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Lorillard, Liggett Tobacco Suit Settlement Talks Slow (Update1) 

Jump to full article: Bloomberg News, 2000-11-06
Author: William McQuillen


A Florida state judge's affirmation of a $145 billion verdict against cigarette companies slowed negotiations between Lorillard Tobacco Co., Liggett Group and smokers trying to craft a nationwide tobacco settlement, an attorney involved in the talks said.

Woody Wilner, a lawyer in negotiations designed to end several cases in Brooklyn federal district court, along with litigation across the country, said Lorillard and Liggett had been close to settling U.S. smokers' suits for $8 billion. Sunday's news that the Florida lawsuit, known as the Engle case, had been bumped out of federal court and its verdict affirmed today by Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Robert Kaye sidetracked the talks, Wilner said.

``Nothing is going to happen immediately until somebody clarifies any conflict Engle will have with a nationwide'' settlement, Wilner said.

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