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Last call at the Hammer Time 

East side bar blames smoking ban for its demise
Jump to full article: (Madison, WI) Capital Times, 2006-03-30
Author: Mike Ivey


The owner of the first Madison bar to close in the face of the workplace smoking ban claims the city has a double standard on lighting up.

"Why did the cigar bar downtown get an exemption? Because a bunch of rich guys go in there," said Bob Tague, who is planning to close the Hammer Time at 109 Cottage Grove Road next month. "I guarantee you if that was on the east side, they never would have gotten an exemption."

The former Lake Edge Tavern, purchased by Tague and girlfriend Carla Hammerschmidt in June 2004, has been the site of a neighborhood bar for over 70 years.

Tague said today that the city's no-smoking policy that took effect July 1, 2005 sent his regulars across the city limits to Monona, Blooming Grove and other communities where smoking is still allowed.

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