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Tobacco Documents
Resources to find Secret Documents, Court Documents, Official Documents, etc.
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Sen. Doggett Questions USTR on Reducing Tobacco Tariffs
I questioned Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwabb on provisions to reduce tobacco tariffs in the Oman-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and on other troublesome chapters. You can view and hear my questioning by clicking on the links below.
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Chamberlain: Accommodation in our Time
Apropos of recent Wisconsin poll item where Chamberlain Research Associates defends its "independent" poll, I did a search on UCSF's document base. What a surprise; 40 hits. Turns out Chamberlain has a long history of doing polls cited extensively by Philip Morris PR. Polls that turn out to have been paid for by Philip Morris. Polls that often don't reveal they were paid for by Philip Morris. Polls that often pretend to be done for some other organization. See below for summary of my search results. As far as I can tell Chamberlain is a PR firm that takes lots of Philip Morris money, delivers "poll" results that support Philip Morris business and PR interests, and these results end up in the mouths of Philip Morris and front organizations.
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This booklet represents the kind of damaging information that appeared in the lay media in the mid-1950's, courtesy of the tobacco industry and its public relations firm Hill and Knowlton, shortly after the first medical reports emerged saying cigarette smoking caused cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. The author of this piece, Donald Cooley, worked with Hill and Knowlton (H&K) to produce this 48 page, low-priced paperback booklet "published by the editors of True, the Man's Magazine" designed to be sold on newsstands in 1954. A July 31, 1954 report on activities by H&K states, "Considerable information and assistance was provided Donald G. Cooley in the preparation for his story in True magazine. This entailed conferences with the author to work on factual
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040506 DOJ - Denial of Partial Summary Judgement
IV. CONCLUSION For all the foregoing reasons, the Government is not entitled to partial summary judgment that Defendants caused the mail and wire transmissions underlying the 145 racketeering acts alleged, and its Motion is denied.
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040506 DOJ - Denial of Full Summary Judgement
III. CONCLUSION For all the foregoing reasons, Defendants are not entitled to summary judgment on all claims on the grounds that there is no reasonable likelihood of RICO violations, and their Motion is denied.
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10th International Conference on Screening for Lung Cancer
The 10th International Conference on Screening for Lung Cancer was held at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City April 23-25, 2004. More than 200 physicians, research scientists, nurses and lung cancer patient advocates from ten nations attended the conference.
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DOJ BAT Australian Documents Ruling, 3/30/04
On April 14, 2003, the Court issued Order #343, adopting the Special Master’s Report and Recommendation (“R&R”) #102, which required BATCo to produce within thirty days certain documents that were in the possession of its affiliate British American Tobacco Australia Services, Ltd. (“BATAS”). . . . This Court has previously observed that “the issue of BATCo’s control over BATAS documents has already been fully and fairly litigated in this case.” Oct. 3 Mem. Op. at 6. The Court has already explicitly rejected as untimely BATCo’s attempt to present new arguments and evidence on the “control” issue. The evidence relates directly to BATCo’s arguments about its alleged lack of control of BATAS documents and therefore, should have been submitted months ago when that issue was first being litigated. The Court will not now consider this untimely argument and evidence.The Court agrees that the contempt finding against BATCo should be lifted, inasmuch as the requirement of Orders #419 and #343, the production or logging of the documents, has been satisfied. Therefore, the contempt finding of Order #419 will be lifted as of January 15, 2004, the date by which it is undisputed that BATAS had provided a compliant log to the Government.Before the Court is BATCo’s Motion for Reconsideration of Order No. 454 and the Court’s Underlying “Control” Determination (“Motion”). Upon consideration of the Motion, the United States’ Opposition, and BATCo’s Reply, and for the reasons explained in the accompanying Memorandum Opinion, the Court concludes that the Motion should be granted in part and denied in part. Wherefore, it is hereby: ORDERED that BATCo’s Motion for Reconsideration of its “control” over the documents subject to Order #343 is denied; and it is further ORDERED that Order #419 is vacated as of January 15, 2004.
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Appeal of a judgment dismissing RICO and related state-law claims in three related cases. The European Community, several individual European nations, and certain Departments of the Republic of Colombia brought these RICO actions against various tobacco companies, alleging that the tobacco companies engaged in cigarette smuggling and money laundering in their territories. The actions seek to recoup lost tax revenue and funds spent on law enforcement, as well as secure various forms of equitable relief designed to ensure that defendants comply with plaintiffs’ revenue laws. With respect to the action against Japan Tobacco and its affiliates, European Community v. Japan Tobacco, Inc., No. 02-7323 (2d Cir.), we hold that the district court did not have jurisdiction over the complaint, as none of the defendants had been served at the time the district court dismissed the action on the merits. With respect to the remaining two actions, European Community v. RJR Nabisco, Inc., No. 02-7330 (2d Cir.), and Department of Amazonas v. Philip Morris Companies, No. 02-7325 (2d Cir.), we hold that the smuggling claims are foreclosed by Attorney General of Canada v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Holdings, Inc., 268 F.3d 103 (2d Cir. 2001), cert. denied, 537 U.S. 1000 (2002), which held that the revenue rule bars a RICO suit brought by a foreign sovereign to enforce its tax laws. Finally, we find that the district court did not abuse its discretion in dismissing plaintiffs’ money laundering claims without prejudice and requiring them to file a new action if they choose to amend their complaint. AFFIRMED in part and VACATED and REMANDED in part.
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The Court concludes that the State properly may impose its tax on cigarettes sold at the tribal smoke shop located on the settlement lands, and may enforce the law’s criminal provisions against noncompliance that occurs on the settlement lands. This conclusion is driven by the finding that the legal incidence of the State’s cigarette tax scheme falls on the purchaser or consumer of cigarettes, and not on the Tribe. Under the State’s cigarette tax scheme, the Tribe (like other retail sellers of cigarettes) acts merely as an agent for the collection of the tax. It is appropriate for the State to impose this burden on the Tribe; and such a burden does not amount to taxation of the Tribe, nor does it violate the Tribe’s sovereign rights. Consequently, the Tribe must comply with Rhode Island’s applicable tax laws if it wishes to continue to sell cigarette products on the settlement lands.
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Waxman Letter to House Committee on Energy and Commerce on Philip Morris Document Destruction (text)
I am writing to urge you to investigate what appears to be two years of document destruction by Philip Morris Incorporated, in violation of a federal court order. This document destruction was not disclosed until June 2002 and has the effect of denying the Department of Justice access to company documents in key areas of investigation, including the marketing and sale of tobacco products, the lobbying of government officials, and the health effects of smoking. Philip Morris's document destruction appears to have been caused by a "print and retain" policy that recalls the infamous "document retention" policy of Arthur Andersen. The tobacco company not only had evidence that the policy would lead to document destruction, but it also delayed fixing the problem for years. In fact, internal company documents repeatedly recognized the inadequacy of the "print and retain" policy and urged the adoption of new measures. . . The Energy and Commerce Committee has taken the lead in Congress in investigating document destruction. On January 24, 2002, the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing entitled: "Destruction of Enron-Related Documents by Andersen Personnel." At this hearing, Subcommittee Chairman Greenwood stated that Congress had a duty to bring "any wrongdoing into the bright light of public scrutiny so that those responsible suffer the consequences." 34 The same logic applies to document destruction by Philip Morris. For this reason, I urge a full investigation.
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Letter to the President from Henry A. Waxman (PDF)
I am writing to express my continuing concern about U.S. actions involving the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the global tobacco control treaty that has been negotiated by the member countries of the World Health Organization over the past three years. . . . The United States has become so isolated in its position on tobacco that it is one of the only countries in the world that has refused to agree to the terms of the final agreement. Even more disturbing, your negotiators have said the United States will try to weaken the agreement further when nations reconvene to sign the treaty at the World Health Assembly in May.
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RJR and Philip Morris Prepare for Bankruptcy
Exit strategy includes selling assets and distributing proceeds to shareholders . . . RJR is now a very small company. . . . It has executed its "exit strategy" meticulously. When it finally goes bankrupt, there will be very few assets left for claim holders. It's kind of like the strategy of people who want to die broke. RJR will die almost broke. Financially speaking, RJR has done a superb job! . . . RJR and Philip Morris have lost several multi-billion lawsuits to addicted or dead smokers. These verdicts are currently on appeal. When these verdicts are finally upheld by higher courts, RJR and Philip Morris will have very few assets left to pay the victims.
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Subject: Draft 16 of Spitzer ETS Study
RJR counsel Mary E. Ward, on the draft of a secondhand smoke study that basically agreed with most other studies that secondhand smoke is harmful to nonsmokers.
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73 Gallup SG Poll for MO
This four-page document, "A Review of Awareness of the Surgeon General's Warning by Brand", is a survey done for Philip Morris, Inc. by the polling firm of Gallup & Robinson in 1973 to gauge public awareness of the U.S. Surgeon General's warning about the health hazards of smoking. The document was one of over 250,000 that Philip Morris was allowed to keep confidential following the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement . . . The survey shows that only 3.1% of smokers were aware of the Surgeon General's health warning about the dangers of smoking at that time.   An average of only 5.7% of the total sampled population were aware of the warnings. The survey is significant because of the frequent tobacco industry claim that knowledge of  government warnings about the dangers of of smoking was widespread at that time. This survey shows that awareness of government health warnings in reality was actually very low, and even lower among smokers than in the overall population.
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Tobacco History Timeline
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ALF v. LORILLARD, Jan. 30, 2003
ALF's challenge to Lorillard's "vilification" lawsuit is rebuffed in Delaware Chancery Court. The case is allowed to go to trial.
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Definitions For The Brown & Williamson Subjective Coding Taxonomy
According to this 1988 document, B&W apparently coded their "secret" documents according to liability categories. The categories provide intriguing insight into B&W's estimation of its vulnerabilities.
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WHY: Encourage the Governor to tear down his “negotiation tent,” & be a better role model for our children, and also to stop smoking stogies in and around the Capitol building and patio areas and subjecting others to his secondhand smoke.
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Opening Summary Judgement Briefs in Legacy v Lorillard
Both the American Legacy Foundation and the Lorillard Tobacco Company have filed motions for summary judgment in American Legacy Foundation v. Lorillard, in the Delaware Chancery Court.  Summary judgment is a procedure which allows a court to resolve litigation without a trial.  It applies to cases, or parts of cases, where the disputes are over the applicable law as opposed to the facts.  As you review this document, please keep in mind that each side filed a response on April 15, 2005 and further responses will be filed two weeks later.  We would be happy to provide those briefs that are publicly available to you upon request. The motions will be argued on May 10, 2005.  The foundation will take full advantage of these opportunities to answer Lorillard’s assertions.  Of course, Lorillard will also take issue with the foundation’s positions.  We will provide you with additional information about the responsive briefs after they are filed.
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Report from the 12th International Conference on Screening for Lung Cancer
The 12th International Conference on Screening for Lung Cancer was held in Nara New Hall, Nara, Japan April 8-10, 2005 under the sponsorship of the Screening Committee of the Japan Lung Cancer Society and the International Association for the study of Lung cancer, with Professor Kengi Eguchi presiding.
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Four individual "lights" lawsuits filed against Big Tobacco in Finland
Four individual lawsuits have been filed on March 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th 2005 against three Finnish tobacco-companies: Amerintie 1 Oy, Amer-yhtymä Oyj (Philip Morris' brands) and British American Tobacco Nordic Oy (BAT brands). In this first Finnish "lights" case, four women claim compensatory damages due to lung cancer and other tobacco-related diseases.
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Tobacco Survivors United event at Capitol
WHAT: Concerned California citizens will be gathering for an historic event to remind everyone just what is at the heart of the Tobacco Wars. At “High Noon” hundreds of tobacco survivors are expected to turn out on the West steps of the State Capitol to honor the memory of loved ones lost to tobacco use. WHEN: Saturday, September 25, 2004.  Speakers & Memorial Service at “High Noon” from 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M.  . . . WHERE: California State Capitol Building, West Steps, Sacramento, California
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Why is moving toward a subscription service
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