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The Tobacco Tour
Take the Tobacco Tour: See the important sights in tobacco lore and history
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Riverside County's Tobacco Licensing Ordinance
On September 13, 2005, the Riverside County (CA) Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to require each of the county's 2,500 cigarette-selling retailers to, for the first time, pay an annual fee for a license to sell tobacco products. The fees, expected to reach $900,000 a year, will pay for stings. The ordinance will go into effect in 30 days, although there will be a grace period for retailers to obtain their licenses. A retailer with 3 violations of any local, state or federal tobacco-related law within 5 years may have its license revoked for 5 years.
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Letter to Chicago Hyatt on lack of smokefree areas during National Conference on Tobacco or Health
I recently stayed in the Chicago Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk as part of the National Conference on Tobacco or Health. Your hotel was a bad experience on many levels. It was appalling that your hotel did not make your lobby smokefree for at least our three day national conference. Your guests included hundreds of lung cancer survivors, children, and asthmatics. The smoke-filled environment made for an unwelcome and dangerous environment. I am shocked that the Hyatt management was more concerned with allowing some guests to smoke indoors rather than allowing all guests to simply breathe.
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Report from the 12th International Conference on Screening for Lung Cancer
The 12th International Conference on Screening for Lung Cancer was held in Nara New Hall, Nara, Japan April 8-10, 2005 under the sponsorship of the Screening Committee of the Japan Lung Cancer Society and the International Association for the study of Lung cancer, with Professor Kengi Eguchi presiding.
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Contact info for tobacco control/health groups.
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Rally against Gov. Schwarzenegger's Cigar Patio
WHAT: Concerned California citizens are asking Governor Schwarzenegger to stop his plans to bring smoking back to the California State Capitol. This event will counter the Governor’s Valentine’s Day inauguration of a smoking patio at the State Capitol Building. Hundreds of “Valentine cards” are being gathered from across California and delivered to the South steps of the State Capitol for a Press Conference at “High Noon” on February 14th – Valentines Day.
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THE TOBACCO BUSINESS, and Assorted Fellow Travelers
Contact info for tobacco companies, pro-tobacco groups, front groups, water-carriers, fellow travelers, etc.
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Tobacco Industry Addresses
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Tobacco information linked world wide through the internet
Tobacco Market/Marion County '96 Tobacco BBS article The Tobacco BBS holds all kinds of tobacco information available through the Internet on the World Wide Web. Whether for, against, or for more information, you'll find it at Information on tobacco has been lacking in the information age, unless you wanted to just find out the negative, didn't care what it took to grow tobacco and weren't concerned about the tobacco market. Now, thanks to the world wide computer network called the Internet and the low price of personal computers, things have changed. Gene Borio saw a need for tobacco-related information, positive, negative and simply interesting from a research and consumer's perspective. That's why he created the Tobacco BBS (Bulletin Board System). Out of that grew a site on the world wide web, linking information from around the world relating to tobacco.
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Tobacco Internet Sites--New Finds!
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Larry Breed's Tobacco Web Sites Update
A rich, entertaining and spectacular guided tour of vital sites for tobacco activists.
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Breed's Tobacco Activism Guide
Breed's Tobacco Activism Guide is a structured guide to the Internet for the Tobacco Control Advocate.
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Two Journalists Attempt to Extinguish the Smoke
Goody L. Solomon and German Munoz are soldiers of a different war. Their war comes without fire and smoke is their enemy. Butt In (now available through 1stBooks Library) is the first complete anti-smoker’s manual by Solomon and Munoz. This manual is unique because it shows why and how individuals and public interest groups can and need to assure a smoke free home, workplace and community, the authors notes.
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Breed's Tobacco Activism Guide: An annotated bibliography for tobacco control action Part 3 - TOBACCO CONTROL ACTIVISM
Breed's Tobacco Activism Guide is an annotated bibliography or a structured guide to the Internet for the Tobacco Control Advocate.
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Famous names in the tobacco story.
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Latest Book Releases
Books on Tobacco
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Full List of Tobacco Books
Miscellaneous list of Books.
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Tobacco Books from
Tobacco books available from Amazon
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Tobacco Books from
Tobacco Books available from Amazon
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Tobacco Videos/Films
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An Ad-erage Day in the Life of a Kid
A tobacco-ad-filled day in the life of a kid
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CIGARETTE SEDUCTION: How Cigarettes Brands Work by Alan Brody
CIGARETTE SEDUCTION: How Cigarettes Brands Work by Alan Brody cigarette brands branding psychology tobacco issues, tobacco & smoking-related news, addresses, history, movie & book lists, health info, quit-smoking, -smokeless tobacco tips.
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The Collaborators
Ads and collaborative promotions not only buy journalistic silence, but innocence-through-association. Their very ubiquity across such a broad societal spectrum buys acceptance, and even tacit approval. (See An Ad-erage Day in the Life of a Kid.) Who disregards the health consequences of tobacco to assist in the addiction of a generation?
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A list of Periodicals which refuse tobacco ads
Magazines and newspapers which refuse tobacco ads
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Smokefree Dining Resources
Guides to Smoke-Free Restaurants.
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