A List of Tobacco-Related Internet Sites

Tobacco-Related Internet Resources

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  • Tobaccopedia: The online tobacco encyclopedia A full, rich database of sites from the International Union against Cancer. Nicely organized, rich collection of subjects.
  • Larry Breed's Online Guide To Tobacco Activism (LATEST REVISION: 6/2/99) Get up to speed on the tobacco issue with this terrific, ever-fascinating guided tour of agricultural, business, health, and activist sites. For just the new stuff Larry's discovered, go to the Latest Larry Breed Update

  • Smoking from All Sides Page
    Loring Holden's valiant attempt to provide links to everything--from whatever side--there is about tobacco on the net.
  • U MICH's Tobacco Research Network's Tobacco Websites
  • Tobacco Links Organized by subject area, from Kickbutts.org
  • AG Tobacco Settlement Links


    Commercial Cessation Products Are on the COMMERCIAL PAGE
    Primary sources and important reports are on the DOCUMENTS PAGE

  • 7/8/99 US Tobacco News Links Page from Dr. Terry Polevoy

  • 5/31/99 Yahoo Tobacco News
  • 09/26/98 Coverage of Tobacco Debate The New York Times has compiled its articles, by subject

  • 09/26/98 Tobacco Settlement Yahoo's compilation of latest news, sites, audio & video clips, documents.

  • 9/14/99 Netscape: Tobacco Nice compilation of tobacco sites; some good categories, including Secondhand Smoke
  • 08/26/98 BUSINESS News from Bloomberg
  • 04/01/97 Winston-Salem Journal's Tobacco Page RJR's hometown paper's roundup of their fine tobacco news articles.
  • 10/28/97 Winston-Salem Journal's Tobacco Settlement Page
  • 09/15/98 Tobacco Overview Washington Post has story compilations by category: Politics And Policy, Lawsuits, Health Issues, Teen Smoking, Industry News, Opinion, Talk. You can also easily get late-breaking AP and WP stories.

  • 05/20/98 Winston-Salem History from the Winston-Salem Journal's centennial edition section on tobacco.
  • 01/03/12 Smoking Medical articles Medscape's great roundup of medical journal articles.
  • 11/11/96 USA Today's Smoking and Health Page Lots of Links to latest info.
  • 11/10/97 USA Today Tobacco Stories Archive
  • 10/22/97 Washington Post's Tobacco: On Trial
  • 06/13/97 Wall Street Journal Tobacco Page Superb, unparalleled tobacco coverage, $49/year. Explore WSJ's powerful search engines.
  • 10/6/99 Men's Health: Smoking compilation of NY Times articles--way out of date!
  • 06/22/97 Miami Herald Tobacco Trials Page The Herald's stories. Focus is on Broin.
  • 06/06/97 Ft. LauderdaleSun-Sentinel's Tobacco News Page There are many links to the Sun-Sentinel's stories, a quiz, a message board, and a cool video on secondhand smoke effects.
  • 07/08/97 Daytona Beach News Journal Tobacco Under Fire Page
  • CNN's continually updated Tobacco Under Attack Page
  • 02/17/98 Yahoo's Tobacco Settlement News Page
  • 02/02/26 State-by-State Settlement info From CTFK
  • 11/30/96 Yahoo's Tobacco News Stories Reuters, UPI & Press Releases.
  • 01/20/98 Tobacco on Trial Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune's site focusing mainly on Minnesota's lawsuit
  • 01/20/98 Newswise Search Business/Medical/Scientific publications

  • 07/29/98 Tobacco Reporter Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC)

  • 08/05/97 Tobacco Reporter An industry publication
  • 01/28/98 Tobacco on Trial Links to tobacco articles since 1996 from WCCO-TV and Channel 4000 (Twin Cities, MN)
  • 10/30/98 Thai Tobacco News
  • 08/04/97 Universal Press Syndicate Opinion Writers Wm. F. Buckley, John Leo, Gary Wills, etc. Sometimes handy for finding opinion columns unobtainable anywhere else.

  • 08/13/97 Tobacco Control Update Quality Massachusetts quarterly by Tobacco Control Resource Center.

  • 09/14/98 CANADA NEWSWIRE: Tobacco
  • 9/6/97 PR Newswire Search-by-Industry Page Tobacco is on list.
  • 05/16/97 PR Newswires Health Page
  • 12/30/96 POSTNet's Hot Wires Search Page Up-to-the-second news, searchable. From the St. Louis Post. Warning: this is now a pay service; the stories disappear within a day or two. From the St. Louis Post
  • 12/18/96 Newshound Get AP, Mercury tobacco stories delivered to your mailbox.
  • 08/15/97 Tobacco Control An International Journal
  • Advocacy Institute [gopher news service only]
  • 01/04/97 Journal Graphics' Smoking Transcripts ABC, CNN and NPR programs.

  • 10/7/97 Federal News Service Same day coverage of government speeches, news conferences, hearings, etc. You can sign up for a 2-week free trial but the service is expensive! These are public documents, right? Why doesn't the government provide this service for its citizens?
    Well it does, sort of--but by the time a committee functionary has transcribed and sent the hearing transcript around so everyone can mark it up saying, "I didn't say that--I said this," it's months later, and the doc's a bit revised. FNS gives you a "rush transcript" right away. If the Gov. contracted with FNS, we'd wind up with 2 documents--the "rush" and the "official"--for free (or taxes, but then maybe less time would be spent over, uh, corrections).

  • 07/23/97 MEDLINE Online Two orgs, PubMed and Grateful Med, now provide this service FREE! 8.8 million references to articles published in 3800 biomedical journals! Best interface yet. Nicely done.
  • 06/12/98 Latest, Complete Coverage of Tobacco Crisis ABC

  • 06/08/98 IRRC: The Tobacco Industry (Seventh Edition) is the seventh in a series of tobacco directories published by the Investor Responsibility Research Center since 1990. This directory aims to be the most comprehensive and authoritative compilation of public companies involved in the tobacco industry worldwide.

  • 04/13/98 BioMednet has some spectacular new research tools

  • 04/10/98 The Tobacco Wars American Style Canadian Physician Terry Polevoy has an attractive roundup of our tobacco news resource sites.

  • 04/09/98 Recovery Network News Summaries of news events on addictive substances.

  • 03/06/98 Public Citizen's Tobacco Settlement Page PC's exceptional articles and analyses.
  • 05/02/98 PUBLIC CITIZEN's Tobacco-Related Documents Fact Sheets, Alerts, Documents, Testimony, more. Very rich, from Ralph Nader's group.

  • 02/14/98 American Cancer Society updates of tobacco news ACS's short digest of weekly news.

  • 04/03/97 New York Times Book Review
    You can search on tobacco or smoking and find, for example, the original 1988 reviews of Larry C. White's Merchants of Death from Christopher Lehman-Haupt Yet, as Mr. White aptly concludes, the cigarette companies continue to spread throughout the American economy like "a cancer that has metastasized." We may have come a long way from the time when we romanticized Bogart and Bacall for wrapping each other up in wreaths of smoke. But apparently we haven't come quite far enough yet, baby
    or from Kit Konolige In his short, blunt book . . . White makes us feel fresh outrage over the vicious cynicism of the executives of the cigarette industry who profit handsomely while promoting a bogus debate over the deadliness of tobacco.
  • 10/08/98 CIA World Factbook The World Factbook is a comprehensive view of each country in the world through facts and maps.

  • 04/25/97 Z39.50 Gateway to the Library of Congress Telnet without tears. Despite the techy name, the Library of Congress' new HTML interface offers ease and powerful searching. For example, you can search on : AUTHOR: Nall AND SUBJECT: Tobacco and get:
    Author: Nall, James O.
    Title: The tobacco night riders of Kentucky and Tennessee, 1905-1909 / by James O. Nall.
    Published: Kuttawa, Ky. : McClanahan Pub. House, 1991.
    LC Call No.: HD8039.T62 U66 1991
    Plus more info on the book.
    You can also use the gateway to search over 200 other major libraries, from Bell labs to Yale.

  • 06/17/97 Libraries, Libraries, Libraries! This site is a researcher's goldmine of online library catalogs. In addition, search 17,000 publications with Uncover (search is free, retrieval costs). Plus, you can subscribe to Uncover's REVEAL service, which for $25 a year, sends you a monthly list of new articles that contain your keywords. (LB)

  • Narco-Politics: The Tobacco Wars In the "Propaganda--Narco-politics" section of the charming Disinformation WebSite. They're attempting to amass and collate quality Internet sources of news & information in a wide range of hot-news areas. Well worth exploring.
  • 10/25/96 EurekAlert Theoretically, "one-stop shopping" for the latest research findings in science, medicine and technology. Plus, resources for scientists, science writers and members of the public. Strangely, astonishingly, nothing about the recent p53 discovery. From American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

  • 01/22/97 Canadian News with an attitude(!) can be seen at Terry Polevoy's site

  • 05/03/97PR Watch Their 3Q 1996 issue focuses on the State Affairs/Contributions Watch/Philip Morris brou-ha-ha. You can even order John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton's Toxic Sludge is Good for You! Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry In-Depth exposes include:
  • Tobacco & Health Abstracts Must reading for the professional. THA "covers clinical research, trials, and studies drawn from over 1,500 publications, including legal, behavioral, biomedical and chemical journals, technical reports, books, conference proceedings, and theses."
  • 10/21/96 The (Madison, WI) Isthmus is openly talking about an issue facing a lot of weeklies lately--a Fight over Tobacco Ads
    11/4/96: I've recently been re-alerted to the site by someone else, who claims to work for the PR firm that put up the site. Once again, questions about copyright and exact relationship to "the tobacco industry" went unanswered.I'm tired of it. Ask Jonathan Klein or Tom Plummer
  • Cancer News
  • The Tobacco Control Resource Center (TCRC) and Tobacco Products Liability Project (TPLP) A major web event! The spectacular newsletter-turned-ezine Tobacco on Trial is produced by these folks from the Northeastern University School of Law. Don't miss it!
  • The Multinational Monitor tracks corporate activity, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues and the environment.
  • 05/20/98 Albany (NY) Times-Union Campaign Cash Page

  • 05/08/98 ABC News Tobacco Page

  • 02/21/98 Smoking and Minorities Nice roundup of news items and position statements, back to 1990.

  • 01/20/98 Tobacco on Trial Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune's site focuses on Minnesota's lawsuit
  • 12/16/97 Kicking Butt: Newsworks' GASO Page Articles from around the country on GASO '97

    Noteworthy Web Articles



  • 05/19/98 State Cigarette Tax Rates Handy chart as of 1/1/98. See also, State Tax Rates on Other Tobacco Products From the Federation of Tax Administrators
  • 7/4/99 State of State settlement lawsuits, taxes, revenues MSNBC with taxes and crop incomes.

  • 1/26/00 ATF: Tobacco Programs
  • 03/18/98 Tobacco Statistics Tobacco section of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms website
  • 12/30/99 State Tax Online Not directly concerned with tobacco, but may have useful info.
  • 05/19/98 State Cigarette Tax Rates Handy chart as of 1/1/98. See also, State Tax Rates on Other Tobacco Products From the Federation of Tax Administrators

  • 05/10/97 The Underestimation of the Economic Costs of Smoking A Report for the Centers for Disease Control (136k)

  • 07/08/98 Medical Care Expenditures Attributable to Cigarette Smoking---United States, 1993 CDC

  • 08/24/98 Economic Impact of the New York City Smoke-Free Air Act K. Michael Cummings, PhD, MPH, Department of Cancer Control & Epidemiology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute


  • 1/10/00 International Cigarette Prices
  • 10/20/99 Tobacco . . . Working for America From Fuji publishing. Some interesting data on indirect jobs, indirect compensation and taxes.
  • U.S. Tobacco Statistics
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Tobacco Dollars and Jobs
  • Tobacco Price Support: An Overview of the Program
  • 09/22/98 U. S. Tobacco Import Update
  • 9/14/99 WA: The Hard Facts


  • 02/08/97 Reference.com Search "120,000 Internet forums:" newsgroups, closed mailing lists, web boards and ClariNet news items for specific tobacco items. You can try it here:


    Tobacco Spins its Web

  • 01/16/97 A Very Quick Primer on the Main Tobacco Companies from the Calvert Group.

  • 11/18/97 Dow Jones Business Directory--Tobacco Ratings of quality sites for tobacco information.

    And don't forget:



  • 02/07/19 John W. Hill papers Donated to the Wisconsin Historical Society

    Industry Anti-Youth Smoking Programs

  • 4/3/99 4-H Council National Youth Smoking Prevention Program Index
  • 11/6/01 Health Rocks! 4-H's youth smoking prevention program--sponsored by Philip Morris
  • 11/6/01 Health Rocks! Website
  • 01/04/18 Youth Smoking Prevention The international site for BAT/JT/MO's efforts.
    See the Press Release: Ad Campaign Reflects Tobacco Industry's Commitment to Help Prevent Youth Smoking
  • 11/6/01 Health Rocks! 4-H's youth smoking prevention program--sponsored by Philip Morris
  • 11/6/01 Health Rocks! Website
  • 10/11/99 www.2Take10.com Lorillard's anti-youth smoking site for parents who want to obtain information on talking to their kids about not smoking
  • 10/11/99 www.Buttoutnow.com ["Under Construction"] Lorillard's anti-youth smoking site for kids
  • 00/10/11 Philip Morris' Youth Smoking Prevention commercials From the Commercial Archive
  • 00/10/11 Philip Morris' Youth Smoking Prevention commercials From the Commercial Archive
  • And this shocker from the California Department of Health Services: Debi "They say nicotine isn't addictive."





  • 05/29/97 Pictures of People with Pipes This can get really tedious (LB)
  • 9/11/97 "Action Without Borders" Collecting idealistic organizations. One of their "idealists": FORCES-Canada

    Government Resources

    The Big Picture

  • 03/19/97 How to Tell Politicians What You Think NetGuide
  • 12/24/96 Government Printing Office on the Web Federal Register, Bills, Public Laws, and the entire United States Code governing tobacco transactions from taxes to subsidies to imports. An awesome reference.
  • 9/5/99 FEDERAL Government Resources on the Web

    Government Departments




    Legislators' E-Mail Addresses

  • 6/15/99 Government Representatives and Media Email Addresses Listed by State. Very handy. From the Electronic Activist.
  • 10/13/99 Make Your Voice Heard Philip Morris, of course, has a quick and simple way of finding and contacting your representatives. Other members of Congress may easily be found Here
  • 2/21/00 Legislative Action Center Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
  • 07/31/98 Contact Congress Great database search engine from Common Cause. A variety of query options turns up addresses, DC & local phones, websites, email!

  • 00/09/14 House Email addresses From the House--you need your zip code.
  • 01/15/98 Find Congress Members by State or Zip Code Vote Smart
  • 01/06/18 Congressional Email Directory
  • 01/06/26 Contacting the Senate No pointless searching around; Full list of Senate info: Name, Party, State, Address, Phone, Email all in one convenient place.
    The upkeep of this list is not my primary focus; for professional updates, go to one of these:
  • 11/21/96 Send a letter to the USTR EZ Mail, set up by smokescreen and sponsored by Americans for Non-Smoker's Rights.

    Eyes on the Government

  • 04/09/98 Tobacco Industry Figures--House and Senate Recipients Center for Responsive Politics

  • 10/20/96 Soft Money Database Choose as State "NY", and alphabetical "P", for example, to see PM's "soft money" contributions reported to the FEC. The FECInfo Site has lots more resources on PACs.

  • 10/21/97 Common Cause's Washington Watchdog

    Burning Down the Houses Public Citizen nails tobacco political influence.in DC in 1997; tracks lobbying firms, use of former staffers, voting records aligned with PAC contributions, etc. Nicely Done.

  • Tobacco Political Giving Tops $4 Million in 1997, Total Giving Since 1987 Reaches Nearly $30 Million, Common Cause Study Finds
  • 00/10/13 Blowing Smoke Big Tobacco's 1998 Congressional Lobbying Expenses Skyrocket $43 Million Total -- An Average of $81,000 for Each Member of Congress
  • 01/03/12 NY State Lobbying Commission
  • 08/10/97 PBS' Follow the Money On campaign financing. Includes a useful timeline, featuring events like the 1907 Tillman Act banning direct corporate contributions to politicians. (TR, who campaigned on a "Clean Government" platform, would be ashamed to see how dirty we still are 90 years later.)
    You can find out more about the show, and when/where it's on here
  • 9/3/99 Lobbyist Database Center for Responsive Politics. Use the pop-up menu--"Tobacco" is a listed interest area.

  • 07/19/97 Play It Again: Soundbytes on Tobacco from the 1996 Presidential Campaign Tobacco Control, a publication of the British Medical Journal

    CPI also placed online the Center for Responsible Politics'The First Primary: Early Fundraising in the 1996 Presidential Elections
  • At last, open to the public: Smokescreen! Plug in your zip code and you not only get a list of your representatives--you see how much they've received from tobacco interests and where they stand on tobacco issues! Plus current bills, votes, and much, much more. The site which details the tobacco/politics connection. Pols can run, but now--thanks to "Tac"--they can't hide . . .

  • 05/15/97 The Money Pump RW Mann is tracking campaign contributions. No new tobacco entries since Sept. of 1996(!)
  • 12/18/98 Soft Money Laundromat NEW! Version 2.0
  • 8/26/97 Common Cause's Money Trail/Soft Money Laundromat has been updated for the latest figures. Read 'em and weep.
  • Campaign Finance Studies documents special interests donations, like Philip Morris' 1996 Contributions

  • The Buying of the President Wow--full downloadable databases of contributions/trips/you-name-it--paid the candidates by special interests. From the Center for Public Integrity.
  • 10/16/97 Top soft dollar donors by unique name so far for 1997-98 You can even see where the money's transferred once it leaves the RNC or DNC, look up soft money contributors by name, state--even zip code. There's more. This site is jam-packed.
  • 9/13/97 Tobacco Hard and Soft Dollar Summary for the 105th Congress Center for Responsive Politics
  • 04/09/98 Tobacco Industry Figures--House and Senate Recipients Center for Responsive Politics
  • 10/29/96 Mother Jones' remarkable "Coin-Op Congress" database.Plug in your candidate and see his or her campaign contributors.

  • Follow the PAC Money Courtesy of Mass. Common Cause
  • 03/30/97 Smoke & Mirrors Common Cause roundup of 1995 tobacco contributions
  • Follow the Money Courtesy of MS/NBC's new site.
  • 02/19/98 Sweethearts of Big Tobacco The Public Citizen report on Congressional votes/PAC contributions

    "Let's Go Out and--LOBBY!"
  • 10/24/97 Lobbyist.org If you can't beat 'em, lobby 'em, and this site gives you an arsenal of lobbyist tools at their Lobbyist Resource Page. Check their fine roundup of Media Outlets
  • Lots more weaponry to be found around the net. Here are a few:
  • 07/09/97 Government Reform Sites from Common Cause
  • 08/01/97 McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Activist Site Common Cause gives you an easy way to register your support for this bill which would do away with "soft money," and attempt to get us away from a "government of the PACs, by the PACs and for the PACs." You can find out info here, and sign the petition here
  • 07/09/97 Money & Politics Homepage of The Political Finance & Lobby Reporter and The Almanac of Federal PACs

  • 06/27/97 A Declaration for Independence Project Independence has a special July 4 push to sign their petition in support of the bipartisan McCain-Feingold bill, currently pending in Congress, which provides the framework for effective campaign finance reform.
  • 04/17/97 Our button barProject Independence This is the petition for Campaign Finance Reform from Common Cause. 9 out of 10 Americans want campaign finance reform. Why can't Congress hear us? Because we have to shout so loud to be heard over the sound of cash registers. Start shouting here. CC's site also features:
  • 05/14/97 Project Independence Protests at Republican Fundraiser Reuters

  • 01/17/97 The Center for Responsive Politics fights for campaign finance reform and tracks contributions and their effects.

  • 12/18/98 Campaign Reform Project

  • 02/10/97 Send a Letter to Tobacco Companies about the "Action Against Access" Program Outpost Network usually sells Valentine's, Birthday cards, etc. (I used them last year.). Here they've assembled a list of tobacco and vending machine companies you can send a card to for $2.95 each printed/stamped/sent letter. Last June, the Philip Morris tobacco company announced that it would penalize retailers convicted of selling cigarettes to minors. But after the company declined to act against 17 Minnesota stores caught selling to under-age buyers, Minnesota attorney general Hubert Humphrey III charged that the firm's "Action Against Access" campaign was an empty promise made with no real plans for implementation.
    Philip Morris attorneys replied that they will, indeed, take action, but only when they have verifiable reports from the state. Contact Philip Morris or other tobacco companies to give your feedback or ask for information.


    Miscellaneous Tobacco-oriented WebSites

    Culture, History, Arts, Literature.