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Tobacco lawyers near deal 

$145 million dispute in federal court here
Jump to full article: Columbus (OH) Dispatch, 2005-01-10
Author: Kevin Mayhood / THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH


Lawyers who were awarded more than $14 billion from the tobacco settlement between states and cigarette makers will be in U.S. District Court in Columbus today to settle disputes over how to divide $145 million of this year’s payment of the award.

After the tobacco companies filed a lawsuit to force a resolution, it appears that Mississippi lawyer Richard Scruggs — whose share of the settlement reportedly is $1 billion — has come up with a compromise that other lawyers have OK’d.

The proposed solution won’t increase any awards. Instead, money would continue to flow as expected to more than 200 lawyers and law firms involved in the original settlements.

In return, the lawyers won’t sue cigarette makers again.

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