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Letter to the Editor: Reasons to oppose smoking ban 

Jump to full article: Southeast Missourian, 2011-04-01
Author: JOHN E. STROUT, Cape Girardeau


Until recently I have been neutral on the local smoking issue. Several considerations have gelled my position. For one, there will be additional costs for enforcement. Will Smoke-Free Cape provide money for an additional position in the Cape Girardeau Police Department? Or will its major backer, the American Cancer Society?

I seriously believe that private facilities, including clubs, fraternities, churches, etc., should be exempted. . . .

My position was firmed by the recent report in the Southeast Missourian revealing the campaigns' financing. Smoke-Free Cape reports assistance of nearly $83,000 and only $365 coming from local sources (the rest came from American Cancer Society's national action committee). However, Stand Up Cape had but $3,070, all from local sources.

It appears to me that local citizens already have indicated a preference for the Stand Up Cape position by more than 8:1 over that of Smoke-Free Cape.

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