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Preventing Lung Cancer: Isolating the Tobacco Industry (PDF) 

Consultation Document: Reviewing the Cancer Research UK Code of Practice on Tobacco Industry Funding to Universities
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With any donation it is important to consider what the donor expects to gain from making it. For many companies which do not produce addictive and deadly products, it generally does not matter if they advance their public relations interests through a well-placed donation. However, when a tobacco company benefits, the consequences are almost certainly negative. Tobacco companies and human well-being are simply incompatible - when society acts to protect human health, tobacco companies lose customers and sales; when tobacco companies develop their markets or weaken the public policy response to tobacco, there will be more smoking and related diseases. This places tobacco in an anomalous position in society and hence justifies a general opposition on the part of Cancer Research UK to tobacco funding of any sort in any setting.

Cancer Research UK believes that accepting tobacco industry funding3 is always wrong because lung cancer is the single biggest killer cancer in the UK and many other countries, for which, as yet, no effective treatment has been found. Therefore prevention is, for the foreseeable future, the only effective way to reduce the lung cancer toll. The tobacco industry continues to aggressively promote its deadly product, especially to young people and in developing countries. It is also seeking to reinvent itself as socially responsible, in particular through establishing links with prestigious academic institutions.

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