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End of Tobacco Publicity  

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Author: Brenda Yufeh / Cameroon Tribune (Yaound�)


Most billboards carrying tobacco publicity in Yaounde have been ragged.

Be it from the Obili neighbourhood in Yaounde, passing through the Basic Education roundabout, to down town or the Bastos and Nlongkak roundabouts, one can not be indifferent to the absence of attractive billboards which use to carry publicity on tobacco. Messages and images on these billboards have been removed. This is in conformity with the law promulgated by the Head of State on 29 December 2006 on tobacco publicity. Article 39 of the law forbids publicity of tobacco in Cameroon and even the sponsorship of activities by tobacco firms. Parties concerned with the application and respect of the law are already at work. They have started by removing existing tobacco publicity banners in town.

Many people seem not to understand what is happening. Some days back, many students at the University of Yaounde I where taken aback when they saw the large tobacco publicity banner around the university removed. . . .

cigarette stands and other publicity tools used by tobacco firms such as umbrellas are still seen around town particularly with traders of tobacco. Experts say these things have to vanish.

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