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Plain tobacco packs ‘could have huge impact on stores’ 

Jump to full article: Talking Retail (uk), 2012-03-09


Retailers are being urged to back a campaign against the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco products, with a consultation on the proposal set to start later this month, according to today’s Independent Retail News.

Smokers’ group Forest kicked off its Hands Off Our Packs campaign last week, with many lobbyists expecting the three-month consultation to be unveiled on national No Smoking Day on 14 March.

Health campaigners around the world are pressing governments to introduce plain packs, with Australia set to be the first country to adopt the measure later this year.

Simon Clark, director of Forest, told Independent Retail News: “We hope to get as many retailers on board as possible because it’s an issue that’s going to have a big impact on small retailers and village stores.”

He claimed that as the ban on smoking in public places had contributed to the closure of pubs around the country, so plain packs could lead to small retailers shutting up shop.

Store owners should raise the issue with their MPs, Clark said. “If just half a dozen retailers in a constituency write to their MPs, the politicians will take that issue seriously.

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