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TI 08/09 - Manufacturers News: JTI gets active in global leaf acquisition  

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Japan Tobacco International (JTI) moved aggressively over the summer to take more control of its leaf acquisitions in international markets. On June 12, JTI announced it had bought the leaf tobacco business of the British dealer Tribac Leaf Limited, which has operated in Malawi, Zambia, China, and India, among others. Tribac's organization will be integrated into the Global Leaf Procurement Group. Tribac has agreed to supply JTI with leaf from Zimbabwe.

At the same time, JTI said it had agreed with the US leaf dealers Hail & Cotton and J.E.B International to form a joint venture to procure and process US leaf for JTI. JTI Leaf Services will begin contracting with farmers for the 2010 crop, said Jay Edward Barker, a principal in J.E.B. International. By the end of 2010 crop marketing, JTI Leaf Services plans to take delivery of most of its leaf at its own receiving stations, said Barker. These stations will be established throughout the tobacco-growing area, he added, though no locations were named.

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