Latest quotables from tobacco news

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Young people of America, all people, do not smoke. It is hazardous and it's dangerous to your health. Don't smoke. I've never smoked and I have encouraged people not to smoke.
— Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain, to Bob Schieffer on CBS' "Face the Nation." / Cain defends ad with smoking campaign manager / Associated Press (AP), Sunday, October 30, 2011.

Plant operations are no longer viable [in Uruguay] because of the broad availability and presence of illegal products in the market, combined with a reduction in demand and fiscal and regulatory measures that limit our capacity to commercialize our products profitably.
— Philip Morris' Abal Hermanos local unit, in a statement. / Philip Morris says closes plant in Uruguay amid lawsuit / Reuters, Friday, October 21, 2011.

He is a wonderful speaker, and would be an effective and charismatic candidate. He is also good on our issues. . . . Bottom line: Herman Cain is certain, in one form or another, to be a political factor for a number of years to come. We have a good relationship with him, and that will certainly be to our benefit.
— 1999 RJR memo on then-National Restaurant Association President and COO (and current presidential candidate) Herman Cain. / N. R. A. BOARD MEETING / Legacy Tobacco Documents Library, Friday, January 22, 1999.

[Cytisine] is so cheap that even in developing countries, if you can afford to smoke, you can afford to stop.
— Robert West of University College London, who led the study published in today's NEJM of a pill developed in Bulgaria during the Soviet era. / Smokers' aid faces hurdle / Winston-Salem (NC) Journal, Thursday, September 29, 2011.

Genius comes from hard work -- Tobacco helps you become talented.
— Slogan on the gates of tobacco-sponsored schools in China. / China Endorsing Tobacco in Schools Adds to $10 Trillion Cost / Business Week/Bloomberg, Thursday, September 22, 2011.

[T]he NCD problem is not just a health issue. This is an issue that requires a whole-of-government approach. All sectors have to consider health in their policies.
— Ala Alwan, the World Health Organization's deputy director-general for non- communicable diseases, on the wide-ranging costs of NCDs to societies and business. / Disease Killers Targeted in UN Move to Avert $47 Trillion Cost / Business Week/Bloomberg, Monday, September 19, 2011.

But the burden of non-communicable illness falls heavily on the poor. . . . And the stakes are high -- on the streets of Caracas, Johannesburg, and Cairo there are kids starting to smoke who won't be able to call on oncologists, high-tech diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to lengthen their lives.
— / The Silent, Deadly Epidemic of Non-Communicable Disease / PBS, Thursday, September 8, 2011.

This slowing trend shows the need for intensified efforts to reduce cigarette smoking among adults. We know what works: higher tobacco prices, hard-hitting media campaigns, graphic health warnings on cigarette packs, and 100 percent smoke-free policies, with easily accessible help for those who want to quit.
— Dr. Tim McAfee, director of the CDC's office on smoking and health. / Smoking rate falls but tobacco toll remains high: CDC / CBS, Tuesday, September 6, 2011.

Rather than inform and educate, the graphic warnings include non-factual cartoon images and controversial photographs that have been technologically manipulated to maximize an emotional response from viewers, essentially turning our cigarette packs into mini-billboards for the government's anti-smoking message.
— Martin Holton III, general counsel for R.J. Reynolds. / Companies sue over new cigarette labels / Winston-Salem (NC) Journal, Wednesday, August 17, 2011.

Tell [your teacher] you will cut classes and go home instead. Tell him the Jakarta governor told you to do so.
— Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo, to a 10-year old who said her teacher smokes in school. / Fauzi ups offensive against smokers, big tobacco / Jakarta Post (id), Monday, July 25, 2011.

The purpose of the ... ordinance, to promote the public health by preventing people from becoming addicted to tobacco and by helping those already addicted to stop smoking, is legitimate and even compelling.
— U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken, in dismissing a suit filed by grocery chain Safeway Inc, and allowing San Francisco to ban tobacco sales in stores with pharmacies. / Judge dismisses Safeway suit against San Francisco ban on tobacco in stores with pharmacies / Associated Press (AP), Friday, July 15, 2011.

This year, the tobacco epidemic will kill nearly 6 million people. More than 5 million of them will be users and ex-users of smoked and smokeless tobacco and more than 600 000 will be nonsmokers who were exposed to tobacco smoke.
— The WHO's third Global Tobacco Epidemic report. / WHO: Nearly Half World Smokers To Die Of Tobacco-Related Disease / NASDAQ, Thursday, July 7, 2011.

Philip Morris and Ferrari have responded to recent concerns regarding the official Ferrari team name and have decided, effective immediately and worldwide, that "Marlboro" will no longer be a part of the team name. Whilst we do not agree with the concerns raised, our decision has been taken in line with our history of responsiveness on similar issues and to avoid what would likely be an unnecessary and unproductive debate.
— Luca Colajanni, communications manager for Ferrari, whose sponsorship contract with Philip Morris was recently renewed. / Ferrari reverts to its old name / pitpass.com, Friday, July 8, 2011.

In our view, e-cigarettes do not work. People should be able to use nicotine, but in the safest possible way.
— BAT spokesman David O’Reilly, spokesman for BAT, which plans to introduce a new form of cigarette-substitute developed by a small British medical firm, Kind Consumer. / Have scientists finally created a 'safe' cigarette? / The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk), Thursday, July 7, 2011.

This is a cynical move to design a product to keep you smoking.
— Martin Dockrell, director of research and policy at ASH, on BAT's new e-cigarette-type product. / Have scientists finally created a 'safe' cigarette? / The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk), Thursday, July 7, 2011.

I think it reasonably probable that four justices will vote to grant certiorari, and significantly possible that the judgment below will be reversed.
— Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, on why he used a rarely-used power to halt Scott/Jackson payments last Sept. AP gets opinions on why his prediction failed. / High court undoes Scalia's pro-tobacco order / Associated Press (AP), Thursday, June 30, 2011.

deathly ill woman
— How the FDA described a harrowing picture of Barb Tarbox taken a few days before her death. FDA ultimately rejected the picture as a warning label. / Cigarette warnings: Lung cancer victim's deathbed image a potent message / Los Angeles Times, Sunday, June 26, 2011.

This is what dying of lung cancer looks like.
— Text that would accompany the picture of Barb Tarbox if Canada selects it as one of its new warning labels. / Cigarette warnings: Lung cancer victim's deathbed image a potent message / Los Angeles Times, Sunday, June 26, 2011.

I was a smoker then, so I don't think I even thought about the cigarette. But I woke up that it was a silly thing to do. I felt really negligent. I would never use a cigarette in an ad again.
— Designer Alex Perry, whose 2007 photo of a bride smoking a cigarette, was found to be in breach of the Australian Association of National Advertisers Code of Ethics. / Despite warnings and health modelling, it appears smoking is still the fashion / Sydney Morning Herald (au), Saturday, June 25, 2011.

These labels are frank, honest and powerful depictions of the health risks of smoking and they will help encourage smokers to quit, and prevent children from smoking.
— Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, on the FDA's new warning labels. / U.S. Releases Graphic Images to Deter Smokers / New York Times, Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

The current warnings are more than 25 years old, go unnoticed on the side of cigarette packs and fail to effectively communicate the serious health risks of smoking.
— Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, on the FDA's new graphic warning labels. / FDA Cigarette Warning Labels Pack New Punch / ABC News, Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

This is truth. This isn't hyped up fear, and it hasn't gone far enough.
— Dr. Eden Evins, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, on the FDA's new graphic warning labels. / FDA Cigarette Warning Labels Pack New Punch / ABC News, Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

It’s a tremendous and tragic loss to college rodeo. Who lost? Our students.
— National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Commissioner Roger Walters on the loss of UST sponsorship of the College National Finals Rodeo. / Loss of student scholarship money concerns college rodeo officials / Casper (WY) Star-Tribune, Sunday, June 19, 2011.

Ex-smokers are unstoppable
— Slogan of the EU-wide campaign launched today by the European Commission. / Fight against tobacco: European Commission launches a pan-European campaign / Europa, Thursday, June 16, 2011.

Say no to forced smoking
— Message on T-Shirts worn by Chinese billionaire Robin Li and Bill Gates Saturday when they announced a campaign to combat smoking in China. / Baidu CEO and Bill Gates Take On Smoking / The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, Saturday, June 11, 2011.

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