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Drive Thru's Halt Smoking Due To Illinois Ban 

Jump to full article: WPSDTV News Channel 6 (Paducah, KY), 2008-01-21
Author: Reported by: Melissa Crabtree


Call it an un-intended consequence of Illinois' statewide smoking ban. Hundreds of complaints pouring in as drivers and businesses learn you can't smoke in your car in the drive thru lane.

No one intended for it to happen but the law clearly says that smoking is banned in all public places, including 15 feet around entrances, exits and windows. That includes all drive-thru’s, restaurants, dry cleaners, pharmacies and banks.

A spokesperson for the American Lung Association in Illinois says they're getting hundreds of calls from all over the state from drive-thru workers who are complaining about driver's ignoring the smoke ban.

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