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Role of Anatabine as an anti-inflammatory agent 

Jump to full article: Roskamp Institute , 2011-03-01


Researchers at the Roskamp Institute are interested in the role of inflammation in aging and in particular in diseases like Alzheimer's Disease. We have shown that specific inflammatory chemicals play a key role in promoting the production of the toxic protein, amyloid, and that this in turn promotes more inflammation. Thus, Alzheimer's Disease is the consequence of a destructive cycle of inflammation where inflammatory chemicals cause the release of each other and cause damage and finally death to neurons in the process.

Inflammation is seen as so central to Alzheimer's Disease, and the aging process in general, that researchers have coined the phrase "inflammaging" to illustrate how entwined aging and inflammation are. Here at the Roskamp Institute researchers are testing drugs and naturally occurring compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties.

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