TTAC Survey

Author: M. 'Tac' Tacelosky
Date: July 31, 2003

TTAC (Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium, our primary funder) wants to get a better handle on what local and state advocates are doing vis-à-vis secondhand smoke/clean indoor air, specifically if they have the training, technical assistance and support they need to achieve their goals.

The questions TTAC hopes to answer with this survey are:

* What are your goals vis-à-vis secondhand smoke/clean indoor air?

* Do you know where to get training, technical assistance and support on secondhand smoke/clean indoor air issues?

* Is there enough, and the right kinds, of training, technical assistance and support available to meet your needs? What are the gaps?

The survey is web-based, and will take about 15 minutes to complete. All responses are confidential, and anonymous if you prefer.

Click here to take the survey

The survey is available on-line until August 15, but take it today because this big message will be gone tomorrow.

At the end of the survey is a link that will direct you to the organizations and resources mentioned in the survey.

I (Tac) took the survey yesterday, and actually found it quite educational -- it asks about many resources that I wasn't even aware of, but I found useful as DC begins its clean indoor air campaign.