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Smoking: A Major Health Issue in Albania 

Jump to full article: Southeast European Times, 2004-06-14
Author: Ardi Pulaj for Southeast European Times in Tirana


Albanians spend about 212m euros annually on tobacco, and the country has one of the highest percentages of smokers in Europe. Albanian Minister of Health Leonard Solis presented these figures at the UN's "World No Tobacco Day" on 31 May.

Solis said smoking is on the rise, especially among females ages 13 to 15. "During the past years we have noticed a general increment of smokers among our population. In the 1990s, the level of tobacco consumption was only 20 per cent, while at the moment, Albania is listed as the second country among other European states in terms of the high level of smokers," Solis said.

He urged better legislation to help reduce tobacco consumption and its impact on people's health. Officials with the Albanian Public Health Institute are waiting for the government to pass a bill, to restrict smoking in public places.

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