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Restaurants demand postponement of smoking ban 

Jump to full article: Jordan Times (jo), 2009-05-05
Author: Khetam Malkawi


The Jordan Restaurants Association (JRA) has called for postponing the implementation of the Public Health Law, which bans smoking in public places, until the end of the year, a JRA official said on Sunday.

The Ministry of Health issued a circular banning smoking in shopping malls starting March 1, while restaurants were given until June to abide by the law so they have enough time to study the implementation mechanisms.

However, the restaurants said they needed more time.

“We cannot implement the law that soon. We need to move step by step to be able to ban smoking in restaurants, and I think it needs years, not months, to enforce the ban,” JRA Deputy President Essam Fakhreldin told The Jordan Times yesterday.

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