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Kessler Orders Tobacco to Clean Up MN Documents and File Privilege Log for Those Removed 

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Author: Gene Borio


it is this 4th day of April, 2012, hereby

ORDERED, that Defendants shall correct, by November 1, 2012, on a box-by-box basis, all errors, including but not limited to index discrepancies, missing documents, and 4b database errors, identified by the Depository staff and submitted to the Defendants prior to the date of this Order; and it is further

ORDERED, that Defendants shall correct any future errors identified by the Depository staff within 30 days of receipt of notification of the error; and it is further

Case 1:99-cv-02496-GK Document 5970 Filed 04/04/12 Page 2 of 2

ORDERED, that Defendants shall file with the Court, by June 11, 2012, a Privilege Log listing each document that was at one time submitted to be part of the publicly available population but which has subsequently been removed by Defendants as privileged or for any other reason. The Privilege Log shall identify the document number, author, recipients, document date, document type, the reason for the removal, and whether proper removal procedures were followed as ordered in Judge Lawrence Cohen’s January 12, 1999 Order. Upon receiving this Privilege Log, the Court will consider how best to proceed.

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