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Korean Health Authority Approves Anti Smoking Cigarette 

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Korea's health authorities have granted their official approval the marketing of a "cigarette" that induces people to quit smoking.

The Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) confirmed that they had carried out laboratory tests of "Kumyeoncho Gold", a cigarette-like health product made by 3G Care, and said that the product meets existing regulations for safety and effectiveness and could be advertised and sold locally.

The tests performed were identical to those carried out on all medical products, as the Ministry of Health and Welfare reclassified all smoking depressants as drugs last July. The KFDA said tests showed that Kumyeoncho satisfied general toxic levels and did not cause harm to neural, genetic or immune systems. . .

Kumyeoncho, which translates into "weed that stops smoking," is made from the leaf of eucommia ulmoides, a tree that has been used in oriental medicine for centuries.

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