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New Yorkers flock to Indian reservations in Pennslyvania to purchase lower-priced cigarettes  

Cig-taxed NYers run for border
Jump to full article: New York Post, 2010-08-12
Author: BRENDAN SCOTT in Albany and CAROLYN SALAZAR in Matamoras, Pa.


Tax-choked smokers are fleeing over the border and onto Indian reservations in search of discount cigarettes and sending Gov. Paterson's anticipated tax windfall, well, up in smoke.

Cigarette sales statewide have tumbled by nearly a third since New York's highest-in-the-nation cig tax of $4.35 took effect on July 1, according to state tax data and sales reports released yesterday by retailers.

Combined with New York City's own cig levy, there's now a $5.85 tax on packs sold in the five boroughs.

"I come to Pennsylvania because it's so much cheaper," said Jeff Hochteil, a trucker from upstate Walden, NY, who saves nearly $50 each time he makes the 30-mile drive to Matamoras, Pa., to pick up cartons of smokes.

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