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Environment linked to unhealthy behavior  

Jump to full article: ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation (ph), 2012-05-03


In a statement released by Health Justice, a non-governmental organization, Dr. Antonio Miguel Dans of the Philippine General Hospital said non-communicable diseases such as heart problems are brought by the presence of cheap junk food and cigarettes, as well as lack of places to exercise.

"One misconception is that lifestyle is a choice. It is not. Lifestyle is a human response to the physical, social and even regulatory environment," Dans said.

"We eat unhealthy because junk food is very cheap. We don't exercise because there is no place to exercise. And we smoke because we are exposed to advertisements even when we're young, and because smoking is the cheapest form of leisure available.

"We can try to educate everyone as much as we can but unless we change the factors that lead to these unhealthy behaviors, people will not change the way they live."

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