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Sochi Olympic Park Became Tobacco Free 

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As a part of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee’s "smoking-free Games" strategy, supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), a "No smoking" sign has been installed in the Olympic Park on March, 30th. This further confirms the Organizing Committee’s commitment to making the Olympic Games in Sochi, the twelfth Games in a row, free of cigarette smoke. This would protect more than 155,000 athletes, sports delegation representatives and volunteers from second-hand smoke on a daily basis.

The installation of a "No smoking" sign was carried out by the head of the WHO representative office in Russia, Mr. Luigi Migliorini. Mr. Migliorini visited the Olympics venues currently under construction. He also took part in a seminar on sustainable development, entitled “Managing tobacco denial and the creation of smoke free medical institutions” where the most effective actions and methods in the fight against smoking during the 2014 Olympics were discussed.

During the Games in Sochi, smoking will be forbidden in all Olympic and Paralympic venues though there will be allocated smoking areas outside their territory. These areas will be designed to ensure there is no discomfort to non-smoking guests and participants of the Games. There will also be a ban on smoking in all bars and restaurants in the Olympic Park. In addition, tobacco will not be sold

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