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Accra residents on new tobacco tax 

Jump to full article: The Accra Daily Mail (gh), 2010-11-27
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Just last week the Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, read the budget on the increment of tobacco tax for health reasons, and also to better align with international agreements on excise duty on cigarettes, which will rise from 140 to 150 percent. . . .

A walk through the streets of Accra for views on the effects of the increment on tobacco taxes revealed that most of the bar tenders affirmed that they usually attract more customers, and even if the prices go up, they will still sell the cigarettes till their customers give up.

A bar tender at Feehi Valley Beach Hotel at Korle-Gonno said, 'Mine is to give out what my customers want, so if prices increase, mine also increases, but I'll decrease my supply, because I think they will also decrease their demand,' adding, 'I have been purchasing about 10 to 15 boxes every week.'

Meanwhile, a cigarette smoker spotted around Barca Spot at Mamprobi, told the Accra File, 'I am addicted to smoking, and if people addicted to cocaine can purchase cocaine with millions of cedis, I can also buy, because it is something I really enjoy doing.'

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