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Pesticides discovered in tobacco smoke 

Jump to full article: Jerusalem Post, 2006-04-27
Author: Judy Siegel, THE JERUSALEM POST


The discovery in the US that tobacco smoke contains carcinogenic pesticides did not surprise the Israel Council for the Prevention of Smoking, which demands that the Health Ministry recognize tobacco products as "drugs" and requires that manufacturers list all their harmful ingredients on a printed insert in each packet.

Council chairman Amos Hausner was referring to news just issued by the Colorado School of Mines that previously undetected pesticides in tobacco smoke were discovered by its researchers and published online in the American Chemical Society journal, Analytical Chemistry.

Hausner, the country's leading expert on tobacco legislation and control, told The Jerusalem Post that radioactive ingredients have already been identified in tobacco products. "These don't come naturally in the tobacco leaf; the farmers spray them with pesticides. This is just a symptom of the problem that even though cigarettes and other tobacco products are put in the mouth, the Health Ministry and no other government ministry checks their contents. Only the manufacturers know what is in them, and they are not required to report them to the public."

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