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For those of you who are not familiar with rendez-vous, it is a cyber-interview, where the guest answers via email 5 questions, plus a self-introduction and eventually a 6th open question for anything he/she wants to add.

Rendez-vous will be posted on the site as well as immediately distributed via listserve to those who choose to register for this service. I try to have one interview per week but it is sometimes difficult to abide by a strict schedule as I do my best with very limited means and many of my guests are very busy.

To receive these items via email, you may join the Rendez-vous list-serve here: www.smokescreen.org/list/?rendezvous-announce

-- Philippe Boucher

Rendez-vous with . . .


153 March 6, 2003 Christie Garbe
Chief Executive Officer, American Lung Association of Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska

152 February 28, 2003 Steven Schroeder
Past President of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Distinguished Professor of Health and Health Care,
Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

151 February 18, 2003 Georgina Lovellabout You are the target
Author of You are the target and the class curriculum Project Moving Target
Vancouver, British Columbia

150 January 7, 2003 Jim Bergman
Co-Director of The Center for Social Gerontology
Ann Arbor, Michigan


149 December 27, 2002 Guillermo Martinez Gallon
about tobacco control in Colombia
Coordinator of the Educational programs for the League against Cancer in Colombia
Bogota, Colombia

148 December 20, 2002 Judith Mackay about The Tobacco Atlas
Director of the Asian Consultancy on Tobacco Control
Hong Kong

147 December 14, 2002 Angela Pinoargote Health Educator
Society Against Cancer in Ecuador
Portoviejo, Province of Manabi, Ecuador

146 December 10, 2002 Philippe Boucher Cyber-journalist and consultant
about the book People and Issues in Tobacco Control: 124 cyber-interviews
Bainbridge Island, Washington State

145 December 6, 2002 Phillip Karugaba spokeperson for TEAN, The Environmental Action Network

144 November 29, 2002 Mike Moore Attorney General for the state of Mississipi
Jackson, Mississipi 

143 November 20, 2002 Eze Eluchie about tobacco control in nigeria
Attorney at law, Executive Director - People against drug dependence and ignorance
Lagos, Nigeria

142 November 8, 2002 Philippe Boucher about the tobacco control directory

141 October 30, 2002 Eric Helmuth Editorial Director of Join Together Online
Boston University School of Public Health Boston, Massachusetts

140 June 21, 2002 Barbara Bruce Coordinator for the Navajo County Tobacco Education and Prevention Program
Producer and host of the weekly radio talk show: Tobacco Talk
Show Low , Arizona, USA

139 May 20, 2002 Elizabeth Gilpin About Clean Indoor Air: Advances in California, 1990-1999
Clinical Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, California, USA

138 May 10, 2002 Joseph DiFranza About the first results of the DANDY 1 study (Development and Assessment of Nicotine Dependence in Youths)
Family physician and Professor of family medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

137 May 6, 2002 Dick Daynard About the 18th conference organized by the Tobacco Products Liability Project
Chairman of the Tobacco Products Liability Project Northeastern University School of Law
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

136 April 29, 2002 Arthur Pitchenik MD About the video "They're Rich, You're Dead"
Chief of the Pulmonary section at the VA Medical Center
Miami, Florida, USA

135 April 23, 2002 Lois Biener
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Survey Research
University of Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts, USA

134 March 22, 2002 Kymberle K. Landrum About a quit and win contest
NCI Predoctoral Fellow
University of Texas School of Public Health Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research Houston, Texas, USA

133 March 11, 2002 Celia White
Director of Content and Services of the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library
University of California San Francisco

132 March 2, 2002 Louise Labrie
Coordinator for "Le defi j'arrete, j'y gagne", Quit and Win in QuÈbec Province
Public Health Department of MontrÈal-Center
MontrÈal, QuÈbec, Canada

131, February 25, 2002 Andrew Pendleton
Journalist with Christian Aid and author of the report Hooked on Tobacco about tobacco farmers in Brazil
London, United Kingdom

130, February 22, 2002 Elizabeth Whelan
Founder and President of the American Council on Science and Health
New York, NY, USA

129, February 19, 2002 Luk Joossens
Consultant about tobacco smuggling for WHO and UICC
Brussels, Belgium

128, February 11, 2002 Terry Reid
Manager of the Washington State Department of Health's Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
Olympia, Washington State, USA

127, February 7, 2002 Patrick Jamieson
Researcher at the Annenberg Public Policy Center University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

February 1, 2002 Greg Connolly about his/our friend John Slade (1949-2002)

126, January 30, 2002 Phillip Wilbur
Tobacco Issues Field Manager for the American Heart Association
Washington DC, USA

125, January 15, 2002 Vanessa Rodriguez and Tracey Levy
Teenage Power Alliance/Easthampton of the YWCA of Western Massachusetts
About their quilt project in remembrance of tobacco victims Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA

124, January 3, 2002 Todd Warnick
Program Director Tobacco Use Cessation and Prevention Program
Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, Lexington, Kentucky, USA


123, December 27, 2001 Astrid Berg
Executive Director of the American Lung Association of Washington
Seattle, Washington State, USA

122, December 21, 2001 Fernand Turcotte
Head of the department of social and preventive medicine
FacultÈ de mÈdecine, UniversitÈ Laval
QuÈbec, QuÈbec, Canada

121, December 20, 2001 Timothy VanSusteren, Ph.D
Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education and Faculty Development, about Tobacco 101, a new distance education course
University of Florida College of Medicine
Gainesville, Florida, USA

120, December 4, 2001 Mike Pertschuk
Author of "Smoke in their eyes, lessons in movement leadership from the tobacco wars"
Co-director of the Advocacy Institute
Washington DC, USA

119, November 30, 2001 Stephen Sugarman Co-editor of "Regulating Tobacco"
Law professor at the University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, California, USA

118, November 28, 2001 Bradley Dakake
Consumer Associate, MASSPIRG
Author of the report "Where there is smoking, there is fire"
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

117, November 26, 2001 Kori Titus and Deirdre Imershein about the documentary film "Scene smoking / Cigarettes, Cinema and the Myth of Cool"
Titus: Director of STARS ( Seeking Tobacco Alternatives with Realistic Solutions) and Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!
Sacramento, California, USA
Imershein: American Lung Association of Los Angeles County

116, November 19, 2001 Laurie Storey-Manseau
Past Chair of the Board of the New England Division of the American Cancer Society
Hopkinton, New Hampshire, USA

115, November 15, 2001 Scott Leischow
Chief of the Tobacco Control Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

114, November 12, 2001 Peter Jacobson
Coauthor of Combating Teen Smoking: Research and Policy / Associate Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy University of Michigan School of Public Health
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

113, October 27, 2001 Chris Cartter
President & Chief Operating Officer of QuitNet.com, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

112, September 21, 2001 Susan Magazine
Editor of TobaccoTalk
Vancouver, Washington State, USA

111, September 18, 2001 Cynthia Callard
Executive Director, Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

110, August 29, 2001 Patricia Diaz-Romo
Producer of "Huicholes and Pesticides"
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

109, August 13, 2001 Dan Romer
Co-author of " Smoking: Risk, Perception, and Policy," Research Director of the Institute for Adolescent Risk Communication
Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

108, August 7, 2001 Cynthia Hallett
Executive Director, Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights/American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation
Berkeley, California, USA

107, August 4, 2001 Michael Cummings
Senior Research Scientist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Buffalo, New York, USA

106, July 10, 2001: Richard Pollay
Curator of the History of Advertising Archives
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

105, July 10, 2001: Karen Emmons
Associate Professor of Health and Social Behavior at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Project KISS (Keeping Infants Safe from Smoke)
Boston , Massachusetts, USA

104, June 29, 2001: Jules Maaten
Member of the European Parliament
Strasbourg, France

103, June 13, 2001: Bob Jaffe, MD
Founder Washington DOC, Clinical associate professor University of Washington medical school
Seattle , Washington State, USA

102, June 5, 2001: Tamara Gibson
Representative of SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco)
Palm Coast, Florida , USA

101, May 28, 2001: Cliff Douglas
Independent consultant and attorney
Michigan, USA

100, May 21, 2001: Patrick Reynolds
Foundation for a Smokefree America
Los Angeles, California , USA

99, May 14, 2001: David Courtwright Author of Forces of Habit, Drugs and the Making of the Modern World
Professor of History at the University of North Florida

98, May 3, 2001: Scott Plous Webmaster of www.joechemo.org
Professor of psychology at Wesleyan University

97, April 26, 2001: Gene Borio Webmaster of www.tobacco.org

96, April 14, 2001: Raymond Jones Author of Strategic Management in a Hostile Environment: Lessons From the Tobacco Industry
Associate Professor of management, Sellinger School of Business, Loyola College

95, March 27, 2001: Melissa havard about the video Secrets Through the Smoke. Entertainment Liaison/Health Communications Specialist, Office on Smoking & Health, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Atlanta, Georgia, USA

94, March 22, 2001: Tara Parker-Pope Author of Cigarettes: Anatomy of an Industry from Seed to Smoke

93, March 13, 2001: Heather Selin Tobacco control advisor with the Pan American Health Organization(PAHO) , Washington DC, USA

92, March 2, 2001: Yol Lee Co-author of The tobacco's industry successful efforts to control tobacco policy making in Switzerland (January 2001), Zurich, Switzerland

91, February 26, 2001: Nancy J. Kaufman Vice President at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

90, February 13, 2001: Pekka Puska Director of the International Quit and Win ( www.quitandwin.org), Helsinki, Finland

89, January 29, 2001: Leslie A. Ashburn Communications Supervisor for GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

88, January 18, 2001: Kathryn Mulvey Executive Director of INFACT, Boston, Massachusetts

87, January 15, 2001: Torrie Rosenzweig Director and Film Producer, Smoke and Mirrors

86, January 11, 2001: Sara Bogdani Youth Advocate with For a Tobacco-Free Albania

85, January 3, 2001: Jean-François Etter Project Director, www.stop-tabac.ch


84 December 4, 2000: Helen Glasgow Executive Director of the Quit Group

83 December 4, 2000: Jon Krueger Tobacco Editor with the Open Directory Project

82 November 24, 2000: Elizabeth Barbeau Center for Community-based Research in the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Department of Health and Social Behavior at the Harvard School of Public Health.

81 November 16, 2000: Debi Laryngectomy patient and tobacco control advocate. California, USA

80 November 8, 2000: Anna WhiteCoordinator of the Global Partnerships for Tobacco Control program, Essential Action, Washington DC, USA

79 November 1, 2000: Ross HammondIndependent consultant

78 August 16, 2000: Witold Zatonski, MDHead of the Department of Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention with the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology. Varsaw, Poland

77 August 11, 2000: Judith Mackay MD Asian Consultancy on Tobacco Control Hong Kong, China

76 August 10, 2000: Mahamane Cisse Attorney at law, President of SOS Tabagisme, Bamako, Mali

75 August 9, 2000: Jim Martin Throat Cancer survivor, volunteer public speaker with SAVE Survivors Empowerment Program, North Carolina Gasp, Wilmington

74 August 8, 2000: Mike Daube Chief Executive Officer of the Cancer Foundation of Western Australia, Subiaco, Western Australia

73 August 7, 2000: Elif Dagli, MD Head of the department of pediatric chest disease in Istanbul, Turkey

72 July 21, 2000: Robert Leischow Projects Administrator, Tobacco Education and Prevention Program, Arizona Department of Health

71 July 19, 2000: Dan Zegart Author of Civil Warriors , the Legal Siege on the Tobacco Industry, published by Delacorte Press/Random House

70 July 12, 2000: C. Everett Koop, M.D., SC.D. Former Surgeon General of the United States

69 June 15, 2000: Anne Landman West Region Program Coordinator for the American Lung Association of Colorado Grand Junction, Colorado

68 May 15, 2000: Cornelia (Connie) Pechmann Associate Professor of Marketing Graduate School of Management University of California, Irvine

67 May 10, 2000: Neil Collishaw Research Director, Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

66 May 8, 2000: Trudy Prins Executive Director of the Dutch Foundation on smoking and Health (Stivoro) The Hague, Netherlands

65 April 28 2000: Elisa Ong Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California San Francisco; San Francisco, USA

64. April 26 2000: James Repace Health physicist, secondhand smoke consultant; Bowie, Maryland, USA

63. April 21 2000: Clay Parton Manager of the Tobacco control program for the state of Oregon, Portland, Oregon, USA

62. April 18 2000: Giacomo Mangiaracina President of the Società Italiana di Tabaccologia, Roma, Italy

61. April 14, 2000: Kirk Kleinschmidt Vice President of Advocacy for the American Heart Association, Western States Affiliatex

60. April 5, 2000: Ichiro Kawachi Director of the Harvard Center for Society and Health, Boston, MA

59 April 2, 2000: Michael Martin Health Minister of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

58 March 3, 2000: Annie Sasco Chief of the Unit of Epidemiology for Cancer Prevention at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), World Health Organization (WHO) in Lyon, France

57 March 6, 2000: Martin Raw Tobacco control expert London, United Kingdom

56 February 26, 2000: Teresa Gardella Project Manager for the Advocacy Institute's Tobacco control program Washington DC, USA

55 February 22, 2000: Heidi Rathjen and Louis Gauvin Co-directors of the QuÈbec Coalition for Tobacco Control MontrÈal, QuÈbec, Canada

54 February 3, 2000: EU Commissier David Byrne EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer protection European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

53 January, 14, 2000: Ann McNeill Research Adviser, Health Education Authority London, United Kingdom

52 January 2, 2000 Stan Shatenstein Publisher, Tobacco News Online


50. Thursday, December 30, 1999: Alan Blum Center for the study of tobacco and society, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

49. Thursday, December 23, 1999: Maurice Tubiana President, French Alliance against Tobacco Paris, France

48. Tuesday, December 21, 1999: Tom Houston Smokeless States program, American Medical Association Chicago, Illinois, USA

47. Wednesday, December 15, 1999: Gregory Connolly Director of the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program Boston, Massachusetts, USA

46. Saturday, December 10, 1999: David Pollock Author of Denial and Delay The political history of smoking and health, 1951-1964 London, United Kingdom

45. Wednesday, December 8, 1999: Mike Males Author of Smoked, why Joe Camel is still smiling Irvine, California, USA

44. Tuesday, October 5, 1999: Penny Priddy Health Minister for British Columbia Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

43. Monday, September 27, 1999: Chuck Wolfe Vice-Chairman, American Legacy Foundation Washington DC, USA

42. Tuesday, September 7, 1999: Michael Orey Journalist with the Wall Street Journal Author of Assuming the risk: the mavericks, the lawyers and the whistle blowers who beat big tobacco New York, New York, USA

41. Friday, August 6, 1999: Dr Joseph Di Franza Family physician and Professor of Family Medicine Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

40. Wednesday, August 3, 1999: Simon Chapman Editor of Tobacco Control, international quarterly journal Sydney, Australia

39. Tuesday, July 20, 1999: Dr Sharad Vaidya Founder of the National Organization for the Eradication of Tobacco (NOTE) Goa, India

38. Friday, July 9, 1999: Christine Gregoire Attorney General for the State of Washington Olympia, Washington State, USA

37. Tuesday, July 6, 1999: Jack Cannon Independent tobacco control activist Boca Raton, Florida, USA

36. Friday, July 2, 1999: Dr Manel Nebot Head of the Health promotion unit of the Barcelona City Health Department Barcelona, Spain

35. Tuesday, June 22, 1999: Robert Proctor Professor of the history of science at Pennsylvania State University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

34. Friday, June 18, 1999: Mele Smith Coordinator San Francisco Tobacco Free Project San Francisco, California, USA

33. Friday, June 4, 1999: Jennie Cook Former National Chairman of the Board of the American Cancer Society San Francisco, California, USA

32. Tuesday, June 1, 1999: Karen Slama Coordinator of the International Non Governmental Coalition Against Tobacco INGCAT, Paris, France

31. Friday, May 28, 1999: David Kessler Dean Yale University School of Medicine New Haven, Connecticut, USA

30. Monday, May, 17, 1999: Dave Goerlitz former Winston Man Voorhees, New Jersey, USA

29. Friday, May 7, 1999: Dr Martina Ptske-Langer Head of the Executive Office for Cancer Prevention Heidelberg, Germany

28. Tuesday, May 4, 1999: Dr Helmut Kasdorf President of the Uruguayan Anti-tobacco Association Montevideo, Uruguay

27. Friday, April 30, 1999: Dr Szilàgyi Szilgyi Scientific Coordinator of the HungarianTobacco and Alcohol Policy Development Project Budapest, Hungary

26. Tuesday, April 27, 1999: Pr Albert Hirsch Chairman of the UICC tobacco prevention program Paris, France

25. Friday, April 23, 1999: the Hon Tuariki Delamere New Zealand's Associate Health Minister Wellington, New Zealand

24. Wednesday, April 21, 1999: Mary Assunta Kolandai Media Officer Consumer's Association of Penang Penang, Malaysia

23. Monday, April 19, 1999: Fons Nijpels Chairman Clear Air Now Rotterdam, Netherlands

22. Friday, April 16, 1999: Cornel Radu-Loghin Chairman Fresh Air Romania Bucharest, Romania

21. Friday, April 9, 1999: Pascal Diethelm Chief, Information technology services World Health Organization Geneva, Switzerland

20. Wednesday, April 7, 1999: Tapani Piha Counselor on Health issues at the Finnish Representation to the European Union Brussels, Belgium

19. Monday, April 5, 1999: Sharon Taylor Librarian, World Health Organization Geneva, Switzerland

18. Wednesday, March 31, 1999: Denise Sullivan Coordinator of the Smoking and Health Program Health Department of Western Australia, Perth

17. Friday, March 26, 1999: Amanda Holm Program Manager, Tobacco prevention and control project National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Washington DC, USA

16. Tuesday, March 23, 1999: Eva Kralikova MD, PhD, Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

15. Tuesday, March 2, 1999: Jeffrey Wigand Former Vice-President for Research and Development, Brown & Williamson Tobacco President, Smoke-Free Kids Charleston, South-Carolina, USA

14. Friday, February 26, 1999: Paul Minicucci Director Next Generation California Tobacco Control Alliance Sacramento, California, USA

13. Tuesday, February 23, 1999: David Simpson Director International Agency on Tobacco and Health (IATH) London, United Kingdom

12. Friday, February 19, 1999: Yussuf Saloojee Director, National Council Against Smoking Johannesburg, South Africa

11. Thursday, February 18, 1999: Gar Mahood Director, Non-Smoker's Rights Association Toronto, Canada

10. Tuesday, February 16, 1999: Wendy Ritch Researcher, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

9. Friday, February 12, 1999: Judith Mackay Asian Consultancy on Tobacco Control Hong Kong, China

8. Tuesday, February 9, 1999: Judith Watt Executive Director of Quit Victoria Melbourne, Australia

7. Friday, February 5, 1999: Derek Yach Manager WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative Geneva, Switzerland

6. Tuesday, February 2, 1999: Kinner Shah Surgical Oncologist Ahmedabad, State of Gujarat, India

5. Friday, January 29, 1999: Nicola Willis Editor of STOP "the only magazine for people who want to stop smoking" London, UK

4. Tuesday, January 26, 1999: Rob Weissman Co-Director Essential Action Washington D-C, USA

3. Friday, January 22, 1999: Scott Thompson Health Foundation Warsaw, Poland

2. Tuesday, January 19, 199: Dick Daynard Law Professor, Northeastern University Boston, USA

1. Wednesday, January 13, 1999 : Murray Laugesen Editor of NZ smokefree News Auckland, New Zealand

Prepared by Philippe Boucher mailto:IslandErsk@aol.com

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