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FLAVIER: The parable of the smoker and drinker 

Barrio Breeze
Jump to full article: Manila Bulletin (ph), 2002-10-01
Author: Juan M. Flavier


"I have seen you several times in this same spot over the past weeks," the farmer began. "Please do not take offense but smoking and drinking are bad for you."

The man was more amused than offended. "You really must feel strongly about that to have the courage to confront me whom you do not even know," he commented with a smile. "Go ahead and convince me."

"You see, smoking causes cancer of the lungs and alcohol damages the liver. My good friend died of those diseases." He stopped momentarily. But seeing no apparent effect, he continued. "It is also expensive. If you stopped smoking and drinking, you could have saved enough to buy that two-storey building across the street.''

The man perked up and asked, "I assume you have stopped smoking and drinking. But may I know if you own any two-storey building in this town?

Sheepishly, the farmer answered, "No, I do not own any building."

The man took a long swig. "Well I own that one," he said smiling as he pointed to the two-storey building across the street.

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