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Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ has a secret dirty habit - she smokes cigars.

A worker who tended to the singer and her mother GUADALUPE at New York's Hotel Peninsular in January (04) slammed rumours of J.Lo's diva behaviour - but let slip her fondness for smoking.

The porter, known only as RAUL, stumbled upon a smoking J.Lo after being called to her suite to show her how to watch taped episodes of QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY she had requested. . . .

'no no, it's not my jewellery box thank God, it's my travel humidor' and she opened it to show me. In it was about a dozen large cigars. . . .

"She took one out, asked me if I wanted one, which I declined" and began "puffing on her cigar" while Raul fixed the VCR.

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