really is, and that he wouldn't be a good example for others, upon which Artoo rids himself of it, and agrees upon it. Even though the commercial is funny, it has a very sad tone. The commercial is fairly rare, as it is not included on the 57 reel, but since it aired a lot, it shouldn't be too much of a journey to find.

          • 5/24/99 State Laws on Smoking The SOHO Guidebook (for small businesses)
              Some states have laws that address smoking in the workplace. Those laws can be fairly far-reaching in some states. Click on your state on the map below to get information about: * your state's general rule * coverage requirements (how many employees you must have to be covered by the law) * policy requirements (whether you must have a formal policy about smoking) * posting requirements (whether you have to distribute or post a written policy on smoking)

          • 5/19/99 Northern Light: USgovSearch Searching (not retrieval) is free till June 1. We're still having to pay to see our own government in action.
          • 5/22/99 Smoking Kills Baseball Teams of Kentucky
              The mission of Mike Sawyer's SMOKING KILLS Baseball League is to promote the health message of smoking and to provide young talented & gifted baseball players a higher level of competition with participation in more games and tournaments.

          • 5/19/99 Canadian Tobacco Companies: Crimes against Humanity Intense, good design, nicely done--if there are no libel charges(!) Here's the French version
              This is not an anti-smoker site. . . This is an anti-tobacco company site. Tobacco companies are drug traffickers. They are motivated by greed. They prey on human weakness. They do everything in their power to entice people into addiction. They cause sickness, disability, and death with their products. They cause tremendous harm and expense to individuals and society. It is immoral and wrong that they continue to enrich themselves by poisoning and killing Canadians. Enough! It is time for action. Plan: We propose that the Canadian federal government take away the business licenses of all tobacco companies and assume responsibility for the production, distribution, and retail of tobacco products. . .

          • 5/19/99 WI: City Politics Ira Sharenow tracks the doings in Madison. You'd think this would be the province of a newspaper, or an agency.
              Madison, Wisconsin was once known as a progressive city. However, in recent years certain organizations have made vast campaign contributions. Unfortunately, Madison does not have electronic reporting of campaign contributions. Madison has no lobbyist reporting law. In order to compensate for this lack, I have created this web site as a public service.

          • 5/17/99 Periodical Contents Index Chadwyck-Healey. Out of the reach of individuals, but you may be able to access it through you library, school or other institution.
              PCI is your answer. It catalogues every article in thousands of scholarly journals. It indexes complete runs of journals, some right back to 1770. Its coverage is broad: every area of the humanities and social sciences, together with journals of general interest. Its scope is international. PCI enables you to find every article relevant to your field of study, quickly and efficiently. Time you might once have spent conducting a laborious search of numerous indexes can now be dedicated to the articles themselves.:

          • 4/28/99 tobaccopapers.org: The Guildford Collection
              The Guildford depository is comprised exclusively of documents from British America Tobacco (BAT). BAT is the parent company of Imasco (which, in turn, owns Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd) and Brown and Williamson in the United States. Access to the Guildford depository can be made by contacting Mr. Martyn Gilbey at British America Tobacco (Globe House, 4 Temple Place, London, WC2R 2PG, Telephone 44 171 845 1466; Fax 44 171 845 2783). At the depository, access is provided to an electronic index of the files housed there. BAT does not make this index available off-site, but a closely-resembly version is found on this site. This index, called the "Guildford Index," is the solicitors' index of files in the Guildford collection in England.

          • 4/25/99 Tobacco Reporter Industry trade magazine, with some interesting, in-depth articles.

          • 4/20/99 Abstracts for SRNT conference 1999 The Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco

          • 4/12/99 Star Scientific, Inc. A New Standard of Responsibility.
              Star Scientific, Inc. (OTC: STSI), formerly Star Tobacco and Pharmaceuticals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eye Technologies, Inc. (OTC: EYTC), changed its name at its January 1999 Annual Meeting in Richmond to reflect the nature of its primary corporate focus, namely, to continue developing ``harm reduction'' and ``less toxic'' tobacco products, as well as a range of smoking cessation products, to assist adult smokers in making informed choices about health hazards. Star Tobacco and Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1990 for the purpose of commercializing improved tobacco products. It has a cigarette production facility in Petersburg, Virginia, capable of supporting $200 million worth of sales per year. The company is the exclusive worldwide licensee for an additive-free, novel curing process used to prepare tobacco for prescription cigarettes (CigRx). These cigarettes feature a complete absence of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA).
              • Tobacco and Health
              • Know What You Smoke: Advance
              • StarCure Technology The first totally new curing process in over a century, a revolution in tobacco science...
              • Relevant Articles and Formal Papers
              • A Star Compendium Of Important Tobacco Facts
                  In order to understand Star's revolutionary tobacco technology, it is helpful to have a better understanding about regular tobacco. At the risk of oversimplification, the following points should be remembered: 1) Nicotine, while addictive, is not a carcinogen. (Carcinogens are cancer-producing materials). 2) Nicotine in moderation does not seem to be harmful. In fact, it may have beneficial effects such as enhancing short-term memory. 3) In addition to nicotine, regular tobacco contains a naturally-occurring mood elevator, a so-called monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor. This ``anti-depressant" may be as important as nicotine, if not more so, for consumer satisfaction. 4) The only medically significant carcinogens in regular tobacco are a special group of nitrosamines (tobacco-specific nitrosamine; TSNA). These chemicals produce lung cancer, esophageal and bladder cancer. 5) Burning tobacco (smoking) produces other known carcinogens such as benzo[a]pyrenes. Benzo[a]pyrene is known to be carcinogenic, albeit much weaker than TSNA's. Generally speaking, these ``gas phase" carcinogens can be significantly reduced with filter technology.

          • 4/8/99 Get Outraged From the Mass. Tobacco Control Project. Succinct encouragement to act on tobacco control.

          • 10/28/99 Personal Memorials

          • 4/8/99 Smoking in the Workplace Resources for smoke-free policies; from ASH London

          • 4/5/99 Smoke Signals For all those who've asked for pictures of diseased lungs--feast! Site features photographs and video of lung surgeries (including lung reduction) and an area where visitors can print or e-mail postcards with stop-smoking poetry. From the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS)
          • 00/11/07 Smoking Sucks campaign From Newfoundland's Alliance for the Control of Tobacco. Gross-outs of diseased organs, etc.

          • 4/1/99 Federal Judiciary Complete list of Federal judges, by court; who appointed them, when they were appointed, and district they are from. From the Alliance for Justice: Judicial Selection Project.
              Since 1985, the Alliance has been extensively involved in the appointment process for federal judges. Through the Judicial Selection Project, the Alliance monitors and investigates judicial nominations at all levels of the federal branch, and encourages public participation in the confirmation process.

          • 4/1/99 California Documents from the State of Minnesota Depository UCSF
              These documents are a fraction of some thirty-three million pages of tobacco industry documents now held at the State of Minnesota Depository. . . The documents provide insight into industry plans to weaken enforcement of and support for California's 1995 smoke-free workplace legislation, AB 13; industry efforts to form a network of groups to present the tobacco industry position thereby creating the sense of a grass roots movement; and the documents also reveal how well the industry understood the political nature of the anti-tobacco challenge, and how quickly the industry moved to engage the American Medical Association, the Western Center for Law and Poverty and other groups to undermine the California tobacco control program, which was funded by the 1988 passage of Proposition 99.

          • 4/1/99 Yahoo Business Guide: Tobacco Companies Nice capsules of business/stock info for the major companies.

          • 3/30/99 Competitive Media Reporting
              (CMR) is the world's most experienced provider of advertising occurrence and expenditure data to advertising agencies, advertisers, broadcasters and publishers. Our 2000+ clients use our data and services to perform many vital functions including . . . * Competitive Analysis * Sales Prospecting * Strategic Planning * Tactical Execution * Proof of Performance

          • 12/12/99 Koni's Anti Tobacco Advertising Project
              It is not easy to keep your home free of tobacco advertising. Ever notice that many 'health and beauty' magazines never have articles about the dangers of smoking? Those same magazines will also have ads with lovely young people portrayed as "really living" due to smoking cigarettes. Dare to defy those giants. Refuse to let their propaganda into your homes! Here is my list of magazines that do not contain tobacco advertising.

            • 3/28/99 Domini Social Equity Fund
                As social investors our investments reflect our values. We challenge corporations to make positive contributions to society. By making our voices heard we build a more responsive and responsible corporate community.
            • 3/28/99 Socially Responsible Investing Resource Page GreenMoney
                S-R-Invest is a resource guide and information directory for individuals and companies interested in the concept and practice of socially responsible investment. Social investment is the allocation of financial resources after the consideration of both economic and social criteria with the goals of maximizing the potential financial and social returns to both the investor and the investee.
            • 11/19/96 Calvert Group (Click on "Know What You Own"). Calvert Group ("Investing with Vision") focuses on non-tobacco funds.
            • 3/28/99 How to Screen Investments for Social Responsibity Good Money
            • 3/28/99 Capitalism with a Conscience: SRI FAQ Good Money
            • 3/28/99 Social Investment Forum
                The Social Investment Forum site offers comprehensive information, contacts & resources on socially responsible investing.

          • 3/25/99 Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. Minnesota's champion law firm has a site now, featuring:
          • 3/25/99 Corporate Ethics Newsgroup
              Business ethics today offers stark contrasts between the Chicago-efficiency model and the social responsibility model. It is hoped that list members will offer specific examples of corporate ethical and unethical behavior as well as discussions about business ethical theory.. . . To subscribe, send a message to corp-ethics-subscribe@egroups.com or go to this e-group's home page at http://www.egroups.com/list/corp-ethics

          • 3/20/99 Maryland Children's Initiative Nice compilation of mission, FAQ, bill texts, endorsing orgs, activist aids, news articles, etc.
              The Initiative is a grassroots campaign to raise the State's cigarette tax by $1.00 per pack over 2 years to reduce teen smoking and help recover the $1.5 billion spent annually in Maryland on treating sick smokers.

          • 3/18/99 Yes, Hillary, There is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy! The tobacco connection, with links to articles.
              Fanning the flames of these scandals have been Media Moguls, who have used their networks to force-feed the public a daily diet of wall-to-wall Clinton scandal coverage. One of these Moguls is RUPERT MURDOCH, the head of a huge Multi-Media Network which includes TV Guide, the New York Post and the FOX Network. In addition, Murdoch sits on the board of directors of PHILIP MORRIS, a tobacco conglomerate. Murdoch also sits on the board of trustees of THE CATO INSTITUTE, an organization that is funded by RICHARD MELLON SCAIFE. Indeed, it is through the Cato Institute that the powers of Richard Mellon Scaife, Rupert Murdoch, and the Big Tobacco companies are most obviously connected, since all three of these parties contribute funds to CATO. It should come as no surprise then, that Cato has provided aggressive legal advocacy for the Tobacco Industry in it's fight against the government. Given that there is ample evidence that Scaife may have laundered funds through the American Spectator, it follows logically that there may also be evidence, yet unearthed, that CATO is a vehicle by which the money of these three entities has been pooled and diverted towards backing nefarious activities. One of the most obvious conflicts of interest is that KEN STARR is a former tobacco attorney, whose appointment was allegedly spearheaded by North Carolina Senators JESSE HELMS and LAUCH FAIRCLOTH

          • 3/15/99 Fred Flintstone: "Winston Tastes Good Like a Cigarette Should" The commerical about 3 megs.

          • 3/12/99 Council of Philanthropy A search on "Philip Morris" at the "Gifts and Grants" page turns up grants on: Arts education; American Indians; Hunger; Business education; Cultural preservation; AIDS; Dance; Teacher Education; more.

          • 3/8/99 Social Investment Forum
              The Social Investment Forum site offers comprehensive information, contacts & resources on socially responsible investing.

          • 3/5/99 Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine
            • Copy of School Tobacco Policy
                The STOP board successfully drafted a new school tobacco policy for the five school districts in the Southern Aroostook area at a work session in November,1998.

          • 3/3/99 WHO: Tobacco Free Initiative Site
              In response to these concerns the Director-General, Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, established a Cabinet project, the Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI), in July 1998 to coordinate an improved global strategic response to tobacco as an important public health issue. The long-term mission of global tobacco control, which will take several decades to achieve, is to reduce smoking prevalence and tobacco consumption in all countries and among all groups, and thereby reduce the burden of disease caused by tobacco.

          • 3/3/99 British Patent Search

          • 3/1/99 Advertising Agency Websites

          • 2/27/99 Minnesota Smoke-Free Coalition

          • 2/26/99 200 Cigarettes the movie

          • 02/16/99The Tobacco Settlement: An opportunity for states to promote thehealth, education, and welfare of their citizens National Governors' Association
              One of the NGA Centers top priorities for 1999 is to work with states in their efforts to explore the best ways to expend state tobacco settlement funds. The NGA Center is also gathering data on effective state programs for tobacco prevention and control. . . The NGA Center for Best Practices is assisting Governors and their policy advisors to address the policy, financial, and programmatic implications of the tobacco settlement. The Governors are also working with the National Association of Attorneys General, the National Conference of State Legislatures, and other groups to develop a strategy aimed at preventing federal recoupment of these funds.

          • 2/16/99 Girls Incorporated: Stamp out Smoking
              Welcome to Stamp Out Smoking, the first website that encourages girls, young women and the adults who care about them to become strong, smart and bold about the dangers of tobacco.

              Expose the Truth (about tobacco ads)
                Now, you might not think that seeing ads in magazines or on billboards influences you to smoke. But, advertisements do not say "Go out right now and buy a pack of Smokeeze!" They are sneaky and subtle. Ads make use of your fantasies or insecurities -- anything to create a feeling that smoking is good thing. Take a look at these examples of tobacco advertisements. What are the images trying to tell you or make you feel?
          • 01/07/22 Tobacco Videos From the Stephen F. Austin State University. Don't know who's put these up, but there are a lot of them, from the "Demon Awards" to a Pam Laffin spot--and even Bill Plimpton's "25 Ways to Quit Smoking."
          • 2/16/99 Web Pages United Against Tobacco
              Owners of those home pages displaying one of these symbols... ...support the following tenets regarding smoking and the use of tobacco. . . If you would like your Web Page to be a Non-Smoking page, copy one of the following html fragments and place it anywhere on your home page.

          • 2/15/99 The Right to Know NetworkLots of activist goodies here.
              Welcome to RTK NET, a network providing free access to databases, documents, and conferences on the environment, housing, and sustainable development. From information on RTK NET, you can identify specific factories and their environmental effects; analyze reinvestment by banks in their communities; and assess the people and communities affected. There are no fees; RTK NET is free. It was established to empower citizen involvement in community and government decision-making.

            • OMB Watch
                OMB Watch is a nonprofit research, educational, and advocacy organization that focuses on budget issues, regulatory policy, nonprofit advocacy, access to government information, and activities at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OMB Watch co-chairs several coalitions in these issue areas, and is a leader in the use of communications technology (e.g., e-mail, the World Wide Web, and on-line databases) for collecting data and disseminating policy information to community groups across the nation.
          • Right to Know Resources
              Let America Speak is a coalition of community and national organizations working to defend the advocacy rights of America's nonprofit community. This web site contains information and background about nonprofit advocacy and provides updates about legislative attacks and other threats to the advocacy rights of the nation's nonprofits. The Let America Speak Coalition is co-chaired by the Alliance for Justice, Independent Sector, and OMB Watch. Let America Speak also operates a moderated e-mail list which provides bill analyses, action alerts and other related information.
          • OMB Watch Nonprofit News Page
          • Regulatory News
          • Congressional Schedule
          • Contact Congress
          • Databases
          • Quicklinks to databases

        • Speaking Up In the Internet Age: Use and Value of Constituent E-mail and Congressional Web Sites
        • 1/25/99 Small Business Bill Jeopardizes Public Protections
            Rep. David McIntosh (R-IN), who chairs the Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs (of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee), has plans to move legislation that creates a perverse incentive to violate agency reporting requirements. Misleadingly labeled the Small Business Paperwork Reduction Act, this bill (H.R. 391) has far- reaching implications for health, safety, and the environment.
        • 01/06/02 AdCritic.com Recent ads are available here, including the truth ads
        • 2/14/99 Gaslight Archives
            . . . has proven invaluable to advertising agencies, photo editors, researchers, book publishers, corporations, etc.. We have reasonable rates with 24 HOUR TURNAROUND SERVICE. ORDER TODAY AND IT WILL BE ON YOUR DESK TOMORROW!!!! Our storage facility warehouses well over a MILLION original ads, dating back to when Grover Cleveland was President of the United States and Queen Victoria sat on the throne. Some of our vintage ad categories include: * Tobacco . . . If you are on deadline to find just the right ad you have come to the right place. Our archives are carefully logged in a searchable database that allows us to offer our clients lightning fast turnaround. Our private collection of vintage magazine ads date back over a century, to the late 1880s.

        • 2/13/99 Cyber Patty From West
            Patty is a cyber pet. Clearly without specified sex, so it is universal in being appealing for both boys and girls. After you enter any name (no password needed), an applet (moving graphics) will download, showing Patty's home. Then, you can interactively initiate some her/his activities (play, motorcycle riding etc.).

        • 00/04/09 Bulgartabac Holdings
        • 00/04/09 Hail & Cotton
            Hail & Cotton, Inc. is a tobacco leaf dealer, with purchasing and processing capabilities to provide Flue-cured, Burley, Dark fired, Oriental and other tobacco to all manufacturers.

        • 2/13/99 Mars Cigarettes Reemtsma

          2/15/0 Tabacalera Cigars The Spanish tobacco company targets "Executive Man," "Active Man," "Social Man"
        • 2/10/99 Tobacco and the Elderly The Center for Social Gerontology
          • Tobacco and Minorities
              The information provided on this site pertains to tobacco use by and its effects on old and young adults from communities of color in the United States. Because people in communities of color have been specially targeted by the tobacco industry, with the resultant suffering and death from tobacco-related diseases, we have included information on legal remedies now being pursued to redress these wrongful acts by the tobacco industry -- specifically lawsuits and legislative action related to the recent state tobacco settlements.
          • Bibliography of recent articles
          • Fact Sheet
          • Tobacco Settlement Funds: State Updates Focus on the elderly
          • 00/12/19 Recent ETS News Stories

        • 2/8/99 West promotion Scott Thompson writes:
            This West contest promotion was launched in Poland in early 1999. Reemtsma deserves credit for recruiting perhaps the greatest number of otherwise reputable co-sponsors ever assembled for a single cigarette promotion. They are: Volkswagen, Ducati (motorcycles), Quicksilver (motorboats), Condor (Ultralights), Dudek (paragliders), Piaggio (scooters), F2 (windsurfboards) with North (sails), TREK (mountain bikes), BANG & OLUFSEN (hi-fi equipment),and.... Planet Earth (a world tour). See the internet version of the campaign, which is completely free of the warning labels required by Polish law.

        • 2/5/99 Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition

        • 2/4/99 Guest Choice Network
            It sez here little more than that they're "a coalition of more than 20,000 restaurant and tavern operators working together to preseve the right to offer guests a full menu of dining and entertainment choices. We protect the public's freedom of choice through education, training and political outreach." Richard "Rick" Berman, the general counsel for the American Beverage Institute, was credited as creating the Guest Choice Network in a June 15, 2000 article appearing in Restaurants and Institutions magazine. Guest Choice Network, the American Beverage Institute (ABI), the Employment Policies Institute, and Berman and Company (a public affairs firm) all share the same address in Washington, DC. Washington Post reported in March 2000 that Tom Lauria, formerly of the Tobacco Institute (TI), is now working for the Guest Choice Network. Industry links to Rick Berman and his "Guest Choice Network" are delineated at PR Watch

          • 1998 Nanny Awards
              1998 was a momentous year for Nannies that growing fraternity of food cops, health care enforcers, vegetarian activists and meddling bureaucrats who know whats best for you. . . California State Sen. Diane Watson (D-Los Angeles), Chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee For refusing to consider a bill which would have lifted the states ban on smoking in bars and taverns. The ban went into effect at the stroke of midnight, January 1, 1998, heralding in the Year of the Nanny on just the right restrictive note.
          • Articles
        • 02/04/20 Center For Consumer Freedom New incarnation of Rick Berman's "Guest Choice." They keep changing their name, but not their address.
            The Center for Consumer Freedom represents a coalition of restaurant operators and concerned individuals working together to defend your right to a full and varied menu of dining options. We do this through education, training, research, and public outreach. Unlike the anti-consumer activists we monitor and keep in check, we stand up for common sense and personal choice.

        • 1/29/99 MINNESOTA's Online Town Meeting on the Tobacco Settlement

        • 1/27/99 State and Local Government on the Net

        • 1/27/99 Direct Evidence FORCES' extensive compilation of articles "debunking" reports of negative health effects of smoking. Apparently science has shown that smoking has little to do with cardiovascular disease, mortality rates, SIDS, problems in pregnancy, etc., but is great for colitis and Alzheimer's.
        • 00/03/30 BAT
        • 00/03/30 BAT Australia
        • 1/20/99 British American Tobacco - Promotional Game ( 555 Brand ) - Maelstrom
            A promotional package for their 555 brand. A themed game lasting approximately 5 minutes, where the player must succeed in reaching and defending the planet 555. This project was commissioned from the success of the first BAT promotion. The roadshow is currently touring all of their Far Eastern and African markets. Sit down VR units were coloured and branded with the 555 logo.

        • 1/15/99 Political Junkie I can't even begin to list the rich links here, everything from state & federal government arms, political figures and orgs, news outlets of every kind, reporters, lobbyists, think tanks and more!
        • 1/13/99 British American Tobacco Graduate career guide; Bernd Schweitzer, Regional Director Europe, answers grad questions. From the Top Graduate Career Guide:The leading link for Top graduate Recruitment; No.1 in Europe
            What are the opportunities for graduates interested in marketing? In their first year, our marketing management trainees work in trade marketing, a discipline in which British American Tobacco is recognised as one of the world leaders. In this first year they follow the Competitive Edge Series, a structured on-the-job programme which covers all the fundamental concepts of trade marketing and their practical application.

        • 1/4/99 ZYBAN.com From Glaxo Wellcome

        • 1/4/99 Paradise Carnival Cruise Line
            The very first smoke-free cruise ship! To honor the sensitivities of many non-smoking guests, we offer "Fun Ship" cruise vacations in a completely smoke-free environment (even the staff and crew are non-smokers).

        • 1/4/99 Cerebro
            Welcome to our web site where you can leisurely view our vast inventory of cigar label and other food label art, participate in our tobacco ephemera auctions, or view our latest buying guide. For nearly two decades we have been in the business of buying and selling original antique cigar box label art. We have thousands of great stone lithographed images all priced competitively.

        • 12/31/98 The Camel Cash Advertising Campaign
            Joe Camel has become the symbol of our generation. This Website chronicles his story, the Camel Cash Campaign, one of the most successful advertising campaigns in US history. . . See for yourself the magazine ads that unnerved the US Government. . . This site is for the Study of the Camel Cash Advertising Campaign. We are not associated with RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. Articles and research welcomed.
        • 12/30/98 NEW N.O. P.A.T.S.Y HomePage Dr. Polevoy takes his war on Canadian tobacco interests to a new URL after his healthwatch.org URL was challenged on trademark issues by tobacco company IMASCO's Shopper's Drug Mart unit.
            An Ottawa based trademark attorney for Shoppers Drug Mart doesn't like the fact that we have used the word "healthwatch" in a phrase or sentence on our web site. . . In fact the URLs we tried to get, namely www.healthwatch.com or www.healthwatch.net were already in use, or reserved. Funny though, they had not been taken by Imasco, Telemedia, Multivision, or get this, not even by Shoppers Drug Mart itself.
        • 1/25/00 Golden Triangle's Tobacco Road Terry Polevoy's intensely opinionated coverage of the Waterloo (ON) City Council's smokefree battle, including background information on the participants, news stories, and names/contacts for the city council.

        • 12/18/98 Soft Money Laundromat NEW from Common Cause! Version 2.0
        • 12/12/98 European Cigarette Companies From Europages
        • 12/12/98 Historical Cigarette Advertising
            This site is NOT sponsored by any tobacco company. It is a historical look back to some of the most effective and innovative advertising campaigns that have ever been produced.

      • 5/3/99 Ashtray Cam

      • 12/11/98 10K Wizard
          Thank you for your help in making 10-K Wizard the top site for access and analysis of SEC documents. As you test our site, please be aware that we have incorporated only a small subset of the many features that will be part of the ultimate site. Also, currently all the filings for public companies for 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998 are available.
        You can look up the OVERVIEW OF TOBACCO-RELATED LITIGATION from Philip Morris' Nov. 16, 1998 10-Q Report.

        Jugas banner

      • 12/11/98 World of Tobacco JUGAS Company specializes in business information support, establishing direct contacts between Russian and foreign companies. So what's Disney's Little Mermaid doing in that banner?? Is that really Sylvester the cat and Fearless Foghorn?
          Ladies & Gentlemen! We are glad to present you an English version of the first website in Russia devoted to the culture of tobacco smoking. Our main purpose is to give you an information on all the aspects of tobacco consumption in Russia, news and discussions. We hope to assist producers of high-quality goods in entering the Russian market and of course to promote higher demand for products of domestic tobacco processing companies.

        • Russian version
            includes many interesting materials on tobacco brands, hand-made cigars, elite pipes and masters-pipemakers, smoking accessories, events, magazines, shops, restaurants etc. Here our smokers can get acquainted with tobacco lovers from other countries, visit their clubs and associations.

      • 12/6/98 We Pray with TobaccoThe Film's website [Site down as of 6/8/01. Try the QuickTime Video Site
          For thousands of years the original peoples of this land have cherished tobacco as the most sacred of all gifts given by the Creator, it is holy, it sanctifies life and keeps everything in balance. Here we are at the end of the 20th century and both Native American and mainstream populations are suffering in various degrees, from nicotine addiction. What happened? It's all about the nature of one's relationship to this world and to life itself. There is very little that is, in and of itself, harmful, it is only how we choose to interact and relate with it that makes it so. It is precisely the critical importance of being in the 'right relationship' with all of life and how that relationship is expressed in the social, cultural and ceremonial life of Native Americans, that this documentary will explore.

      • 12/4/98 Tobacco Free Zone of Imperial County (CA) Lively design; a nice page on Kids and Tobacco marketing that succinctly hits all the bases.
          "XENA," a popular show for young people this season, has regularly used tobacco in their script. Recent blockbuster hits such as INDEPENDENCE DAY, TITANIC, and the FACE-OFF have also made smoking attractive and rugged. Popular magazines with youth such as VOGUE, GQ, COSMO, and ESPN rely on much of their advertising coming from Big Tobacco. . . . Go to your favorite discount store ( except TARGET, they don't carry tobacco. Shop Target! ) and notice where the tobacco is located. . . You'll be surprised to learn that tobacco marketing is everywhere, everywhere you're child wants to be.

      • 12/4/98 Polish Secret Document Site From Polski McSpotlight. Jan Kowalski is translating some of the lawsuit-revealed documents with a Polish twist.

      • 12/4/98 Tobacco Victims' Memorial List
          Are you or someone you know a victim of tobacco? Click here to add a name to the list. . . This list is a memorial for the victims. I think it is a good thing that we remember amongst all the debate just what the numbers stand for. They are our loved ones, our friends, our neighbors, and ourselves. I dedicate this page to my Father. My hero and mentor. Ferd Jerome Hiebert He died from lung cancer, caused by tobacco, on August 31, 1994 at 6:00pm CST.

      • 12/3/98 Community Intervention Tools to help youth.

      • 12/3/98 E-thepeople.com
          simplifies the process of writing and reaching local, state and federal officials. From a convenient list, simply indicate the subject of your letter, then punch in your zip code, and the program will rummage through its database of 140,000 officials to find the proper respondents. Click on as many officials as you wish, then compose the petition or letter. Answer a few questions about yourself, then submit it. Visitors to the site can endorse your letter, if they wish, offer comments, and post copies to friends.

      • 12/1/98 The European Network for Smoking Prevention
          The European Network for Smoking Prevention is an International non-profit association who aims to develop a strategy for coordinated action among organisations active in tobacco control in Europe.

      • 11/7/98 Big Tobacco's Seldom Told Plan For Our Children Nicely done presentation of how self-service displays often seem to be tailor-made to facilitate shoplifting.
          See how this tobacco display 1) is tall enough to obscure an adult standing in front or to the side of it, 2) is placed at a little-used (often unattended) check stand . . . 3) is directly across from the store's open-topped, bulk candy bin, and 4) is placed at the check stand nearest the door.

      • 10/25/98 CHEST The Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Journal
          The Official Journal of The American College of Chest Physicians

      • 11/11/98 Smoke Free Maryland Coalition
      • 10/24/98 Smoke Free Maryland Voting Records Site!
          No matter what region of the State you live in, you can find out how your representatives voted on key tobacco use prevention issues from 1995 - 1998. Did they vote for YOU or for BIG TOBACCO? Click on a region in the left hand column to find out. . . How do future State Senators and Delegates feel about tobacco issues? Smoke Free Maryland wanted to find out. So we asked. Click on each region below to see how they responded.

      • 10/23/98 Families Against Tobacco Smoke Offenses and Odors (FATSOO)
          Fatsoo expects to have an effect on public opinion and politics as it relates to indoor tobacco smoking and litter carelessness. We are advocates for a smoke and litter free society without criminalizing the use or possession of tobacco by anyone. . . Fatsoos smoke cessation products, battery operated fans, smokeless ashtrays, gas masks, bumper stickers, buttons, t-shirts, jackets, caps and artwork are offered to support our efforts. Products are sold at substantial discounts.

      • 10/19/98 JUDY ROBSON for State Senate; Robson Scores Perfect 10 On Anti-smoking Scorecard Wisconsin candidate Robson makes use of UCSF Tobacco report
          State Rep. Judy Robson, D-Beloit, received the highest score possible in a rating of legislators' behavior on smoking policies. No other member of the Wisconsin Legislature received a perfect score. The rating was part of a University of California San Francisco study of the tobacco industry's influence on Wisconsin politics. Five experts on tobacco policy rated all legislators on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 meaning extremely favorable toward issues such as preventing teen smoking.

      • 10/18/98 Yahoo! Shopping Categories include: Food, Garden, Music, Toys--and Tobacco
          "While we are aware of the dangers of tobacco use, there are Internet users who may, in spite of these dangers, wish to purchase tobacco through the Internet. We want to provide them the same quality service we provide other users."

      • 10/17/98 Official Site of HONUS WAGNER from celebrity reps CMG Worldwide
          Honus Wagner is considered by many to be baseball's greatest all-around player. . . . The Honus Wagner baseball card, one of the most valuable in existance today, was recalled in 1909. At the time, the cards were distributed along with tobacco and Wagner, a non-smoker, objected to his being included in the promotion because he did not want to set a bad example for children.

      • 10/07/98 Working the Web: Using the Internet to Fight Substance Abuse From Join Together. Good basic intro. Nicely organized, going from Funding to Info-gathering to Advocacy to Collaboration. Unfortunately, it's only available in print, or (shudder) PDF; no HTML version available(!)
          Whether you're a newcomer to the Web or a veteran surfer, "Working the Web" will help you get the most out of the Internet. This 20 page Action Kit is filled with websites, tips and ideas on how to use the Internet to raise money, stay up-to-date, advocate and collaborate. Based on presentations Join Together staff have made nationwide, this practical guide has been fine tuned to meet your needs.

      • 10/03/98 Xuchang--The Realm of Tobacco A brief look, with some interesting tidbits, at tobacco in Henan Province. China Window
          In the middle of the 1980s, Henan's tobacco took the first place in China for its quality, yield, trade quantum and export quantum. Henan was called the "big province of tobacco" and Xuchang the "tobacco city ".During his inspection in Xuchang on August 7 , 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong praised Xuchang as the "realm of tobacco". Before the founding of the New China, 80% out of the tobacco with which the British and the American tobacco companies made cigarettes came from China and 50% came from Henan

      • 10/01/98 HUNGARY: Smoking Prevention in Kindergartens Project (1992-2001) Smoking or Health Hungarian Foundation
          As far as we know more and more kindergartens have children who have already tried out smoking. Our objective was to create a kindergarten program for smoking prevention that provides information to children, kindergarten teachers, welfare workers, and doctors and helps to form their attitude towards smoking.

      • 10/01/98 CALIFORNIA: Prop. 10 This is the state's page, complete with arguments/rebuttals, and the full text of Prop. 10

      • 09/30/98 Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health Not a lot here yet. Mostly, Smoking and Passive Smoking in Children 1998

      • 09/30/98 CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
          You can use this web site to find a variety of information related to clinical trials. Our web site is designed to be a resource both for patients interested in participating in clinical trials and for research professionals.
        There is also a Newly Approved Drug Therapies Page

      • 09/29/98 Researching Companies Online Excellent set of links for ferreting out corporate info.
          This business research tutorial presents a step-by-step process for finding FREE company and industry information on the World Wide Web.

      • 09/28/98 CIGARS...One Of The Great Pleasures Of Life! Semi-incoherent riff--with some nuggets--on history of tobacco from a would-be online mag looking for cigar advertisers
          When Christopher Columbus discovered America, he encountered one particular group of primitive people, the Tainos, bossing around all the rest of the native population, that is, the very peaceful Siboneyan guys. All of them, however, were using a weird kind of tobacco. . . . The tobacco (TABACO) name is derived from an American Indian word applied both to a tube for inhaling the smoke and to a cylinder of leaf prepared for smoking. The word "cigar" is suspected to come from Mayan "sikar", to smoke, where "sik" stands for "tobacco" and "ar" suggests "large or dark". No wonder some people feel "sik" after smoking very large, dark cigars!!! -Very interesting...but stupid!

      • 09/26/98 The Proposed Tobacco Settlement and the African American Community: The Kiss of Death Vernellia R. Randall, Professor of Law, The University of Dayton School of Law. Quite nicely-done slide-show, but it's much too long for one page.

      • 09/26/98 ACSH: Tobacco American Council on Science and Health's tobacco page, featuring links to some of Priorities' innovative articles
      • 09/22/98 Healthy People 2010: Tobacco Use Healthy People 2010 Objectives: Draft for Public Comment
          Healthy People is the national prevention initiative that identifies opportunities to improve the health of all Americans. For two decades, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has used health promotion and disease prevention objectives to improve the health of the American people. . . Please note: All comments submitted will become part of the public record and will be made available at the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and on this web site. All comments will be aggregated and distributed to the appropriate focus area lead agency or agencies, so it is not necessary to submit comments more than once. The Department of Health and Human Services will not respond individually to comments, although the contact information provided may be used to request clarification. All who provide contact information with their comments will be notified when the comment draft of Healthy People 2010 is available in the fall of 1998.
        Here's the full text

      • 09/22/98 Tobacco Briefing Room; Tobacco Leaf and Products Statistics and Analysis USDA Economic Research Service

      • 09/22/98 USDA AMS Tobacco Programs
          The mission of the Tobacco Programs is to facilitate the orderly marketing of unmanufactured tobacco. The division provides unbiased, timely grading services in a quality manner and at a fair cost. It also develops, maintains, and provides the only official U.S. standards for domestic and imported tobacco, along with the collection and dissemination of accurate market information. The division also provides official testing services for prohibited pesticides on imported tobacco.

      • 09/21/98 SMOKERS FOR FAIRNESS a limited liability company
          SMOKERS FOR FAIRNESS believes that the tobacco lawsuit filed by your Attorney General (and the settlement that he/she seeks) is unfair to smokers and will raise the price of cigarettes to $5.00 per pack. SMOKERS FOR FAIRNESS will challenge these suits and settlements in the courts.

      • 09/18/98 WWW.TOBACCO.COM A Premium piece of Internet Real Estate
          For Sale : $499,995 (US) For Rent : 1 to 2 months for $500 (US) per month 3 to 5 months for $425 (US) per month 6 to 12 months for $350 (US) per month For Partnership : Profit-sharing possibilities for prospective developers of this web site. Inquire within.

      • 09/10/98 White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Media Campaign The national anti-drug ads. So where does Bates Advertising, which handles B&W's Lucky Strike account (so well they were awarded the KOOL and Capri accounts last month), fit in? Good luck finding anything on tobacco at the Project Know Website (The Internet Portion of the Campaign).
      • 09/04/98 The Misleading Camel Ad Wiccan deconstruction of the "Witches" Camel ad
          If this had been an accurate depiction of a witch's attempt to recuperate from a broken heart, having a smoke while chortling with buddies and sticking needles into a dolly would be a highly unlikely course of action. Witches strive to respect the magickal arts, as well as the lives of others. A good cry, followed by a ritual cleansing bath and a spell having to do with one's own self-esteem -- as opposed to any sort of spell to manipulate the other person -- would be the most likely course of action.
        There are links to numerous other protest pages, like:
      • 09/01/98 Four Corners Ironhorse Motorcycle Classic
          We thank our sponsors
          • Harley Davidson of Grand Junction
          • Easyriders
          • RJ Reynolds-Camel

            Thanks to:

      • 09/01/98 Tobacco or Health WHO's collection of their authoritative publications, including
      • 08/29/98 The FraminghamHeart Study Some of the many recent articles on smoking to come out of this massive study are here

      • 08/27/98. If you smoke, know someone who smokes, or think you may smoke in the future, you need RESPECT UK's anti-youth smoking campaign set up by the Department of Health--and run by an ad agency with some style and sass--to examine why young people smoke and find ways to encourage them to stop or never to start.

      • 08/27/98 COLORS MAGAZINE: Smoking Benetton's "Colors" mag is online, with their spectacular "Smoking" issue. (Shockwave required)

      • 08/25/98 DR. STEVE: The Real Story: Drinking/Smoking/Getting High
          I'm Dr. Steve Adelman, a maven on substance use and substance abuse. I'm here in cyberspace to answer your questions (FOR FREE!) about smoking, drinking, alcoholism, and using drugs. If you are wondering whether or not to start or to stop using a substance, where to draw the line betwee n acceptable and risky substance use, and how to go about assessing, reducing, or eliminating the damage being done to yourself or to someone you care about by tobacco, alcohol or drugs, then this is the site for you!

      • 08/24/98 ASH THAILAND Spectacularly informative, well-done site. Among its treasures:
        • Smoking Prevalence in Thailand by Number and Percentage 1966 - 1996
            There has been a gradual decline in the prevalence of smoking in Thailand largely due to the absence of the aggressive marketing of tobacco that has been seen in other countries. However, despite declines in the percentage of Thai's who smoke, the number of smokers is increasing.
        • Legislation
        • The Marlboro Man Comes to Thailand History of Thai advertising
        • History of Thai Tobacco Control 1976-1997
        • Circumventing Thai Law
        • Women and Smoking
            While the Thai Tobacco Monopoly (TTM) was the sole producer of tobacco products in Thailand only cigarette brands with high nicotine and tar levels were produced. It is speculated that this, coupled with no advertising or marketing directed at women, greatly contributed to the low smoking rates amongst Thai women. Since the opening of the market many cigarette brands which target women have entered the market, with Virginia Slims leading the pack.
        • Social Indicators
            Education levels amongst Thai smokers are very low. Few have gone beyond the compulsary seven years of schooling. Female smokers are particularly likely to have no formal education at all.

      • 08/24/98 State Capital Strategies Information Site "Your quick connection to data on state governments." Good idea, but thin content so far. To be watched. . .

      • 08/24/98 Tobacco Facts Canadian site, nicely done

      • 08/24/98 ICEFIRE Productions on Tour: "Your Whole Life"
          Your Whole Life is a one man tour de force which provides a thorough and entertaining explanation of nicotine, narcotics and the process of addiction. We also explore how the $10 million dollars worth of advertising spent daily by the tobacco industry affects our children.

      • 08/24/98 The International Network of Women Against Tobacco (INWAT)
          INWAT was founded in 1990 by women tobacco control leaders to address the complex issues of tobacco use among women and young girls.

      • 01/07/01 Cancer Awareness in Scotland
      • 08/24/98 Non Smokers' Movement of AUSTRALIA

      • 08/24/98 Tobacco in AUSTRALIA: Facts and Issues
          A joint initiative of the Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Health, ASH Australia, Victorian Smoking and Health Program, New South Wales Drug and Alcohol Directorate and the Health Department of Western Australia.

      • 08/23/98 TCC Trade and Related Agreements Database (TARA) Dept. of Commerce
          Developed by the Department of Commerce to aid US exporters, the Trade Compliance Center (TCC) provides access to more than 200 trade documents via the Trade Related Agreements Database (TARA). US Trade Agreements may be browsed by country signatory, issue, or agreement title, or searched by keyword with the benefit on an online thesaurus. In addition, the TCC provides a related database of Market Access Information with searchable country commercial guides, reports on economic policy and trade practices, and national trade estimate reports.

      • 08/15/98 The Tobacco Settlement House Commerce Committee compilation: chronology of hearings, with some text, postition papers, etc.

          The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is a codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. The CFR online is a joint project authorized by the publisher, the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register, and the Government Printing Office (GPO) to provide the public with enhanced access to Government information.

      • 08/12/98 A Special Invitation to Smokers Ages 50+... From the University of Rochester Medical Center
          If you answered "yes" to these questions, and you are a smoker who wants to stop on your own, you can join over 1,800 people in a free and unique self-quitting program called Project50.

      • 08/11/98 Florida Online Tobacco Education Resources website
          the home page for Florida's Pilot Program on Tobacco Control. Visit here for the latest, up-to-the-minute information on the fight against teen tobacco use. You can view all sorts of tobacco-related links and a calendar of upcoming events. Or check out our teen anti-smoking sites on the right.

      • 08/04/98 For Parents: Understanding Teenage Smoking and Helping Your Teenager Avoid the Habit
          Hello, My name is Marshall Brain, and as the author of the book The Teenager's Guide to the Real WorldI answer a quite a few questions from both teenagers and their parents. I also answer quite a few questions from various media sources. An extremely common question is, "How can we prevent teenage smoking?" In this letter I would like to address this issue and give you, as a parent, several different ideas to think about if you are faced with a teenager who begins, for whatever reason, to consider or actually take up smoking.

      • 07/31/98 Collected Resources: Smoking British Medical Journal articles. Page 1 of 4.

      • 07/31/98 FEDERAL NEWS SERVICE Here's the dirty little secret about your own government's proceedings: timely access to text records is strictly controlled, and accessible only by the rich, or corporations.
          Federal News Service allows you, for the first time, to read verbatim transcripts of the actual words spoken by American . . . leaders on matters of official Government policy and other issues of the day, the same day! FNS covers all Presidential statements; briefings at the White House, State, Defense and Justice departments; speeches and press conferences of major political leaders and spokespersons; and Congressional hearings. . . Searches and headline retrievals are free.

      • 07/30/98 STIC LIBRARY State Tobacco Information Center. A great resource for tobacco trial documents. Well done!

      • 07/29/98 Tips On Talking To Your Kids About Not Smoking From Brown & Williamson. A classic of its kind--DO remind kids it's against the law; DON'T say anything specific about health risks. WHY a kid might want to respond to peer pressure. GET more information from Mothers Against Drunk Driving(!)

      • 07/26/98 TOBACCO IN TRANSITION Multimedia presentation from the Greensboro News & Record
          Farmers who grow tobacco, like the Alberts of Rockingham County, realize that no other crop will yield the income that the golden leaf has. Cigarette factory workers like Jimmy and Rheda Adams of Pleasant Garden would see their paychecks halved if they held similar jobs in other local industries. . . This web site walks you through the issues that face tobacco industry workers today. Through text, images, and sound, our multimedia presentation gives you a close-up view of their world and their worries.

      • 07/24/98 Lifesaver UK's Health Education Authority site
          Welcome to Lifesaver...a website designed to offer the support, advice and motivation you may need to stop smoking for life. . . This site has been organised so you can access information about the effects of smoking, reasons to quit, how to stop, tips on how to get through withdrawal and the benefits of quitting, plus links to further help and related external websites.

      • 07/22/98 The Father of Spin: A look at Edward L. Bernays and the history of public relations Website for the book by Larry Tye
          Those papers offer up insights on more than just the profession of public relations, however. They also provide illuminating and sometimes disturbing background on some of the most interesting episodes of 20th Century history, from the way American tobacco tycoons made it socially acceptable for women to smoke, to the way other titans of industry convinced us to pave over our landscape and switch to beer as the "beverage of moderation." The companies involved aren't likely to release their records of those campaigns, assuming they still exist. But Bernays saved each scrap of paper he sent out or took in, and provided for them to be made public on his death. In so doing, he let us see just how those policies were made and how, in many cases, they were founded on deception.
        You can order order here

      • 07/22/98 International Tobacco-control Program The Center for Communications, Health and Environment (CECHE)
          CECHE has been undertaking tobacco control activities since its origin in 1990, and tobacco control is an integral part of all its projects. Examples include smoking prevention and cessation in our heart disease prevention program in the Czech Republic, several series of public service announcements broadcast throughout the CEE-NIS and a full 30-minute segment in our TV series A Family Year.
        America's Shame
          This 200-page book is a collection of editorials, commentaries, and news articles from leading American sources about the promotion, sale, and smuggling of tobacco products, especially American tobacco products, in overseas markets:

      • 07/16/98 Canadian Trade-marks Database

      • 07/14/98 "Fake" Cigarette Watch
          Sometimes we find fake products during our inspections. It is important for everybody trading cigarettes to know where and when fake products have been seen. This warns you to watch out for similar product offered to you from the same country. If you have any doubts regarding goods you want to purchase, please contact us.

      • 07/08/98 ABBEY MANAGEMENT SERVICES/Michael Stewart Home Page Examples of Stewart's writings:

        • Stewart, M J, 1993. The effect of advertising bans on tobacco consumption in OECD countries. International Journal of Advertising. 12, 155-180.
            This 22-country 27-year econometric model generated the headline Tobacco advert bans 'have led to rise in smoking' in The Independent
          • Stewart, M J, 1992. Tobacco Consumption and Advertising Restrictions: A Critique of Laugesen and Meads (1991). International Journal of Advertising. 11, 97-118.
              An expose of the shoddy work behind a much quoted report on why tobacco advertising should be banned. . . influential in the European Union's 1992 decision not to introduce a ban

          • 07/08/98 New Citations (CDC)
              The Office on Smoking and Health, part of CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, is pleased to make available citations of recently published, tobacco-related articles from behavioral, scientific, and technical literature. Please consult a technical, medical, or public library to obtain articles of interest.

          • 07/08/98 Economic Research, Data, Studies CDC
          • 07/08/98 Medical Care Expenditures Attributable to Cigarette Smoking---United States, 1993 CDC
              The July 8, 1994, issue of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) contains the article, "Medical care expenditures attributable to cigarette smoking - United States, 1993." The study found that smoking-related disease in the United States has an enormous economic impact. In 1993, it is estimated that the direct medical costs associated with smoking totaled $50 billion. For each of the 24 billion packs of cigarettes sold in the United States in 1993, about $2.00 was spent on avoidable medical care costs due to smoking.

          • 06/30/98 New Hoo Top/Health/Substance_Abuse/Tobacco. OK, so I'm partial to this upstart, by-hand-organized competitor to Yahoo--TBBS is on top!


          • 06/25/98 U.S. Foreign Policy In Focus: International Tobacco Sales A Project of the Institute for Policy Studies and the Interhemispheric Resource Center
              *Tobacco use is a growing global epidemic, hitting the third world, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union the hardest. Ten million people will die each year from tobacco-related diseases by the 2020s. *The U.S. government has long assisted the international expansion of U.S. tobacco multinationals through trade policy and tolerance of double standards in industry behavior. *Current legislative proposals could help rein in Big Tobacco's global expansion.

          • 06/25/98 SUPREME COURT TOBACCO CASES From FindLaw. All the way back to 1868.

          • 06/23/98 Selected Actions Of The U.S. Government Regarding The Regulation Of Tobacco Sales, Marketing, And Use Nice capsule history of federal regulation. From the CDC

          • 06/21/98 Death Playing Cards
              Death Playing Cards are designed for kids, not their parents or teachers. Unlike pamphlets and fliers that end up in the trash, Death Playing Cards are packed with important information about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse in a macabre format that kids and adults will use and keep indefinitely.

            • The risk of a young infant developing bronchitis or pneumonia in the first year of life is doubled if parents smoke
            • If you smoke you are probably addicted to the powerful drug nicotine.
            • This Joker was a smoker.

          • 06/17/98 ADDICTION Online
              Addiction was established in 1884 and has been in continuous publication ever since, the longest established journal in its field. It has built up a reputation in that time for scientific quality, for the diversity of material it publishes, and for its pioneering role in stimulating and leading debate. It is committed to promoting communication - between disciplines, between cultures, and between scientists, practitioners and policy-makers.

          • 06/14/98 Societe de Tabacologie English Version Very little here yet, but this venerable group is to be watched
              " The goals of the Society is to stimulate the generation of new knowledge concerning tobacco smoking, more especially the tobacco dependence process and some related addictive processes, and to promote the diffusion and application of this knowledge."

          • 06/13/98 Clearing the Air around Nicotine Brief explanatory pieces, including a yearly award. From International Union against Cancer

          • 06/09/98 The Real Scoop on Tobacco Kind of a Teen-Teacher lesson plan, with helpful internet sites. From WebQuest
              You have been hired by the parents of Icabod, a sixth grade student. They suspect their child of smoking or about to start. He's gone through D.A.R.E. and listened to the lectures of his parents and teachers. However, he thinks they are all just handing him a line. After all, he sees lots of adults smoking and figures it isn't really so bad. In fact, he thinks it's pretty cool. But he might listen to you. After all, you're his peer. That's what his parents are counting on. They've hired you to convince him to quit smoking. To do so, you must show your commitment to the fight against youth using tobacco and create a memorable message for him. Do a good job - it could be a matter of life and death.

            Investor Responsibility Research Center has some nice new features:
            • 06/04/98 Investors Tobacco Reporter May, 1998
                An analysis of the ongoing Congressional debate of the McCain bill; a look at whether the bill poses a bankruptcy threat to the industry; a profile of the New York State Common Retirement Fund and its position on tobacco investments; an update of divestment happenings (and non-happenings) on the state and municipal levels in California, New York and at Yale University; a summary of votes on some of 1998's tobacco-related shareholder resolutions; and an analysis of the Minnesota settlement.
            • 06/04/98 Tobacco Shareholder Activism IRRC
                As the premier source for impartial research and analysis of proxy voting issues, the Investor Responsibility Research Center has been following shareholder campaigns on a variety of public policy and corporate governance issues for more than 25 years. IRRC's proxy issues research is normally available on a subscription basis, but as a result of funding under a two-year grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, IRRC's Tobacco Information Service is pleased to be able provide analysis of tobacco-related shareholder activism in the 1990s FREE OF CHARGE.
            • 06/04/98 Tobacco Panel Proceedings: IRRC's 25th Anniversary Conference
                IRRC's 25th Anniversary Conference in Washington, D.C. on October 27, 1997, was the first public forum in which key negotiators of the national tobacco settlement proposal of June 20, 1997, came together to defend the deal before an audience of institutional investors.

          • 05/21/98 The Global Unsettlement Corporate Watch

          • 04/13/98 Southern Tobacco Communities Project
              The Southern Tobacco Communities Project aims to bring together community leaders in the health field, the tobacco community, and community development from six southern, tobacco-growing states (Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia) through roundtable discussions.
            Here is the STCP's Core Principles Statement Between The Public Health Community And The Tobacco Producers Community Jan. 28, 1998
              In the spirit of cooperation and with a commitment towards: * Reducing disease caused by tobacco products * Ensuring the future prosperity and stability of the American tobacco farmer, the tobacco farm family, and tobacco farming communities the undersigned organizations and individuals call on the president of the United States, the Congress of the United States, and all States Attorneys General to commit to supporting and enacting effective tobacco legislation and policies that include the following points of agreement.

          • 03/19/98 For Your Own Good/The Anti-Smoking Crusade and the Tyranny of Public Health A provocative book by Jacob Sullum exposes the truth behind the war on tobacco. Longtime tobacco defender Jacob Sullum's book has its own section on the Reason Magazine site. You can order there or order here (Only difference is who gets the Amazon.com commission.)

          • 02/23/98 GRIP Student Opinion Forum Nice survey setup
              Let your voice be heard by your political representatives and the news media! This is your opportunity to voice your opinion and make a difference. Select from the following topics on the recent Tobacco Industry Debate to send your opinion directly to your political representatives and/or the news media.

          • 02/21/98 Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco STAT
          • 01/28/98 University of North Carolina Olfaction Laboratory RJR-partnered Smell-Lab
              U.N.C.O.L The University of North Carolina Olfaction Laboratory was founded in 1987 to facilitate a basic research program in human chemosensory science. Part of this is known as the RJR-UNC Collaborative Olfactory Research Program. The partners in this program are the UNC Craniofacial Center (Director and Kenan Professor: Dr. D.W. Warren) and the Research & Development section of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., located in Winston-Salem, NC. Currently, the lab is mainly funded by the Center for Indoor Air Research.

          • 01/16/98 MASSACHUSETTS: 1997 NICOTINE DISCLOSURE REPORT American Cancer Society Here's the Table Summary of brands.

          • 01/08/98 Taking Action to Reduce Tobacco Use In-depth report, with hyperlinks to references. National Cancer Policy Board. Released January 8, 1998
              The nation needs a strategy to reduce the death and disability caused by use of tobacco products. That strategy may develop out of a renascent public debate about tobacco control policies that has intensified over the past three years.

          • 01/14/98 National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA)

          • 01/14/98 American Society of Addiction Medicine

          • 01/07/98 Save Lives, Not Tobacco The Coalition For Accountability
              Save Lives, Not Tobacco is a coalition of public health, consumer, medical, civic, labor and business organizations that advocates fair and effective tobacco control policies at local, state and national levels. We support measures that will reduce addiction, disease, disability and death caused by tobacco products. We believe that granting special protection to the tobacco industry is unjust and would undercut the ability to protect public health.

          • 10/8/97 GRIP Vision Teen Tobacco Poll Contains, as Fred Grannis says, "a great system for transmitting survey results to politicians and the media. It is very impressive. Maybe there is hope that young people are getting the message about the Tobacco Deal." GRIPVision is "Your internet resource for student news and views, campus programs, and financial aid resources! "

          • 10/7/97. October is Child Health Month Substance abuse is this year's focus. Lots of fact sheets, resources from the American Academy of Pediatrics
              The Child Health Month theme for 1997-99 is substance abuse prevention. This year, materials listed below address tobacco use -- specifically smoking, environmental tobacco smoke, and smokeless or chewing tobacco -- and the health risks they pose for children.

          • 10/6/97 Youth Media Network Newly redesigned!
              The basic premise of YMN is to engage youth to take action! Students can fight back against the tobacco industry and its influence on their peers by using different media to relay their health message whether it be a news story, a feature story, an editorial, a Public Services Announcement (PSA-radio or television), a rap, a poem, a cartoon, a video, etc. . . Acting as "news wire service", YMN will upload tobacco-related articles from numerous sources to the YMN website.

          • 9/27/97 Sen. Lautenberg's Tobacco Control Central Including a handy page on Tobacco Related Legislation

        Tobacco Control Resources

      • Carter Center Tobacco Control Program
      • Checking Your Smoking I.Q. - An Important Quiz for Older Smokers (NIH)

      • Smoking & tobacco abuse section of COHIS (Community Outreach Health Information System at Boston U.) Lots of good information, much of it--including a history section--angled to school-age youth. It also contains Boston-area quit-smoking programs.
      • 02/20/98 Demarketing Strategies

      • The DOC(tor) is ON(line) International site. Dr. Alan Blum's pioneering organization, Doctors Ought to Care.

      • 06/18/98 Tobaccofree.org Patrick Reynold's site is redesigned nicely, with some good smoking in movies links.
          The website features a Message to Youth, a Message to Adults, Quitting Tips and links. Message to Adults includes discussion of some important issues underlying today's tobacco wars, including the political scene. Message to Youth is unique in noting that the new pessimism among teens may be an additional significant cause of the recent teen smoking increase, along with smoking by movie stars and tobacco ad campaigns targeting kids. This page offers a common-sense way of addressing teens' pessimism. Created by Patrick Reynold, a grandson of tobacco company founder R. J. Reynolds; he turned his back on the tobacco business in 1986, a few years after his father, RJ Reynolds Jr, died from smoking.

        • Grades 7 - 12 Video
            School Library Journal said, "This dynamic presentation is enlivened by videos, posters, and overhead slides. Amusing and effective... This production, with its humor and varied format, is a powerful reminder of all the reasons to avoid tobacco and a useful resource for drug/ tobacco education programs in middle and high schools."
        • K-12: Assembly programs
          Today Patrick is a well known smokefree advocate and motivational speaker. His new assembly program for high schools and middle schools has won raves from school district officials, health educators and School Library Journal. A bonus: local media coverage of his talks to youth often bring the tobaccofree message to the whole community.
        • University Lecture
        • 01/12/10 Rendez-vous with Patrick Reynolds Philippe Boucher
        • for teens
            An anti-smoking website for teens which offers short descriptive summaries about the many great resources listed. Students are offered links to easily research tobacco news archives for school papers, learn about quitting, tobacco advertising, chewing tobacco, or download cool photos and art. The site's 'Message to Youth' page is empowering, and contains excellent speech material for teen peer educators.
      • Patrick Reynolds Goes Online RJ Reynolds' grandson brings his Foundation for a Smokefree America online. What a world -- a grandson of tobacco company founder R. J. Reynolds advocating a smokefree society. His crusade in its tenth year, Patrick Reynolds has become one of the nation's most dynamic speakers on tobacco issues. This website tells volunteers how to book a talk for him, complete with sponsor suggestions. Look up his history of the Reynolds family, "The Gilded Leaf" (Little, Brown, 1989)

      • Missouri GASP This vital site frequently shows Missourans what's happening in the state.

      • 01/05/02 Global Partnerships for Tobacco Control From Essential Action
          Global Partnerships for Tobacco Control was launched in 2000 to help support and strengthen international tobacco control activities at the grass roots level. The program pairs groups in the United States and Canada with groups in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union, and assists them in initiating meaningful shared activities. More than 300 groups in over 85 countries and 35 U.S. states are currently involved in the program. Participating groups include: youth networks and schools, tobacco control organizations, hospitals and medical associations, local government agencies, consumer groups, and faith-based communities.

      • Globalink The powerful international organization
        • 00/07/21 Tobaccopedia: The online tobacco encyclopedia A full, rich database of sites from the International Union against Cancer. Nicely organized, rich collection of subjects.
        • 11/10/97INFACT

        • 01/15/97 Madison, WI's favorite hellraiser (as cited by Mother Jones Magazine), Ira Snarenow's Tobacco WebSite

        • Join Together Online Join Together Online is a resource center and meeting place for communities working to reduce the harms associated with the use of illicit drugs, excessive alcohol and tobacco. Join Together Online is a project of Join Together and is funded by a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to the Boston University School of Public Health.

        • 01/03/27 Joe Chemo Gets his own Site Test your Tobacco IQ, Quit Smoking Tips and a history of Joe Chemo.
            Meet Joe Chemo, a camel who wishes he'd never smoked cigarettes. Joe is having trouble feeling COOL these days, now that he's lost most of his hair. Worst of all, Joe just figured out that he's been MaNiPuLaTeD all his life by tobacco companies. Poor guy -- his tobacco IQ never was very high. . . Joe Chemo was developed as an antismoking character by Scott Plous, a psychology professor at Wesleyan University, after his father nearly died from smoking. The idea was to present a more honest image of smoking than the Joe Camel character used by R. J. Reynolds. The first image of Joe Chemo ran in the Winter, 1996, issue of Adbusters magazine.

        • Kickbutt! Lots of great info.
        • 01/13/97 The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University(CASA) is a resource for research on addiction and substance abuse. It provides access to information, research and commentary on tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse issues including prevention, treatment and cost data.
        • National Tar Wars Tobacco Education Site from the American Academy of Family Physicians.
            This site is intended to give you and your organization some basic information about the American Academy of Family Physicians Tar Wars program, an award-winning national childrens tobacco education program. Tar Wars is an effective, innovative, and fun program that teaches fifth graders about the short-term, image-based consequences of tobacco use and how to think critically about tobacco advertising.
        • N.O. P.A.T.S.Y HomePage Dr. Polevoy takes his war on Canadian tobacco interests to a new URL after his healthwatch.org URL was challenged on trademark issues by tobacco company IMASCO's Shopper's Drug Mart unit.
            An Ottawa based trademark attorney for Shoppers Drug Mart doesn't like the fact that we have used the word "healthwatch" in a phrase or sentence on our web site. . . In fact the URLs we tried to get, namely www.healthwatch.com or www.healthwatch.net were already in use, or reserved. Funny though, they had not been taken by Imasco, Telemedia, Multivision, or get this, not even by Shoppers Drug Mart itself.
        • 1/3/99 Nosmo King Review Maine's STAN DAVIS combines magic and tobacco info into shows for young people.

        • 01/03/13 No Smoking Day From the UK: "Kiss It Goodbye"

        • 12/20/96Non-Smokers Rights Society Hot Canadian News and Info.

          • 9/19/00 http://bensonandhedges.org: This site presents the down side of tobacco sponsorships, and provides some information about Rothmans and the Vancouver Food Bank that didn't get much attention in the mass media.
          • 9/19/00 http://matineefashion.com: This site focuses on the marketing of cigarettes to women.
          • 7/16/00NicNet New Address, new look!

          • 09/17/98 The Onyx Group
              The Onyx Group is a nationally-recognized consultant firm that provides marketing communications and program development services, with particular emphasis in the areas of health promotion, substance abuse prevention, tobacco control, criminal justice, economic development, education and youth services. Clients include non-profit organizations, foundations, government agencies and businesses. The Onyx Group develops materials and approaches for the general market and for target markets, including communities of color, women and other populations that are underserved.. Based in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, The Onyx Group is a partnership of Charyn D. Sutton, President, and Jesse W. Brown, Jr., Vice President.

          • 01/03/01 PETITION: Smoking Ban in Winnepeg 10-year-old Stefany Blackey's petition, the subject of Smoky air turns girl into activist Winnipeg Free Press

          • Princeton Accountability Project

          • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Looking for a grant? This is the place.

          • 07/10/97 San Francisco African-American Tobacco-Free Project "We used to pick it - now they want us to smoke it!"

          • 01/07/98 Save Lives, Not Tobacco The Coalition For Accountability
              Save Lives, Not Tobacco is a coalition of public health, consumer, medical, civic, labor and business organizations that advocates fair and effective tobacco control policies at local, state and national levels. We support measures that will reduce addiction, disease, disability and death caused by tobacco products. We believe that granting special protection to the tobacco industry is unjust and would undercut the ability to protect public health.

          • 01/03/05 Scanned Tobacco Texts Wow! Leroy Pletten has scanned and posted a number of important out-of-print texts:

          • 03/12/97 ScarcNet The organization that pioneered electronic advocacy. Members only, but you can get info on how to become one.

          • 06/18/97 The remarkable Joe Cherner's Smokefree Educational Services is online. This site is a good example of Michael Tacelosky's local-tobacco-group website farm. If you don't know where to even begin in getting your group on the web, see Tac!

          • 04/21/97 Smoke-free Europe from the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Excellent source of European information, like the following:
            The first tobacco trial in Europe began in Finland in 1988, in the case of Pentti Aho, who suffered from several smoking related diseases, including cancer. Although the case, which hinges on proof of tobaccos health hazard, has been upheld at various stages, the leading lawyer for the plaintiff, Professor Erkki Aurejrvi explained that the appeals process will continue for the next three years. But be careful: one of the files Abstracts is 600K(!)

          • Smokefree Air For Everyone (S.A.F.E.)--a network of individuals injured or disabled by secondhand smoke. S.A.F.E. does a good job of amassing a lot of the material out there on ETS. Plus, you'll find Breathing Easy: A guide to smokefree entertainment in Southern California.

          • Smokescreen Plug in your zip code and you not only get a list of your representatives--you see how much they've received from tobacco interests and where they stand on tobacco issues! Plus current bills, votes, mailing lists and much, much more. The site which details the tobacco/politics connection. Pols can run, but now--thanks to "Tac"--they can't hide . . .
          • 01/12/06 Smoking Hurts
              Smoke-free businesses, restaurants, bars, cruises, coalitions, apartments & condos. Tobacco-free Mutual Funds & IRAs.

          • 11/4/98The Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) This is the premiere professional group dedicated to research in issues related to nicotine and tobacco.
          • 02/02/10 Stand Tall Against Tobacco (STAT) Designed by Texas medical students to teach seventh-graders about the dangers of tobacco, it has been chosen by the American Medical Association as the model for its national service project.

          • 02/21/98 Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco STAT

          • Tobacco Control Great publication from the British Medical Association. New address.

          • 08/05/97 Tobacco Control Super-Site Major resources, nice subject-oriented links to articles; Australian focus.

          • Tobacco Industry information Those "secret" documents you won't find anywhere else, plus editorial cartoons, the Tobacco Victims Association and more. Keep a close eye on this site!
          • Union of Concerned Scientists
          • Fighting junk science. No smoking data yet, but they credit the tobacco industry with the birth of junk science movement. Their 2/2/96 ad in the New York Times reads: Faced with (literally) breathtaking amounts of evidence that smoking kills people, cigarette makers and their slick lobbyists did more than just ignore the facts. . . They invented a new branch of science: junk science. They commissioned "research." They collected "data." They reached "findings." Obfuscation of the highest order. . . . Given tobacco's success, no wonder so many anti-environmentalists decided to major in junk science. . .
          • 01/11/97. A declaration of War Against Smoking
          • Youth Media Network Calling all young journalists! Get help for tobacco-related items.


          • 01/12/01 South Dakota Dept. of Health Tobacco Plan
              PIERRE South Dakota's tobacco control efforts will take a new direction, the state Department of Health said today as it unveiled a comprehensive tobacco control plan. The department assumed responsibility for the state's tobacco control program July 1, as the result of legislative action this past session. The program had previously been part of the Department of Human Services. . . The other significant new effort will involve a comprehensive tobacco control effort in three pilot communities.

              Project ASSIST, the American Stop Smoking Intervention Study for Cancer Prevention, is committed to reducing the use of tobacco, the number one preventable cause of death in the United States.

          • 01/09/01 Minnesota Partnership For Action Against Tobacco (MPAAT)
              The Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco is an independent, non-profit 501(c)3 public foundation dedicated to reducing the harm tobacco causes Minnesotans. Our goal is to transform the social environment through intervention and research to reduce tobacco use in Minnesota to less than 10 percent by the year 2023. To achieve this goal, MPAAT will serve Minnesotafor a 25-year period through grants to health, community and academic organizations throughout the state in support of research, intervention, and related program activities. MPAAT is funded by proceeds from the Minnesota tobacco settlement through payments ordered by the courts for the harm tobacco caused Minnesotans.

          • 00/04/28 TARGET MARKET Minnesota's teen-driven ad campaign, plus secret documents.

          • 02/02/25 Tobacco Control Resource Center Wisconsin
          • 3/30/99 Wisconsin TRUST Campaign Local activism on Settlement funds hits the 'Net. [Main page only for now.]
              The TRUST campaign stands for Tobacco Reduction Using the SettlemenT. Wisconsin's tobacco settlement provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to significantly reduce the harmful consequences of tobacco. An investment in prevention will offset future damages and continue the commitment the State began when it filed its historic lawsuit against the tobacco industry. Standing behind this campaign are the citizens of Wisconsin who are joining together across the state in support of funding for statewide, comprehensive programs and services that will reduce the addiction, disease, disability, and premature death caused by the use of tobacco.

          • 00/04/25 Anne Arundel County (MD) Smoking Stinks Website For those searching for diseased organs, etc., don't miss their Chamber of Horrors

          • 12/22/96Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program's QuitNet
          • A full resource
          • 9/14/99 Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program
          • 00/06/30 MA: Coastal North Shore Boards of Health Tobacco Control Collaborative Serving: Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, Ipswich, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Rockport, and Wenham
              The Coastal North Shore Boards of Health Tobacco Control collaborative strives to change community norms that support tobacco use by raising public awareness about the need for tobacco control initiatives targeting, youth access and second-hand smoke (environmental tobacco smoke).

          • 02/02/13 Protect Montana's Kids.org From the ACS, ALA and AHA. Features action alerts, mission, and a nice history of secondhand smoke in Montana.
          • 00/07/21 FLORIDA Tobacco Clearinghouse Lots of goodies here: News, Publications, Videos, CD's, Funding Opportunities, Legislation, Calendaar
          • 00/10/05 Pharmacy Partnership Project
              We're health educators, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, teens, policy makers and community members dedicated to reducing the impact of tobacco in California. The Pharmacy Partnership supports communities as they work to reduce and eliminate tobacco sales and promotion in pharmacies and chain drugstores throughout the state. PhP provides resources and "up-to-date" materials for pharmacists, so they can inform and educate their customers.

          • 00/11/25 TobaccoFree Connecticut
              Tobacco impacts Connecticuts citizens in many ways. Regardless of your position on tobacco use, you should know the laws of the State on tobacco use. Merchant compliance is being regulated by the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services . . . The following summary of Connecticuts laws and regulations is a general outline provided by the Connecticut State Department of Health, it should not be used to make legal decisions. Please consult the actual statutes and/or an attorney to review the full legal implications of this regulations or laws.

          • 02/07/16 HAD ENOUGH? Wisconsin
          • September 17-22, 2000
            6th Annual Tobacco Use Prevention Training Institute
            Denver, CO
              The Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Office on Smoking and Health and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will sponsor the 6th Annual Tobacco Use Prevention Training Institute (TUPTI) from Sunday, September 17 through noon on Friday, September 22, 2000 in Denver, Colorado.
          • 01/06/05 North Carolina Prevention Partners Site contains some nice items,
            • The Tobacco Epidemic Slide Presentation
            • Tobacco Resource Guide
            • Moral Dimensions of Tobacco
                The Study Committee on Tobacco was formed by the North Carolina Council of Churches in response to a dilemma faced by the citizens of North Carolina. On the one hand, mounting medical evidence links the use of tobacco with numerous health 'problems. On the other hand, the long established tobacco economy is threatened.

          • 00/08/22 TobaccoFreedom.org News, documents and info, with an emphasis on New Mexico. Some nice material, including a forceful protest of the freebie weekly/bar promotion "Trend Influence Marketing" initiative in Albuqurque's Alibi.

          • 00/12/26 SmokeFree Anchorage
              Thanks to the Smokefree Anchorage Ordinance all worksites, public places, and restaurants will be smokefree beginning December 31, 2000. This website has been designed to help employers, employees, and the community learn about Ordinance AO 2000-91(S). The website provides basic information and resources to the community to ensure successful implementation of the Smokefree Anchorage Ordinance. Cessation resources are also included to provide assistance to smokers who want help quitting tobacco use.

          • 00/11/13 Smoke-Free Fredericton News, information and resources on the upcoming Fredericton, New Brunswick, smoking bylaw. Nicely done.
              The city of Fredericton invites the public to send written comments on this proposed by-law but they have to be received by November 15th. (Please scroll to the bottom of this page for accessing a quick and easy form that will send your comments to city councillors). This is also the date by which the city has to be notified by individuals who wish to make a presentation on November 20th. Everyone is invited to attend as an observer the public consultation session at City Hall, 2nd floor committee room at 7:00 pm, November 20th.

          • 00/09/24 CA: Bill Lockyer's Tobacco Page
          • 9/23/97 NEW YORK CITY Tobacco Control Page

          • 01/09/97 Coalition For a Smoke-Free City
              Welcome to the Coalition for a Smoke-Free New York! Together we can win smokefree workplace legislation, including smokefree offices, restaurants, bars, night clubs, bowling alleys, and jazz clubs. Our website facilitates letter writing between smokefree advocates and key decision makers. On the menu to the left, just click on "e-z letters". Choose a topic, write a letter, and send it off.

          • 9/23/97 NEW YORK CITY Tobacco Control Page

          • 09/22/98 Coalition for a Tobacco Free Pennsylvania

          • 06/15/98 S.W.A.T. -- The Whole Truth Rolling Stone, Grey Advertising and others are listed on the Target Page
          • 12/22/97 FLORIDA Kids' Campaign Against Tobacco
          • 12/17/97 Florida Online Tobacco Education Resources website-- the home page for Florida's Office of Tobacco Control.
          • 00/07/31Smoke-free dining guide Orlando Sentinel
              Even though many restaurants around town like to offer the choice of smoking and non-smoking sections there are certain patrons who would rather dine at an establishment that offers all non smoking. For those of you who would rather not deal with the smoke, Calendar Online has created this guide to restaurants in the Central Florida area that are completely smoke free. For the restaurants out there who are smoke free but not listed please send your information to Kelly Fitzpatrick at kfitzpatrick@tribune.com Lake County

          • 9/11/97 TEXAS: Spit Tobacco Prevention Network Texas org fights chaw.

          • 9/14/99 Minnesota: Preventing and Reducing Tobacco Use
          • 02/13/98 MINNESOTA Decides
              Minnesota Decides is a statewide response to this health epidemic. Throughout the summer of 1997, more than 500 Minnesotans participated in 10 communities forums to discuss what they believe are the most effective measures to reduce tobacco use. The forums' purpose was to engage Minnesotans in developing community-based solutions to tobacco reduction. As you will read, the opinions were strong, recommendations were far-reaching and the dialogue was no-holds-barred.

          • 2/25/99 Arizona Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (AzTEPP) AZ's Dept. of Health site; rich, professional site ful of statewide and local information
              Cessation / Prevention / Environmental Tobacco Smoke / Local Project Updates / ATIN Partners Projects / Ash Kicker / Clearinghouse / Arizona Smokers' Helpline Website / AzTEPP Staff / Arizona Tobacco Tax / Youth & Tobacco Use / Media / Evaluation / Statewide Projects / Laws & Ordinances / ATIN Partners

          • 9/14/99 OREGON: Tobacco Prevention and Education Program

          • 01/03/29 OutrageAve.com Washington's teen site, featuring its "reality-TV" show, "Unfiltered"--5 smoking teens go cold-turkey for a weekend. They are currently accepting applications.
          • 01/09/19 Just Eliminate Lies The anti-tobacco network of Iowa teens has unveiled an advertising campaign on ETS targeting sixth- through 12th-grade students.
              Ah, nothing like a breath of fresh RAT POISON...just one of the many toxins listed here that can be found in secondhand smoke . . .

          • 03/19/98 Teen Tobacco Summit Ft. Lauderdale Sun-SentinelMarch 29-April 1, 1998, Haines City, FL
              After years of Big Tobacco controlling the lives of my friends and schoolmates in Florida, we kids are finally going to join together and rebel against them. We are sick and tired of being manipulated and targeted so we are going to hold a youth summit from March 29 - April 1 in Haines City, Florida. It should be an awesome sight, with nearly 600 Florida kids joining together to save the lives of their friends and family. It would be wonderful if you could be there and help spread our message.

          • 00/07/05 N-O-T: No on Tobacco
              The American Lung Association's Not On Tobacco (N-O-T) offers schools and community groups a unique, proven program for helping these teens quit. The American Lung Association, in collaboration with West Virginia University, developed N-O-T. The program was evaluated during two pilot phases, which led to revisions tailored to suit the needs of schools and teens. Evaluations are continuing around the country. N-O-T was designed specifically for teens, using a gender-sensitive, 10-session curriculum that includes booster sessions. Teachers, school nurses, counselors and other staff and volunteers trained by the American Lung Association facilitate the sessions in the schools and other community settings. N-O-T is designed as a voluntary, non-punitive program for teens. An Alternative-to-Suspension program is also included to address student violation of a school tobacco policy.

          • 3/10/99 Teen Smoking Clubs Yahoo (Yes, the website/tobacco-ad-carrying magazine)
              "This club, which is strictly for teens, should be a place where teenagers can discuss, ask questions about, and chat about smoking. All views are more than welcome!"

          • 09/24/98 Smokefree Kids and Soccer From DHHS. Not an awful lot here, but some interesting items.
              An innovative collaboration between the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the U.S. Women's National Team, and US Soccer, the governing body of American soccer. Participating DHHS agencies include the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. The program models the "Smoke-Free" lifestyle of the National Team members and encourages adolescent girls to participate in soccer to maintain physical fitness and resist pressures to smoke. Members of the U.S. National Team have agreed to bring the "Smoke-Free Message" to millions of their young fans.

          • 09/23/98 Smoke-Free Class Of 2000 ALA's site designed by teens, run by teens

          • 12/12/97 NECASA Tips for Teens Northeast Communities against Substance Abuse (Northeast Connecticut)

          • 00/07/31 TV: Cold Turkey Mississippi's answer to "Survivor": 5 teens try to quit over a week.

          • 00/07/20 ImpacTeen
              ImpacTeen is part of Bridging the Gap: Research Informing Practice for Healthy Youth Behavior, supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and administered by the University of Illinois at Chicago. . . ImpacTeen will identify and track tobacco control policies at the state level for all 50 United States and the District of Columbia to evaluate their effectiveness in reducing mortality, morbidity, and psychosocial problems associated with substance use and abuse. Directing this component of the project are: Gary Giovino, PhD, MS Michael Cummings, PhD Andrew Hyland, PhD Arshad Wani, MD

          • 01/02/17 REBEL Reaching Everyone by Exposing Lies.
              The REBEL has been created to assist with building awareness and recruitment. The Web site provides steps for getting involved in local REBEL chapters and highlights specific ways to help expose the marketing tactics of the tobacco industry that attract teen smokers, plus video of the "Not for Sale" ads running on MTV, "Buffy," "Real World," etc.

          • 01/01/24The Young Person's Cyber-Library of Information on Tobacco and Tobacco-Caused Disease
              This page is written by Frederic W. Grannis Jr. MD. I am a physician and thoracic (chest) surgeon with almost 30 years of experience treating patients with tobacco related diseases including lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema, coronary artery disease (heart attack), carotid vascular disease (stroke or CVA) and many other diseases. This page is an outgrowth of my experience with The Lung Cancer and Cigarette Smoking Web Page . . . Through the E-mail and form feedback features of that page, have come hundreds of inquiries from young people for information on tobacco and tobacco-caused diseases. 27% of requests for help or information have come from people age 21 and under. Most questions relate to help in gathering information for the preparation of school reports, requests for information on smoking cessation or concerns about their own health or the health of family and friends. An abstract of my experience with the Lung Cancer and Cigarette Smoking Web Page presented to the World Congress on Lung Cancer in Dublin Ireland is offered here. Attempts to direct these young people to sources of information available on the Internet and World Wide Web, that would help answer their questions and needs, have been frustrating. Searches of the WWW for information on tobacco yield a wealth of great information from hundreds of different web sites. There is, however, an appreciable dearth of information available on the WWW, and in general, on tobacco and tobacco-caused disease, that is age-specific and appropriate for young people.

          • 01/01/02 Project: Up in Smoke Subject of the 1/2/01 New York Newsday article, "Teens' Message Is 'Butt Out' / Youths of Taiwanese descent organize a campaign against smoking" Simple, fast, nicely done. Go Queens!
              Their project, an antismoking Web site they called "Project: Up in Smoke," was edged out by a Brooklyn team's effort to make Brooklyn College smoke-free, and the Queens youths each missed out on $2,000 scholarships. But the Queens students said they were in the project for more than the money and have kept their Web site alive.

            • Smokers' Stories
                We logged on to a few support forums on the web and asked people for a few of their experiences with smoking and quitting. The answer we got was pretty overwhelming. Here, we picked out a few ones to share.
            • Crackdown
                Selling cigarettes to people under 18 is illegal, everybody knows that. Yet some stores and even supermarkets do it anyway. Ever wish you could make them pay some heavy coinage? Well - now you can. Type in the name and/or address of the store, and send it to us. We'll send the information to the folks at the American Cancer Society (ACS), who'll go and check it out. If they're caught, fines can run upwards of $1000-more than most delis and bodegas can afford. Get revenge on that store that's ruining your friend's or loved one's life.

          • 00/09/08 Tobacco Prevention and Education Program Full, rich resource center from Oregon's Dept. of Health. Includes:
          • 03/19/98 San Francsico Tobacco Free Coalition
          • 11/07/97 King County (WA) Dept. of Public Health lists its Tobacco Compliance Checks, provides a guide to Smokefree Dining in King County, and has a nice Tobacco Billboard Regulation Fact Sheet on King County's upcoming (Jan. 1) Tobacco Billboard Regulations
          • 11/30/96 NORTH CAROLINA: Project Assist Tobacco Use Prevention Activities from the mountainous High Country of north-western North Carolina!
          • 12/7/00 COLORADO GASP has a terrific search engine for Smokefree Restaurants in CO

          • 01/24/97 WA: American Lung Association of WASHINGTON Nicely done site; health information, programs, brochures, all presented crisply and cleanly. An excellent source.
          • WASHINGTON (State) DOC site
          • 12/21/99 Washington State AG's Tobacco Page
          • 04/04/98 STOP TOBACCO ADDICTION NOW DO IT (STAND) Kitsap County, WA

          • 01/06/09 Oregon Follow the Money
              The Money in Politics Research Action Project (MiPRAP) is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization with the goal of increasing opportunities for public participation and accountability in politics. We welcome your questions and information requests.

          • 01/04/20 The Science of Secondhand Smoke Nice swift referenced recap, including some essential material on "Tobacco Industry attacks ont he Science of Secondhand Smoke."
          • 01/04/13 Environmental Tobacco Smoke Extensive Compilation from National Clearinghouse for Tobacco and Health (NCTH)

          • 01/04/06 SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco)

        • 01/04/20 VENTILATION Issues and Resources, from ANR

          Health Organizations

          • 12/13/96 Healthyway Links Lots of health-oriented tobacco links, very nicely, if alphabetically, presented.
          • American Cancer Society find national, local chapters, the Philip Morris documents and more

          • American Council on Science and Health. ACSH specializes in presenting " balanced, scientifically sound analyses of current health topics." A sometime figure of controversy for criticizing health "scares," Dr. Whelan and other conservative doctors recently wrote a letter urging the Republican leadership to dissassociate itself from tobacco. ACSH's fine Priorities magazine often has important, sharp articles on smoking and tobacco.

          • 02/10/97American Heart Association Web Site
          • Newly revised and expanded, with a nice Search engine.

          • 09/23/98 American Lung Association
          • American Medical Association Web Page
          • JAMA Home Page Once you're signed in, Check out the July 19, 1995 issue of JAMA --dedicated to tobacco. Full Text: is available for the incredible
          • American Psychological Association Division of Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse

          • 01/10/30 D.A.R.E.
          • 07/25/97 The Lancet
          • Cardiovascular Disease WorldWide Network
          • 12/22/96 Indiana University Medical Dept.'s extensive Tobacco Control Resource Center and here are Investigators at Indiana University Involved in Tobacco Research From history to psychology to marketing to sociology to dentistry to family medicine. Here are goals in Undergraduate and Graduate Education (Unfortunately, some of the further links are restricted, and there seems no easy way to email personnel listed directly from the pages. As IU says, "bummer.")
          • INTERNATIONAL UNION AGAINST CANCER From this site you can join Globalink.
          • KidsCampaigns Not a lot on tobacco, but some.
          • 11/13/96 Medscape THE source for medical info. Peer reviewed articles, Medline and more. Free registration.
          • 11/22/99 Nactional Cancer Institute (NCI)

          • 4/21/99 National Institute on Drug Abuse
          • National Clearing House for Alcohol & Drug Information
          • 11/13/96 National Families in Action Tobacco Page
          • National Health Information Center
          • 12/29/96 Partnership for a Drug-Free America's Tobacco Information A little sketchy, but good to see PDFA addressing legal drugs, too.
          • Wellness Web's Smokers' Page Lots of info, some idiosyncratic, like Treating Smoking with NLP
          • 11/14/96 The Red Cross Addresses Smoking! At last--a little tardy, but strong enough for a start. About time, Liddy!
          • 10/08/98 Society for the Advancement of Womens Health Research Policy Statement on Tobacco April 9, 1997. Here's the Fact Sheet on Gender Differences and Smoking May 1998

          • World Health Organization Home Web Page

          • 6/25/99 EFFORTS: Emphysema Foundation For Our Right To Survive
              a non-profit organization which takes an active role in promoting research for more effective treatment and, hopefully, a cure for Emphysema and related lung diseases. We also work to further the education of those who are not completely familiar with our disease, and we provide a support mailing list for our members. . . In late November of 1997, Gary Bain, Mick Wagner and Sharon Adkins, were members of another COPD support group. We had an idea that there might be interest in forming sort of a "members profile" site that would be accessible by the group we were members of at that time. . . We started it in December of 1997 and it took off like gangbusters. Suddenly everyone was interested in completing the Questionnaire to see how they compared to others by actually comparing the Profiles in writing. We kept adding questions to it as well. It still is one of our favorite parts of our "family" and can be seen by clicking on Members Pages and Profiles from http://www.emphysema.net/bindex.html .. . . We have no commercial ties with any company. We are only people with Emphysema, we are only human. We are only humans with Emphysema. We are not multimillionaire's although we are an industry for many multimillionaire's. We are the "tired, the hungry, and the poor" in many ways.

            • 6/25/99 STATE TOBACCO SETTLEMENT REPORTERS Wow--Their network of reporters are doing a pretty good job!
                The following members have agreed to spend their spare time checking out their local legislators to see what is occuring regarding the spending of the Tobacco Settlements. They will keep us posted as they are able to learn new activities. To view their lastest reports click on here!

            Tobacco-Related Disease Sites:

            • 01/06/01 COPD Education
                Welcome to COPDeducation, a new website designed for people interested in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. We are pleased to offer COPDeducation in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim International, a world leader in COPD research and advocacy. Our association with Boehringer Ingelheim gives COPDeducation a global perspective, allowing us to draw on vast international resources to provide material on all aspects of COPD. Most often diagnosed as either chronic bronchitis or emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is currently ranked as the fifth most common cause of death worldwide, and its prevalence is growing.

            • 10/07/98 National Asthma Campaign UK
                The National Asthma Campaign believes that people with asthma have the right to expect: . . . a healthy environment in which air pollutants such as cigarette smoke and traffic pollution are kept to an absolute minimum.

            • 10/06/98 ALCASE (Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education)
                ALCASE is the only nonprofit organization dedicated solely to helping people with lung cancer improve their quality of life.

              • Lung Cancer: A Revolution in Care; 1998-99 Regional Workshop Tour
                  a health advocate revolution is underway in the field of lung cancer. Healthcare professionals and patients are mobilizing to demand earlier diagnosis, access to treatments, and supportive care. ALCASE invites you to spend a day in open dialogue about the way in which lung cancer is perceived and treated.
              • Lung Cancer Awareness Ribbon
              • Tobacco Statement
                  The proposed settlement does not include any admission of guilt by the tobacco industry for the irreparable harm they have knowingly caused for so many. It seems clear that the object of the current proposed settlement is to bail out the tobacco industry, and it appears very doubtful that the rightful demands of the millions of people in this country affected by lung cancer and other tobacco-related diseases will be met. . . ALCASE strongly urges all Americans to join us in our absolute rejection of this proposed settlement.
            • Lung Cancer Page from the Pathology Page WebSite
            • Lung Cancer PageThoracic surgeon Fred Grannis' fine site.
            • Smoker's Lungs
            • 04/03/97 Biomoda's Lung Cancer Links from Biomoda, a biomedical company dedicated to early detection and treatment of lung cancer.
            • 00/11/13 Lung Cancer Awareness Week Website
                to educate the public about lung cancer, the importance of early detection and screening, new treatment advances, and survivorship. The Lung Cancer Toll- Free Information Line, 1-877-646-LUNG (5864) is available throughout the year to answer questions from the public about lung cancer and to provide free counseling and support to lung cancer patients, survivors and family members.
              • 00/11/07 Lung Cancer Option.com
                  Your online destination for Lung Cancer information. Lung Cancer Awareness Week is November 12 through 18! Get involved and support the Great American Smokeout on November 18th!

              • 00/09/15 9th World Conference on Lung Cancer--Tokyo, 2000 IASLC's Declaration on Tobacco is not available online:
                  Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the world. The incidence is rising at an alarming rate in both men and women. Ninety percent of cases are caused by active or passive smoking and therefore could be avoided or prevented. Smoking is a major factor in the development of many other cancers, cardiovascular disease and chronic lung disease. As a consequence of smoking, nicotine addiction in our children is a major worldwide epidemic requiring immediate action. In order to help achieve its goal of eliminating lung cancer, the IASLC: 1. Requests governments to: 1) Develop new methods of preventing smoking, and therefore nicotine addiction, in children. 2) Forbid smoking in all public facilities and transportation systems to protect non-smokers from the effects of passive smoking. 3) Through governmental and public notifications and advertising, warn of the ill effects of smoking on health. 4) Increase taxes on tobacco in order to prevent its use. 5) Enforce higher copayments by smokers for the cost of treatment of smoking related diseases. 6) Requests introduction of anti-smoking education at all levels of education. 2. Encourages other medical societies and health care institutions to join in campaigns against smoking and for anti-smoking education. 3. Encourages all health care providers to receive training in counseling on stopping smoking. 4. Requests all industrial sectors and media organs to eliminate tobacco advertising and marketing. 5. Promises to produce materials that will aid in education concerning smoking and lung cancer.

              Mighty Resources For Smokers [and Chewers) Trying To Quit:

              Here's an excellent item with the latest info:
            • 01/11/01 What Are Methods for Quitting Smoking? From Well-Connected/MSNBC
                • Blair's Quit Smoking Resource page Links to Quit-Smoking Sites.
                • 00/05/30 Web Sites to Help Smokers Kick the Habit From Perio.Org
                • 01/03/28 Independence from Smoking DHHS released this site in conjunction with the release of the Surgeon General's Report, Women and Smoking
                    We have created this page to help empower women and girls, and the people they love, to breathe clean! Gain independence from the stale world of smoking by using our information and resources. Learn about the specific effects of smoking on your health and how to overcome barriers to quit.

                • Guide to Smoking Cessation Resources in New York City
                • 08/20/98 Smoking Cessation Medical Information Survey, newsletter, more. From MediConsult

                • 5/22/01 Tobacco Cessation Online Training Center Arizona Dept of Health has a great Library, including short, punchy, just-the-essentials referenced resources. Very well-organized and useful resource. Check out their pages on:
                • 00/12/10 UCSF Recruits Bilingual Participants for First Spanish/English Smoking Cessation Research on the Internet
                    The first Spanish/English Smoking Cessation Program on the Internet has been launched by the Latino Mental Health Research Program at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center, according to Ricardo F. Muoz, PhD, UCSF professor of psychology. More than $450,000 was made available for a three year grant from the University of California Office of the Presidents Tobacco Disease Research Program to support this endeavor. Muoz, director of the Latino Mental Health Research Program, said "There is no fee for participation, and we are recruiting participants from all over the world. We are making a special effort to attract Spanish-speaking smokers who use the web."

                • 01/03/16 Freedom From Smoking ALA's popular smoking cessation program is now online
                • 00/12/22 English/Spanish Stop Smoking Project
                    The Latino Mental Health Research Program at San Francisco General Hospital has just launched the first-ever Spanish/English smoking cessation program on the Web. . . There is no fee for participating in the study. Muoz said the program aims to recruit people from all over the world with a special emphasis on Spanish-speaking Latinos who live in the United States.
                • for Spanish speakers
                • 02/06/07 Addiction Therapies, Inc.
                    Addiction Therapies, Inc. (ATI) is developing novel therapeutics to rescue patients from addiction. ATI's active cognitive pharmacotherapy technology combines cognitive enhancing medications with proprietary patient-controlled drug delivery to overwrite the memories that drive addiction and other behavioral disorders. The Company has three products in development for tobacco dependence, cocaine addiction and alcoholism. ATI's lead product for tobacco dependence is moving into late-stage clinical trials. For more information about ATI, please visit http://www.addictiontherapies.com

                • 01/01/10 QuitSmokingDiet.com LLC.
                    QuitSmokingDiet.com was established to help people stop smoking without gaining weight while becoming physically fit. QuitSmokingDiet.com is unique in its mission to address three health issues, smoking, nutrition, and fitness, instead of just one.

                • 01/01/03 GottaQuit.com Monroe County's (NY) teen quitsmoking site

                • 00/11/14 Great American Smoke-Out American Cancer Society
                  • FRESHSTART is a straightforward quit smoking program for those who prefer stopping smoking with the structure and support that comes from a group experience. 1-800 -ACS-2345.
                  • Commit to Quit
                  • Y2kidz.org/Kidfu Kids Point and Click Their Way to the Great American Smokeout . This November on Y2Kidz.org, the American Cancer Society's youth web site, kids will use peer pressure in a positive way to clear the air about tobacco.

                • 00/11/15 IntelliHealth's Great American Smokeout Site

                • 02/02/11< Spit Tobacco One of Jon Krueger's excellent compilations.
                • 01/11/19 Stop Smoking During the Great American Smokeout: Introduction New York Times
                • 01/12/06 Quit Smoking Diaries
                    Welcome to the Quit Smoking Diaries, where you can share your struggles and triumphs as you quit smoking. Read the diaries of other smokers as they quit, plus create your own free diary where you can record all the thoughts, hopes, frustrations and victories that you encounter throughout your "quit." By reading other people's experience, you'll soon learn that you are not alone, and that quitting IS possible! By creating your own diary, you'll make quitting a much more conscious effort, you'll be more accountable to yourself and other readers, thus making quitting potentially easier. We are currently home to 1,787 online diaries.

                • 01/09/06 Why Quit? resources, support, articles.
                  Also see, Freedom from Tobacco "A Cold Turkey Quit Smoking Support Group" Where serious desire is educated, motivated and supported
                    Welcome to Freedom! If you are serious about wanting to quit smoking then you're in the right place! Within 72 hours of your last use of nicotine, your blood will be 100% nicotine clean and your withdrawal symptoms will peak in intensity and then begin to gradually decline. Freedom's cold turkey educational support experience involves two steps - 72 hours of reading, learning, and nicotine cleansing followed by participation in the most successful online group cessation experience anywhere in the world!
                • 01/09/12 wAsthma, COPD, and: iBreathe.com Stop Smoking This site include tips on helping others to quit.
                • 11/6/98 Dr. Koop's Prevention Center
                    Prevention Center offers consumers the most comprehensive information on preventative care including information on drug interactions, tobacco cessation, fitness, safety, nutrition, and stress management . . . Tackling Tobacco Addiction -- make a personal plan for quitting or reducing your tobacco intake.

                • 2/16/99 Stop Smoking Ring
                    The purpose of this ring is to link home pages together which have helpful information on quitting smoking. The members of this ring hope to provide their readers with the tools which will enable them to win their fight to kick the habit for good. . . There's no money to be made in running this ring, nor are there any other material benefits. All I want is keep you from killing yourself. There are members in this ring who are trying to sell you things, I don't know if any of it works, if you want to try it, fine, but I don't endorse any of it. . . If you have a site that may be helpful to smokers in quitting smoking, I urge you to please submit your site.
              • 01/01/11 Top Stop-Smoking Tips Good ones, with links and resources. From ASH/London.
              • 00/11/15Quitting Smoking Articles and tips from IntelliHealth
              • 01/02/05 Resolve to Quit Smoking From Oxygen.com
                • 7 deadly myths
                    Christy Turlington speaks out The cover model and former smoker joins the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with an important message about women and smoking.

              • 01/05/23 Smoke Free Doc Dr. Jesse Tepper's informative site
                  Thank you for the opportunity to help you become smoke-free. Often when people, such as yourself, come to my office for the first time, a considerable portion of the time we have arranged to spend together is spent asking and answering questions. On the one hand, that is quite understandable and responsible. Were I to seek the assistance of a professional, I too, would have many questions. Unfortunately, the process of asking and answering questions is a time consuming one - one that will reduce, perhaps significantly, the amount of time available for us to engage in the work we have set out to do - help you become smoke-free. With that in mind, and in the interest of utilizing the time we have together as efficiently and effectively as possible, I have, on the pages high-lighted below, assembled a variety of information that you can review before we meet. I expect that most, if not all, of your concerns will be addressed. Should you have additional questions or feel a need for clarification of any of the information I have provided, I would appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns either when we meet or via email.

              • 02/01/16 Nicstik (Canada)
                  The original idea for nicotine replacement products came from the tobacco pickers in the 1900's. It was noted that the pickers who were not protected by long gloves were developing toxicity from the plants. When the wrist was exposed the plant extracts were absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. The concept for all nicotine replacement products is to give the brain an amount of the drug so the patient will be able to resist the strong urge to light up. Cigarettes contain many other chemicals and it is much better for them to be exposed to a small amount of nicotine only. The nicotine receptor in the brain is very sensitive and many smokers develop a habit where it has to be satisfied every 2 to 3 hrs. If not they get severe nicotine "stress" and are not able to concentrate on the necessary tasks of life. However more smokers are giving up their habit due to strong pressure from the health groups and the anti-smoking movements that have proved second hand smoke is a carcinogen. We are able to help our patients by giving them a small amount of nicotine as they use other programs to help overcome their addiction. The Nicstick allows our patients to control the amount of drug they need when they need it.

              • 02/01/19 BC Doctors' Stop Smoking Program Canada
              • 01/01/10 QuitSmokingDiet.com LLC.
                  QuitSmokingDiet.com was established to help people stop smoking without gaining weight while becoming physically fit. QuitSmokingDiet.com is unique in its mission to address three health issues, smoking, nutrition, and fitness, instead of just one.

              • 00/12/22 Quit Commit
              • 02/01/16 Kick the Habit Kick the Habit explores addictions--and how to make a healthier life choices. Lots of BBC programs/video
              • 02/02/11 BBC Health: Kick the Habit
              • 01/09/27 Fatal Attraction: Lifting the Smokescreen from SCAPE (Smoking Cessation Action in Primary Care) UK
                  This brand new campaign will work in conjunction with 'The Time is Right' by providing tailored smoking cessation advice to women who want to stop smoking.

              • 01/03/29 NHS QuitLinje UK's powerful site, with many languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Turkish, Kurdish and Urdu.
              • 00/11/15 TobaccoSchool.com
                  TobaccoSchool.com is not just another smoking cessation program, but rather a program where smokers learn to be tobacco-free. It is an educational program for smoking addiction and prevention which is curriculum based and built upon the addiction recovery principles developed over a decade of research by Tobacco School founder Murray Kelly. ``We approach the challenge of tobacco addiction from the smoker's perspective. Our program takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery and incorporates emotional, mental and spiritual elements in addition to the physical'', states Murray Kelly. ``The program is designed to teach smokers to understand their addiction and learn to live tobacco-free. We are committed to providing smokers with the real help they need and the respect they deserve.''

              • 5/22/01 Tobacco Cessation Online Training Center Arizona Dept of Health
                QuitNet A free resource to quit smoking. Very alert to latest research.
              • 00/10/27 New Jersey Quitline
                  offer free smoking cessation counseling and resources. The services are New Jersey's first treatment initiatives funded by the settlement agreement between states and the tobacco companies. The New Jersey Quitline offers trained smoking cessation counselors fluent in 26 languages from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays. 1-866 NJ-STOPS (1-866-657-8677)

              • 01/02/05 Michigan Guide to Quit-Smoking Programs MI Dept. of Community Health
                  Here's a list of more than 280 local programs across the state that provide help. Just choose your county and click the search button to find the programs near you. If there's not a program near you, or you just want to quit on your own, get the free Smoker's Quit Kit. It has information to make quitting easier and coupons for the patch, gum and Zyban. Using these products can almost double your chances of quitting for good. For your free Smoker's Quit Kit call 1-800-537-5666.

              • 00/08/17 STOP! Magazine a magazine devoted exclusively to quitting smoking.
              • 01/11/16 Smokefree Ramadan MDNet
                  Stop smoking for good during Ramadan. Helplines in English, Urdu, Bengali, etc.

              • 00/10/12 Smokinghealthline.com
                  launches its free services on October 11, 2000 coinciding with Healthy Lung Month. The interactive site assesses individual smoking patterns and suggests steps to stop smoking. According to the program's developer, Dr. Arthur P. Sullivan, the suggested steps are organized by methods that have been effective for helping people with similar smoking patterns. Participants choose which steps they would like to take to stop smoking.

              • 00/09/03 Committed Quitters SmithKline Beecham's support site; useful even if you don't use their products.
                  There are new medications that can help you quit smoking. By themselves, they work. But smoking cessation experts, and smokers themselves, know that quitting requires more than dealing with the physical cravings alone. You need to deal with the psychological aspects of your smoking habit, and this requires changing your behavior. . . Experts agree, however, that the most effective behavioral support program is one designed just for you, and used in conjunction with a stop smoking aid, such as Nicorette or NicoDerm CQ. In fact, clinical studies prove that the Committed Quitters Program can improve your chances of quitting by more than 25%, versus the use of nicotine therapy replacement alone. Please take a few minutes to explore this site, which offers a comprehensive guide for all smokers. No matter where you are in the quitting process, there is something here for you. Even if you have no interest in quitting, we can help you understand your smoking habit, and how it compares to other smokers. But if you are interested in quitting, we can really help you. From understanding nicotine addiction and the range of quitting options available, to dealing with high risk situations once you have quit, you will find it here! Your chances of quitting can improve when used with a counselling program.

              • 00/06/06 California Smokers' Helpline (a free tobacco cessation resource available to all people living in California)
              • 00/07/31 SmokeFree Doc Dr. Jess Tepper gives his patients a pre-consultation on hypnosis and smoking cessation.
              • 00/07/13 Quit Smoking Diaries
                  Anyone can start a free, online, quit smoking diary. All diary entries can be public or private. Visitors to the site can read all public entries and leave comments for the diarist, creating a nice sense of community and support. Over 640 diaries have already been started.

              • 00/10/24 Patrick Reynolds' Quit Smoking page
                  This page offers a great overview of the best quitting methods, and helps smokers choose a quitting method which suits their individual needs. Included are classic, boilerplate points from proven tobacco cessation programs. There is also a unique emphasis on "Phase Two" of quitting, the period when the quitter's urges to smoke have largely subsided, but still make overwhelming surprise attacks from time to time. This page prepares smokers to stop, and plan a personalized method to quit successfully.

              • 01/11/16 NABI: Nic-Vax
                  Nabi has begun development of Nabi NicVAXTM, a vaccine against nicotine that is intended to be used to prevent and treat nicotine addiction.

              • 00/04/25 Try to Stop From the MA Dept. of Public Health
              • 00/05/22 Habitrol's Stop Smoking Site
                  With the creation of a new partnership with Novartis Consumer Health USA and the launch of the U.S. site, visitors to the Habitrol portal can now choose from one of three versions of the Habitrol tool depending on their location: Canada, French Canada or the United States. Features of the U.S. site include American spelling, measurements, and resources including the promotion of a 1-888 U.S. helpline. The site draws on all the attributes of the existing sites - including interactive assessment tools, quitting tips, access to ``quitting buddies,'' moderated support groups and motivational emails. Visitors can use the site free of charge and do not have to purchase or use Habitrol to participate in the program.
              • 00/05/25 Smokestoppers
                  HealthLift today announced the completion of beta testing and the official launching of a new ``One-Day-at-a-Time'' program that helps smokers quit smoking in six days, followed by 15 days of daily support and reinforcement. The new program will be available to all smokers free of charge until July 31. After that date, the program will be offered primarily through corporate and healthcare sponsors. The basic program content comes from SmokeStoppers, a company that has been helping people quit smoking for over 23 years. But this individually tailored, Web-based version is very new.

              • 1/8/00 UK: Don't Give Up Giving Up The Health Education Authority's stop smoking site, based on theLifeSaver website.
              • 00/04/09 Weekly Warning
                  Is there a smoker or smokeless tobacco user in your life? Would you like to see them kick the habit? Persuading a friend or family member to give up tobacco is a difficult task. How much can you preach before you annoy them? How do you know what to say? WEEKLY WARNING can help. For over two years we have been helping people motivate their loved ones to kick the habit. WEEKLY WARNING sends a constant stream of poignantly written warning messages directly to the tobacco user in your life for an entire year. We send the messages anonymously or we will include your name -- your choice. The messages are sent on brightly colored and boldly printed postcards or sent by Email; again -- your choice. Week after week, different and medically current, each message is a factual and frightening reminder of the health risks and often catastrophic results of smoking or smokeless tobacco use.

              • 1/13/00 http://www.quitsmokingsupport.com
                  "This highly interactive site isn't bashful, bragging that it is one of the most popular cease-smoking sites on the Web. Three million visitors last year and coverage of every conceivable quit tip and stop plot seem to support the claim. (A great incentive to quit is a list of the 599 ingredients found in cigarettes and the comparison photos of healthy lungs as opposed to damaged and diseased ones. "

              • 00/03/08 Youthtobacco.com
                  Welcome to youthtobacco.com, your online source for tobacco intervention and cessation programs for teenagers.

              • 12/31/99 Resolution 2000: Kick Butt Good resources, tips; oriented towards women. From Thrive Online. Ready Set Stop
              • 1/13/00Author Andrea Baer is currently offering free email consultations in conjunction with her program Quit Smoking for Good : A Supportive Program for Permanent Smoking Cessation (Personal Power)
              • 00/03/08Quit and Stay Quit The QuitSmoking Doctor's Website: Dr. Terry Rustin
              • 2/19/01 International Quit and Win
                  Quit and Win is a smoking cessation campaign for adults. Quit and Win competition has proved to be a cost-effective way to help a wide group of people to stop smoking. . . In the Quit & Win 2000 the countries with the best participation rate were, Kyrgystan (10,033), Kiribati (1,023), Cuba (33,808 participants). Other countries with a very high number of participants are for ex: Russia (28,744), China in 6 regions (32 157), India (37,667), Iran (19,654), Germany (24 925), Kenya 25 000, Denmark (14 600), Canada, 3 states (33, 816)

              • 8/18/99 Smokeless Tobacco Education Basics Pretty much the only site of its kind out there; nicely done. [Hosted by the Mint Snuff Non-Tobacco Chew

              • 4/28/99 Smoke Often, Die Young
                  Rather than target smokers, Smoke Often. Die Young gives friends and loved ones the ammunition they need to help someone quit and guide them through the various stages of withdrawal. . . Two heads are better than one. So set aside some time to bang noggins with your friend. The path to quitting is tough, but it's much easier when a smoker doesn't have to go it alone. EDUCATE AND CREATE THE DESIRE TO QUIT. Use your personal influence. If you're an employer, offer a bonus. It works. MAKE A PLAN. Prepare your friend for tapering for the stages of withdrawal, and prepare yourself for the objections you'll face along the way. QUIT. Keep your friend focused on the reasons she's quitting. Be there when the craves hit and the irritability bubbles up. Encourage your friend to visit a doctor.
              • Rural Health Village--Patient Information Quit Smoking Links
              • Check here for Commercial Products Page

              Band with others on your smoke-free journey.

            • 12/28/99 http://www.parardefumar.com SmithKline Beecham's Spanish-language Site
            • QuitSmoking News
            • 12/28/99 quitsmoking.com

          • 6/4/99 Quit Now--The National Tobacco Campaign From Australia; lots of resources here.
          • Club Kool Nicely done no-smoking signs, greeting cards, award certificates for sale, and a Kissemmee, FL "Smokefree Singles 96" group!
          • 06/05/98 Unhooked Non-profit arm of Charles Tedesco's commercial stop-smoking program
              Unhooked.org is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people quit using tobacco (usually smoking, but we are familliar with other uses). We are Web-based, we have a professional staff of volunteers. Our hope is to help you quit using tobacco, and stay quit.

          • 05/06/98 You Can Quit Smoking . . . Cold Turkey Site by Jim Bethke (lung cancer survivor)
              Sections: Find out what happened to me after 44 years of smoking; Test your smoking knowledge; My speaking engagements

          • 11/21/98 Patch Project University of Arkansas Medical Science/Dept. of Nursing.
              The website is designed as a support piece for a research study they are conducting. It contains valuable information about quitting smokeless tobacco as well as the dangers.

          • 8/7/00 NICOTROL
          • 12/1/98 The European Network for Smoking Prevention
              The European Network for Smoking Prevention is an International non-profit association who aims to develop a strategy for coordinated action among organisations active in tobacco control in Europe.

          • 04/26/98 Smoke Free Stats You can download this noncommercial Windows program by Michael Alft
              [T]his program is a "meter" that counts the time since you have quit cigarettes, how many you haven't smoked and how much money you have saved by not smoking. It is able to track up to 10 people at once . It will also perform as a countdown timer for a future quit date. . . Also included in the program are milestones and statistics unique for each individual. The milestones provide dates, times and reasons to celebrate as you progress in your quit. . . Included in the program is a journal to help you monitor your experience quitting.

          • 11/21/97 Commit to Quit ACS' Great American Smokeout Site
          • 03/24/98 Nicotine Victims.com
              This website has been developed as a resource and information center for those affected by the tragic influence of nicotine. Our goal is simple: to help nicotine victims and their families to learn about, understand, and cope with this insidious, devastating, LEGAL drug that has led to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of lives.
            They are collecting untold stories and even offer attorney referrals
              If you live in the United States and would like the name and address of an attorney living in your state who would be interested in discussing with you a possible civil case based upon nicotine addiction and other possible causes of action, email us at allen@city-online.com. Please include your name, address, phone number, email address and brief description of your situation. We will attempt to locate an attorney in your state from our database; however, there are a few states for which we are still attempting to locate local counsel.

          • 12/10/97 Test Your Smoking Quotient
              Learn how to kick the habit with the second installment of the new MSNBC/HealthBuzz feature. Nonsmokers will also want to take an interactive quiz to figure out health risks from secondhand smoke.

          • 11/12/97. AOL's Addiction and Recovery Forum has multiple subareas of addictions that affect people. The nicotine addiction area is really nice. AOL members can reach it by using the keyword "A&R."

            Other Great Sites:

          • 10/21/97 Smoking Cessation from Better Health. Bulletin Boards, Tips, Library, MedLine search.
          • 12/29/98 Stop Smoking !!
              Helpful facts and tips on how and why to quit smoking prepared by DR BOB , a physician trained in both Internal Medicine and Psychiatry

          • 12/29/98 Nicotine Anonymous
              Nicotine Anonymous is a non-profit, 12-step fellowship of men and women helping each other to live nicotine-free lives. Nicotine Anonymous welcomes all those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction, including those using smoking cessation programs and nicotine withdrawal aids. The primary purpose of Nicotine Anonymous is to help all those who would like to cease using tobacco and nicotine products.
          • 07/10/97Counseling to Prevent Tobacco Use (NIH) Lots of info, with references.
          • AMA's Clinical Guide to Smoking Cessastion
          • For Smokers Only Dentist Brad Rodu's plan to help people quit smoking tobacco--by chewing it!
          • HabitSmart's Newly Revised WebSite provides an abundance of information about addictive behavior: theories of habit endurance and habit change as well as tips for effectively managing problematic habitual behavior. . . . The addiction professionals who manage and contribute to the site are invested in providing people with empirically-driven information which may be useful in controlling their unique habits.
          • 12/13/96 Escape from Smoking Some tips and suggestions.
          • Stop Smoking Handout (University of Illinois)
          • Smoking Cessation aids from Fonske's Health Page (Student Health Center of Northern Arizona University )
          • Web of addictions



        • 01/06/14 Jean Kilbourne
            Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D. (JKilbourne@aol.com) is internationally recognized for her pioneering work on alcohol and tobacco advertising and the image of women in advertising. A widely published writer and speaker who has twice been named Lecturer of the Year by the National Association of Campus Activities, she is best known for her award-winning documentaries Killing Us Softly, Slim Hopes, and Pack of Lies. She is a visiting scholar at Wellesley College, has served on the National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and been an adviser to two surgeons general. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

        • 12/07/97 IMPERIAL Out Terry Polevoy's colorful response to the Canadian tobacco co.'s announcement.
        • 10/27/97 Samantha, The Smoking Skunk
            Samantha Skunk has taken on Joe Camel by encouraging children not to smoke. Samantha Skunk and the "uncool" smoking camels, Stu and Stela Stench, were created by Professor of Business, William Scott, at the University of New Hampshire. He was inspired to create Samantha as a "no smoking" symbol by his daughter who suffers from asthma. Now Samantha Skunk us delivering that message personally to as many children as possible. This unique program is the first to bring pre-school and primary school children an anti-smoking message they can easily remember.
        • 11/10/97 Don't Get Sucked In RFA Digital of Trenton, NJ has a nice anti-smoking site for teens.
        • 05/20/97 Cut Lung Cancer in Half A T-shirt transfer design from Ralph Carter
        • 05/20/97 Anti-Tobacco Billboards Humor from Bill Levinson
        • 06/16/97 OPINION: Smoking More These Days? Dr. Charles E. Cravey posits an industry plot to decrease nicotine levels. Contraband Magazine. Curio value only.
            To the person who finds himself smoking more, now you know the reason. You have been duped! Your lifestyle, your habits, and your mind have been manipulated by these companies.

        • 08/04/97 FAST: Fight Against Smoking Team
          David and Priscilla Seuss (founders of Spinnaker Software) take the fight to the racetracks! Sponsorship, anyone?
        • 03/09/98 The Ross McElwee Site Filmaker with roots back to original Bull Durham is doing a documentary on tobacco.
            In the 1870s, J.H. McElwee & Partners invented, and were first to market, the now-famous BULL DURHAM brand of tobacco. But McElwee's wealthy competitors stole the trademark... and later SOLD OUT to the dastardly DUKE family! Now McElwee's GREAT-GRANDSON -North Carolina filmmaker ROSS McELWEE - is making a film about this SORDID CHAPTER in his family's history. Any NORTH CAROLINA NATIVE with INFORMATION, FAMILY CONNECTIONS, RUMORS or GOSSIP about the Bull Durham legacy: contact Ross McElwee IMMEDIATELY! McElwee also wants to hear from North Carolinia natives about current attitudes toward tobacco - PRO & CON - including SMOKER'S RIGHTS, the PLEASURES of SMOKING, and the PAINS of TRYING TO QUIT! Have a TALE TO TELL? contact McElwee by... Mail: 24 Quincy Street, Cambridge MA 02138 Telephone: 617-496-6606 E-mail: mcelwee@fas.harvard.edu.

        • 05/21/98 sXe Haligua sXe Straightedge hardcore rock band
            In basic terms someone who is sXe is someone who doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs or engage in promiscuous sex. . . All 3 members of HALIGUA are proud to be sXe. . . . We feel smoking is probably the most stupid and pointless activity ever. . . We feel such strong hatred for the tobacco industry and their evil ads that glamourize smoking.

        • 06/20/97 HUMOR: "Suicide Agreement" Reportedly Breaks Log Jam In Tobacco Settlement Talks One of a series of humorous tobacco-related articles on the Samizdat Online page
            "What we are proposing," said Mississippi Attorney General Michael Moore, "is that the negotiators for the tobacco industry demonstrate their good faith and remorse for having profited at the expense of the damaged health and well-being of Americans for decades by killing themselves."

        • 06/27/97 Humor: Joe Camel Win95 & Mac Joke Wallpaper
        • 5/17/96 STAMP Stop Tobacco Abuse of Minors Project Download a screensaver to receive kids' artwork
        • 11/30/96 Dr. Bob's Quit Smoking Page Info, and lots of subject-oriented links.

        • 9/11/97 Nicotine Researcher Jed Harris' WebPage
        • The Doonesbury Page! What's up, Mr. Butts?
        • Famed activist Walt Bilofsky's site with some important articles:
          Secondhand Smoke and Community Laws Useful links and references.
          "Astro-turf" reprinted fromt the Marin County Pacific Sun, and
          How Not to Pass a Smoking Control Ordinance--a toungue-in-cheek tipsheet.
        • The Lesko Brothers Home Page One's 6! One's 9! Just to show how easy it is, they buy cigarettes from vending machines all the time! Morgan & Max have a most spectacular page! Join their cause.
        • 11/15/96 Message to Teenagers about Smoking From-the-heart straight-shooting by Mark Perkel. Leave it to the non-professionals to say it best. Most fascinating are the responses, many from teens.

        Restaurant Guides

        CHECK TBBS' Smokefree Dining Page
      • 12/20/99 Smokefree World
      • 12/20/99 Smokefree USA Search by state, then city
      • 12/20/99 Find Nonsmoking restaurants in your area Search engine for cities around the country, with a "no smoking" option. From Menus Online.
      • 30 Reasons to Become a Smoke-Free Restaurant From Colorado GASP
      • Going Smoke-Free Profitably From Ira Sharenow in Madison, WI

      • 07/21/97 Mike's Airlines Page Updated Airline smoking policies

      Media/News Resources

      • 01/10/02 GLOBALink News Bulletins News compilations and links from around the world.
      • Columbia Journalism Review's Covering Tobacco: A Handbook for Jouralists WOW! The gang's all here for you to contact. A journalist's dream.

      • 11/11/97 Investigative Journalism Resources
      • 11/13/96 Broadcast Interview Source Experts for journalists/broadcasters. You can do a search on tobacco, but they're not too complete, and not too fussy. (Maybe they had better luck verifying www.rbb.com). Columbia Journalism Review is a FAR more complete source of contacts.

      • 02/25/97 Index of Media Indexes Find all media outlets on the net

      • 02/25/97 Contact the Media Complete newspaper email addresses
      • 11/26/96 Oxbridge MediaFinder The Source For Print Media & Catalogs--Targeted lists to rent, advertising sources, and subscription information from over 80,000 US and Canadian publications. Find tobacco-oriented publications.
      • 10/20/96 MediaFinder Find print journals, newsletters, mags, directories, etc.--from the Ashtray Journal (for you collectors) to Tobacco Life Also, see media lists.


      • 9/6/99 All Newspapers.com
      • 00/06/27 Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids News Summaries
      • 00/06/27 Join Together News Summaris
      • 09/22/98 Two-Ten News Network
          The Two-Ten News Network offers a complete range of news distribution services to the media. NEWS NETWORK Information for journalists and researchers TWO-TEN COMMUNICATIONS Information for public relations professionals TWO-TEN DIRECT Submit a story direct to the Two-Ten Newsroom

      • 03/11/97 St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press Tobacco News Page Late-breaking news stories focused on Minnesota's Medicaid lawsuit. Source documents (including xeroxes of the "1988 BAT Ltd research report on Marlboro cigarettes," and news archives.

      • 01/07/98 AP Wire Up-to-the-second news sources.
      • 03/13/97 AP Wire From St. Paul Pioneer Press
      • 09/15/98 Tobacco Overview Washington Post has story compilations by category: Politics And Policy, Lawsuits, Health Issues, Teen Smoking, Industry News, Opinion, Talk. You can also easily get late-breaking AP and WP stories.

      • 3/12/99 Regional AP Tobacco Stories

      • 1/31/00 Guardian/Observer Tobacco stories
      • 09/14/98 CANADA NEWSWIRE: Tobacco

      • 10/23/99 Tobacco News Online At last on the web: Stan Shatenstein's daily news compilation, with an emphasis on Canadian and medical content. TNO features Stan's expert tips and insights. (Fans will remember his "Revue de Presse" on TBBS.)
      • 00/08/18 Search TNO
      • 8/22/99 News Corp Rupert Murdoch's media empire, including London Times, NY Post and the little-known Smart Source

      • 7/8/99 US Tobacco News Links Page from Dr. Terry Polevoy

      • 4/1/99 Tobacco Journal International
          Since 1963 Tobacco Journal International has provided executives around the world with news and background information on all aspects of the tobacco business. TJI is today the only tobacco magazine that covers every sector of the industry in every issue; from leaf growing to the marketing of the finished products, every sector has its own section in TJI.

      • 3/31/99 News Library $1.95/article. Not a lot of newspapers, but some important ones, and a few have stories back to the early eighties. Searching is free.
      • 2/12/99 The Working Reporter Resources
      • 2/8/99 C-Store Central News

      • 2/4/99 Stateline.org
          Stateline.org (http://www.stateline.org) is a three-year project of the Pew Center on the States. It is supported by a $4.2 million grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts, administered by the University of Richmond. Launched Jan. 25, the Web site focuses on state government news, offering statistics, news stories, and an area to post queries to experts.

      • 1/26/99 DATABASES! Amalgamation of tons of online databases, including World News by Continent, News databases and archives and Government Databases
      • 10/06/98 Tobacco Asia Magazine (Jul/Aug/Sep)The only one of its kind, covering the tobacco trade in Asia. Tons of Asian news (summaries), plus a handy Advertisers' Index
          TOBACCO ASIA MAGAZINE and its website are designed as a tobacco industry resource reporting on three main segments of the industry -- TOBACCO Products (wholesaling, distribution, and duty free); TOBACCO Manufacturing (manufacturers, regional reports, and tobacco products manufacturing technology, equipment, machinery, and supplies); and TOBACCO Leaf (processing and trading). TOBACCO ASIA is the only publication written and edited with the interests of the Asian tobacco industry in mind. This includes the whole of Asia, such as Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australasia, Asia Pacific, South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East.
      • 09/26/98 Coverage of Tobacco Debate The New York Times has compiled its articles, by subject

      • 3/2/00London Times Tobacco Search
      • 8/31/99 Tobacco Debate Both URLs seem to work OK

      • 6/24/99 YAHOO: Tobacco Settlement More than the settlement now, it's Yahoo's compilation of latest news, sites, audio & video clips, documents.

      • 09/22/98 Two-Ten News Network
          The Two-Ten News Network offers a complete range of news distribution services to the media. NEWS NETWORK Information for journalists and researchers TWO-TEN COMMUNICATIONS Information for public relations professionals TWO-TEN DIRECT Submit a story direct to the Two-Ten Newsroom

      • 09/15/98 State Resource Page From AllLaw: Legal resources, state-by-state. Links to law schools, courts, bars, news, more.

      • 08/31/98 Utah "Straight Edge": fascist youth enforce Mormon lifestyle Compilation of Straight Edge news stories.

      • 08/26/98 BLOOMBERG's Tobacco News In "The Finer Things" section.

      • 09/15/98 Tobacco China Beautifully designed site, in GB Chinese only. From the Tobacco Economy Infocenter of China State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and People's Daily. National and world tobacco news, market info, etc.
      • Australian News
      • 07/31/98 FEDERAL NEWS SERVICE Here's the dirty little secret about your own government's proceedings: timely access to text records is strictly controlled, and accessible only by the rich, or corporations.
          Federal News Service allows you, for the first time, to read verbatim transcripts of the actual words spoken by American . . . leaders on matters of official Government policy and other issues of the day, the same day! FNS covers all Presidential statements; briefings at the White House, State, Defense and Justice departments; speeches and press conferences of major political leaders and spokespersons; and Congressional hearings. . . Searches and headline retrievals are free.
        America's Shame
          This 200-page book is a collection of editorials, commentaries, and news articles from leading American sources about the promotion, sale, and smuggling of tobacco products, especially American tobacco products, in overseas markets:

      • 07/03/98 Philip Morris Business Summary Net sales, valuation, stock prices, links to news, SEC filings, more, from Yahoo.

      • 11/10/97 Reuters
      • 10/17/97 Reuters Health Search Page Now a Subscription service. Features Reuters Medical News and the more consumer-oriented Reuters Health eLine
      • 1/20/00 Reuters Tobacco Settlement Stories Yahoo
      • 1/20/00 Reuters Tobacco Stories
      • 1/20/00 UPI News Search
      • 11/7/98 SIRS Researcher Great resource for unusual and handily-categorized stories. Search on "tobacco" here for a long list of stories, many from unusual sources. Search on "tobacco" on the Subject Heading Page for stories categorized by topic.

      • 09/96 Richmond Times-Dispatch Tobacco Page has a whole page of links to their stories.
      • 01/02/06 Highwire Press
          HighWire was founded to ensure that its partners - scientific societies and responsible publishers - would remain strong and able to lead the transition toward use of new technologies for scientific communication. Concerned that scientific societies separately would lack the resources and expertise to lead a major technical infrastructure shift in publications, Stanford University, in founding HighWire, accepted the role of partner, agent of change, and advisor. Begun as a close collaboration of scientists, librarians and publishers, it has not strayed from that model in its six years of rapid growth. Under the guidance of its publishing partners, HighWire's approach to online publishing of scholarly journals is not simply to mount electronic images of printed pages; rather, by adding links among authors, articles and citations, advanced searching capabilities, high-resolution images and multimedia, and interactivity, the electronic versions provide added dimensions to the information provided in the printed journals.

      • 00/12/19 Recent ETS News Stories from the Center for Social Gerontology
      • 00/12/06 Inforetrieve Medical/Scientific clearinghouse; commericial, but it can lead you to articles.
          We look to the Internet as the ultimate source of information - fast, flexible, personalized. Yet how good is that information, particularly for the scientific, medical, and technical communities? Who will provide demanding professionals rapid access to the most complete selection of journals, publications, and research resources. The answer is Infotrieve. Infotrieve is the definitive research portal, leading the market in article research and delivery. Its mission: to facilitate efficient, affordable, and innovative methods of distributing published materials to end-users, while protecting the rights of the information provider. To fulfill this mission, Infotrieve creates a one-stop shopping source, offering end-to-end capabilities for library and research needs. Combining high responsiveness with cost efficiency, the extensive Infotrieve network provides access to the world's largest library of journal content, exemplified by its breakthrough system, "Virtual Library." Vast information and journalistic resources are available with varied choices in distribution, namely aggregated electronic and paper delivery, a distinct advantage over paper-only aggregation. The information and articles you need, delivered how and when you need them, is the promise Infotrieve fulfills twenty-four hours a day to end-users worldwide.

      • 00/05/03 Duluth, MN, Smoking ban news Duluth News
      • 00/04/06 Graphics Gallery Chicago Tribune's tobacco charts/graphs
          Tobacco and politics; U.S. tobacco states; How cigarettes are made ; Ingredients of cigarette smoke; The tobacco settlement; The economics of tobacco; Revenue from tobacco; revenue to tobacco companies

      • 00/03/09 LifeNews Enter "Tobacco" to see recent health-oriented press releases.
      • 00/11/15 Revelations about cigarette smuggling around the globe Compilation of smuggling news items. From Canada's Nonsmokers' Rights Assn.
      • 00/03/09NewsHunt Has assembled individual search engines for many media outlets.
      • 2/10/00 Guardian (UK) Smoking Stories
      • 1/8/00 Tobacco Floors News Page
      • 11/21/99 The Guardian/The Observer Tobacco Page UK news
      • 10/20/99 Political Information Daily News search And here's their political website search engine:

          Search Thousands of Political Websites

    • 10/20/99 AP Business Update Latest stories
    • Tobacco News Online
        Stan Shatensteins wonderful daily digest of Canadian and international tobacco news.

  • 7/8/99 US Tobacco News Links Page from Dr. Terry Polevoy

  • 5/31/99 Yahoo Tobacco News
  • 09/26/98 Coverage of Tobacco Debate The New York Times has compiled its articles, by subject

  • 09/26/98 Tobacco Settlement Yahoo's compilation of latest news, sites, audio & video clips, documents.

  • 9/14/99 Netscape: Tobacco Nice compilation of tobacco sites; some good categories, including Secondhand Smoke
  • 08/26/98 BUSINESS News from Bloomberg
  • 04/01/97 Winston-Salem Journal's Tobacco Page RJR's hometown paper's roundup of their fine tobacco news articles.
  • 10/28/97 Winston-Salem Journal's Tobacco Settlement Page
  • 09/15/98 Tobacco Overview Washington Post has story compilations by category: Politics And Policy, Lawsuits, Health Issues, Teen Smoking, Industry News, Opinion, Talk. You can also easily get late-breaking AP and WP stories.

  • 05/20/98 Winston-Salem History from the Winston-Salem Journal's centennial edition section on tobacco.
  • 01/03/12 Smoking Medical articles Medscape's great roundup of medical journal articles.
      Studies have shown that cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of premature death in the United States, accounting for almost 500,000 deaths each year, which represents more than 5 million years of potential life lost. Medical costs directly related to smoking amount to $50 billion dollars annually. This Smoking Resource Center gathers the most current information on various aspects of smoking and tobacco use and includes news, conference summaries, articles, links to related Web sites, and more.
  • 11/11/96 USA Today's Smoking and Health Page Lots of Links to latest info.
  • 11/10/97 USA Today Tobacco Stories Archive
  • 10/22/97 Washington Post's Tobacco: On Trial
  • 06/13/97 Wall Street Journal Tobacco Page Superb, unparalleled tobacco coverage, $49/year. Explore WSJ's powerful search engines.
  • 10/6/99 Men's Health: Smoking compilation of NY Times articles--way out of date!
  • 06/22/97 Miami Herald Tobacco Trials Page The Herald's stories. Focus is on Broin.
  • 06/06/97 Ft. LauderdaleSun-Sentinel's Tobacco News Page There are many links to the Sun-Sentinel's stories, a quiz, a message board, and a cool video on secondhand smoke effects.
  • 07/08/97 Daytona Beach News Journal Tobacco Under Fire Page
  • CNN's continually updated Tobacco Under Attack Page
  • 02/17/98 Yahoo's Tobacco Settlement News Page
  • 02/02/26 State-by-State Settlement info From CTFK
  • 11/30/96 Yahoo's Tobacco News Stories Reuters, UPI & Press Releases.
  • 01/20/98 Tobacco on Trial Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune's site focusing mainly on Minnesota's lawsuit
  • 01/20/98 Newswise Search Business/Medical/Scientific publications

  • 07/29/98 Tobacco Reporter Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC)

  • 08/05/97 Tobacco Reporter An industry publication
  • 01/28/98 Tobacco on Trial Links to tobacco articles since 1996 from WCCO-TV and Channel 4000 (Twin Cities, MN)
  • 10/30/98 Thai Tobacco News
  • 08/04/97 Universal Press Syndicate Opinion Writers Wm. F. Buckley, John Leo, Gary Wills, etc. Sometimes handy for finding opinion columns unobtainable anywhere else.

  • 08/13/97 Tobacco Control Update Quality Massachusetts quarterly by Tobacco Control Resource Center.

  • 09/14/98 CANADA NEWSWIRE: Tobacco
  • 9/6/97 PR Newswire Search-by-Industry Page Tobacco is on list.
  • 05/16/97 PR Newswires Health Page
  • 12/30/96 POSTNet's Hot Wires Search Page Up-to-the-second news, searchable. From the St. Louis Post. Warning: this is now a pay service; the stories disappear within a day or two. From the St. Louis Post
  • 12/18/96 Newshound Get AP, Mercury tobacco stories delivered to your mailbox.
  • 08/15/97 Tobacco Control An International Journal
      Tobacco Control is a quarterly scientific journal launched in 1992 to consider all aspects of tobacco prevention and control. The journal aims to study: The nature and extent of tobacco use worldwide The effect of tobacco use on health, the economy, the environment and society The efforts of the health community and health advocates to prevent and control tobacco use The activities of the tobacco industry and its allies to promote tobacco use
  • Advocacy Institute [gopher news service only]
  • 01/04/97 Journal Graphics' Smoking Transcripts ABC, CNN and NPR programs.

  • 10/7/97 Federal News Service Same day coverage of government speeches, news conferences, hearings, etc. You can sign up for a 2-week free trial but the service is expensive! These are public documents, right? Why doesn't the government provide this service for its citizens?
    Well it does, sort of--but by the time a committee functionary has transcribed and sent the hearing transcript around so everyone can mark it up saying, "I didn't say that--I said this," it's months later, and the doc's a bit revised. FNS gives you a "rush transcript" right away. If the Gov. contracted with FNS, we'd wind up with 2 documents--the "rush" and the "official"--for free (or taxes, but then maybe less time would be spent over, uh, corrections).

  • 07/23/97 MEDLINE Online Two orgs, PubMed and Grateful Med, now provide this service FREE! 8.8 million references to articles published in 3800 biomedical journals! Best interface yet. Nicely done.
  • 06/12/98 Latest, Complete Coverage of Tobacco Crisis ABC

  • 06/08/98 IRRC: The Tobacco Industry (Seventh Edition) is the seventh in a series of tobacco directories published by the Investor Responsibility Research Center since 1990. This directory aims to be the most comprehensive and authoritative compilation of public companies involved in the tobacco industry worldwide.

  • 04/13/98 BioMednet has some spectacular new research tools

  • 04/10/98 The Tobacco Wars American Style Canadian Physician Terry Polevoy has an attractive roundup of our tobacco news resource sites.

  • 04/09/98 Recovery Network News Summaries of news events on addictive substances.

  • 03/06/98 Public Citizen's Tobacco Settlement Page PC's exceptional articles and analyses.
  • 05/02/98 PUBLIC CITIZEN's Tobacco-Related Documents Fact Sheets, Alerts, Documents, Testimony, more. Very rich, from Ralph Nader's group.

  • 02/14/98 American Cancer Society updates of tobacco news ACS's short digest of weekly news.

  • 04/03/97 New York Times Book Review
    You can search on tobacco or smoking and find, for example, the original 1988 reviews of Larry C. White's Merchants of Death from Christopher Lehman-Haupt Yet, as Mr. White aptly concludes, the cigarette companies continue to spread throughout the American economy like "a cancer that has metastasized." We may have come a long way from the time when we romanticized Bogart and Bacall for wrapping each other up in wreaths of smoke. But apparently we haven't come quite far enough yet, baby
    or from Kit Konolige In his short, blunt book . . . White makes us feel fresh outrage over the vicious cynicism of the executives of the cigarette industry who profit handsomely while promoting a bogus debate over the deadliness of tobacco.
  • 10/08/98 CIA World Factbook The World Factbook is a comprehensive view of each country in the world through facts and maps.

  • 04/25/97 Z39.50 Gateway to the Library of Congress Telnet without tears. Despite the techy name, the Library of Congress' new HTML interface offers ease and powerful searching. For example, you can search on : AUTHOR: Nall AND SUBJECT: Tobacco and get:
    Author: Nall, James O.
    Title: The tobacco night riders of Kentucky and Tennessee, 1905-1909 / by James O. Nall.
    Published: Kuttawa, Ky. : McClanahan Pub. House, 1991.
    LC Call No.: HD8039.T62 U66 1991
    Plus more info on the book.
    You can also use the gateway to search over 200 other major libraries, from Bell labs to Yale.

  • 06/17/97 Libraries, Libraries, Libraries! This site is a researcher's goldmine of online library catalogs. In addition, search 17,000 publications with Uncover (search is free, retrieval costs). Plus, you can subscribe to Uncover's REVEAL service, which for $25 a year, sends you a monthly list of new articles that contain your keywords. (LB)

  • Narco-Politics: The Tobacco Wars In the "Propaganda--Narco-politics" section of the charming Disinformation WebSite. They're attempting to amass and collate quality Internet sources of news & information in a wide range of hot-news areas. Well worth exploring.
  • 10/25/96 EurekAlert Theoretically, "one-stop shopping" for the latest research findings in science, medicine and technology. Plus, resources for scientists, science writers and members of the public. Strangely, astonishingly, nothing about the recent p53 discovery. From American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

  • 01/22/97 Canadian News with an attitude(!) can be seen at Terry Polevoy's site

  • 05/03/97PR Watch Their 3Q 1996 issue focuses on the State Affairs/Contributions Watch/Philip Morris brou-ha-ha. You can even order John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton's Toxic Sludge is Good for You! Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry In-Depth exposes include:
  • Tobacco & Health Abstracts Must reading for the professional. THA "covers clinical research, trials, and studies drawn from over 1,500 publications, including legal, behavioral, biomedical and chemical journals, technical reports, books, conference proceedings, and theses."
  • 10/21/96 The (Madison, WI) Isthmus is openly talking about an issue facing a lot of weeklies lately--a Fight over Tobacco Ads
    11/4/96: I've recently been re-alerted to the site by someone else, who claims to work for the PR firm that put up the site. Once again, questions about copyright and exact relationship to "the tobacco industry" went unanswered.I'm tired of it. Ask Jonathan Klein or Tom Plummer
  • Cancer News
  • The Tobacco Control Resource Center (TCRC) and Tobacco Products Liability Project (TPLP) A major web event! The spectacular newsletter-turned-ezine Tobacco on Trial is produced by these folks from the Northeastern University School of Law. Don't miss it!
  • The Multinational Monitor tracks corporate activity, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues and the environment.
  • 05/20/98 Albany (NY) Times-Union Campaign Cash Page

  • 05/08/98 ABC News Tobacco Page

  • 02/21/98 Smoking and Minorities Nice roundup of news items and position statements, back to 1990.

  • 01/20/98 Tobacco on Trial Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune's site focuses on Minnesota's lawsuit
  • 12/16/97 Kicking Butt: Newsworks' GASO Page Articles from around the country on GASO '97

    Noteworthy Web Articles


    • 07/27/98 Tobacco Statistics and Reports From the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service
        The Tobacco Group's primary functions are: to provide statistical information and analysis on the world unmanufactured tobacco situation; and support U.S. unmanufactured trade negotiations.

    • 01/03/21 Tobacco Control Country Profiles 2000/WHO/ACS. 200 teeny tiny 2-page pdf files for your downloading enjoyment. How convenient. But they do provide country-by-country consumption rates, taxes, prices, and other data.
    • 00/12/13 tcrc European tobacco control country profiles database 2000 Wow. From Iceland to Kyrgystan, detailed demographic, business, legislative and other info
        Consumption, Smoking prevalence, Deaths attributed to smoking, Pharmaceutical treatments / Market share by manufacturers, Trade and agriculture statistics, Taxes and duties, Retail price / Advertising and sponsorship, Health promotion and education, Sales and distribution restrictions, Tobacco product regulations, Smoke-free indoor air restrictions, Other provisions / Organizations involved in tobacco control

    • 02/02/26 The National Tobacco Information Online System (NATIONS) completes the Profiles. Unlike the Profiles, NATIONS is an interactive electronic system, capable of reporting time trend data for some variables and updating information as new facts become available. Behaviors, Industry Organization, Demographics, Laws and Regulations, Economics, Programmatic Interventions, Health Consequences and Costs
    • 5/19/99 World Tobacco Statistics Nicely presented general overview of total cigs/year, breakdown by country. Canadian Industry stats also.
    • 9/6/99 World Tobacco Leaf Data Short, pithy 1996/1997 agricultural data
    • 00/09/18 The World Tobacco MarketFile
        World Tobacco, the leading international tobacco magazine, and MTI have launched an on-line database covering all aspects of the international cigarette market, which subscribers can access through this website. . . - the equivalent of over 3,000 pages of text - with detailed profiles of 90 countries, exhaustive profiles of all the leading companies, and a section analysing the global market under 20 different headings including all the important issues of the day. In addition World Tobacco MarketFile contains the World Tobacco Directory, an electronic version of World Tobaccos yearly industry directory, and a free copy of MTIs CountryFile CD-ROM containing economic, demographic and other statistics on 175 countries. World Tobacco MarketFile will be updated regularly to take account of market developments, company results, key litigation, and important changes in the operating environment.
    • 00/12/13 tcrc European tobacco control country profiles database 2000 Wow. From Iceland to Kyrgystan, detailed demographic, business, legislative and other info:
        Consumption, Smoking prevalence, Deaths attributed to smoking, Pharmaceutical treatments / Market share by manufacturers, Trade and agriculture statistics, Taxes and duties, Retail price / Advertising and sponsorship, Health promotion and education, Sales and distribution restrictions, Tobacco product regulations, Smoke-free indoor air restrictions, Other provisions / Organizations involved in tobacco control

    • 9/3/97 WHO's GLOBAL STATUS REPORT Country-by-country demographics; agriculture, production, consumption, mortality figures; updates on tobacco control measures. A fantastic resource.

    • 05/05/97 WHO's World Health Report 1997 The report contains, as Stan Shatensteins writes, some staggering tobacco-related morbidity and mortality numbers. Particularly relevant for tobacco-control advocates in this period of "global" (i.e. American) settlement talks. The PDF documents and charts are especially well presented.
    • 09/01/98 Tobacco or Health WHO's collection of their authoritative publications, including
    • 02/07/15 Tax Burden on Tobacco U.S. Historical and Worldwide Cig prices and taxes, 1955-97. US Historical Data - 1955 to 1997, and International Data - 1997.
    • 02/07/08 US MapStats
    • 1/24/00 Statistics Canada
    • 10/22/99 CDC's STATE (State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation System)
        The State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System is an electronic data warehouse containing up-to-date and historical state-level data on tobacco use prevention and control. The STATE System is designed to integrate many data sources to provide comprehensive summary data and facilitate research and consistent interpretation of the data.
      You can browse topics (Cigarette Use, Smokefree Indoor Air Legislation, Youth Access Legislation, Preemption, Excise Tax, etc.) here
    • 1/27/00 STATE Tobacco Report Topics CDC's Reports on Economics, Agriculture, Health, Legislation, Behavior, etc.
    • 07/08/98 Research, Data, Studies Links to data on a variety of subjects, from economics to consumption to production to ETS. From CDC

    • 9/3/97 CDC's Tobacco Information Sourcepage: Research, Data, Reports Articles arranged by subject--very informative and helpful.
    • 12/28/98 CDC State and National Tobacco Facts CDC
        The Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) has gathered from many sources information regarding tobacco use among adults and youth, legislation, and the medical costs related to tobacco use.

    • 8/25/99 CDC: State and National Tobacco Control Highlights
        The Office on Smoking and Health (OSH), which is part of CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, has gathered from many sources information regarding tobacco use among adults and youth, legislation, and the medical costs related to tobacco use.
    • 00/04/07 Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs
    • 00/10/20 Market News - Tobacco Reports Latest sales/auctions, divided by flue-cured or burley, and region.

    • 4/14/99 Monitoring the Future Home Page
    • 12/18/98 MONITORING THE FUTURE: Data Tables and Figures
    • 12/18/98 SMOKING AMONG AMERICAN TEENS DECLINES SOME Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan
        Johnston and his collaborators, Jerald G. Bachman and Patrick M. O'Malley, observe that the tobacco settlement efforts, along with Administration and Congressional efforts to bring about tobacco control legislation, stimulated a tremendous amount of publicity about smoking and its adverse consequences; and that publicity may have helped change young people's views about smoking. "If that is the case," Johnston observes, "then there is a real question about whether teen smoking will continue to decline in the absence of an intense public debate."

    • 05/27/98 State Facts on Tobacco and Cancer State-by-State breakdown of consumption (adults, teens), lung cancer rates, medical costs. From The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (A service of SAMHSA)
    • 08/22/98 National Clearinghouse for Alcholol and Drug Information A service of SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

    • 3/5/99 Canadian Statistics
        *Current Smoking in Canada, by age and sex, 1965-1997 *Daily Smoking in Canada, by age and sex, 1965-1997 *Non-Daily Smoking in Canada, by age and sex, 1965-1997 *Selected Causes of Death and Associated Federal Prevention Budgets *Adolescent Tobacco Market, 1998 *Youth Experimentation and Smoking at Least Once a Week, Canada

    • 08/20/98 Biostatistical Fact Sheets AHA
        Percentage of High School Students Smoking Cigarettes or Using Smokeless Tobacco within the Last 30 Days by Race and Sex United States: 1995

    • 1/97 Teen Smoking USA Today chart [New Teen Smokers: 1988: 710,000; 1996: 1.3 million.]2
    • 11/11/98 Tobacco's Toll CTFK fact sheet
        Tobacco Use in the USA, Deaths in the USA From Smoking, Tobacco-Related Monetary Costs, Tobacco Industry Advertising & Political Influence

    • Drug Statistics Home Page

    • National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI) Search Engine for a trove of study and statistics abstracts.
      Alternate address:
    • 12/22/96 National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information's Smoking Database Search this massive database for bibiliographic abstracts. A huge resource.

    • The Social Sciences Data Collection Census (SSDC) Enumeration at UCSD is a collection of large numeric data files as well as a of computer programs that provide easy access to those data files through a menu interface. Although this version is still in development and data retrieval is not yet implemented, you are welcome to browse the catalog of study descriptions. It includes a description of Current Population Survey: Jan 1993, Tobacco Use Supplement.
    • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
    • U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    • National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Gopher

    • 11/16/97 GREAT AMERICAN SMOKEOUT: Up in Smoke Great collection of stats on: Profile of the American Smoker, Cigarettes Sold in U.S., Cigarettes Sold Outside the U.S., Advertising dollars spent in 1995, Seconhand Smoke, Cost of Tobacco, Deaths, Cigar Smoking, Smokeless Tobacco, Pipe Smoking. LA Times
    • 11/15/97 GREAT AMERICAN SMOKEOUT: Database: Smoking Cigarettes US News
        Forty-eight million Americans have broken their habit since the first Smokeout; 48 million still smoke; some 34 million say they want to quit. . . The average age of a first-time smoker in this country is 13. More than 3 million American adolescents smoke cigarettes. . . The average smoker spends $900 a year on cigarettes. Sales of smoking-cessation aids are up 41,000 percent from a year ago

    • Smoking Statistics at Bilkrent Turkey


  • 05/19/98 State Cigarette Tax Rates Handy chart as of 1/1/98. See also, State Tax Rates on Other Tobacco Products From the Federation of Tax Administrators
  • 7/4/99 State of State settlement lawsuits, taxes, revenues MSNBC with taxes and crop incomes.

  • 1/26/00 ATF: Tobacco Programs
  • 03/18/98 Tobacco Statistics Tobacco section of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms website
  • 12/30/99 State Tax Online Not directly concerned with tobacco, but may have useful info.
  • 05/19/98 State Cigarette Tax Rates Handy chart as of 1/1/98. See also, State Tax Rates on Other Tobacco Products From the Federation of Tax Administrators

  • 05/10/97 The Underestimation of the Economic Costs of Smoking A Report for the Centers for Disease Control (136k)

  • 07/08/98 Medical Care Expenditures Attributable to Cigarette Smoking---United States, 1993 CDC
      The July 8, 1994, issue of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) contains the article, "Medical care expenditures attributable to cigarette smoking - United States, 1993." The study found that smoking-related disease in the United States has an enormous economic impact. In 1993, it is estimated that the direct medical costs associated with smoking totaled $50 billion. For each of the 24 billion packs of cigarettes sold in the United States in 1993, about $2.00 was spent on avoidable medical care costs due to smoking.

  • 08/24/98 Economic Impact of the New York City Smoke-Free Air Act K. Michael Cummings, PhD, MPH, Department of Cancer Control & Epidemiology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute


  • 1/10/00 International Cigarette Prices
  • 10/20/99 Tobacco . . . Working for America From Fuji publishing. Some interesting data on indirect jobs, indirect compensation and taxes.
  • U.S. Tobacco Statistics
      Data on U.S. and world tobacco production, stocks, imports and exports, consumption and prices; includes acreage, yield, and production data by state and type in selected countries; and data on allotments, quotas, and related program statistics. Two hundred tables covering all aspects of the tobacco industry. A valuable source of historical information. Provides data covering the period 1935-95 in tables published in an ERS Statistical Bulletin entitled U.S. Tobacco Statistics, SB-869, April 1994, updated June 1996
  • Tobacco Industry
      Production, supply, trade, disappearance, and prices for tobacco and tobacco products. Includes acreage, yield, and production by type, and selected data on world production and trade.
  • Tobacco Dollars and Jobs
  • Tobacco Price Support: An Overview of the Program
  • 09/22/98 U. S. Tobacco Import Update
  • 9/14/99 WA: The Hard Facts


  • 02/08/97 Reference.com Search "120,000 Internet forums:" newsgroups, closed mailing lists, web boards and ClariNet news items for specific tobacco items. You can try it here:


      TOBACTALK is a listserv available through the University of Arizona. TOBACTALK is a general discussion list for anyone who is interested in nicotine, tobacco, smoking and health issues.

      To subscribe to the TOBACTALK listserv send an e-mail message to
      Send an e-mail message to:
      In the body of the message write:
      SUB tobactalk Your Full Name

      Or Go to the TobacTalk Page

    Tobacco Spins its Web

  • 01/16/97 A Very Quick Primer on the Main Tobacco Companies from the Calvert Group.

  • 11/18/97 Dow Jones Business Directory--Tobacco Ratings of quality sites for tobacco information.

    And don't forget:


    • The International Tobacco Growers' Association In England, of all places. But if you're interested in the agricultural aspects of tobacco, this site is YOU. A terrific overview of the problems of tobacco as a crop worldwide . There's even an issues section, where WHO's and PANOS's reports are rebutted (from an agricultural/economic--not health--standpoint, of course).
    • 12/2/96 Flue-Cured Tobacco Cooperative Stabilization Corp. For growers in the Southeast.
    • 06/05/97 North America Blue Mold Forecast Home Page Farmers' alert page, from North Carolina State University
    • 05/16/98 University of Kentucky College of Agriculture blue mold web page

    • 01/01/19 Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association
        In 1941, the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative began with the aim to help tobacco farmers receive fair prices, develop a stronger voice, and maintain a better way of life for all burley producers. We still work hard to accomplish these goals today. Our members are "any persons, firms or corporations that own land to which a Burley Tobacco Quota is assigned and any tenant or lessee of such land." We are a cooperative - we are owned and managed by the growers who make up its membership. Before 1941, farmers were basically left to fend for themselves against the tobacco companies for fair prices. Growers received pennies a pound for their hard labor crop. Times were tough and prices were unfair. However, concerned citizens saw the plight of the burley tobacco farmer and led the way to a new organization that would change the U.S. tobacco industry. The Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association of Lexington, Kentucky was the first to fight for fair prices for burley producers of Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and West Virginia. Today, we still serve the burley producer by maintaining the price support program and representing producer concerns.

    • Tobacco Farm Life Museum Kenly, NC History, artifacts, and the mechanics of growing tobacco and manufacturing cigarettes.
    • 01/01/19 Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Trust Corporation
    • 01/01/19 Tobacco Economics Online Univ. of Kentucky

    • 01/01/19 Burley USA This Website is Currently Under Construction For more information, please contact us at: 1-888-BURLEY4 or E-mail us at info@burleyusa.com
    • 07/09/97 1997 Flue-Cured Tobacco Production Guide from North Carolina State University
    • 07/09/97 1997 Burley Tobacco Production Guide Like the Flue-cured, includes the Situation and Outlook, Burley Variety Information, Cover Crops, Insect Management, Topping and Sucker Management, Worker Protection Standards for Agricultural Pesticides Used in Tobacco Production and more.

    • 12/27/96 Joe Winter's Traditional Native American Tobacco Seed Bank and Education Program (TNAT) at the University of New Mexico (UNM), has 2 goals: 1) collecting, preserving, growing and distributing the seeds of the many traditional Native American types of tobacco and 2) educating Native Americans about the dangers of tobacco misuse.

    • Tobacco Seed And Book Homepage Sacred and traditional Native American tobacco seed varieties. Grow your own, organically, without chemicals or sprays, and tax-free! Redwood City Seed Co.

    • 04/01/97 Tobacco Seed Varieties for sale
    • Southern Business Express Seed Division sells tobaccos. While everyone is familiar with the smoking and chewing products derived from this plant, few people realize its many other uses. It has medicinal values, makes an extremely valuable ornamental plant and flower garden specimen and is used to make one of nature's finest biodegradeable, all natural pesticides.
      For instruction, you can order the "Home Tobacco Kit."
      SBE Seed Co's Tobacco Resource Page
    • 11/26/97 Indian Tobacco (Lobelia)

    • 03/05/97 Perique Tobacco Website Perique tobacco can only be grown in the rich fertile soil of St.James Parish. Located about half way between New Orleans and Baton Rouge on the banks of the Mississippi River, St.James is the only place in the world where Perique tobacco can be grown. . . . it is processed in a way that has been practiced in this area since before Columbus discovered the new world. When the Acadians first settled in the area, they found the native american indians smoking this strange, ferment. . . . In the comming weeks we will be putting together a comprehensive history of Perique tobacco and will be updating this are of the web including as many pictures as we can find.
    • North Carolina Agricultural History and Overview from the NC Dept. of Agriculture.
    • PESTIS Database from the Pesitcide Action Network. Search on "Tobacco" and see what pesticides are being used on tobacco crops worldwide. (Thanks for the tip to Larry Breed)

    • 12/22/96 Smoke and Illusion A fresh if idiosyncratic look at the tobacco situation-- from considering pesticides and manufacturing processes as the basis of cigarettes' health effects, to using tobacco to produce ethanol. Another example of tobacco contemplation as an emergent (and surprisingly personal) art form. This site is dedicated to the idea that it may not be tobacco which is the cause of much, or most smoking-related disease and death. The role of chronic sublethal exposure to cigarette pesticides, the use of contaminated paper industry waste materials, the presence of hazardous solvent residues, the use of foreign tobacco wastes, and many other new avenues of evidence are explored. We suggest new product liability strategies for cigarette victims and their families, new routes to more effective community-level regulation, and new reasons for young people to understand the importance of not smoking cigarettes and using other so-called tobacco products. We also propose some interesting, maybe startling new uses for tobacco - including one that was awarded the 1993 Energy-Related Social Invention of the Year in the UK
      • 12/27/96 The European Experience with Native American Tobacco Bill Drake's spectacular cross-cultural investigation, filled with hard-to-find and trenchant source material, plus Drake's own analysis. A must. From the preface: It is a curious fact that while the Whites took the material tobacco from the Indians they took with it no fragment of the world that accompanied it, nor were they at first aware that there was such a world. After all of the generations that have elapsed since its introduction among the Whites, it has woven itself scarcely at all into their psychology and mythology. Nicotine is enshrined among the Whites only as a drug, as a taste, as a habit, along with the seeking after mild and tasty forms, while the Native peoples make tobacco a heritage from the gods, a strange path which juts from there into this world and leads to the very ends of magic. -- Clyde Kluckholn, 1908
      • 01/12/97 And Don't miss Drake's Cigarettes and Pesticides Bibliography A massive compilation.This bibliography represents a late 1996 deep search of world scientific and medical journal literature, both online and in libraries . . . oddly, there seems to be almost no funded research into the role of pesticides in tobacco industry-related disease and death. Researchers could do no better than to start at this page.


    • 00/06/20 Company Profiles: Tobacco Wright Investors Service
    • 02/08/19 Tobacco Executive's Salaries From ecomponline. This link takes you to the Tisch's compensations.
    • 00/09/18 Yahoo Research: Philip Morris Stock and earnings info, analyst recommendations-tracking, etc.
    • 11/7/98 Company Research Nice intro to company and industry research techniques and resources.
        Funded by the OhioLINK Small Grant Research Program, this instructional web site introduces basic company research techniques. Although it was designed to enrich course curriculum at Youngstown State and Bowling Green State Universities and to promote OhioLINK resources, the information here is also useful for a wide variety of company research needs, including job hunting, career information, and investment decisions.

    • 11/6/98 Company Sleuth Tracks news, message board postings, etc. "Stakeout" companies, get email every morning. "It's the people working in competitive intelligence for big companies that are going to be slobbering all over themselves. Their jobs just got a lot easier." - Bill Bass, Forrester Research Analyst, on Company Sleuth, as quoted in Business Week
    • 8/28/97 Tobacco Information Service Including Tobacco Investor Reporter and more, Free! from Investor Responsibility Research Center, underwritten by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
        IRRC's Tobacco Information Service is the one place institutional investors, corporate executives, public health officials and other interested parties can go to get comprehensive, up-to-date, impartial, FREE information on the tobacco investment debate. IRRC's Tobacco Information Service serves as a clearinghouse for impartial research on tobacco companies and tobacco investments worldwide.

    • 00/09/11 Tobacco Company websites
    • 00/08/22 Tobacco Companies Worldwide From Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
    • 12/19/99 Tobacco Retailer Magazine
        By clicking on one of our many links, visitors can have access to various tobacco associations, companies, accessories and industry events. Visitors also can read daily news updates about tobacco companies, legislation and products--which can't be found in our bi-monthly publication. In addition to being able to read the news, features and product descriptions from the current issue, visitors to the site can check hourly prices of tobacco-related stocks, get access to the 1999 Tobacco Retailer Sourcebook

    • 1/31/01 Tobacco Grower Magazine Canadian agriculture
    • 00/07/19 CropTech
        CropTech Corporation was established in 1992. The Company's mission is to develop and commercialize the use of genetically engineered plants for production of high-valued proteins and bio-chemicals. CropTech has demonstrated that plants have surprising promise to provide large scale cost-effective production of complex bioactive recombinant proteins. In fact, plants may be the only means to manufacture at the scale and cost that will be required for many biopharmaceutical applications; for example, in cancer.

    • 10/21/96 For a list of medical companies supplying tobacco manufacturers in 1994, check out The Medical-Tobacco Connection You'll have to search the page. From GOOD MONEY Quarterly Reports. (LB)

    • 03/07/97 Thomas Register of American Manufacturers The full database is online, so you can search on "tobacco," and get related companies, like filter and nicotine providers, and 130 additive suppliers--like GE.
    • 11/8/99 Looksmart's Tobacco Company Links
    • 03/05/97 Tobacco Industry Tracking Databasec [LINK DEAD 05/21/97] Is your local group getting hammered from out of nowhere? Want to investigate industry front groups/people/tactics, and see if they've been active in other areas of the country? This searchable database will find them! Bravo, ANR and InMagic! Here's the Press Release: Tobacco Industry Tracking Databasec Debuts on the Web
    • 02/01/05 Tobacco Information at Business.com
    • 4/1/99 Yahoo Business Guide: Tobacco Companies Nice capsules of business/stock info.
    • 00/07/08 I've Got the Power!
        The "Ive Got the Power" Program is designed and produced by Education Strategies, a Melbourne-based education group, with funding from Philip Morris. While Philip Morris has supported the program financially, Education Strategies has had complete editorial control over both the developmetal process and the end product. The program seeks to empower students by providing a classroom environment in which they develop decision-making skills. Classroom activities are designed to help students: --Identify positive classroom behaviour --Say no to illicit drugs, smoking and drinking --Better communicate with parents/guardians --Be clear about how to decide right from wrong The "Ive Got the Power" Program and this Internet site are provided free to teachers and schools.
    • 01/12/01 Philip Morris Domain Names only 10, from InterNIC
    • 01/11/06 RJR Tobacco Website
    • 01/11/13 RJR's Doral Site SMokers-welcome.com
        The One and Only Online Community For Smokers, By Smokers!
    • 00/04/20 RJR'S Eclipse Site
    • 00/08/23 Eclipse/Premier info site

    • 07/26/98 RJR NABISCO 1997 Annual Report
      • RJR Tobacco
          Adult smokers are responding well to Camel's new marketing campaign -- "What You're Looking For" -- introduced nationally in 1997. Smokers call the ads creative, fun and innovative.
      • RJR International
          BRAVO, PIANISSIMO! The musical term pianissimo -- or "very softly" -- is a term in perfect harmony with the company's "low smoke, low smell" cigarettes in Japan: Salem Pianissimo and Premier Pianissimo.
    • 01/11/16 Targacept (RJR)
        is a world leader in neuronal nicotinic receptor (NNR) research and development. Targacept is dedicated to the design, discovery and development of a new class of drugs that will treat some of the world's most critical diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ulcerative colitis and others. The company's intellectual property includes over 60 issued and pending patents related to NNR technology, and Pentad(TM), a powerful drug discovery platform. Targacept was established in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (NYSE: RJR), and was spun out in August 2000, in one of the largest ($30.4 million) first-round venture capital financings in U.S. biotech history.

    • 02/02/05 U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. (USSTC, formerly UST, which is now the holding co.)
    • 12/6/99 UST Shareholder Website
    • 01/11/09 BAT
    • 01/11/09 Brown & Williamson
    • 00/03/30 BAT Australia
    • 00/08/02 BAT Hungary
    • 00/08/02 BAT Recruitment
        Do you think you have what it takes to succeed with one of the world's most exciting fast moving consumer goods companies? Our vision is to become the world's number one international tobacco company. We believe we will achieve this through optimising our most important assets: our people & our brands. We see graduate recruitment and development as part of our business strategy, ensuring that our global company is equipped with managers of the highest calibre who can build our future. Year after year we select, train and develop some of the world's brightest and most talented graduates. Our unique management trainee development programme - The Challenge Initiative - has been designed to train the very best people to a global standard of excellence.

    • 04/09/98 RJR Tobacco Site

    • 11/11/98 Dimon

    • 12/6/98 Universal Corp. Website

    • 01/12/11 Vector Tobacco

    • 01/11/23 Rothmans
    • 01/06/08 Richemont

    • 1/24/99 OMAHA CIGARETTES
        A NATIVE AMERICAN OWNED COMPANY These cigarettes are made from 100% natural tobacco by the Omaha Tribe in Nebraska which manufactures them on the sovereign land of the Omaha Nation.
    • 1/24/99 Stone Tobacco
        Cigarettes made from 100% natural tobacco only $11.95 per carton* FREE shipping on orders of four or more cartons Stone Tobacco is owned by a member of the Omaha Tribe in Nebraska. The Omaha Tribe also owns the OMAHA NATION TOBACCO COMPANY and manufactures these cigarettes on the sovereign land of the Omaha. You are purchasing these class A cigarettes from a tribal member who lives on the reservation. These are the only cigarettes being made by a native tribe in America.

    • 01/11/23 Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. American Spirit Cigs
    • 01/10/15 Lorillard Tobacco Co.
    • 00/12/22 Loews Corporation
        Loews Corporation is one of the largest diversified financial corporations in the United States. Loews Corporation is a holding company. Its principal subsidiaries are listed below. CNA Financial Corporation / Lorillard, Inc. (wholly owned) is America's oldest tobacco company. Its principal products are marketed under the brand names Newport, Maverick, Old Gold, Kent and True. Substantially all of its sales are in the United States / Loews Hotels (wholly owned) / Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. (52 percent ownership) / Bulova Corporation (97 percent ownership)

      • 01/12/05 Spin-Off Tobacco.org
          Hotel Employees Restaurant Employees International Union (HERE) has announced that it will oppose Loews Corporation's (NYSE:LTR) proposal to create a separate tobacco "tracking stock." Loews is seeking shareholder approval for the tracking stock at a January 4, 2001 special meeting of shareholders. If approved, Loews would issue the tracking stock through a public offering representing a minority interest in the economic performance of Lorillard, Loews' tobacco subsidiary. "The tracking stock proposal amounts to a clear admission by management that Loews' structure as a conglomerate has obscured the full value of Loews' highly profitable Lorillard tobacco subsidiary," said Matthew Walker, HERE General Vice President. "However, rather than spinning-off Lorillard to shareholders and allowing shareholders to realize the full value of the tobacco asset, our company has proposed a financial gimmick that doesn't maximize value for shareholders" Walker said.

    • 06/03/98 DIMON Annual Report, Locations, Mission & Strategy, Officer profiles, history, more.
        DIMON Incorporated is the second largest independent leaf tobacco merchant in the world. We engage primarily in purchasing, processing, storing and selling leaf tobacco. We are also the world's largest importer and distributor of fresh-cut flowers. DIMON's combined sales of tobacco and flowers in fiscal year 1997 totaled $2.5 billion.

    • 02/01/29 MeadWestvaco The largest supplier of paper products to the tobacco industry.
    • 00/07/31 Swedish Match
    • 05/05/98 LIGGETT Goes Online You can find L&M Ingredients In Decreasing Order By Weight (PPM) and Bennett LeBow's A Pledge to parents
      • 01/11/12 Omni Cigarettes
          We recently introduced a new brand of cigarettes called Omni. Omni is important because it is the first reduced carcinogen cigarette that tastes, smokes, and burns just like any other premium cigarette. As we all know, smoking is addictive and hazardous to your health. However, the medical community has identified specific carcinogens that are a major cause of lung cancer in smokers. In a groundbreaking move, we have greatly reduced many of these. Let me be perfectly clear - there is no such thing as a safe cigarette, and we do not encourage anyone to smoke. But, we strongly believe that if you do smoke, Omni is the best alternative. While Omni has not been proven to reduce health risks, the significant reduction of carcinogen levels is, in our opinion, a major step in the right direction.
    • 01/11/09Zig-Zag The cigarette paper maker now has its own brand of roll-your-own tobacco
    • 00/12/12 Covington & Burling Major Philip Morris DC law firm.
    • 01/12/08 International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations (IUF) Switzerland
        is a world-wide federation of trade unions representing workers employed in
        • agriculture and plantations
        • the preparation and manufacture of food and beverages
        • all stages of tobacco processing
        • hotels, restaurants and catering services.
        The guiding principle of the IUF is international labour solidarity. Our purpose is to strengthen member unions through mutual support. We are committed to promoting and defending trade union rights and human rights in general, as well as the right of workers to control decisions affecting their lives at work and in society. . .Three IUF bodies the Trade Groups for unions representing agricultural workers, hotel, restaurant and catering workers, and tobacco workers, hold conferences to examine the situation in their respective industries and establish programs of action.

    • 01/12/01 PUBCO Canada's Hospitality industry coalition.
    • 01/12/01 Atmosphere Improves Results (AIR) UK
        The Atmosphere Improves Results (AIR) initiative was launched in 1997 to identify and popularise good practice in the care of smoking and non-smoking customers. "Since 1997, the hospitality industry has made a considerable effort to make venues less smoky and as a result, the industry welcomed the publication of the White Paper on Tobacco Control by the Government in December 1998. Instead of imposing a ban on smoking in public places, the White Paper recognised that the hospitality industry could and would regulate itself voluntarily. Properly signed non-smoking areas, well-planned ventilation and air cleaning are the tools for self regulation. Managed effectively, they will help the trade get rid of the smoke but keep the smokers. The associations listed on this page have published detailed guidelines based on the Charter which should ensure that smokers and non-smokers continue to enjoy a cleaner atmosphere without the need for further regulation. The aim of this website, and indeed our aim in supporting the AIR initiative, is to help make simple, practical and cost effective solutions available to all to allow our customers, smokers and non-smokers alike, to continue to drink and eat together in harmony, and for our staff to enjoy cleaner air.

    • 01/03/01 Cigarette Cover.com Canada's label-shrouding covers. You can see the smiley-face "It's Cool" cover, etc.
    • 08/13/97 Fun with Patents! The IBM Patent Server is an incredible collection of an astounding number of patents, linked to an order form (if you want copies). You can access over 26 years of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent descriptions as well as the last seventeen years of images. The first entries date back to January 5, 1971. You can search, retrieve and study over two million patents. How about an Electrical Lighter with Rotatable Tobacco? Or a Self-Loading Tobacco Trailer? Type AND/OR to separate Boolean search terms, like "tobacco AND licorice." Wonders galore.

    • 05/16/98 Amish Pleasures' Pennsylvania Cigar Shop
        Lancaster County, Pennsylvania--the Pennsylvania "Dutch" County--has been famed for its tobaccos since before the American Revolution. Now, just as in early days, Lancaster County's Amish and other traditional family farmers grow the rich, full-bodied Pennsylvania Seedleaf for our cigars. They still do things the old-fashioned way--planting, growing, hand-harvesting, then barn-curing their tobaccos for just the right time.

    • 05/13/98 ZIMBABWE
        This page contains prices,quantities etc of the daily auction sales of tobacco

    • 04/19/98 AUSTRALIA: The Tobacco Research and Development Corporation (TRDC)
        "The primary role of the TRDC is to invest funds in R&D projects in the Australian tobacco farming industry which are expected to provide economic and farm management benefits to the industry; as well as public interest benefits through fostering ecologically sustainable farming practices and promoting regional employment."

    • 04/15/98 CIGAR AFICIONADO's Burning Question, Week 65
        On average, how much do you spend on your everyday cigar?

    • 04/15/98 AMEX's Tobacco Index

    • 04/08/98 Cuba Foto Cigar photography

    • 04/04/98 CIGAR AFICIONADO People Look up your favorite cigar promoter
        Welcome to the People section, a gallery of the personalities who've graced our pages.

    • 1/24/99 INT Global Trading Webboard

    • 10/6/97 World Tobacco Symposium and Trade Show Prague, Oct. 2-4, 1997

    • 9/28/97 Tobacco Manufacturers Assn (UK)
        Position papers and data, including:
      • 01/04/18 Indian Tobacco Board
          Recognizing the need to regulate production, promotion of overseas marketing and to control recurring instances of imbalances in supply and demand, which lead to market problems, the Government of India established the Tobacco Board, in place of Tobacco Export Promotion Council, under the Tobacco Board Act of 1975. The Board came into existence from 1-1-1976 with its head quarters at Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Tobacco Board Act aims at the planned development of Tobacco Industry in the country.

      • 12/30/97 HARMONIZED TARIFF SCHEDULE: TOBACCO AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO SUBSTITUTES Duty rates for import. You can download the entire HTS here

      • 12/21/97 1500+ Cigar Sites and Pages 268K, but a good reference.

      • 02/27/97 Philip Morris Front Group "Contributions Watch" Exposed Recap of the Sept. 1996 brou-ha-ha, plus source documents from CW itself, and lots of relevant links. The case of Contributions Watch, a Philip Morris front group, serves as a powerful illustration of how cigarette companies can corrupt the debate over smoking and public policy. . . Philip Morris hired the State Affairs Company to create Contributions Watch, an ostensibly "independent" watchdog group. This report includes State Affairs Company documents obtained by Dossier, which is making these materials available online for the first time. 02/97 ParaScope

      • 12/17/99Hoover's MasterList Plus Company Name Search Very cool. Try Philip Morris.
      • 8/28/99 Wright Company Analysis: Tobacco Companies

      • 05/07/97 New York Times Hoover's Profiles Page
      • 12/3/99 UST Corporate Profile Shareholder.com
      • 3/7/00UST Shareholder
      • RJR Nabisco Business Profile from Hoover's

      • 12/31/97 FORBES Annual Report on UST (1996) Forbes
      • Dimon Inc. Info Washington Post
      • American Filtrona Corp. Info Washington Post

      • 06/05/98 The Cigar Bus
          Keep your eyes open for the Cigar Bus! Appearing soon at cigar and sporting events near you. The Cigar Bus has undergone internal and external renovations, and is ready to roll! Here at SJI Tobacco, we're excited about the new look of the cigar bus, and our new sponsor, Swisher International!

      • Deloitte & Touche's "PeerScape" 5-Year Performance Graph
      • PM Business Info Lots of great links here.
      • 11/29/99 CBS Marketwatch: Philip Morris


      • 01/02/04 What Goes In? What Goes Out? Cigarette and smoke composition / ASH sources of information. A compilation of resources on cigarette and cigarette smoke ingredients, from ASH London.
        • 01/04/97 "THE LIST" of Tobacco Additives Published Online Tobacco Alternative, a manufacturer of additive- and sometimes nicotine-free cigarettes, spills the beans. First time THE LIST is publicly available. (Yes, in April of 1994, the industry reportedly released the list to the public. That release remains difficult for the public to find.)

      • 01/01/11 Tobacco Additives From ASH/London
      • 00/08/02 What's in a Cigarette? 599 additives; from BAT, via BBC

      • 7/14/99 Tobacco Additives Extensive report from ASH-London
      • 01/01/11 Ingredients in Cigarettes: What's in Our Brands? Philip Morris. You can search by brand, or look up a Composite List
      • 12/29/981998 Reports on Cigarette Additives and Ingredients and Smoke Constituents British Columbia Ministry of Health and Ministry Responsible for Seniors
      • 00/07/19 What's in Tobacco Website British Columbia Tobacco Testing and Disclosure
          Additives and Ingredients and Smoke Constituents On July 31, 1998, the Government of British Columbia enacted the Tobacco Testing and Disclosure Regulation , (the "Regulation") becoming the first jurisdiction in the world to require tobacco companies to reveal both the additives and ingredients in cigarettes, and to provide a detailed chemical analysis of the smoke from cigarettes. Reports on additives and ingredients, and the chemical constituents in tobacco smoke, are provided on this web site, by brand, in the format the reports were filed by the tobacco manufacturers.

      • 00/08/29 Maro Romania's answer to Marlboro DANGER: Heavy graphics. From REL Tobacco .

        MAIL ORDER

      • 1/20/99 ECIG
          SAVE $HUNDREDS$ ON CIGARETTES NOW ON SALE! Discount Mail Order Direct!
      • 1/20/99 Smokers' Den

      • Smokeless Tobacco Research Council - Grants-in-Aid From the University of Florida, Office of Research, Technology, & Graduate Education web site: The Smokeless Tobacco Research Council, Inc. is continuing to sponsor independent research into questions of smokeless tobacco and health through a grants-in-aid program. Research that is aimed at elucidating the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases claimed to be associated with smokeless tobacco is relevant. Grants will be awarded for one year with two possible renewals, for a maximum of three years of support. Applications must be requested directly from the
        Smokeless Tobacco Research Council
        420 Lexington Avenue,
        New York, NY 10170-2432.
        The application deadlines are DECEMBER 31 and June 30.

        (Thanks to George Duimovich at the Canadian National Clearinghouse on Tobacco and Health)
      • 12/29/981998 Reports on Cigarette Additives and Ingredients and Smoke Constituents British Columbia Ministry of Health and Ministry Responsible for Seniors
          On July 31, 1998 the Government of British Columbia became the first jurisdiction in the world to require tobacco companies to both reveal the additives and ingredients in each brand of cigarettes, and to provide a detailed chemical analysis of the smoke of each brand of cigarettes. Information filed with the Government of British Columbia by Canada's three major tobacco companies are being made available to the public through this web-site. Access to these reports will enable independent scientific and medical evaluation of the information. The Government of British Columbia and the Canadian Council for Tobacco Control have worked together to make this information widely available to the public. This marks the first time brand-specific information on the additives and ingredients of cigarettes sold in a jurisdiction has been released publicly by a government. It is also the first time such detailed information on the toxicity of cigarette smoke has been released by a government to the public anywhere in the world.

      • 05/05/97 Skoal Music "Roar Tour" Page
          This concert series could not be any more aggressively targeted at impressionable teenagers. From creating a slick web page, to advertising in youthful magazines, to offering 'extreme' interactive games, U.S. Tobacco has the youth market squarely in its crosshairs. The musicians who agree to participate are co-conspirators in this ploy to hook more teenagers on spit tobacco. --William J. Novelli, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Here's the Campaign's "Smoke Alarm" complete with managers' contact information.

      • 03/31/97 Burson-Marsteller Philip Morris' PR firm--oops, I mean "perception management consultancy," of course. A must-see. Persceptions are real. They color what we see . . . what we believe. . . how we behave. They can be managed. . . to motivate behavior. . . to create positive business results.
        • The National Smokers Alliance was reportedly the brainchild of Philip Morris and B-M. In 1994, National Journal writer Peter Stone observed NSA "is increasingly looking like a subsidiary of Burson-Marsteller," and noted the PR firm "used its grassroots lobbying unit, the Advocacy Communications Team, to start building membership in the group last year." Thomas Humber, a Burson-Marsteller vice-president, is president and CEO of the NSA. Burson executives Kenneth Rietz and Pierre Salinger are active, as is Peter G. Kelly, a prominent Democrat with the firm of Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly, which is owned by Burson-Marsteller. --from Smokin' by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton.
        • "If you look at Burson-Marsteller, [tobacco is] only one of thousands of clients," [CEO] Rietz says. But of those thousands, Philip Morris and NSA sit comfortably among the firm's top five Washington clients. -- from Tobacco Dole, Mother Jones.
        • The Role of the Public Relations Professional By Harold Burson Chairman, Burson-Marsteller "The second role which the public relations person must fulfill is that of corporate conscience. I trust you will not infer from this that a person must be a public relations professional to be sensitive or that public relations people behave in ways that are either more moral and ethical or more in the public interest than executives with different titles. There are others in the corporate hierarchy who may possess the same amount or even more of these attributes than the individuals responsible for public relations. But the fact is that being the professional corporate conscience is not part of the job description of other executives. It is part of the job description of the chief public relations officer."

      • 12/05/97 Unismoke
          The universal symbol of an adult and wanton pleasure is now fashionably embroidered onto stylish wearing apparel created for those individuals who make and live proudly by their own informed decisions. Celebrate your passion for tobacco.

      • 07/08/98 ABBEY MANAGEMENT SEVICES/Michael Stewart Home Page Example of Stewart's writings:

      • 9/96 Advertsing Issues (courtesy Larry Breed):
        • The Advertising Information Group (AIG) of England is troubled by tobacco control issues.
        • The American Wholesale Marketers Association (AWMA), formerly the National Candy Wholesalers Association and the National Association of Tobacco Distributors, offers a list of 'Sixty-eight product categories presently are represented in the MarketPlus database', including many tobacco products. Within this organization, 'the average firm makes more than 2,000 deliveries per month and stamps more than 2,000 cases of cigarettes per month'.

      • 07/23/97 The Big Sell Out Featuring shots of foreign ads. 2 cig ads so far

      • 10/31/01 Commercial Closet: Philip Morris Ads
          The Commercial Closet is a unique, non-profit education and journalism project that proactively reaches out to ad agencies, corporations and the world-at-large to create change through reflection on its collection. This site will introduce you to over 700 sexy and surprising television and print advertisements spanning more than 30 years that reflect society's changing view of the gay community with marketers' best and worst efforts from around the world.

      • 02/02/02 Trinkets and TrashJohn Slade's marvelous collection.
      • 05/27/97 Tobacco Ad Compilation A fan's pictorial collection, by brand. Features a "centerfold" page, plus a curious treatise on Va. Slims ads and models, the Virginia Slims FAQ (Thanks, LB!)
      • Marlboro Country

      • 02/01/97 McLaren Auto Racing Team sponsored by German cigarette West. (Reemtsma's West replaced Marlboro as sponsor on Jan. 1, 1997.)
        • 02/01/97 McLaren Partners Besides Reemtsma, Mercedes Benz, Mobil, Goodyear, Kenwood, Sun Microsystems, Cisco (Routers) and more.
      • This is the West site
      • Other sports sites West sponsors are: 02/01/97 Funsport: Surfing, Snowboarding, Inline Skating and a more general racing site
      • AND
      • 11/11/97 Play this game and win the real world tour!

      • NASCAR Racing
      • Winston Cup It's a racing ad! It's a cigarette ad! It's two! Two! Two ads in one! Here's a comment from John Polito: ... how should these men be remembered? Real sports heros or Silent smiling salesman for the world's most deadly substance

      • Convenience Store News From the industry whose employees are often caught selling cigarettes to kids in sting operations; they cover tobacco news quite often.
    • 02/07/19 John W. Hill papers Donated to the Wisconsin Historical Society
        Papers, mainly 1947-1964, of a founder and chairman of the board of Hill & Knowlton, a large public relations firm of international repute that specialized in representing industrial corporations and trade associations. Included are Hill's business and personal correspondence as well as copies of company correspondence and memoranda routed to him; speeches and writings on public relations; and additional correspondence, press releases, and printed material relating to public relations programs prepared for clients such as the American Iron and Steel Institute, the American Butter Institute, Aircraft Industries Association, AVCO Manufacturing Corp., Licensed Beverage Industries, Manufacturing Chemists Association, National Gas and Oil Resource Committee, National Retail Dry Goods Association, and the Tobacco Industry Research Committee.

      Industry Anti-Youth Smoking Programs

    • 4/3/99 4-H Council National Youth Smoking Prevention Program Index

      • 11/29/99 Life Skills Training Website The hotly-disputed teen program--which contains anti-smoking material--pushed by Brown & Williamson & Philip Morris.
          The Life Skills Training program is a proven, highly effective, substance abuse prevention/competency enhancement program designed to focus primarily on the major social and psychological factors promoting substance use/abuse. The LST program was developed by Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin, a leading expert on drug abuse prevention, for middle or junior high school students. It consists of 15 classes that can be implemented in the first year of middle school (usually the 6th grade) or the first year of junior high (usually the 7th grade). The program includes five major components, which consist of two to six lessons and are designed to be taught in sequence.

      • 02/28/98 We Card Site Coalition for Responsible Retailing. Challenge: find a word about the health effects of tobacco.

      • 02/06/97 Convenience Store News 90% of smokers start by the age of 18; 50% by the age of 15. Where have they been getting supplied? Is there a black market in the US? No, it's all over-the-counter, and sting operations indicate convenience stores have a notoriously lousy record when it comes to selling smokes to kids. Here's PR on the National Association of Convenience Stores' No Ifs Ands Or Butts Program in association with the Jaycees. As usual, it's tough talk of "No ifs, ands, or butts about it, tobacco isn't for kids, and they shouldn't be able to buy tobacco products at convenience stores or anywhere. But why isn't tobacco for kids? No particular health reason given, it might as well be just plain adult orneriness. This is the "Daring Kids to Smoke" ploy, the tough-worded dare spread through the Coalition for Responsible Tobacco Retailing's "We Card" program.

      • 01/20/98 NACS and Congress National Association of Convenience Store Owners is against the settlement
          To assist you in your discussion with your Member, NACS has prepared a document entitled "Why NACS Does Not Support the Tobacco Settlement," which contains talking points on the deal cut between the tobacco companies and state attorneys general. This document can be retieved from NACSfax by dialing 1-800-555-4633 and requesting document #167. If you meet with your lawmaker, please let NACS know. You can call Lyle Beckwith at (703) 684-3600, fax a note to (703) 836-4564, or e-mail to lbeckwith@cstorecentral.com.
      • Draw Communities Together, Stop Youth Smoking, Press Release - Issued  March 25, 1999 at a press conference at the National Press Club.
      • Read Dick Sauer's letter to Bill Novelli, the President of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.
      • NYSPP Update makes its debut as the electronic newsletter with information about the National Youth Smoking Prevention Program.
      • Request for Proposal on NYSPP - NOW AVAILABLE.
      • Design Team Representation Information Find out who the design team is and what types of experience they have.
      • Kids & Smoking Fact Sheet Read statistics on youth smoking.
      • National Youth Smoking Prevention Program Fact Sheet A brief fact sheet summary of the program.
      • Letter from Michael E. Szymanczyk, CEO of Philip Morris USA to Dick Sauer, President and CEO of National 4-H Council about the grant.
      • Questions & Answers about the National Youth Smoking Prevention Program Answers to common questions about the National Youth Smoking Prevention Program.
    • 11/6/01 Health Rocks! 4-H's youth smoking prevention program--sponsored by Philip Morris
    • 11/6/01 Health Rocks! Website
    • 01/04/18 Youth Smoking Prevention The international site for BAT/JT/MO's efforts.
        Please select your country/region: EUROPE Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Other countries AFRICA ASIA AUSTRALASIA LATIN AMERICA MIDDLE EAST NORTH AMERICA
      See the Press Release: Ad Campaign Reflects Tobacco Industry's Commitment to Help Prevent Youth Smoking
        As part of a comprehensive, long-term youth smoking prevention effort, the world's three leading tobacco companies are jointly funding a pan-European television advertising campaign aimed at combating youth smoking. The three companies are actively looking to join with others in the industry and society to help address this serious issue.
    • 11/6/01 Health Rocks! 4-H's youth smoking prevention program--sponsored by Philip Morris
    • 11/6/01 Health Rocks! Website
    • 10/11/99 www.2Take10.com Lorillard's anti-youth smoking site for parents who want to obtain information on talking to their kids about not smoking
    • 10/11/99 www.Buttoutnow.com ["Under Construction"] Lorillard's anti-youth smoking site for kids
    • 00/10/11 Philip Morris' Youth Smoking Prevention commercials From the Commercial Archive
    • 00/10/11 Philip Morris' Youth Smoking Prevention commercials From the Commercial Archive
    • And this shocker from the California Department of Health Services: Debi "They say nicotine isn't addictive."


      • 02/18/98 Tobacco Reporter Magazine They have 2 articles from January, 1997(!)

      • Worldwide Cigarette Marketing on the Net
      • 12/9/99 FRANCE: CDIT
          Centre de Documentation et d'Information sur le Tabac

      • 12/9/99 France Tabac
          L'Union des Coopratives Agricoles des Producteurs de Tabac (UCAPT), La Fdration Nationale des Producteurs de Tabac (FNPT), La Caisse de Rassurance Mutuelle Agricole des Producteurs de Tabac (CRMAPT), La Socit de Presse et d'Edition Tabacole (SPET)

      • 12/20/98 Mild Seven Outdoor Quest November 5-8,1998. Ogilvy Mathers site seems down now.
          Dali, Yunan Province / People's Reppublic of China / "The Geneva of the Orient" / Begin your voyage to self-discovery.
      • 7/8/99 Mild Seven Outdoor Quest 1999
          Seven trials of skill and endurance designed to test the limits of world-class athletes and world-renowned adventure racers. Now firmly established as one of the most competitive and exciting events on the world circuit, the Quest is a must for all adventure sport enthusiasts. And this website will provide you with everything you want to know about the teams, the events and about the location. Explore the photo galleries, keep up to speed with daily updates, and re-live the action from last year. Situated once again in beautiful Dali, Yunnan Province, China, the 1999 Quest runs for four days from July 29 to August 1, 1999. . . The MILD SEVEN Outdoor Quest will showcase some of the world's finest exponents of seven rip-roaring and unusual sports including kayaking, lake paddling, mountain biking, off-road in-line skating, adventure skills, trail running and team biathlon. 24 teams from around the world will compete for a shot at the US$200,000 grand prize. . . And don't forget the FREE wallpapers, screensavers and electronic greeting cards with all the fascinating pictures of the Sports and of Dali for your enjoyment...

      • 12/19/96 International Business Directory Lists of yellow & white pages, by country.


      • 11/15/96 Import/Export Bulletin Board's Offers to Sell "The Leader in Online Trade Leads" International deal-making. Look up tobacco or cigarettes.
      • ITI INTER Tobacco
      • Interfax Brazilian importer of Indonesian clove cigarettes.
      • 02/21/98 Craven A Today's Country Country music site from Canada's Rothmans Benson & Hedges


      • 12/22/96 Imperial Tobacco Canada
      • 02/01/14 Imperial Tobacco GroupUK
      • 11/11/97 Players Racing Site
      • 01/20/98 Craven A Today Country (LINK DEAD 01/20/98)


      • 12/3/96 Chilean Cigarette Companies From ChilNet


      • 03/12/97 Smokepeace Europe European smokers' group; this page has info on various countries' groups.

      • 3/10/97 Tobacco Associated Brands Home Page [Note: As of 1/26/00 we only have an "apache test server" message at this site: "If you can see this page, then the people who own this domain have just installed the Apache Web server software successfully. They now have to add content to this directory and replace this placeholder page, or else point the server at their real content. "] ". . . a resource on issues relating to smoking tobacco. We hope it may help counter the 'oppressors' of this debate, be they in the tobacco industry or the anti-smoking movement." The mavericks from Death Cigarettes have their say, with FOREST's help. Very slow, tons of graphics, but a nice UK Tobacco Directory, a collection of historical quotes, the first online treatment of the KKK/Marlboro mythos, and guess what?-- THE LIST again, also--as with Tobacco Alternative--without source or date cited, only: "The Following list was released to the public by the US tobacco companies. It features 599 chemicals which are approved for inclusion in common cigarettes and rolling tobacco. There are some pretty noxious chemicals here, but don't let that bother you as they will, collectively, do far less harm to you than the tobacco itself. "

      • 12/09/96 A couple of UK vapor-sites (so far):
      • Fair Cigarette Tax Campaign (UK)
      • 01/15/98 EMBASSY World Championship (Snooker)
      • 01/15/98 BENSON & HEDGES Masters Finals (Snooker)
          The Benson & Hedges Masters is a very prestigious invitational event. It began already in 1975. This means that only the World Championship is older.
      • 01/12/06 Altadis Giot to draw in 1927 the enticing woman on packs of Gitanes. The equally famous Gauloises, whose packaging was the same shade of blue as French infantry uniforms, were introduce shortly before the Great War, sparking strong patriotic associations.
      • SEITA Home Page The French monopoly. Gauloises, Gitanes, the French Lucky Strike, etc.
      • Austria Tabak As of 1/2102, AT belongs to Gallaher
      • 12/13/96 F.J. Burrus Group Medium-sized, family-owned Swiss tobacco company. 8.2 billion cigarettes manufactured a year, 45 tons of tobacco processed a day.

      • 01/10/97 Tabacalera Spain's state-controlled tobacco company, with an "under construction" site.
      • 01/04/24 BAT Russia

      • 01/03/98 TVORNICA DUHANA ROVINJ (Tobacco Factory Rovinj) "The leading Croatian manufacturer of cigarettes and largest national exporter"
          Ronhill, (Ronhill Lights, Ronhill Superlights, Ronhill Medium) Walter Wolf (WW Classic, WW Soft Pack, WW Lights, WW 100's), York, Kolumbo, Marlboro

      • 02/01/97 McLaren Auto Racing Team sponsored by German cigarette West. (Reemtsma's West replaced Marlboro as sponsor on Jan. 1, 1997.)
      • 02/01/97 McLaren Partners Besides REEMTSMA, Mercedes Benz, Mobil, Goodyear, Kenwood, Sun Microsystems, Cisco (Routers) and more.
      • This is the West site
      • Other sports sites West sponsors are: 02/01/97 Funsport: Surfing, Snowboarding, Inline Skating and a more general racing site

      • 00/04/09 Makadonija Tabak
          "Makedonija Tabak" is the sole specialized organization in Macedonia engaged in trade, export and import of tobacco, cigarettes and other products. "Makedonija Tabak" exports top-quality tobaccos with high purity of types in more than 30 contries:United States of America, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy,Holland, Japan and others.

      • 12/2/96 Philip Morris Europe SA "is sharing information on secondhand smoke with the public." From this summer's European ad blitz, including the infamous relative risk of lung cancer from drinking milk reference, which so infuriated the European dairy industry, and so discombobulated then-Senator Dole. You can see the picture of that ad, and the biscuit ones too, at this page.Not to be missed--catch it while it's up!
      • 10/28/97 Scientific Evidence on Secondhand Smoke from PM

      • Peter Stuyvesant LINK DEAD 03/24/97
      • GERMANY:

      • 03/24/97Samson If there's a difference between the Under 18 and the Over 18 access, it's not immediately discernable. Both promote their shag tobacco and have a "gamezone"

      • 03/24/97Van Nelle Van Nelle, Donkere

      • 08/08/97 Rothmans Racing
      • 11/11/97 Rothmans Renault Formula 1 Simulator
      • Lucky Strike Originals Lucky Shop Travel, Music, Shopping
      • 12/22/99 Camel Trophy
          Live It - find an action-packed CT event in your area / CT 2000 - apply online or preview next year's big event / Products - browse the range or find out where to buy it / Community - connect to the CT network with forums and live chat / About CT - discover what's behind the products and events . . . If you thought Camel Trophy was just an event then prepare to be surprised. Camel Trophy is a fashion brand, an international adventure challenge, a roadshow and much, much more. It is in fact a fusion of sight, sound, sensation and attitude. Want to find out more? Here's all you need to know about our philosophy, lifestyle, events and history.

      • 10/20/98 Station Africa Camel Trophy 98
          Welcome to the Station Africa Camel Trophy 1998 Web-Site. See how modern satellite technology helped us track the team on their adventure. Follow their epic journey to Tierra del Fuego
      • 03/06/97 Camel Trophy Adventure Like Marlboro's, but in a Land Rover. " . . . an unforgetable adventure in hostile climes and an extreme test of stamina, fortitude and the ability to get along with others in prolonged stressful situation. . . The Camel Trophy Adventure is sponsored by Land Rover, the British four-wheel drive manufacturer and Worldwide Brands, Inc., marketer of Camel Trophy brand adventure gear and clothing" 1997's trip is Mongolia.
      • 1/20/99 British American Tobacco - Promotional Game ( 555 Brand ) - Maelstrom
          A promotional package for their 555 brand. A themed game lasting approximately 5 minutes, where the player must succeed in reaching and defending the planet 555. This project was commissioned from the success of the first BAT promotion. The roadshow is currently touring all of their Far Eastern and African markets. Sit down VR units were coloured and branded with the 555 logo.

      • Reemtsma's "West" brand site

        Here are some other West sponsorships:
      • 02/01/97 Funsport: Surfing, Snowboarding, Inline Skating
      • 02/01/97 Racing


      • 12/3/96 ITC Ltd. India's foremost tobacco/power/hotel company. You've read about the ongoing arrests of its executives--now see its WebPage! From the Indian Export Directory.

      • 10/27/98 Japan Tobacco Inc. Money Magazine's capsule/quotes/news page.

      • 12/21/00 Japan Tobacco HomePage

      • MALAYSIA:

      • Bates Malaysia(Benson & Hedges Bistro, Lucky Strike Originals Store)
      • 11/30/96 Indonesian Cigarette Manufacturers
      • 11/30/96 P.T. Djarum Kudus Indonesia's 2nd Largest Clove Cigarette Co.

      • 01/03/98 PT Djarum
      • 03/24/97Javaanse Jongens


      • 03/04/97 Camel Party Zone Camel-sponsored dance parties in South Africa.


      • Cigar Aficionado WebSite is up and running. This week's question: Do you inhale?

      • 03/14/97 Nat Sherman The tobacco merchant online, emphasizing cigars. Heavy graphics, and you'll need Netscape's frames for some sections--like the News section, where you can read other companies' newspapers inside Nat Sherman's frame..
      • 03/16/97 Tobacco Times Cigar-oriented monthly newsletter in Adobe Acrobat

        The following links will keep up with cigar-and-pipe-oriented sites better than I.

      • 03/16/97 Internet Cigar Group The website of alt.smokers.cigars. Probably the most comprehensive non-commercial cigar-oriented site. Includes Dr. Marc J. Schneiderman's updated Cigars & Cancer. an overview of the 100 or so cigar-specific research papers. Dr. S believes "moderate/non inhaled cigar use posses no significant health threat"
      • 05/04/98 Banding Together: Keeping Cigars Away from Kids The Fuji cigar site article contains no mention of "Independence Day," or other movie placements
          Cigar smoking has been, and remains today, predominantly a pastime enjoyed by adult men. cigars are not marketed to minors. The cigar manufacturers and importers who make up the Cigar Association of America are adamantly opposed to the use of cigars by underage individuals. This is a matter of principle, policy, and practice in the cigar industry. . . For its part, the Cigar Association of America will continue to uphold its guidelines in the marketing and promotion of its products to an informed, mature, and adult-only audience. . . . The Association has launched a campaign "Keeping Cigars Away From Kids." The campaign provides retailers with information and display materials designed to help educate employees and consumers on the need to remain vigilant and keep cigar smoking an adult pastime.
      • 02/07/97Fuji Publishing Group Cigar Page One of the few to actually provide an reasonable cigars & health FAQ
      • 12/31/96 An opposing view of cigars' non-inhaled dangers from American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery; with danger signals to watch out for. (Here's the Cigar Alert from ScarcNet)
      • The Tobacconist
      • Pleny of links to other cigar-oriented pages
      • JR Cigars
      • DR Cigar



      • 1/10/00 Museum of Tobacco Art and History The Nashville museum has closed, but its site is still up.
      • 01/19/98 HISTORY OF TOBACCO PRINTS Paintings/prints by Dona And Jerry Locklair. History of growing methods. "Road to Market" "Carolina Tobacco Auction'" "Harvesting Tobacco" etc.
          "Puttin' In" This painting is a scene of a flue curing log tobacco barn built by Jerry Locklair's grandfather in 1918. Tobacco was a primary cash crop for farmers south to north in the United States. This labor intensive process was usually carried out by the entire family and neighbors, young and old working together side by side. They harvested and processed the tobacco for curing and marketing. This practice was discontinued in the late 1950's when modern farming methods took over.

      • 07/18/98 DRY DRUNK: The Culture of Tobacco in 17th- and 18th-century Europe The New York Public Library Exhibit is now online

      • 01/11/30 The Science Behind TobaccoNew Jersey's Liberty Science Center
          The "Science Behind Tobacco" examines the tobacco plant from seed to cigarette in three featured sections; farming, manufacturing cigarettes, and health problems caused by smoking. Get out from behind the smoke and mirrors to see how science is exploited to develop an addictive product.

      • 07/20/98 The Rolling Stones Play Austria Tabak's Tabak Museum
          How does a second-rate, state-run tobacco company from a curious little EU Member State enlist the promotional services of the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band? PM, BAT, RJR and others in their weight division are able to buy lesser artists without much trouble. But Austria Tabak appears to have achieved what may be the greatest sponsorship coup in world tobacco history. These Austria Tabak posters, featuring everybody's favorite group of all time, can now be seen all over Vienna.

      • 09/01/98 Cyberattic: Tobacco Advertising Collectibles for sale. Example:
          Fatima Cigarette/matchbook holder & ashtray.- 3" w x 4 " h. Very good condition ( 9.5 ) - circa 1920-1930's. $75.00 Contact: Tye Schwalbe - Item: 1759

      • 01/05/26 On the Lighter Side
          OTLS was founded in 1984 with 3 members. We currently have approximately 900 members in 16 countries. This club is for collectors of any type lighter -- Ronson, Zippo, Evans, European, etc.

      • 09/01/98 T Cards For Type Collectors History of Tobacco Baseball Cards
          Tobacco cards represent the first real high point in the history of baseball cards. It is here that the modern baseball card took form. T-206 was the first truly popular set issued in the twentieth century and the first to employ color. T-3, T-201 and T-202 set production standards that weren't equaled until the 1950's. But tobacco cards, while not entirely born of necessity, had a purpose: they stiffened the cigarette pack and promoted various brands of coffin nails while providing a picture of most of the players in the game. They also present a serious challenge to the type set collector.

      • 1/8/00 Tobacco Card Links
      • 1/8/00 Cigarette Cards Information Site
          WELCOME. If you have followed a link to reach here you are probably new to the world of cigarette card collecting and are about to become hooked on this wonderful hobby! Not to worry - with a little help from the hints, tips and background information provided here you will soon have a clearer understanding at least of why this is a rapidly growing phenomenon!

      • 1/8/00 Cigarette Packet Collectors Club Of Great Britain
      • 01/03/98 Cigarette Pack Collectors Association
      • 01/07/01 Cigarette Packages Collector
      • 1/8/00 Cigarette Cards Central
          AMONG collectibles, Cigarette Cards enjoy a number of unique advantages. Not the least among these is that there has been such a wide variety of card subjects issued over the past Century there is bound to be at least one series available to suit anyone's interests! Simply click THE SUBJECTS button to start browsing the categories, or try one of our great WHOLESALE offers. Dealers vary widely - but one reason customers return time and again to C. & N. Smith's cartophily-related websites* is our pledge of offering ONLY all-original cards in great condition, with the vast majority being at least 50 years old!

      • Retro Restaurant Cigarette Card Gallery dating back to 1911

      • 1/10/00 Franklyn Cigarette Cards With much history, graphics, etc.
      • 1/8/00 Portobello Road's Cigarette Card Dealers
      • 01/10/15 Pipe Smokers Council Sponsors of the 2001 International Championships in Longtime Pipesmoking
      • 01/10/15 International Pipesmokers' Committee
          The CIPC is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to bring together National Clubs from countries all over the world in order to establish friendly ties of mutual understanding between them, to help in their development and to organize regularly scheduled large international meetings (from the Statutes).

      • 12/12/98 HOOKAHS
          Some call it a Hookah, others a nargile, even a shisha. This ancient water pipe has been used for centuries to smoke away the day's stress, while relaxing with friends and relatives. I am gradually collecting information to describe the history of the hookah and correct hookah etiquette. In the Middle East and other places, this etiquette is taken very seriously so its good to know it.
        Here's some Hookah History
      • 01/02/11 The Sacred Narghile Origins, Narghile in Society, Art and around the world.
      • 01/04/16 Smokers' Club Sales and activism. There's a local alert page that features handy city hall addresses and city councillors' email address. Currently, that includes those from Toledo, OH, El Paso, TX and Mankato, MN.
      • 09/26/98 Smokers With Attitude Apparel - Let Everyone Know How You Feel! Smokers With Attitude
          All shirts have the "Smokers With Attitude" logo on the right front breast, and have the pictured four-color designs on the back. . . "Smoking IS Sexy" "I LOVE to Smoke!" "SMOKING RULES!"

      • 05/28/97 Smoking Myths Discussion Room Saltpeter, the KKK/Marlboro link, the Camel erection, and other codes, symbols & arcana. (Thanks, LB) [LINK DEAD as of 1/26/00]

      • 02/08/98 Jenny's Teen Smoking Page
          I'm a 17 year old lesbian girl, who smokes close to 1-1/2 packs a day. I have been smoking since I was 13, when my girlfreind Kelly asked me to smoke, because it would make me look sexier. I Smoke Misty light 120's; I used to smoke VS 120's and still do sometimes. I started this page because I think smoking is sexy and I hate all the anti-smoking bullshit I get. It's my little way of saying "Fuck You" to political correctness. Thanx to everyone who sent me stories and pics. This page will continue to grow as long as you keep sending me more pics of pretty teens 12-18., and keep sending me stories. I especially want stories that have some lesbian or masturbation content,and stories about starting to smoke.

      • 09/18/98 Changed Name, In The Hope That This Board Can Last Presumably a revamp of Jenny's/Erin's Teen Smoking Page
          Postings about very young girls being sexy while smoking will NO longer be posted. Postings asking kids to your house will not be posted. Postings regarded to be ANTI smoking will not be posted. This is here for a reason, so smokers can have a place to express themselves freely and to try and stop this board from being removed.

      • Ancient Chinese Snuff Boxes A tad expensive.

      • 12/12/98 Do you need help in finding the weaknesses in legal arguments based on statistics? Abbey Management Services
          An example of my work in this field can be found here. Arising out of RJR-MacDonald Inc. vs. Attorney General of Canada and Imperial Tobacco Ltd. vs. Attorney General of Canada, in which I gave statistical advice to the tobacco companies' legal team, I was commissioned by the Confederation of European Community Cigarette Manufacturers to write a critique of the much quoted New Zealand Toxic Substances Board report Health or Tobacco: An End to Tobacco Advertising and Promotion. Actually the critique was of the paper subsequently published in a learned journal by the same authors. The critique itself was also published (as Stewart, M J, 1992, Tobacco Consumption and Advertising Restrictions: A Critique of Laugesen and Meads (1991). International Journal of Advertising, 11, 97-115. [50 kbytes]). Following this I was commissioned to carry out some original statistical analysis - basically to do properly what the New Zealand team had done in an incredibly slipshod, if not fraudulent, manner. This showed that the six countries which had introduced tobacco advertising bans by 1990 had, if anything, increased their tobacco consumption over what would have been expected. This work was also published, (as Stewart, M J, 1993, The effect of advertising bans on tobacco consumption in OECD countries. International Journal of Advertising, 12, 155- 180. [47 kbytes]). If you need a statistical argument 'taking apart', especially if in the fields of advertising, marketing, opinion polls, market research surveys, and public policy, please get in touch with me, Michael Stewart, principal of Abbey Management Services. (Contact details).

      • 06/18/97 What's Your Favorite Cigarette? AOL and Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel partner Digital City South Florida conducts a poll, as if asking "What's Your Favorite TV Show?" Check out the results, too. (JC)

      • 01/03/12 SmokeFree Movies.com UCSF's film-focused site.
          Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, Brown and Williamson and other big tobacco companies then addict and kill them, making billions in profits. This site uncovers that story. Identifies who's responsible, by name. And shows you how you can stop the U.S. film industry from doing Big Tobacco's dirty work in the U.S. and around the world.

      • 9/11/99 Plemmy Awards 99 This year's TV tobacco ratings rom the American Lung Association

      • Reeling Them In: Tobacco Product Placement in Movies Concise roundup from the NSW (Australia) Cancer Council
      • Smoking in Movies and TV Patrick Reynolds tracks the action from L.A.
      • 01/12/14 Screenit.com Entertainment Reviews for Parents
      • 08/25/98 MOVIES: POCAHONTAS II: Journey to a New World Disney
          Pocahontas is in London to meet King James and prevent a war between England and her people. Join her for excitement, adventures, and more!
        (And help sell and promote John Rolfe's (and Virginia's) tobacco business, but that doesn't seem to be a factor in this movie in which Pocahontas is imprisoned in the Tower, and rescued by Rolfe(!))
      • 01/01/13 Pyramid Media Distributors of Peter Taylor's classic Death in the West, and the 2000 Academy Award nominee on tobacco history, Smoke and Mirrors.
      • 02/02/01 Tobacco Cartoonsfrom The New Yorker
      • 08/04/97 Put Smoking Out of Fashion Campaign to stop the use of cigarettes as props in fashion shoots and movies.

      • 07/12/97 alt.smokers.glamour
      • The Art of Smoking in Cinema
      • Movie List (compilation of smoking scenes in movies)
      • Molly's Human Smoking Movies List
      • Non-cigarette smoking movies i.e., cigar, pipe, etc.

      • 07/12/97 Smoking One's FemSmoke on TV
      • Celebrities' Smokes List
      • 07/12/97 Kate Moss Gallery
      • Female Celebrity Smoking List:
      • 01/03/98 Smoky's Celebrity Cigarette Central Female smoking celebs
      • 00/08/28 Sweet Smoking Girls 1-888-77-YOUTH
          "This page is an big respect to all super sexy femalesmoker around the world. Enjoy the Pictures!! Please vote for our statistics! At what age you became a regular smoker? Under 8 . . . 8-9 . . . 10 . . ."
      • Smoking Fetish (Warning: The ex-honorable Republican Senator from Kansas has determined THIS is what's hazardous to your health):

    • 05/29/97 Pictures of People with Pipes This can get really tedious (LB)
    • 9/11/97 "Action Without Borders" Collecting idealistic organizations. One of their "idealists": FORCES-Canada

      Government Resources

      The Big Picture

    • 03/19/97 How to Tell Politicians What You Think NetGuide
    • 12/24/96 Government Printing Office on the Web Federal Register, Bills, Public Laws, and the entire United States Code governing tobacco transactions from taxes to subsidies to imports. An awesome reference.
    • 9/5/99 FEDERAL Government Resources on the Web

      Government Departments


      • The astonishing SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Guidebook has a Smoking in the Workplace section that includes Workplace Smoking Laws by State!. An incredible resource for employees and employers alike.

      • 10/3/96 Search the Florida Dept. of State Campaign Finance Data Base Search by contributor Check out how much more Philip Morris, for example, gave in 1996. ($1,000 in 1994; $1,000 in 1995; $139,250 so far this year, as of 9/26/96.) And to whom. All our states should have this!

      • Brevard (FLA) Interagency Council on Smoking or Health

      • 12/26/96 CALIFORNIA: Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program University of California
          The Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program was established by the University of California, through legislative mandate, to manage all fiscal and programmatic aspects of the Research Account specified under Proposition 99, the Tobacco Tax and Health Protection Act. . . The mission of TRDRP is to support research that focuses on the prevention, causes, and treatment of tobacco-related disease and the reduction of the human and economic costs of tobacco use in California. Our program goals are to fund excellent research addressing all aspects of tobacco use; to widely disseminate the research findings through a variety of media; to encourage and support new scientific infrastructures and networks critical for a comprehensive approach to tobacco control; and to serve as an information resource for those interested in issues of tobacco control.



      Legislators' E-Mail Addresses

    • 6/15/99 Government Representatives and Media Email Addresses Listed by State. Very handy. From the Electronic Activist.
    • 10/13/99 Make Your Voice Heard Philip Morris, of course, has a quick and simple way of finding and contacting your representatives. Other members of Congress may easily be found Here
    • 2/21/00 Legislative Action Center Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
    • 07/31/98 Contact Congress Great database search engine from Common Cause. A variety of query options turns up addresses, DC & local phones, websites, email!

    • 00/09/14 House Email addresses From the House--you need your zip code.
    • 01/15/98 Find Congress Members by State or Zip Code Vote Smart
    • 01/06/18 Congressional Email Directory
    • 01/06/26 Contacting the Senate No pointless searching around; Full list of Senate info: Name, Party, State, Address, Phone, Email all in one convenient place.
      The upkeep of this list is not my primary focus; for professional updates, go to one of these:
    • 11/21/96 Send a letter to the USTR EZ Mail, set up by smokescreen and sponsored by Americans for Non-Smoker's Rights.

      Eyes on the Government

    • 04/09/98 Tobacco Industry Figures--House and Senate Recipients Center for Responsive Politics

    • 10/20/96 Soft Money Database Choose as State "NY", and alphabetical "P", for example, to see PM's "soft money" contributions reported to the FEC. The FECInfo Site has lots more resources on PACs.

    • 10/21/97 Common Cause's Washington Watchdog

      Burning Down the Houses Public Citizen nails tobacco political influence.in DC in 1997; tracks lobbying firms, use of former staffers, voting records aligned with PAC contributions, etc. Nicely Done.

    • Tobacco Political Giving Tops $4 Million in 1997, Total Giving Since 1987 Reaches Nearly $30 Million, Common Cause Study Finds
    • 00/10/13 Blowing Smoke Big Tobacco's 1998 Congressional Lobbying Expenses Skyrocket $43 Million Total -- An Average of $81,000 for Each Member of Congress
    • 01/03/12 NY State Lobbying Commission
    • 08/10/97 PBS' Follow the Money On campaign financing. Includes a useful timeline, featuring events like the 1907 Tillman Act banning direct corporate contributions to politicians. (TR, who campaigned on a "Clean Government" platform, would be ashamed to see how dirty we still are 90 years later.)
        Something is very rotten in American politics when nearly every candidate for office is dependent on a tiny, economic elite to mount their campaigns, when candidates are judged first and foremost by how much money they can raise, and when lawmakers tilt public policy toward those who finance their campaigns. What can be done to reduce special interest influence, end the money chase that diverts lawmakers' precious time and attention, and make it possible for candidates to run for office without having to sell themselves to the highest bidders? These are the fundamental problems that must be addressed by any serious reform of our campaign system.
      You can find out more about the show, and when/where it's on here
    • 9/3/99 Lobbyist Database Center for Responsive Politics. Use the pop-up menu--"Tobacco" is a listed interest area.

    • 07/19/97 Play It Again: Soundbytes on Tobacco from the 1996 Presidential Campaign Tobacco Control, a publication of the British Medical Journal
        Given the unprecedented nature of this event - tobacco as a high-profile issue in a national presidential campaign - we are allocating substantial space to this catalogue of quotes. We believe that collectively they comprise a valuable chronicle of an historic episode in tobacco control - illustrating both the intensity and the character of the debate and its coverage in the media.

      CPI also placed online the Center for Responsible Politics'The First Primary: Early Fundraising in the 1996 Presidential Elections
    • At last, open to the public: Smokescreen! Plug in your zip code and you not only get a list of your representatives--you see how much they've received from tobacco interests and where they stand on tobacco issues! Plus current bills, votes, and much, much more. The site which details the tobacco/politics connection. Pols can run, but now--thanks to "Tac"--they can't hide . . .

    • 05/15/97 The Money Pump RW Mann is tracking campaign contributions. No new tobacco entries since Sept. of 1996(!)
    • 12/18/98 Soft Money Laundromat NEW! Version 2.0
    • 8/26/97 Common Cause's Money Trail/Soft Money Laundromat has been updated for the latest figures. Read 'em and weep.
    • Campaign Finance Studies documents special interests donations, like Philip Morris' 1996 Contributions

    • The Buying of the President Wow--full downloadable databases of contributions/trips/you-name-it--paid the candidates by special interests. From the Center for Public Integrity.
    • 10/16/97 Top soft dollar donors by unique name so far for 1997-98 You can even see where the money's transferred once it leaves the RNC or DNC, look up soft money contributors by name, state--even zip code. There's more. This site is jam-packed.
    • 9/13/97 Tobacco Hard and Soft Dollar Summary for the 105th Congress Center for Responsive Politics
    • 04/09/98 Tobacco Industry Figures--House and Senate Recipients Center for Responsive Politics
    • 10/29/96 Mother Jones' remarkable "Coin-Op Congress" database.Plug in your candidate and see his or her campaign contributors.

    • Follow the PAC Money Courtesy of Mass. Common Cause
    • 03/30/97 Smoke & Mirrors Common Cause roundup of 1995 tobacco contributions
    • Follow the Money Courtesy of MS/NBC's new site.
    • 02/19/98 Sweethearts of Big Tobacco The Public Citizen report on Congressional votes/PAC contributions
        In order to illustrate how Big Tobacco tries to woo members of Congress, Public Citizen analyzed all tobacco-related votes in Congress in 1997. Each member was assigned a "pro-consumer" score based upon the number of times the member voted against the Big Tobacco position. We then analyzed campaign contributions from the tobacco industry's political action committees (PACs) and the relationship between these contributions and members' votes.

      "Let's Go Out and--LOBBY!"
    • 10/24/97 Lobbyist.org If you can't beat 'em, lobby 'em, and this site gives you an arsenal of lobbyist tools at their Lobbyist Resource Page. Check their fine roundup of Media Outlets
    • Lots more weaponry to be found around the net. Here are a few:
    • 07/09/97 Government Reform Sites from Common Cause
    • 08/01/97 McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Activist Site Common Cause gives you an easy way to register your support for this bill which would do away with "soft money," and attempt to get us away from a "government of the PACs, by the PACs and for the PACs." You can find out info here, and sign the petition here
    • 07/09/97 Money & Politics Homepage of The Political Finance & Lobby Reporter and The Almanac of Federal PACs

    • 06/27/97 A Declaration for Independence Project Independence has a special July 4 push to sign their petition in support of the bipartisan McCain-Feingold bill, currently pending in Congress, which provides the framework for effective campaign finance reform.
    • 04/17/97 Our button barProject Independence This is the petition for Campaign Finance Reform from Common Cause. 9 out of 10 Americans want campaign finance reform. Why can't Congress hear us? Because we have to shout so loud to be heard over the sound of cash registers. Start shouting here. CC's site also features:
    • 05/14/97 Project Independence Protests at Republican Fundraiser Reuters
        Organizers said Tuesday's event was the culmination of nearly four months of fund raising that raked in more than $11 million for the GOP treasury. Ted Welch, who chaired the event, told the crowd as they sat down to salmon and filet mignon that a recent Democratic effort raised only $4 million -- "so we have a lot to cheer for."

    • 01/17/97 The Center for Responsive Politics fights for campaign finance reform and tracks contributions and their effects.

    • 12/18/98 Campaign Reform Project

    • 02/10/97 Send a Letter to Tobacco Companies about the "Action Against Access" Program Outpost Network usually sells Valentine's, Birthday cards, etc. (I used them last year.). Here they've assembled a list of tobacco and vending machine companies you can send a card to for $2.95 each printed/stamped/sent letter. Last June, the Philip Morris tobacco company announced that it would penalize retailers convicted of selling cigarettes to minors. But after the company declined to act against 17 Minnesota stores caught selling to under-age buyers, Minnesota attorney general Hubert Humphrey III charged that the firm's "Action Against Access" campaign was an empty promise made with no real plans for implementation.
      Philip Morris attorneys replied that they will, indeed, take action, but only when they have verifiable reports from the state. Contact Philip Morris or other tobacco companies to give your feedback or ask for information.


      Miscellaneous Tobacco-oriented WebSites

      Culture, History, Arts, Literature.

      • Conferences! Conferences! Conferences! Looking for a conference? Holding one? Check out the database on the International Union against Cancer's Calendar or Search Doctor's Guide to the Internet Conference Database And add your conference here.
      • 9/1/99 Medical Conferences From CONIFER

      • 9/18/97 Two Exhibits at the 42nd St. NY Public Library (3rd floor) Sept. 20-Jan. 3.
        • Dry Drunk: The Culture of Tobacco in 17th- and 18th-Century Europe, September 20, 1997-January 3, 1998, Print Gallery
        • Tobacco Leaves: Selections from the Collection of George Arents, Jr., September 20, 1997-January 3, 1998, Stokes Gallery

      • 04/15/98 Tobacco BBS Translations AltaVista will translate any page you want. Just plug in the URL (http://www.tobacco.org, in this case), choose your language--Italian, French, German, Spanish or Portuguese--and Voila! (or Ole!) you get a rough translation(!) This won't replace a dedicated translator like Stan Shatenstein, but it's servicable, and very cool.

      • 01/01/03 American Advertising Museum Timeline Not quite ready yet, but should be interesting. 5035 SE 24th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97202 (503) 226-0000

      • 03/07/97 Duke University Library is featuring "Golden Leaf//Evil Weed: Promoting Tobacco and Campaigning Against It."-- a reportedly even-handed, 400-year exhibit of rare books, cigarettes, pipes, pamphlets, ads, etc., spanning1571-1950. The exhibit features a copy of King James I's anti-tobaco tirade, "A Counterblaste to Tobacco" (1604); a translation of "Joyfull Newes out of the Newe Founde World," (1571) which touts tobacco's curative properties in treating toothache and cancer, etc., and photos of Ronald Reagan, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Stan Musial vouching for "mild" Chesterfield cigarettes. Sad to say, nothing about the exhibit is on the site(!) This is an information-only link. However, there is always . . .

      • 00/11/05 Tobacco Heritage Billy Yeargin's nostalgic trip into tobacco's agricultural heritage
          Tobacco is a vital part of the American economy and culture. It made us who we were and who we are. Yet, for all it's importance, most of us know relatively little about it - and about our own tobacco heritage. Billy Yeargin, a tobacco historian, has the knowledge to bring this great history to life. His ability to mix facts about tobacco history and other native agricultural products with humorous, often personal anecdotes makes him one of the most sought-after classroom, seminar and after dinner speakers on this subject.

      • 00/11/04 The Tobacco Project Xu Bing's installation at the Duke Homestead in Raleigh, NC

      • 06/15/97 The Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum A rich trove of tobacco artifacts and exhibits on the site of James B. Duke's old homestead. The website features a multimedia page of downloadable "Classic Cigarette Ads" They still offer a great deal of enjoyment. Young people will not recognize them because cigarrette advertising has been banned on television in the United States since the 1960's." [Links seem dead 5/18/01]
      • 00/11/18 AD Magazine's Smoking Fashion Models feature Fons Nijpels posts this fashion shoot from AD, a major Dutch magazine which is a weekly newspaper addition.
      • 01/07/01 Tobacco Dictionary and more, in German, from ToSeRa.
      • 01/07/01 Tobacco Museum in Westfalen, Germany
      • 07/30/98 Truth in Advertising: A Collection of Vintage Cigarette Advertisements from the Age of Innocence Chickenhead.com. Nicely done!
          Once upon a time, the rich, sweetly pungent smoke of tobacco offered more than dreary old diseases like emphysema and lung cancer. It promised sophistication, sex appeal, even longevity itself. . . This site is powered by the white-hot bitterness of long-term Nicotine withdrawal.

      • 01/05/18 AdFlip
          adflip.com is the world's largest searchable database of classic print ads. We love ads and the pop culture they represent. You can search by category, by decade, even by year.

      • 00/03/11Vintage Cigarette Ads for sale You can link to the seller's listings on E-bay from here.
      • 01/05/04 Pollay Tobacco Advertising Collection Rick Pollay's giant collection, now searchable by company, brand, date, text and more! From Roswell Park Cancer Institute.
      • 01/03/29 Jim Hagar's Semi-Subliminal World
          This site is devoted to some forms of advertising that are generally (but inappropriately) known as subliminal advertising. The ads that are illustrated and discussed can all be summed up under the phrase manipulative advertising. The 'subliminal' adverts are unethical and can be considered to breach professional guidelines. In some countries (not the US nor the UK) they may also be illegal. . . Smokers and potential smokers in the UK and US A, in particular, are recommended to give careful consideration to the activities of ad agencies responsible for cigarette advertising. Cigarette ads constitute a disproportionate amount of the semi-subliminal ads. Concerned individuals should also consider the impact of such ads on young children, who may be more perceptive than the average adult where the 'recognition' of embedded elements in ads are concerned.

        2/28/00 Truth in Advertising: The 1940s and 50s Cigarette ads and copy
      • 7/20/99 Jim's Burnt Offerings Cigarette ads galore!
        Check this page for other pack/card/label collections.
      • 8/28/99 TV Cigarette Ads For your downloading pleasure.
      • 8/28/99 Cigarette Commercials
          THE OLD GOLD CIGARETTE COLLECTION (approx. 60 min.) (SP) speed . . . The Collection also features the catch phrases which targeted everyday people "For a Treat instead of Treatment," "The Perfect Marriage," "Test for Taste," and other spots with the "Spin Filter." . . CLASSIC CIGARETTE COMMERCIALS OF THE 50'S & 60'S VOLUME ONE (approx. 60 min.) (SP) speed These classic cigarette and cigar TV commercials from the late 1940's through the 1960's are a Surgeon General's nightmare...But a Nostalgia Buff's dream!!!

      • 9/8/97 The Arents Tobacco Collection in New York City is the product of over forty years of collecting by George Arents. It is the largest and most comprehensive collection in the world on the history, literature, and lore of tobacco.
      • 9/18/97 Two Exhibits at the 42nd St. NY Public Library (3rd floor) Sept. 20-Jan. 3.
        • Dry Drunk: The Culture of Tobacco in 17th- and 18th-Century Europe, September 20, 1997-January 3, 1998, Print Gallery
        • Tobacco Leaves: Selections from the Collection of George Arents, Jr., September 20, 1997-January 3, 1998, Stokes Gallery

      • 01/20/97 Tobacco Control Resource Center's New Multimedia Section Quicktime Movies Featuring the Flintstones, Steve McQueen, Lucy & Dezi, all hawking cigarettes.

      • 05/30/97 Russian Children's (7-16) Art Contest arranged by Biysk-city (Altai region) Center for Preventive Medicine. 33 (out of 276 entries) fascinating, often surprisingly sophisticated images. You can contact Yuriy G. Grebelnikov here

      • 00/12/24 Tobacco Bad Kids Garbage-Pail Kids-type cards: Aging Albert, Stinky Stan, etc.
          Tobacco Bad Kids mission is to help educate our children about the dangers of tobacco use.We have created three hundred characters with separate problems resulting from using tobacco. We hope our funny named characters will stick in our childrens memory so that when it is time for them to make the descision whether they should use tobacco or not, they will make the right one.

      • 00/12/07 Albert Ortiz's No Smoking Art Insightful paintings, some funny, some outr, all intense.
          This Web Site contains photographs of paintings by Albert Ortiz which were created in the hope that people would look at them and be encouraged Not To Smoke. These paintings are copyright protected and are the sole property of Mr. Ortiz. They are not to be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the artist. However, anyone is welcome to use any photograph for Educational Purposes Only. All we ask is that you tell others about this site and maybe together we can encourage someone to quit smoking.

      • 00/11/17 WHO: ArtWORKS A pioneering project which brings art, health, and culture together / WHO European Partnership Project to Reduce Tobacco Dependence
          Twenty cutting-edge artists from across Europe, including Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, have been commissioned to create works of art on the theme of quitting smoking The works will be exhibited over 2000/2001 in several European capitals. The works are also to be reproduced as WHO posters with the tag line "if you want to stop smoking ask how" and distributed throughout doctors surgeries and pharmacies across the European Region . . The initiative ARTworks will be launched at the Whitechapel Gallery on 21 November 2000. Works have been commissioned from 20 of Europes top contemporary artists on the theme of quitting smoking. The Artworks are to be reproduced as posters and made available for distribution through doctors surgeries and pharmacies. Follow up exhibitions of the art works are planned for Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and Rome.

      • 00/10/24 THE SEMIOTICS OF SMOKING Howard Spent Investigates. Illustrated.
      • 00/09/05 Artful TruthHealthy Propaganda Arts Project The WolfsonianFlorida International University
          is a pilot program that teaches fourth- through sixth-grade students how art, design, and advertising particularly tobacco advertising convey persuasive messages that can influence emotions and actions. This art-education initiative was created by The WolfsonianFlorida International University, and was funded by the State of Florida, Division of Health, Awareness and Tobacco. . . Students learn about the ways in which art communicates ideas, and they apply that knowledge to analyze the persuasive tactics used in advertisements. Knowledge is power, and once students learn to recognize propaganda as such, we believe they will be less susceptible to it. Artful Truth empowers students: It teaches them to recognize when they are being manipulated, it gives them a voice, and it encourages them to become advocates of their beliefs. Artful Truth provides several learning resources for instructor and student use, as well as numerous opportunities for student expression.

      • 00/08/31 Tobacco Ad Gallery From CTFK. The ads could be more citeable, ie, with date and publication, but otherwise nicely done.

      • 08/08/97 Marv Bust Smoking comic book hero figurine from Bowen Designs
          He's taken 68 bullet wounds, 43 pills, and 3 multiple story falls. He's been bitten by a killer dog, tortured by hookers, and beaten in the head by a psychotic serial killer.And now....it's time for a smoke.

      • 00/10/20 Tobacco Pack Collection
      • 00/10/20 Cigarette Packs/Ads Sites
      • 01/03/98 Cigarette Pack Collectors Association
      • 01/03/98 Andrew S. Chen's Cigarette Package Collection
      • 01/03/98 A Rare Find of Cigarette Pack Labels A member of her family had been cleaning out a defunct printing plant in Nashville, TN and discovered a file cabinet which contained samples of printing jobs completed by this plant from the 1930's to 1960's. Included in these samples were samples of cigarette packs. I immediately began to salivate . . .
      • 01/03/98 Cigarette Lighter Collection

      • New Yahoo Category: Smoking Memorabilia:

      • 9/6/97. Svein Martin's well-organized collection now numbers 30,023 Different Cigarette Packets from around the world! Alternate URL: http://home.bredband.no/sveped/index.htm

      • 9/14/97 The Travellers' Yellow Pages: Tobacco.
          Western cigarettes can now be bought all over St. Petersburg. Camel, Winston, L&M, and Marlboro are fighting over market share. R.J.R. Reynolds products are most popular. Popular Russian cigarettes (with filters) include "Yava" and "Stolichnye." The famous "papirosi" are still sold. Cigarette bootlegging and counterfeiting exists. Hint: enjoy your Havana cigars in St. Petersburg.

      • 9/16/97 Wayback Machine: Chicago, 1913 Discovery Channel's Professor Webster visits Lucy Payne Gaston and gets his own "Clean Life" badge (but not a Honus Wagner baseball card). Web article ran 6/23/97.

      • 9/30/97 American Matchcovers Collecting Club with a nice History of Matchcover Collecting
          Joshua Pusey, a Philadelphia lawyer and patent attorney, is credited with the first matchbook in 1889. With matches, made originally for his personal use, this Philadelphia lawyer parleyed the patent rights to Diamond Match Co. for $4,000 in 1896. Pusey probably cut the first matchbook from a cardboard-like material with a pair of of5ce shears. On a small wood stove, he boiled up the original volatile formula for the match head and striking surface mixture. . . With life breathed back into the match industry through the need for popular patriotic and military advertising, the O.P.A. (Office of Price Administration) insisted that a free book of matches accompany every pack of cigarettes. Free matchbooks became a mainstay. They were so much a part of every cigarette purchase, that the O.P.A. saw this practice as mandatory and regulations ensured continued free matchbooks with cigarette and cigar purchases.

      • BADvertising Institute Hilarious counter-advertising materials Advertising Ethics Book list

      • 01/01/10 Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation
          Nymox is currently offering two products, AlzheimAlert(TM) and NicAlert(TM). . . NicAlert(TM) is a simple, easy-to-read test strip that uses either a saliva or a urine sample to determine smoking status. Its applications include helping parents check whether their teenaged children are smoking, enabling teachers and high school coaches to test high school athletes for smoking or other tobacco product use, verifying smoking status for insurance applications; and testing subjects in tobacco research studies.

      • 01/02/04 What Goes In? What Goes Out? Cigarette and smoke composition / ASH sources of information. A compilation of resources on cigarette and cigarette smoke ingredients, from ASH London.
      • 05/15/97 MARLBORO Unlimited Power: Political Buying Guide Hilarious spoof of the "Miles" promotion. Forcing an organization (the Red Cross) not to concentrate on notifying the public on the dangers of Tobacco only costs 8,000,000 miles ($400,000)! More, from Fade2Black (Thanks, JK!)

      • 06/13/97 Joe Camel: Subliminally Obvious Some pretty funny playing around with the icon, plus a few interesting camel-marketing links--a funny Secondhand Smoke Found to Cause Secondhand Coolness from the Madison, WI Onion and even a link to a company that's taken www.joecamel.com
          I remembered how Sean Connery as James Bond could move his eyebrows so expressively. So I ripped off his eyes and eyebrows and Don Johnson's hair. ...how I personally feel about being known for this piece of crap that people think is great advertising. It's a pretty shitty piece of art." -- Mike Salisbury, creator of US artwork

      • 01/20/98 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Very little on cigarettes--but the current Jan/Feb 1998 issue of the NFPA Journal contains, Cigarettes Kill: the Other Way, (not online yet) by John R. Hall, Jr., pp. 56-62.; to get a copy of this article, and/or the complete smoking material fires report, call Nancy Schwartz at the NFPA One Stop Data Shop at 617-984-7450. There are additional Internet Fire sites and discussion groups here
      • 5/10/01 College Fire Safety.com Dorm fire focus
      • 00/05/04 Snuff Out Cigarette-Caused Fires! Fire-Safety activism from Tobacco Free New York. Quick, simple way to send an e-postcard to Gov. Pataki to sign the Assembly's fire-safe legislation. Nicely done.

      • 04/19/97 The Catholic Church's Handbook on Ethics in Advertising Advertising Age, March 3, 1997. The full text of the Pontifical Council For Social Communications's handbook. Nothing about tobacco, just sections advertisers, PR firms, media outlets and models might contemplate, including:
        • Truthfulness in Advertising
        • The Dignity of the Human Person
        • Advertising and Social Responsibility.
        . . . we point to this fundamental principle for people engaged in advertising: advertisers -- that is, those who commission, prepare or disseminate advertising -- are morally responsible for what they seek to move people to do; and this is a responsibility also shared by publishers, broadcasting executives, and others in the communications world, as well as by those who give commercial or political endorsements . . .

      • 03/28/97 Starr Watch The Nation's roundup of articles and info on tobacco industry lawyer (argued the Castano case in New Orleans) and Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

      • 03/25/97 ABC-TV's Month-long March Against Drugs "How to Raise Drug-free Kids" includes nicotine and alcohol. Other TV programs this month have raised the issue of marketing pharmaceuticals and other drugs as if they were candy to be popped for the slightest physical, mental or social discomfort. The entire continuum of drug promotion and marketing seems to be recognized by ABC, in opposition to some of their own sponsors. Watta Network!

      • 12/08/96 Essential Information Founded in 1982 by Ralph Nader, EI provides a number of resources and services for grassroots orgs.
        Even allows nonprofits the use of its server. Among those hosted:
        • Action for Corporate Accountability
        • Americans Against Political Corruption
        • Congressional Accountability Project
        • Media Access Project
        • Multinationals Resource Center
        • The Multinational Monitor
        • Public Citizen
        • Public Interest Research Groups
        • etc.
        And they're ready willing and able to host YOUR tobacco control group on the web!

      • 12/20/97 Public Citizen's FDA Tobacco Regulations Page
      • 05/02/98 PUBLIC CITIZEN's Tobacco-Related Documents Fact Sheets, Alerts, Documents, Testimony, more. Very rich, from Ralph Nader's group.

      • 2/11/00 "Up in Smoke" Paul Richmond and Jody Scalise take their show on the road throughout Massachusetts, using theater skits, mime, circus arts, comedy, rap and rock and roll music. to teach a few tricks about tobacco Break a leg!

      • 02/08/02 Slam Music Leslie Nuchow's "Virginia Slam" CD
        Send $13 to:
        328 Flatbush Avenue, Suite 408
        Brooklyn, NY, 11238
          In 1997 Leslie Nuchow was approached to participate in a high-profile promotion run by the Virginia Slims cigarette company. In keeping with her belief that music has the power to heal and should not be used to harm, Leslie rejected their offer and started Virginia SLAM!, an organization committed to exposing corporate deception and exploitation. Leslie also started SLAM!Records, a record label devoted to targeting industries or organizations which hurt humanity, and SLAM!ing them with the healing power of music. SLAM!Records has produced two previous SLAM! concerts that focused on keeping the tobacco industry out of music. SLAM!1 and 2 featured the Indigo Girls, Shawn Mullins, Jill Sobule, and Leslie Nuchow. A portion of the proceeds from SLAM!Records' releases and from SLAM! concerts are given to other charitable organizations.

      • 12/31/98 Tobacco: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors Visual Mentor's mission is "to develop a highly visual k-12 curriculum, that combines advanced computer graphics and visual effects with dramatic story lines."
          The tobacco industry has succeeded where many health education programs have failed because they capitalize on the deep social needs that most compel adolescents: to fit in, to exert independence from parental control, and to demonstrate physical agility and sexual allure. These motivational techniques are mirrored in Tobacco: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors. However, in a strategy of reversal, we will show not how smoking makes a teen "belong," but how it induces social scorn and ostracization; not how smoking liberates adolescents from adult control, but how it makes them dependent customers of tobacco companies; not how smoking enhances their physical and sexual identity, but instead takes a toll on their prowess and looks right now, not in some conjectured future as an adult.

      • 12/13/96 The Oregon Mint-Snuff Co. When it's time for a cigarette or a chew of tobacco, "Pop a Pouch" instead! A non-tobacco alternative & quit-snuff aid, of which there are very few. A lot of issues with this kind of product: Mass distribution would be through tobacco-and-candy wholesalers. When does it become a "starter" product? etc. OMS seems to be doing it right, trying to distribute through health care professionals. Contact them.

      • 04/01/97 The Simpsons vs. Smoking It has always amazed me that even though The Simpsons is classified as a "childrens/family" cartoon, a great number of the characters are seen smoking. An astonishingly huge compilation (from 1994) of smoking characters on the show. From Stuart Jackson from The Simpsons Archive . (Thanks, LB!)

      • 02/03/97 Fine Arts s of San Francisco This organization has an excellent searchable database of its art. A search on "tobacco" turns up, among others, Narcoticure, an 1895 Poster for a tobacco cure. A search on "smokers" turns up, among others, The Smokers and the Drinker a c. 1650 etching.

      • 03/12/97 Art and Tabac Museum show by European smokers rights group Smokepeace

      • 02/10/97 Why Does Uncle Sam Smoke? Drawn to ornate and colorful tobacco tins, posters, and other promotional items dating from the Civil War to 1930, Dr. Petrone traced how tobacco companies seduced a nation. "It kind of intrigued me: the weird connection between beautiful graphics and a product that turns out to be unhealthy," he says. The crowning glory of three years of research is his book "Tobacco Advertising: The Great Seduction," published this year by Pennsylvania-based Schiffer Publishing Ltd. It contains hundreds of color illustrations and describes the rise of both tobacco use and describes the rise of both tobacco use and the anti-tobacco movement.

      • 03/07/97 "The Betrothed" Kipling's " a woman is only a woman, but a good Cigar is a Smoke" poem online

      • 03/05/97 The Lady Who Smoked Cigars (1913) by Rupert Hughes, an online illustrated book at The Virtual Bookshelf.

      • 03/09/97 Toxicology of Nicotine and treatment. From the Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System (Thanks, LB!)

      • 04/09/97 Papierosy sa do Dupy (Cigarettes are for the Behind, 1994)
        Andrzej Pagowski's graphic critique of smoking was exhibited in "Polish Posters: Combat on Paper" at the Katonah (NY) Museum of Art.
      • 02/01/29 Anti-Smoking Posters We Like Some harrowing, some insightful, some hilarious. The crme de la crme, assembled by Simon Chapman.

      • 01/01/11 CSAP Resource Guide: Tobacco Posters, video, brochures, other resource material.
          The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention recognizes the serious threat that chewing and smoking tobacco poses to the health of Americans and is committed to stemming the tide of new smokers by deterring tobacco's use. This guide provides the latest information and referrals for tobacco use prevention. It highlights research, materials, programs, and organizations for prevention professionals, educators, parents, and the general public. By working together, we can save lives.

      • 01/17/97 Vices and Virtues Smoking Section A poll, bulletin boards, etc.
      • 12/2/96 Tobacco Lawsuit Mad Lib From Digital Dementia

      • 11/30/96 Death Playing Cards 52 reasons not to smoke cigarettes. He-e-e-a-a-a-v-v-v-y-y. Goulish, gruesome and morbid. Great for kids!

      • The Harmful Effects of Smoking Panorama City, CA 7th-grader Jonathan Allen Johnson's First Prize Science Project. Comparisons of smoke extracted from non-filters, filters and ultra-low filters. (Jonathan's father Phil's site is very cool; worth a visit if you're into great web style.)

      • 11/30/96 Black Lung Association Dedicated to "Cancer Man" from the X-files: And here's Yahoo's Wm. B. Davis Page
      • 10/5/96 The IgNobel Awards from the Annals of Improbable Medicine. And the winner of the coveted Iggie: 7 tobacco companies, for their discovery, announced in 1994 before Congress, that nicotine is not addictive!

      • 11/30/96 The Camel Who Liked to Smoke Story of young camel entering high school--problems & temptations

      • 05/05/97. Sherlock Holmes' 140 Different Varieties A Monograph by John Hall. (Thanks, LB!)
          In the Sherlock Holmes stories of Arthur Conan Doyle there are a great many references to tobacco in all its various forms. Only four of the sixty cases fail to mention tobacco at all: "The Beryl Coronet", "The Dancing Men", "The Lion's Mane" and "The Sussex Vampire"; and even then the _Strand_ illustrations to "The Sussex Vampire", by Howard Elcock, show both Holmes and Watson with a pipe apiece, indicating that by that time their smoking habits needed no specific mention in the text, but were taken for granted . . .

      • 03/12/97 Jeanne Calment Page 122-year-old "world's oldest woman." Smoked 2-3 cigarettes a day till 117.

      • The comedy E-zine Fade to Black's Marlboro Miles Catalog Hilarious

      • Guerilla Media from Canada. DeMurder, DuMorir, and more "media monkeywrenching."

      • A Web Special: CIGARETTE PAPERS --A Webumentary on the Secrets of the Tobacco Industry
        To accompany its "Smoke in the Eye" program on April 2nd, Frontline introduced a Web-based drama through hyperlinks to internal tobacco company documents posted on the Internet.

          A Play in Three Acts in which Big Tobacco learns that its product is one of the leading causes of death of the 20th century, decides to try to beat this problem, fails, and then digs in for the battle it knows will ultimately seal its destiny.

      • Waiting to Inhale: America's Love-Hate Affair with the Cigarette Wow! A Multimedia Tobacco History--from the Discovery Channel Online (through Feb. 11)
      • Labstat's "Tobacco Characterization Program" A Canadian lab studying tobacco and displaying their fine smoking machines, chromatographs, etc. Reportedly once had an anti-tobacco stance, but much work for the industry has been done in recent years, and that seems to have softened. Records of government work can be found with a freedom of information request.

      • Jamestown (VA) Page Surf back to where it all began . . . The page is a little skimpy; we hope to see it grow.

      • The remarkable Jamestown Rediscovery site.

      • The Jamestowne Society
      • A History of Smoking at Dartmouth

      • Stan Speaks! OK kids, let's see how much your committment to Internet multimedia really is! Would you be willing to spend 30 MB and three hours wait for it? :-) And it's an interview with Stan Glantz on the NPR program TechNation, covering secondhand smoke science. [Submission by Jon Krueger. You can also order the tapes. I heard this program on the Internet; it had a surprising amount of information I hadn't come across anywhere else.]

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