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Number of college students who smoke could be higher than reported 

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Anywhere from 33 percent to 40 percent of college students smoke, according to several collegiate sources.

However, several students at Texas Tech believe that percentage is even higher at Tech. "Every day I see a ton of people all over campus with a cigarette in their mouths," said Amanda Noble, a sophomore music major from Lubbock. Sean Russell, a senior nursing major from Portales, N.M., and a smoker said he finds the figures to be questionable.

"I am out by the Student Union Building all the time with five or six people at once, and we are all smoking," Russell said.

According to the University of Minnesota Web site, 40 percent of college students smoke cigarettes on their campuses, while the College Tobacco Prevention Resource Web site claims that 33 percent of college students smoke cigarettes. However, 32 percent of those do not consider themselves smokers, according to the CTPR.

Kerren McDougal, the associate director for the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control at Tech, said the statistics are questionable because people have different views about what makes someone a smoker.

"Literature and research indicates that number might be higher because many college students who only smoke on weekends or when they drink or socialize with friends do not see themselves as smokers," McDougal said.

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