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Big Tobacco on Campus: Ending the Addiction (PDF) 

Jump to full article: American Lung Association, 2008-09-08


Colleges and universities have a responsibility to provide safe spaces in which their students can learn and live. This should include an environment free of tobacco smoke and advertising that encourages young adults to use tobacco products. Based on the review of science, literature and trends related to smoking among college students, the American Lung Association recommends the following policies to all colleges and universities.

• All college and university campuses should completely prohibit tobacco use, including all indoor and outdoor facilities, private offices, residence halls and dormitories. Tobacco use in outdoor areas should be prohibited to reduce the social acceptability of tobacco use and encourage quitting. This should include building entrances, stadiums, other public spaces and buses, vans or other campus vehicles.

• Colleges and universities should prohibit the sale or advertising of tobacco products on campus or in college-controlled publications, properties, events, or environments, including free distribution of tobacco products.

• Colleges and universities should refuse to accept funding, including research and sponsorship funding, from the tobacco industry.

• Colleges and universities should offer and promote comprehensive, evidence-based cessation therapies for all forms of tobacco to all students, faculty and staff.

• Colleges and universities should adopt and enforce strong policies to aid in prevention, cessation, and elimination of tobacco use. These policies should be based on the current evidence and understanding of effectiveness and should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they remain current.

• Colleges and universities should educate students and faculty about the harmful effects of using tobacco products, about the resources available for cessation, and about campus policies.

• Colleges and universities should promote and fund additional research to design and implement smoking and tobacco use cessation interventions that specifically target college students. State legislatures should prohibit tobacco use in college and university facilities including offices, stadiums, residence halls and dormitories. 19 American Lung Association

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