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  • Merger costs hit Alliance One’s third quarter

  • Imperial Canada receives prestigious Giovanni Barezzi award

    Thursday, February 9, 2006—Jeff Guiler, vice president of marketing for Imperial Tobacco Canada, today accepted the second annual Giovanni Barezzi award for a thorough, well-orchestrated research project involving all departments in the company, resulting in an entirely new look and positioning of Canada’s top premium brand, du Maurier.

    The Barezzi award recognizes originality, innovation and precision in research, graduation thesis, study or project in the cigarette industry, particularly involving cigarette design, production and packaging.

    The award is presented in memory of Cartiera del Maglio’s founder, Giovanni Barezzi, and is accompanied by a check for €10,500. “I believe that this award is a fitting tribute to my father, who took a bankrupt paper company and turned it into one of the best producers in the world of fine tobacco papers,” says Ludovico Barezzi, a Cartiera del Maglio managing director.

    A thorough study of the market position of du Maurier was prompted by the impact of two major new competitive factors. First, changing regulations in Canada closed the brand’s normal promotional activities by eliminating almost all sources of advertising and sponsorship. Second, the marketplace was inundated with new and revamped value for money (VFM) brands that focused on low price, in contrast with du Maurier’s premium position.

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