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US Distributing Free Anti-terrorist Cigarettes In Iraq
Popular CNN reporter Anderson Cooper (ANDERSON COOPER 360°) returned from Iraq with a gift to present to Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" Wednesday night-- a sample pack of the cigarettes the US military is currently handing out to Iraqis. The packs contain a phone number citizens can use to report on terrorist activities.
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Tobacco Company Wikipedia Edits Revealed
Now tobacco control advocates can look up tobacco company edits of Wikipedia entries. According to an 8/14/07 article in Wired, "Wikipedia Scanner" is a new data-mining service launched Monday that traces millions of Wikipedia entries to their corporate sources, and for the first time puts comprehensive data behind longstanding suspicions of manipulation.
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Altria Reportedly Distributing Summary of FDA Bills
Lobbyists for Altria have reportedly been distributing the following precis of the upcoming FDA bills to members of Congress, a precis which displays an intimate knowledge of the bills far in advance of any public notification. "Why not?" some in the tobacco control movement have commented, "they wrote them." Overview of Kennedy/Cornyn and Waxman/Davis Bills
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The ANR Foundation is conducting a brief survey of Tobacco News Service users to give us a better picture of who uses the service, and how they use the information they find on the website or in the daily newsletter. This information will help us understand how users access and utilize the service, demonstrate a need and desire to maintain the service, and begin to identify possible funding strategies to keep the news service intact.
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HENNINGFIELD: On Increased Nicotine Levels
Increased nicotine in cigarettes could help perpetuate and or increase nicotine addiction in the population without making the individual cigarette demonstrably more addictive . . . Implications for evaluating the Massachusetts data: If the Massachusetts findings are valid, then the data suggest that by increasing available nicotine in cigarettes, it will be easier for tobacco users to sustain their addictions, as restrictions on smoking, and cost of the products increase, and number of cigarettes per day decrease. At the population level this could contribute to maintaining addiction. This conclusion is not based on the premise that such cigarettes are "more addictive" or that lower nicotine cigarettes are less addictive. Of course, with cigarettes as with illicit and prescription drugs of abuse many factors beyond dose and formulation also affect prevalence of use and attractiveness
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Justice O'Connor's Tobacco Rulings
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Donald R. Shopland on CDC Reorganization
The proposed reorganization is a continuation of a control process that was begun earlier and will simply ensure that no opposing views will emanate from its major health agencies when such issues as FDA regulations over tobacco, are proposed. There simply will be only one voice heard in support of adminsitration policy -- that of the tobacco industry.
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Tobacco Tax Challenge Update Report Summer 2003
In February 2002, the SmokeLess States National Tobacco Policy Initiative issued the Tobacco Tax Challenge to encourage governors nationwide to reduce youth smoking and the incredible and unnecessary harm tobacco inflicts on people. Several of the nation’s leading health care organizations, including the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, American Medical Association and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids joined SmokeLess States in issuing this Challenge. More than 380,000 kids and adults alive today would be saved from smoking-related deaths if higher state cigarette taxes were implemented in the 30 states with below-average cigarette tax rates. Raising state cigarette taxes combined with cessation and prevention programs are one of the most effective ways to reduce smoking rates and to prevent kids from ever starting to smoke. In this Update Report, we provide a look at the ongoing Challenge, the benefits of higher state cigarette taxes and a look ahead on the legislative front.
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The Survey as PR
On May 12, 2003, the New York Post ran two stories on a "Post survey" it had done amongst 50 "randomly selected" New York City bars and restaurants. 1,2. The survey found that, "34 of the 50 businesses queried have shown a decline in business since April. . . The median of those reporting declines was a 30 percent cut in business." The media universally accepted the Post survey at face value and repeated the Post's findings without qualification, giving readers the impression that restaurant business really had fallen off by "as much as 50 percent." Within a month, the findings had entered a never-never-land of received knowledge, disembodied from any source at all, and often deployed as established or likely fact in efforts to defeat smokefree air legislation in other localities. Why the media should take this survey so literally is a mystery, as it was uncredited, unverifiable, and had glaring faults. 1. The survey was clearly not done by a professional research company; it was solely referenced as a "Post survey." The survey was actually conducted by the reporter herself. Her data is not available. 2. It seems unlikely that this was a "random" survey. The random claim, repeated by the Post as late as May 24, 2003 8 seems on its face, misleading--at least 4 of the restaurateurs cited were on record as opposing smoking bans. . . . 3. The survey design mimics a notorious tobacco industry PR tactic, the "30% Myth." 11
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KRUEGER: Philip Morris Bond Cap Bill is Alive
According to the clerk for Senator Silverstein, SB 102 is alive and well and on its third reading. What the IL Senate Executive Committee voted down today was floor amendment 1 to SB 732. It was as reported a bond cap bill, but a different bill; same matter, different bill.
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Sen. Doggett Questions USTR on Reducing Tobacco Tariffs
I questioned Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwabb on provisions to reduce tobacco tariffs in the Oman-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and on other troublesome chapters. You can view and hear my questioning by clicking on the links below.
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Chamberlain: Accommodation in our Time
Apropos of recent Wisconsin poll item where Chamberlain Research Associates defends its "independent" poll, I did a search on UCSF's document base. What a surprise; 40 hits. Turns out Chamberlain has a long history of doing polls cited extensively by Philip Morris PR. Polls that turn out to have been paid for by Philip Morris. Polls that often don't reveal they were paid for by Philip Morris. Polls that often pretend to be done for some other organization. See below for summary of my search results. As far as I can tell Chamberlain is a PR firm that takes lots of Philip Morris money, delivers "poll" results that support Philip Morris business and PR interests, and these results end up in the mouths of Philip Morris and front organizations.
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10th International Conference on Screening for Lung Cancer
The 10th International Conference on Screening for Lung Cancer was held at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City April 23-25, 2004. More than 200 physicians, research scientists, nurses and lung cancer patient advocates from ten nations attended the conference.
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Letter to the President from Henry A. Waxman (PDF)
I am writing to express my continuing concern about U.S. actions involving the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the global tobacco control treaty that has been negotiated by the member countries of the World Health Organization over the past three years. . . . The United States has become so isolated in its position on tobacco that it is one of the only countries in the world that has refused to agree to the terms of the final agreement. Even more disturbing, your negotiators have said the United States will try to weaken the agreement further when nations reconvene to sign the treaty at the World Health Assembly in May.
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RJR and Philip Morris Prepare for Bankruptcy
Exit strategy includes selling assets and distributing proceeds to shareholders . . . RJR is now a very small company. . . . It has executed its "exit strategy" meticulously. When it finally goes bankrupt, there will be very few assets left for claim holders. It's kind of like the strategy of people who want to die broke. RJR will die almost broke. Financially speaking, RJR has done a superb job! . . . RJR and Philip Morris have lost several multi-billion lawsuits to addicted or dead smokers. These verdicts are currently on appeal. When these verdicts are finally upheld by higher courts, RJR and Philip Morris will have very few assets left to pay the victims.
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Opening Summary Judgement Briefs in Legacy v Lorillard
Both the American Legacy Foundation and the Lorillard Tobacco Company have filed motions for summary judgment in American Legacy Foundation v. Lorillard, in the Delaware Chancery Court.  Summary judgment is a procedure which allows a court to resolve litigation without a trial.  It applies to cases, or parts of cases, where the disputes are over the applicable law as opposed to the facts.  As you review this document, please keep in mind that each side filed a response on April 15, 2005 and further responses will be filed two weeks later.  We would be happy to provide those briefs that are publicly available to you upon request. The motions will be argued on May 10, 2005.  The foundation will take full advantage of these opportunities to answer Lorillard’s assertions.  Of course, Lorillard will also take issue with the foundation’s positions.  We will provide you with additional information about the responsive briefs after they are filed.
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Four individual "lights" lawsuits filed against Big Tobacco in Finland
Four individual lawsuits have been filed on March 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th 2005 against three Finnish tobacco-companies: Amerintie 1 Oy, Amer-yhtymä Oyj (Philip Morris' brands) and British American Tobacco Nordic Oy (BAT brands). In this first Finnish "lights" case, four women claim compensatory damages due to lung cancer and other tobacco-related diseases.
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Tobacco Survivors United event at Capitol
WHAT: Concerned California citizens will be gathering for an historic event to remind everyone just what is at the heart of the Tobacco Wars. At “High Noon” hundreds of tobacco survivors are expected to turn out on the West steps of the State Capitol to honor the memory of loved ones lost to tobacco use. WHEN: Saturday, September 25, 2004.  Speakers & Memorial Service at “High Noon” from 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M.  . . . WHERE: California State Capitol Building, West Steps, Sacramento, California
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Why is moving toward a subscription service
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George Davey Smith Article Retraction
The May 26, 2003 article, "George Davey Smith and the Tobacco Industry" contained inaccuracies that may have misled readers into thinking that Prof. Smith had a financial relationship with the tobacco industry. In addition, Prof. Davey Smith has firmly stated that he has never received funds from the tobacco industry. For the first time in the 10-year history of the Tobacco BBS, I have had to pull an article. I deeply regret having posted it. I also deeply regret any distress this may have caused Prof. Davey Smith.
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Smoke, Memory
The New York Times' City section featured a moving cover story titled, "Speak, Memory," In which author Lily Koppel recounted the tale of a long-lost diary of a girl who had just turned 14 in 1930, Florence Wolfson. When I found Ms. Wolfson (now Howitt) lived in my neighborhood, I called for an interview. Ms. Howitt graciously said to come on over. In her living room were her daughter Valerie and the author of the piece, Ms. Koppel. They were openly surprised when they found that the purpose of my visit was instigated by but 6 words in the story, a quote from Ms. Howitt's diary: “My first cigarette, Jan. 12, 1930.” I wanted to see if I could gain further insight into why she had started, and how and why she had stopped. I was quite lucky to find myself discussing the climate of women's smoking with 3 generations of highly intelligent women.
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Philippe Boucher's Rendez Vous
a cyber-interview, where the guest answers via email 5 questions, plus a self-introduction and eventually a 6th open
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GLANTZ: The Helena Heart Study: We know we got the industry's attention
Jacob Sullum, a "journalist" who is a long time industry apologist that specializes in attacking scientific studies on secondhand smoke has written a column attacking the Helena Heart study. Since the arguments he makes are likely to come up from other industry apologists, it is worth presenting some answers:
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Tobacco-Related Internet Sites
Tobacco-Related Internet Sites Updated 9/20/05
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