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Public Health Advocacy and Tobacco Control  

Making Smoking History
Jump to full article: Blackwell Publishing, 2007-06-15
Author: Simon Chapman


Simon Chapman is one of the world's leading advocates for tobacco control, having won the coveted Luther Terry and WHO medals. His experience straddles 30 years of activism, highly original research and analysis, having run advocacy training on every continent and editing the British Medical Journal's Tobacco Control research journal. In this often witty and personal book, he lays out a program for making smoking history. He eviscerates ineffective approaches, condemns overly enthusiastic policies which ignore important ethical principles, and provides a cookbook of strategy and tactics for denormalising smoking and the industry which promotes it.

Public Health Advocacy and Tobacco Control is divided into two sections. The first contains chapters spanning such key topics as the place of advocacy in tobacco control, ethical issues, smoking cessation and prevention, harm reduction and product regulation and the denormalisation of smoking. The second section provides an invaluable A-Z of tobacco control advocacy strategy from Accuracy to Whistleblowers. . . .

Publication Dates

USA: Aug 2007 Rest of World: Aug 2007 Australia: Oct 2007

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