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Secondhand smoke worse than thought 

Jump to full article: New Bedford (MA) Standard-Times, 2005-05-24
Author: DELTHIA RICKS, Newsday


Secondhand smoke may be more dangerous than previously thought, amplifying blood clotting and damaging the walls of blood vessels within minutes of exposure, researchers reported yesterday.

Scientists in California found that exposure to small doses of smoke, equivalent to the amount encountered when several people gather to puff in smokers' zones, delivers enough punch to change blood chemistry.

"We asked a lot of questions: What does secondhand smoke do to platelet function or to arterial walls," said Dr. Stanley Glantz, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, who has produced one of the largest studies to date on the effects of secondhand smoke exposure.

"By analyzing the bad things that secondhand smoke can do, we found that exposure to secondhand smoke is about 80 percent as bad as being a smoker," he said.

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