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LETTER: Book offers look at borough's stogie history 

Jump to full article: Lebanon (PA) Daily News, 2008-01-16
Author: Joan L. Riehl


I took exception to the cavalier manner in which you seemingly dismissed Richland's dropping of a cigar on New Year's Eve. You wrote, "Richland's cigar needs somewhat more of an explanation: You have to go back a century or so into the borough's past to discover its tobacco heritage."

You had advance notice of the cigar drop. If your knowledge was lacking prior to the event, wouldn't it have been a good news story to make yourself and others aware of the significance of the cigar to Richland?

For your information: Richland was quite a cigar producing community between 1871, when Samuel Klopp opened a cigar factory on North Race Street, and when the last factory closed in about 1940. . . .

One can truly state that there was a time when most of Richland's residents were involved in the cigar industry.

For a very knowledgeable and authoritative account of the tobacco industry in Richland and throughout the Tulpehocken region, you and your readers might want to secure a copy of "Tulpehocken Cigarama."

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