Quit Tips #9

Quit Tips #9

These are from "You Can Quit Smoking in 14 Days" by Walter S. Ross, Readers Digest Press, distributed by EP Dutton & Co., Inc.:

1. Try chewing on a flavored toothpick instead of smoking. Remove the heads from some wooden kitchen matches. Put several headless matches in your mouth and chew on them.

2. Keep a flask of spicy soup or tomato juice cocktail handy for when you get the craving feeling in your chest.

3. When you want to smoke, take a shower. You can't smoke in the shower.

4. Or try taking a bath. One woman made the break successfully by passing most of one week-end in the tub.

5. If you feel you need professional help or support, see your doctor. Certainly see him if you have any persistent symptoms that might be related to smoking or quitting.

6. If you feel irritable or tense, shut your eyes and count backwards from 10 to 0 while imagining yourself descending a flight of stairs or watching the sun slowly sink beyond the western horizon.

7. Don't quit permanently, just quit for today--and tomorrow--and the next day, until you've established your new habit.

8. If you wear pants, try taping your cigarettes to your thigh. You can smoke whenever you want to, but you'll have to take your pants off first.

9. At home put your cigarettes in the most inconvenient place, far from matches or lighter. One man kept his in the mailbox and forced himself to smoke only outside the house.

10. Talk your feelings into a tape recorder.

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