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Hawaii. Maui Butts off the Beach campaign to prevent cigarette butt litter 

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Maui, rated as "Best Island in the World" by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler for 13 years, is working to keep its beaches beautiful, through a "Butts off the Beach" awareness campaign to prevent cigarette butt litter.

The campaign includes ads and public service announcements in local media. Maui retailers are hosting countertop displays that dispense free pocket ashtrays that can store extinguished cigarette butts until they can be disposed of properly.

"Butts off the Beach" was launched in 2001 by Pacific Whale Foundation, . . .

"Our campaign teaches smokers that cigarette butts are made of long-lasting materials including cellulose acetate, a form of plastic -- which can take up to 25 years to decompose," Porter notes.

Cigarette butts can contain over 165 chemicals, such as cadmium, lead and arsenic, which can leach into the marine environment within an hour of contact with water. Butts can poison wildlife, or even children, when accidentally ingested. When wildlife ingests cigarette butts or other forms of plastic, it can block the digestive tract or fill the stomach, resulting in malnutrition or starvation.

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