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Table of Contents - February 2012, 22 (suppl 1): Progress on Tobacco Control in Europe: Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Europe Project  

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Author: how much would limiting TV food advertising reduce childhood


  • Tobacco control in Europe: A deadly lack of progress

  • Comparative impact of smoke-free legislation on smoking cessation in three European countries

  • Comprehensive smoke-free policies attract more support from smokers in Europe than partial policies

  • Predictors of car smoking rules among smokers in France, Germany and the Netherlands

  • Smoking cessation interventions from health care providers before and after the national smoke-free law in France

  • Outdoor smoking behaviour and support for outdoor smoking restrictions before and after France's national smoking ban

  • Do smokers in Europe think all cigarettes are equally harmful?

  • Struggling to make ends meet: exploring pathways to understand why smokers in financial difficulties are less likely to quit successfully

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