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Retro Bill's message connects with kids  

D.A.R.E. celebrity reaches hometown audience in Aurora
Jump to full article: Chicago Tribune, 2002-04-26
Author: Hal Dardick / Special to the Tribune


Wearing his trademark neon-green dress shirt and faux cow-skin blazer, Retro Bill was perfectly coifed in a 4-inch pompadour Thursday when he returned to his hometown of Aurora to teach children some lessons on life.

Judging from the line of children at The Wheatlands Elementary School seeking Retro Bill's autograph, the visit from the zany, upbeat star of the award-winning "D.A.R.E. Safety Tips" video was "cool. Right on," as Retro Bill is fond of saying. . .

Not surprisingly, considering that his nationwide school appearances are part of the national D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program, Retro Bill also delivered a graphic lesson on drugs.

Mixing beer and tobacco in a blender, he poured the concoction in a glass and asked children why anyone would put that "garbage" into their body.

"It stinks, doesn't it?" he asked, noting that some people consume that every day.

Positive lessons

"He certainly had a positive message," said 5th grade teacher Carol Wicks.

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