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Chain-smoking 12-year-old is Britain's youngest mum 

Jump to full article: The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk), 2006-06-15


A chain-smoking 12-year-old has become Britain's youngest mum.

But last night her baby daughter was desperately ill in hospital after suffering breathing difficulties at birth.

The tiny infant stopped breathing moments after birth, as she was cradled in the arms of her schoolgirl mother. . . .

It is understood that at first it appeared the 6lb 13oz baby was in good health. But she began turning blue as the mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, held her for the first time.

The girl, who smokes 20 roll-up cigarettes a day and began drinking vodka cocktails aged 10, is said to be keeping a vigil at her daughter's incubator at the Royal Hospital For Sick Children, in Edinburgh. . . .

The first-year secondary school pupil who was suspended from school for fighting began smoking when she was nine, but insisted she could give up any time.

More alarmingly she announced: "I don't find it affects my pregnancy. I also don't drink anymore." As for her mother - who has six children and is unemployed - she said she was proud of her daughter.

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