Quit Tips #6

Quit Tips #6

Remember: Smoking cessation is not a single event in time, but a process that continues over a period of time and requires greater or lesser continuing expenditures of effort. You are training yourself to behave in a new way. This takes time, patience and above all practise. But the pay-off awaiting you is a big one. Think of breaking the cigarette habit not as denying yourself but as adding to your life--a new dimension of self- discipline and self-control.

The trick of tricks is to find the right personal incentive. To this we can return whenever we falter. There was always something wrong with my reasons for stopping in the past. My reason can now be told though perhaps in some cases it must remain a very private affair. I am simply doing what my doctor advises. Very unusual!!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself! How ridiculous! Sorry because you're breaking a habitg that might cripple you just at the time in life when yhou want to start living!

Keep foremost in your mind the thought that you "do not smoke." I found this very helpful particularly in those situations where the gestures of smoking were almost automatic. When you say to yourself in this or in that situation--"I am not a smoker," you can stop this before you even consider the possibility. The thought controls the act.

The most effective trick is to be out of stock.

I just convinced myself that nothing would control me unless I wanted it to.

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