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Art of the pipe / 'The marriage of wood and tobacco, that's the pleasure' that five generations of Blatter & Blatter has sold its clients 

Jump to full article: Montreal Gazette (ca), 2003-10-11
Author: JENNIFER M. ELLSON / Freelance


Following the strong scent of vanilla and tobacco on President Kennedy Ave. would lead you to a pipe and cigar shop that has nearly 100 years of history, has travelled through three continents and seen five generations of the family that owns it.

Blatter & Blatter has been a Montreal fixture since 1907. From manufacturing pipes to blending tobacco and running retail stores, its rich history can be traced back to the 1890s, when Frederic Blatter operated a pipe factory in London, England.

Now the store has a loyal following of pipe smokers and cigar lovers all over the world - from famous personalities like actor Alec Baldwin, members of Led Zeppelin, Premier Jean Charest and some of the National Hockey League's biggest stars, to average Montrealers and tourists.

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